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Vaibhavi is waiting outside principal’s office to talk to him, but no luck. In class, the boys who got her in trouble make fun of her regarding scholarship. They attach something with her dress, when she gets up, it gets torn from back and everything laughs at her. She comes into tears. Natasha in a good gesture gives her jacket to her. She quietly appreciate it.

In canteen, Ada is not happy with Natasha helping Vaibhavi. Natasha sees Vaibhavi and calls her to them. Vaibhavi thanks Natasha for helping. Natasha says if they don’t help each other, then who will? She also mentions about her coming to help her in disciplinary committee as well, but then she stopped outside as her dad is trustee of the college. Vaibhavi misunderstands her and gets angry at them as she thinks Natasha used her

dad to cancel her sponsorship. They get into verbal argument and Vaibhavi throws water on their faces. In return, Natasha slaps her and their fight starts. Shaurya sees them and takes Vaibhavi away.

He asks her what she’s trying to prove by fighting with everyone in the college. She says she was just fighting for her right and asks him who he’s to lecture her who himself make girls pregnant and then take them for abortion. He tells her that the girl was his family friend and he was just helping her. He makes her realize that her ego is a big problem, she understands everything the way she wants to without thinking anything. Had she been self-confident, then she would be fighting to win scholarship back instead fighting with everyone. She asks him to tell her other ways. He informs her about an inter college festival, whoever wins that competition, gets the all-rounder status, as well as the scholarship. But it requires team work and she believes in one-army. Vaibhavi shakes hand with him and accepts the challenge of participating and winning in the inter college festival.

In night, Natasha decides to stay at Ada’s house as her dad is not at home and she doesn’t like taunts from her mum. Puppi tells her she will realize her mother’s place one day and leaves. Natasha gets annoyed with senti sentences from Puppi. Ada and Natasha decide to teach a lesson to Vaibhavi and make her say sorry to them.

Next day, Vaibhavi comes to the class and tells the students that she’s leading the students for the inter college festival. No one is interested and taunts her she can’t handle her clothes and is trying to lead a team now. She asks whoever is interested to sign up, but no one goes forward. She puts the file there and says will be back. Ada and Natasha pick the file and call students to teach a lesson to Vaibhavi.

Vaibhavi returns and no one is in the class. She opens the file and students have written funny lines on her. She gets mad and is about to leave when Shaurya comes and asks her if she fought or going to fight. She looks at the file. Shaurya reads and he laughs too, but he pinpoints one student’s interest and his name is Baliram. He advices Vaibhavi to befriend with Ada and Natasha as they have good power and name in the college, and teams name and student list have to submitted in 2 days. She doesn’t like that idea.

Natasha sees Kabir with a girl in library. She goes to him to talk. He asks her where she was earlier. She says if he was missing her that much, then he could have called her. He tells her but she didn’t give her number. She asks how difficult it is for a professor to get a student’s number? She gives her number and tells him to call when he misses. He’s impressed with her style and attitude.

Later, she is with Ada and waiting for Kabir’s message. Ada says he’s a professor, he won’t message. Ada herself gets a message from Junaid who asks her to come home urgently. She leaves.

Baliram challenges and bets for money with a student for a shot in carrom. The other student asks him if he has got too much money. He says, no, he has talent. He gets the first shot perfect, but on final shot, Vaibhavi comes and takes his name which spoils his shot and he loses. He tells Vaibhavi, he lost 500 rupees because of her. She says, he lost 500, but has chance to win 5000 by participating in the festival. He tells her if she still wants to participate after so much insult, then he doesn’t mind. Vaibhavi is happy as she has made some progress to achieve her goal. She vows to win the scholarship.

Precap: Baliram calls and tells Vaibhavi that he talked to a guard and arranged their entry in the college at very early in morning. Her mum tells her if he was coming to pick her up, then she should have let him. Vaibhavi says, they need to hide small things like their address, identities. In college, students are surprised to see the results for festival even before it taking place. Vaibhavi sees it and smiles.

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