O Gujariya 4th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Natasha says she has had enough of enmity and asks Vaibhavi to be friend. Ada gets shocked. Vaibhavi tells her not to be senti, even if it was some other girl, she would have done the same. Natasha and Ada get shocked with her attitude. Natasha if it’s like that, then she also doesn’t keep anyone’s favor, she will return it to her with interest.

Ada and Natasha are in canteen now. Vaibhavi also comes there. Ada gets angry seeing her. Samar comes to Vaibhavi and asks if he can sit there. She asks him if he can’t see her bag there. Will he sit on her bag? Natasha sees Samar and calls him to their table. Samar receives a call. Natasha asks him to sit, but he says he’ll have to go. Natasha says it’s just bad day for her today. Shaurya comes and asks who’s Vaibhavi.

Vaibhavi raises her hand. He asks her to come outside.

There he informs her that there’s a complaint against her and she is called in the disciplinary office. He asks why she’s showing so much attitude and that too on first day of college. She says she just took action against wrong and she doesn’t regret for it. He tells her she can get suspended for that. Natasha hears it. Vaibhavi tells him he’s president and he should support the right.

Natasha informs that to Ada and says they should help her out by telling everything to the disciplinary committee. Ada says she got much attitude, she is not helping her at all. Natasha still wants to help her as she saved her. Ada tells her to do whatever she wants and she leaves.

Vaibhavi is in disciplinary office. She says she didn’t do anything wrong. Those guys were stopping girls and she did whatever she could at that time. They say she injured the guys. Instead taking action her own, she should have complained about them. She is confused. The guys come in with band aid on face. They say they were just having fun with new students like all college, but Vaibhavi dropped garbage on them and then slashed their face with blade. Vaibhavi shouts at them to stop lying. She tells the committee she just dropped garbage. The students say whatever she says is truth, and whatever others say is false? First she needs to learn how to talk in front of committee. Natasha comes to the office, but on the last moment, Ada calls her and says if she ever took her as a good friend, then she won’t help Vaibhavi. Natasha is in dilemma, and in end she goes back. The committee tells Vaibhavi, it’s her who is at fault and she will get a harsh punishment to set an example. They tell her that she was considered for scholarship, but now she won’t get that. She cries and tries to protest, but in vain. Shaurya also doesn’t say anything. After all leave, Shaurya goes to her. She asks him why he didn’t support the truth. It’s his responsibility being a college president. He says because he thinks she’s wrong. She needs to fix her attitude. She says she will fight with wrong and she is capable to take issue to college principal.

Ada is upset with Natasha for wanting to help Vaibhavi. Natasha takes her out to eat gol gappas. There she tells Ada, it’s so cool her dream boy came out to be her professor, Kabir. Ada gets shocked. She tells her what if her family finds that out. Natasha says she is not afraid, she doesn’t like to be like a kite, she prefers to be like a butterfly, free from everything.

Natasha meets her dad who is with inspector. Inspector says now there is media and all, so best is to settle the case outside court.

In night, Natasha’s mum sees her in short dress and asks her to dress properly, there are servants in house. Natasha says it’s her house, she will dress whatever way she wants. At Vaibhavi’s house, her mum is hopeful that their financial issues will be gone once she gets scholarship. She asks her what if she doesn’t get. Her mum is confident that she will get it as she’s a topper.

Natasha receives a call from Ada who tells her about her to-be-mother-in-law asking about the case. Natasha tells her she talked with her dad and inspector, and they too suggest of apologizing and ending the case. Ada says she won’t apologize to that egoistic girl. Vaibhavi is looking at the newspaper which says her dad arrested for gun and armory scam. She also looks at his photo with two other men. She tries to connect the dots what could have gone wrong. Natasha tells Ada she will take her dad with them, so that way Vaibhavi won’t say anything. Ada says she won’t apologize, if Natasha wants then she can try.

Precap: Vaibhavi stands up in her class and her top gets torn from back. All laugh at her. Shaurya pulls her out and asks what she’s upto? Some days she fights with boys, some days with girls. She asks him why he’s lecturing her? He also does the same, pregnant the girls, and then take them to hospital for abortion.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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