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Vaibhavi goes away…Baliram calls Vaibhavi as girlfriend…At Najma”s house Door bell rings Samar comes…Samar says Asalamwalikum to Najma…Najma Asks Samar if he came to take side of Ada”s shameful friend Natasha SAmar says no…He tells that tommorrow is World”s largest bridal exibition at 11″0 clock only for one day…Najma sees it carefully and agrees to go and thanks Samar..Samar gives a chit to Ada In which its written When Najma goes in Exibition Ada should make execuse of illness and stay at home and Natasha and SAmar will Come to meet her,,Ada nodes her head agrees…
In next scene Shaurya comes and tell Vaibhavi that Professor Rao wanted to meet her alone….Vaiabhavi gets shocked and asks why Shaurya tells His mood is different

from others He is good and Angry Sometimes..SAme like her Vaibhavi asks is Shaurya try to frighten her..HE tells a person will be worried If he Said a lie..Vaibhavi says she is not lying Shaurya tells he was just joking..Vaibhavi asks when he called Shaurya tells 10 minutes before..Vaibhavi tells he is telling now..Shaurya tells she started taking quiz he didnt get chance to tell..VAibhavi goes away..Shaurya smiles and tells that she is unique and its hard to understand her…Natasha sees their Conversation and smiles…Natasha goes through the steps Someone whistels and calls her…its kabir Natasha tells he dont get more cheap way to call a girl..He tells what to do as She insulted her and throwed out the house and didnt given a good night kiss..NAtasha says why should she give as Kabir wantedly pushed Vaibhavi in their life…So her all time spent with Vaibhavi no time left for..kabir tells what can he do now as she is busy now..Natasha suggests him to take some tips to stay busy from his brother Shaurya..Kabir stares her and gets upset….NAtasha gives him a dare to raise love in VAibhavi”s heart for Shaurya..Shaurya gets shocked..Kabir agrees..He tells he will do it in Seconds..Vaibhavi goes in Mr Rao”s office…MR rao comes(a strict looking person)… comes and ask who the hell is she and what she is doinn in his office..How she came without permission in the office?Vaibhavi introduces herself..He says that how she expect to enter in his class indeed failing in the examination VAibhavi tells that Shaurya told him that HE wanted to meet her..Mr Rao tells for tells that he want honest IAS officer for the Country and tells to leave her…Vaibhavi says noo..Mr Rao again tells to leave..Vaibhavi tells that he only said that for a Studend Focus is important..Her focus and amition is to become a IAs officer She can do anything for that…Mr Rao asks Anything and smiles…Mr Rao closses teh door..In next Scene Vaibhavi is cleaning the garbage on floor..Samar and Natasha comes and see Samarr asks why she is doin soo Vaibhavi tells she have to alot of work…Samar tells Natasha to ask what happend to VAibhavi..NAtasha says she is not intrested…Samar asks why Ada and she having problem with VAibhavi…NAtasha tells she is getting late for class and goess…Vaibhavi is cleaning t he whole classroom Crowd is gathered Shaurya goes and asks VAibhavi what happened…VAibhavi tells he was right Mr rao is very weird..As he only said to clean her..Shaurya asks if he could help her..Vaibhavi refuses by saying this work she have to do exclusively alone..HAve to clean the whole College till Morning..Shaurya goes away..Its night and still VAibhavi iss cleaning…The book in the bookshelves the door…Peon comes and tell he has been noticing her Since hours asks her to leave…Vaibhavi tells he have to do her work..Peon leaves..Suman calls VAibhavi and tells it has been late and she is doin work since work..Vaibhavi tells she will meet tommorrow after college..Suman tells to eat her dinner at time and keeps the phone..
In next Scene Najma asks Ada to come fast as she is getting late for the Exibition.Junaid calls Najma…Najma asks why he sounds soo dull..Junaid replies its London and its morning 6″0 clock he got up just now…JUnaid is watering plants wearing blue colour tshirt….Najma says she is goin to bridal exibition with Ada..Junaid tells it is good as she is travelling with her daughter-in-law..Najma keeps on hold and calls Ada..Ada comes wearing a shawl her face is dull..NAjma asks what is this,,Ada tells that she is having fever..headache..and bodypain..Junaid listen all this..Junaid talks to Ada and asks how is her health..Ada replies instead of taking medicines she is not well…Junaid talk too Najma and tells if she is not well Let her stay at home..NAjma agrees..Junaid keeps the phone..Najma tells Ada if she is not well..no need to come..Ada becomes happy and asks really..Najma asks not to be too happy as after sometime she has called cook with them Ada have to cook food..If anythng happend wrong Ada will be blamed..NAjma goes..ADa tells somehow she have to manage to stay at home but what to do with cooks…Till morning Vaibhavi cleans the door,,steps,,and floor,,..and sits restlessly on bench…Shaurya comes and informs that Mr Rao is coming and wish her luck..Till that a pipeline leaks water flows out with pressure Vaibhavi tries to stop it with water,,,Meanwhile Mr Rao is coming…..

Precap:Vaibhavi asks Mr Rao is everthing perfect or not …Mr Rao tells no…Vaibhavi throws the cloth and tells to keep his Special class with him as She dont want..Afterthat Shaurya asks Vaibhavi for dinner..

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