“O mY LoVE “(only for ViTharv) Episode 2

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Here is the second episode of my
ff “O mY LoVE ”

Scene 1:

(kailash drops vividha in college and leaves

She waits outside the college for her friends.)

(Later Fatty and jenny join vivi )

Vivi : sorry yaar

Jenny : ye formality kise dikha rahi hai.
We know ur papa well

Fatty : chill yaar.. hame tho iski aadath
hai.. leave it and look here…
our dream college

(They enter college )

Vivi : guys.. don’t know why, i feel like
my life is goonna change

Jenny : oh Jesus, if her life change to a
modern version, i”ll light 100

Vivi : jenny…

Fatty :come on yaar , we have to
find our classes

Vivi : haa chalo….
(They goes )

Scene 2 :

Ali : Ravi.. vaha dekh..hero tho vaha hai

Ravish : where?

Ali : he is behind that neha

(A man enters college following a girl.
He is in his navy blue shirt and off white
pants. Our hero Atharv is shown with a
naughty smile in his face and a bundle of
papers in his hand)

Atharv : Neha, u look so pretty in
this green kurti

Neha : really!!!

Atharv : u know na i don’t lie.

(Neha smiles)

Atharv : oh ur smile is just awesome

Neha : thanks man.. hey, why this much
papers in ur hand

Atharv :actually vo sheetal hai na, she
told me that she’ll help me in
writing my assignment. I have to
submit it as tomorrow is the last date

Neha : why sheetal, i will write it for u

Atharv : no no, it will be a burden for u

Neha : no atharv, i will manage. Give
it to me. What’s the topic ?

Atharv : it’s in this book
(He gives all the papers and book
and smiles naughtily )

Neha :.what will u give in return

Atharv : i will give u such a surprise
that you will not forget easily

Neha : really, then kal milte hai, bye…

Atharv :bye dear

Atharv to himself : oh now i got a relief.
Now i don’t want to think about
that assignment

(Ravish and Ali comes)
Ravish : oh beta… how cunning u r?

Ali: by the way which sheetal
promised u to write the assignment

Atharv : aisa hota hai

Ali : we know well that u have doctorate
in girls psychology

Atharv : don’t be jealous my son..
Now come, we have to welcome
the freshes right?

Ravish : ha… chalo..

Precap : In library Atharv passes
near by Vividha

Hope u guys will enjoy it…
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  1. Sunanda12345

    Nyc dear..keep writing….??precap is quite interesting….

  2. Fabulous episode waiting for vitharv moments ????????????

  3. o so cute naught atharva keep writing its amazing

  4. awesome dear…???

  5. Sandy17

    Superb dear…waiting for vitharv moments and vivi’s transformation ?

  6. RAOne

    great keep writing all the best… thoko!!!!!!!

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