O Mere Sanam – epi 1.

Hi friends…This is sri. It is my first ever story on yuvani. i had read all your ff’s and i love them. i’m a worst writer,plz forgive for grammar mistakes and for any other mistakes.plz comment and let me know that shall i continue this or not and share your views.

Lovely evening ,a park is shown where a corner bench is shown which is facing river side. a girl is sitting on it and lost somewhere in thoughts.

A group of friends arrived for enjoying the evening. they sat on near by bench. One of boy gets phone call and he says…

Sharad !!! I will be back in 1min maa’s call is coming..
Sh:ok guru.
Yuvi:hello maa.
Prat:yuvi where were u and sharad ,where did u go without telling.
Yuvi:maa we come to park with friends we will be back home soon.
Prat:ok come fast.

Yuvraj hang up the phone and turned to find suhani . he lost in his world by first sight of her, his heart beat skips for a second. he is back to sense when sharad shouts on his ears

Yuvi(in irritated tone): kya sharad. Why r u shouting.
Sh:I called u normally at first, but u lost somewhere.
Yuvi:sharad see that girl. I like her so much …I just fell in love at first sight .
Sharad see suhani who is writing something.

Sh:haa guru. she is looking beautiful. but how to talk to her.
Yuvi:don’t know.
Sh:guru see she going…

They followed her but missed her.

Yuvi: shut I missed her.
Sh:don’t worry guru we will find her. if god also wants u both meet again and if u r love is true then u will meet her for sure.
Yuvi: when did u started believing on love haa…with smirk on his face
Sh:guru wo…I saw a girl in a bussiness party, I like her so much and want to say that at time she alone too in party. But I thought if she say no…
Yuvi: as you say true love will success. Let ‘s go.
In shrivastav house

A girl is seen in formal white dress ,looking like a perfect business woman, discussing about business with her dad.

Pankaj: bavana new project consignment is over and what about meeting with new clients.
Bavana: yes dad ..consignment is over and meeting is on day after tomorrow.Papa…now i think its time that suhani also take part in business.
P:haa beta I too wish, but u know na that she is not interested in these things.
Suddenly suhani comes closes bavana’s eyes. bavana recognize her …as they have a beautiful sister bond.
B:suhani….i know its u.
S:what this di. how will u recognize me .
B:because I’m u r sister and I want to say something that tomorrow onwards u also come to office with me and dad.
Lata : no…she will not come !!! now stop talking about work in home and spend some time with family. and I don’t want suhani too busy with these works and forget me like you.
B:no maa not like that …
Bavana hugs lata and suhani hugs pankaj ,sits beside him . Both are seeing bavana and lata ‘s for each other.
At night
Lata:pankaj ji I think its time bavana to get marry.
Pankaj:wo bachi hai lata ji. its not time for her to marry.
Lata: no pankaj ji these days she is so busy with office works that she forget to live her personal life.
Pankaj:ok lata ji.once we’ll ask bavana decision, then we’ll search for good alliance .

Precap:Shawana’s meeting and confession.

sorry friends for mistakes.

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        i want to say you that you r my inspiration to write a story.

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