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Mr Rao asks Shaurya where is Vaibhavi..He tells in the classroom…Mr rao says he asked to clean the acadamey and she is resting.Mr Rao checks the classes feels tired and sits on bench..Vaibhavi asks is everything is alright Mr Rao tells not yet..He says one thing is left Vaibhavi asks what Mr Rao asks to polish his shoes..Vaibhavi tells to keep Special class with him and goes but it was her imagination…Shaurya gestures her to calm down..Vaibhavi cleans his shoes..Mr rao tells perfect and asks whether she learned from her dad ..Vaibhavi gets angry and tells He has no right to reject her and to insult his father,,Vaibhavi goes away Mr Rao shouts tomorrow sharp at 11am..Mr Rao goes to her and says it was just test..from Yestarday midnight to now to teach that everyperson have common man in it..He

was happy to know that she have self respect,,He has he have no intention to insult her father or anyone and welcomes her tohis class Vaibhavi becomes happy nd says thankyou…In next Samar comes and Ada to come along with him in case of project work..She tells that Najma asked her to cook food along with chef came at home Samar tells dont worry…Samar talks to kareem and Imtiyaaz(the cook) Samar tells them that they have some work have to go outside as Najma will scold otherwise Imtiyaz tells it okay they can go He will cook very tasty for today”s party…Samar and ada leaves..Ada asks Samar how he know them Samar tells that they have also cooked before in a function..AS ada and Samar leaves..Suddenly Imtiyaz suffers from feeds and falls on the floor…Shouting for help..Azhar and the other Cooks help him and takes him..
Vaibhavi feels tired and Sleepy Shaurya gives her tea Vaibhavi feels happy and thanks him..Vaibhavi tells Everytime he helped her..shaurya asks for treat where it will be good music,,good treat..Vaibhavi asks if he asking for a date…Shaurya says noo..Just asking for lunch in a restaurant…Shaurya tells he know a good restaurand Vaibhavi agrees..Tells her to text her after college finishes..Kabir Sees this..Natasha goes and sits in the car..Kabir comes and pulls the door..Natasha asks what this this,,Kabir telling why she is leaving him alone in the whole big college…Natasha tells she is going for Ada …As she have to save her from her cruel Mother in law…Kabir says he knows a place where they can meet peacefully..Kabir tells he is completing his dare..Natasha tells to come along with her…Kabir sits in the car..Natasha and kabir looks into each othr eyes romantically…On another wise Vaibhavi is unable to choose dress she asks her mom help…She tells her to wear what she made for her..Vaibhavi wears bangles..jhumkas…and puts bindi…She wears beautiful yellow and red suit..Mom tells she is looking fabulous and both goes..Ada and Samar goes to restaurant,, And sits…Samar tells he have planned along with Natasha soo that she will be happy..Samar tells shayari “EK PALL NAHI LAGTAY RUTNAY KAHI UMAR NAHI NIKAL JAAY INHE MANNANAY”,,,,Ada feels shy…Both drink water..Ada and Samar both Simultaneoulsly take tissue Both hands touch each other They both look at each other romantically..Natasha and Kabir is in restaurant…Kabir decorates the table places rose pettels and Candle while Natasha stares him with love…Natasha thinks Dancing on Song “LOve me thoda aur” and Kabir kisses her…Kabir gives her a Rose.Natasha smiles.Ada and Samar looks at each other while in Background Song is still going on LOVE ME THODA AUR….Shaurya talking with her friends while Vaibhavi comes..Shaurya looks at her Vaibhavi feels Shy..Both looks at each other…

Precap:Vaibhavi and Shaurya are sitting on a table..NAtasha comes and ask her Why didnt she called her…Kabir tells is anythning Cooking between them..Vaibhavi tells Shaurya that it was their Setup..Vaibhavi gets Angry and gets up from the table..Shaurya tries to talk to Vaibhavi..She tries to Slap him..Shaurya holds her Hand..Natasha laughs

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