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Ada video chats with Junaid. He asks her if she liked the kiss. She doesn’t really answer. He then asks her to give him kiss on screen. Ada is not feeling comfortable, but still goes for it. Natasha comes and interrupts them. She asks Junaid if he’s still talking about the kiss and tells him they will have to stop their chat as she needs Ada to be with her to discuss house party. She goes out. Junaid asks Ada how Natasha knew about the kiss. Ada says she won’t tell from next time. Junaid then tells her there is no need to attend any party and rather go to his mother’s house. Samar should be coming to pick her up.

Samar is waiting outside and Natasha chats with him. Ada comes shouting at Natasha, but gets quiet when she sees Samar. Natasha asks Samar to come to the party, but

he says he doesn’t like all that stuff. She calls him an uncle and teases him. Ada refuses to go as well.

Vaibhavi is working on paperboards late night. Her mum enquires about it and the scholarship. She says it’s for scholarship only. Her mum asks she got scholarship already, right? She says she will get it soon. She receives a call from Baliram who informs her that he talked to a guard and arranged their early entry to the college. He asks her if he should pick her up, but she says no. After their call, her mum asks why she said no when he was coming. She says they have to hide small stuff such as identity, address for time being.

In morning, Vaibhavi and Baliram place the boards which say other college won the competition. All students get shocked and wonder what joke that is. She tells them if no one participates, then this is what will happen. She almost makes everyone agree to sign up, but Ada and Natasha come last moment and spoil everything. They tell the students that their college never participated in contests like this. Vaibhavi is just using them to get scholarship. They offer all students to come to party instead and they all change sides to Ada and Natasha. Ada and Natasha warn Vaibhavi not to mess with them. If they can control the college, then she can imagine her parents controlling the town. Vaibhavi still has belief that scholarship is hers and she will definitely get it.

A college official tells Vaibhavi to stop doing such stuff else she will get suspended. He also scolds Shaurya for allowing someone like Vaibhavi to lead the team. After he leaves, Shaurya tells Vaibhavi her plan was good, but it went wrong. He again tells her she’s creating troubles for herself by making Ada and Natasha her enemies. She tells him that he doesn’t know her. He says he knows that she’s stubborn, stop-me-if-you-can type, but she’s little silly as well. He reminds her by tomorrow morning she has to submit her team and all students are going to party. He cleans something in her hair and wishes her best.

Natasha praises Ada for using party idea to get all students away from Vaibhavi. She wants to invite the professor, Kabir, but he didn’t even call her back. Ada tells her what’s the big deal to get his number from staff room. Natasha is again impressed.

Baliram is helping Vaibhavi to take off all the posters. He sees his name in blacklist and wonders why he had to involve with Vaibhavi. Natasha and Ada come and tell him, this is nothing, if he keeps helping Vaibhavi, then he will have to face much worse. They give him 2 invitation cards and asks to bring anyone he wants. After they leave, he goes to Vaibhavi and says no one talked nicely to him beside her and asks her to come along, but she is not interested and leaves from there.

Vaibhavi goes to some place to investigate 14 years old scam. Person there tells her it’s very old and asks her to leave her name there and he will contact her if any information. She writes her name, but then throws paper in dustbin and walks out. The person takes it out from garbage. Vaibhavi strikes something and goes back. The person is reading it, but Vaibhavi snatches it away and leaves. She comes out and says she’ll have to hide her name from everyone.

Precap: Vaibhavi also attends the party in a nice red dress. Ada and Natasha are shocked to see her there. Later, when she returns her home, her mum is also surprised.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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