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Vaibhavi fails to submit scholarship form without ID card. She says there must be a way. She is told to get the college president’s signature before noon and her application will be processed. She says she will do anything and get back here before noon.

Natasha and Ada come to the college. Natasha looks at the boys and asks Ada what kind of guys are admitted here this year. No one is worth of being checked out. Ada is still tensed for what happened yesterday and angry with Vaibhavi as well.

Vaibhavi asks some boys about the president, but they joke saying she has to go to Delhi if she needs president’s signature. She asks another group of guys and they say they are the president and they will help her out. She understands they are playing with her seeing them laughing and she lectures

them which shut them up.

Vaibhavi and Ada, Natasha come face to face. Ada tells her because of her, her engagement got spoiled. Vaibhavi says she didn’t know about it. They made mistake, being a citizen, she filed a FIR, and police did their work and will continue to do so. She says she’s getting late and asks them to move. Ada says she was getting late yesterday just like her. Vaibhavi says but she didn’t break any law like them. She excuses herself as she has only 10 minutes left. Natasha stops her and shows her ID card to her. She tells her to take her complaint back and they will give ID to her. If not, then forget about the scholarship. Vaibhavi refuses to take her complaint back and tells them she will submit scholarship application any way.

Ada again becomes upset. Junaid’s cousin, Samar, comes there. Natasha gives him a line, but he’s not interested. Ada asks about Junaid. Samar says, he’s very upset with what happened yesterday. He gives her phone that Junaid gave. Ada goes on a side and talks with Junaid. She apologizes him for yesterday, but it does no good on Junaid. He asks her to meet up tonight. She asks didn’t he leave for London. He says he delayed his flight. Ada goes back to Samar and Natasha. Samar tells Ada his phone number is in contact list as well, she can call him if anything. Natasha asks him if he won’t give his number to her, so she can ask for help too, but he avoids her and leaves. Ada tells Natasha about Junaid asking her to meet up in night. Natasha that’s good thing, boys often get naughty when you’re alone. Ada says leave naughty, he didn’t seem happy while talking.

Vaibhavi finally knows the college president name, Shaurya, and she tries to search for him. She asks a group, but they inform he must be somewhere on the campus. Vaibhavi asks number or a way to contact quickly, but Shaurya has forgot his phone there.

Shaurya goes to the principal with a dish and gets permission for something. He comes out and other students cheer. Vaibhavi sees him with a girl and remembers she saw him yesterday in hospital with a girl and he was talking about aborting a child. She follows him and enters boys toilet without realizing. She tells him it’s urgent, she has only 5 minutes and she needs his signature. He asks right there? She looks around and realizes it’s boys toilet. She covers her eyes and asks him to sign. She opens her eyes after a bit and he has disappeared. She looks at the form and it’s already signed. Other boys are controlling their pressure. She leaves from there.

She comes right on the time and submits her application. The officer tells her she just made it. She says she said this scholarship is hers. He says seeing this attitude, she may just make top seat of hers. She smiles and thanks him.

Ada’s dad has arranged a function. Ada and Natasha get ready. Natasha says she will kiss the guy who impressed her most tonight. Ada asks her not to do anything silly and spoil the function. She tells her not to worry. Junaid and his family arrive. Natasha again jokes with Samar which Junaid’s family doesn’t like. Natasha says sometimes people don’t get her sense of humor.

Vaibhavi’s mum is happy to know everything went fine. Vaibhavi sees a file and sends her mum away. She says she will start her fight for her dad from that file and get him justice.

Precap: Vaibhavi looks at a photo and wonders who other two men are with her dad. Natasha kisses a boy by getting impressed.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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