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Shaurya sees Vaibhavi and gets totally flatterred stares her..He goes and complements her…Vaibhavi says thanks..Both go to restaurant and sit..Natasha..Kabir..Samar and Ada are already present sitting and seeing them….Shaurya and Vaibhavi looks at each other.She feels shy….Natasha and kabir comes..Vaibhavi gets shocked seeing them…Natasha and Kabir comes and acts as if they dont know Comes and Asks shaurya HOW ARE THEY HERE…Shaurya asks why is this place already reserved for them..Shaurya says they just came to celebrate..Natasha says How can Vaibhavi forget her Their group..She acts..Tells Vaibhavi wanted to spent time with shaurya thats why she didnt infoemed them..Natasha tells that Vaibhavi she wanted to spent time with shaurya alone thats why she didnt said…Kabir

asks Vaibhavi is dating Shaurya…Kabir tells something is Cookin between the…Vaibhavi gets furious and gets up from the table..and goes..Shaurya stops her..Shaurya tells to listen at once.Natasha..Ada..and kabir Smiles…Vaibhavi says noo..Shaurya holds Vaibhavi asks her to leave…Vaibhavi tries to Slap her..
Vaibhavi is furious
Shaurya holds her hand…Vaibhavi is soo furious stares her,,Shaurya tells if she slap her..Then she will loose her alone friend in the college Vaibhavi says she have not came to college to find friends…Vaibhavi goes..Shaurya tell Kabir to stop playing with their emotion to impress Natasha..Shaurya leaves..
In next scene Natasha and going in the Car Kabir gives Natasha Dare to resolve Shaurya and Vaibhavi..Natsha asks kabir why she has soft corner for Vaibhavi…Natasha stares kabir furiously Kabir asks what She says that How shaurya talked to her..Kabir says to stop and never to talk bad about his brother..Natasha gets annoyed asks Kabir to stop the Car and asks him to getout in the Midway…Kabir gets shocked..kabir gets out of the Car..Natasha drives away saying goodbye leaving kabir alone..
In next scene Vaibhavi comes to home is sad..throws her bag..thinks what all happend in the restaurant.and cries.Suman asks what happend..wipe her tears….Suman asks if anybody talked about her father..Vaibhavi says no..SUman asks if Shaurya misbehave with her…Vaibhavi tells no,,she says for sometime she forgot her target..tells she dont want become anyone”s frnd niether want to talk to anyone..Suman says she is not doing anythng bad..Suman says one”s her age passed she cannot enjoy..Vaibhavi says this age is not for roaming..she has a plan…Vaibhavi promises her mom if she forgot the way her mother should guider her..
In next scene Samar tells Ada very bad happened with Vaibhavi Ada soo what asks whether she is her best friend..Samar tells VAibhavi is clasmate and also doin the project along with them..it was a very bad joke..Ada says and what VAibhavi did with Shaurya…Samar tells if NAtasha and kabir not have instigated her she may have not done that..Ada tells it was a joke..Says that Natasha just joked that…Samar asks Ada if she cant see the Mistakes of Natasha she is doing wrong..Playing with emotions of Vaibhavi..Ada tells she have not given anybody the right to judge NAtasha and her friendship..Samar says from nowonwards he will not interfere in her matter..Ada goes inside the house..Samar also comes..
Cook tells that thankgod theycame as Imtiyaz suffered from feed Ada gets worried tells Ammi (najma) will kill if the food is not ready..Samar tells let us do anything..Samar goes Ada holds his hand..Samar says okey..Samar and Ada both Cook They get close to each other..Samar help Ada both look at each other..As cooker sounds..THey realises…Cook comes and tells that NAjma called and said that she is on the way..Najma comes..Samar opens the door and tells Asalamwalikum..NAjma asks where is Ada..Ada comes..Ada asks how was the shopping..NAjma tells to forgot shopping and asks whether the food is ready or not..Ada says yes..Ada say yes..Najma checks all the dishes and rice..NAjma goes..Ada and SAmar looks at each other..
In next scene Vaibhavi is at home again thinks about Shaurya.What happened in te hotel..She says.that noone can distract her from her aim…Vaibhavi tells that she have came here for a cause and that cause is her aim…Vaibhavi tells why Shaurya is not getting out of her mind..On otherside Shaurya is restless..Vaibhavi tells if she have to forget the present have to remember her past..Vaibhavi tells from nowonwards her father pic would be always with him to forget her present..She keeps the her dad”s picture in her book..
Nextday in college Vaibhavi is standing near wall of fame carrying a book..Shaurya goes from there and pushes..Vaibhavi”s book fall..But shaurya ignore and goes away…Baliram comes and pick up the book tells he is shocked how can Shaurya ignore them..Baliram asks Vaibhavi to come along with him in library for combine studies…shaurya sees Vaibhavi and comes BUt vaibhavi ignores him and goes..In library Vaibhavi studies along with Baliram Shaurya comes..Baliram sees shaurya and tells Vaibhavi may be he is searching for her..Vaibhavi tells herself that she have to ignore Shaurya by anyhow…Vaibhavi leaves by giving the book to return to the libararian..Baliram took the book accidently fall and the pic falls Shaurya comes…

Precap:Mr rao tells Vaibhavi his father Annirudh was a thief and daughter of thief doesnot deserve the chair..VAibhavi comes to library and search for the book

Update Credit to: Ansari

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