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Natasha comes outside and gets call from her ex. She tells him it’s all over. She asks him why she’s ignoring him all of a sudden? Whether she found someone else? She sees a guy standing there and tells her ex she found new guy. She goes to him and they have a conversation. She gets impressed by him and kisses him. He asks her for her name. She says Anamika and leaves.

Ada is tensed as Junaid called her alone. Junaid comes with Samar. Samar leaves the two alone. Ada asks Junaid why he called her alone and she apologizes for last night. He says she made mistake and she will get punishment too. She hopes he won’t break alliance. He goes closer and kisses her. Ada doesn’t like it, but doesn’t say anything. He says that was her punishment. Until he returns, it will stay

with her as their memory. He then goes closer to her to adjust her hair. Samar doesn’t seem to be liking it all. Junaid tells Ada to be in touch with Samar and he leaves.

Junaid/Natasha’s dad and Ada’s dad talk about they becoming relatives now. Ada’s dad says if Ada’s mum was alive today, then she would have gotten so happy, but she died 14 years ago. They both seem to be missing their days of 14 years ago. Other hand, Vaibhavi finds her dad’s photo and there are 2 other men in that. She wonders who they are and how she will get to them. Natasha comes and asks her dad if he talked with police. He says Ada’s dad handled everything and nothing can be done to them in this town. This town runs the way they want. They take a selfie.

In night, Ada and Natasha share about their first kiss to each other. Natasha gets shocked and asks why she is still sad. Ada says he forcefully kissed and she didn’t get any feelings. Natasha says but she enjoyed hers, it was all perfect. They sleep.

Next morning, some boys are checking out girls in the college. Ada and Natasha come and they flirt with Natasha. Natasha warns them to stay away and they leave. Next comes Vaibhavi. They try to flirt with her, but she stares at them. Ada and Natasha see Vaibhavi. They tell her to meet in the corridor if she got guts.

Ada, Natasha and Vaibhavi meet in the corridor. Natasha tells her what’s the problem now. They accepted their mistake and apologized to auto driver too. Vaibhavi says but she didn’t apologize to her. If she apologizes, then she will take complaint back. Ada and Natasha don’t apologize and leave. Vaibhavi says she hates wrong things and people doing them. Shaurya hears it.

Vaibhavi enters the same class where Ada and Natasha are. Ada says she will have to face her every day now. They don’t let her sit in front. Professor comes and he turns out to be the guy whom Natasha kissed. He says they won’t have lecture today, they will introduce themselves to others. He sees Natasha and asks her name. She has to say correct name this time. Next he asks Ada what mehendi is for in her hands. She says she got engaged. He says so her future can be seen in her hands. All laugh. Next Vaibhavi, she says she came to this town to change the nation. He likes her confidence and says she should be sitting in front. Only one seat is empty beside Natasha. She sits there.

Ada tells Junaid on phone that they didn’t have lecture today and she’s meeting Samar after every class. Meanwhile, the same boys surround Natasha and don’t let her go. Vaibhavi sees it. She sees garbage vehicle nearby and goes in it. Natasha sees garbage coming down from it and she moves back. All garbage fall on the boys. They ask who did this. Vaibhavi comes in front. They tell her she didn’t do this right and she will have to pay. She tells them to do whatever they can and leave from there. Natasha follows her and Ada follows her.

Natasha stops Vaibhavi and thanks for helping. She says enough of this enmity and offers friendship to Vaibhavi. Ada is shocked.

Precap: Vaibhavi is called in by college authorities. They tell her there is a complaint against her.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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