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Ada”s father asks where Vaibhavi stay soo that he could drop her..Vaibhavi says to drop in the midway..Samar gets shocked..Vaibhavi tells she will hire a auto and go Samar tells he will drop her til autostand Vaibhavi says no and goes away…Ada”s father tell Samar if he said anything wrong Samar says no Vaibhavi is different and from othres and unique..He asks Samar about her family..Samar replies he dont know..In night Vaibhavi dreams Ada”s father asking about her father again and again..Vaibhavi gets up and says now will answer all the questions about her father,,One day will come She proudly say Annirudh chahuhan is he father…Next morning vaibhavi talks to her mom says how ada’s mother-in-law insulted her… she treat ada like her servant.. suman says same girl

came to her shop she was very sensitive.. suman tells her to meet that girl, vaibhavi says when her temper is cooled she will surley meet her.. she says thank u for the coffe and walks off.. suman goes to her shop saying she will eat her lunch there only… both says bye.. VAibhavi gets a call nd she says WHAT?? and goes away. ada’s father is checked by a Natasha’s father, ada’s father asks when she is going? she replies “next week”. natasha enters and tells her mom to buy a private jet”. her father scolds her. doorbell rings and she ignores… and then vbhivi enters.. and Natasha introduces vabihivi to her parents.. Natasha father tells them that he has seen Vaibhavi somewhere.. vaibhavi says “” yes”” and said that they have met in hospital for some first aid.. Natasha tells her that to help her friend (vabahivi) to get admission into Mr.rao special class.. then her father says yes and says but he wanna know her family background… vaibhavi gets worried and says her father passed away when she was a kid and her mother alone raised her and her only dream was to become an IAS officer.. so she says she have heard about the classes and wanna go in it and about mom,, mom does a part time job and she just goes to collage… she asks Natasha father why u wanna know about her background? and she just came here because natasha said her.. and natashas father explains that in this small town it is important to maintain reputation..and if we wanna admit any student we should know the background.. and mr.rao’s realation should not mess. and he says that if any1 asks 100 questions no need to worry, and then he asks “whats her fathers name what he was and whats her mothers name and where she was working”. Vaibhavi replies that her father was an Airforce officer, one day he died in a plane crash.. then NAtasha dad says we cannot say but he can try.. and then Vaibhavi says thanks alot uncle and turns to leave her mother stops her and asks have ur lunch and go honey.. then Vaibhavi says she have to go and then she leaves… then ada’s father says that vabahivi is hiding something for sure.. or something is very wrong in past and she dont want to recall it BUT shes hiding something.. and then he says to Ada’s father to come play squash with him..Ada asks Najma where is her college bag and she tells that its in her room because no option is left.. first she sang in the collage second she called her friends so, its better for her to stay at home and help her..ada cries..she thinks to call her father but stops thinking about Junaid..and says that because of her father she will surley manage her relationship, vabhivi sitting in the canteen Natasha come and sits with her and says y she didnt had lunch with her?? Vaibhavi says she got some work.. Natasha asks her that which colour bag will she choose.. she selects a black bag and Natasha says that its for 2 lakhs.. and says that gift her that same bag after collage.. vabhivi gets worried and then natasha asks whats wrong?? she only said that she will full fill her any 1 wish… but Vaibhavi says that she said but its 2 lakhs?! its so pricy and she dont have enough money D:…VAIBHAVI TELLS SHE DONT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO BUY THE BAG…..Natasha tells relax she have just played a prank….Natasha congratulates her as she have selected in Mr Rao”s special class Vaibhavi gets happy…Natasha tell Airforce people are very handsome,,Dashing,,Natasha tells Vaibhavi to introduce any pilot..Vaibhavi get worried..Natasha tells waiting for the day when Vaibhavi introduced any pilot…Natasha goes away…Samar asks Natasha where is ADa…Natasha call ADa,,Najma picks up her phone and tells…..tha her rudness she have not seen yet…Natasha is shocked…Najma scold Natasha tells from Now onwards Ada will never come to college niether talk to her She cuts the phone….Natasha tells Samar her aaunt is like a witch.she tells Ada is trapped what to do Samar tells he got an idea On another side Vaibhavi is guilty that he lied to Natasha”s dad…Baliram comes and sits..Baliram asks what she is thinking Vaibhavi says if lied is said for some goodness is it good Baliram tells it is good but everytime not good..As once he lied to principal..His friend free but he got into a big problem…Vaibhavi tells the age of lie is small..She lied to Ada”s father in future if it caused problrm what can she do….

Precap:Shaurya tells Vaibhavi MR rao Wanted to meet her..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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