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Door bell rings Natasha and Vaibhavi fights thinking Vaibhavi is at the door …Samar opens the door its Kabir..Samar shocked to see him..kabir tells he just came to drop books..Samar tells he knows kabir He will never leave his game on the way…Kabir tells whatever he think he is not like Samar play with emotions …Ada and Samar looks at each other..Door bell again rings..Samar opens the door its Vaibhavi…Vaibhavi thanks Kabir for dropping her books.. Natasha says will complete the project if outsider leaves means Kabir….Kabir goes..Vaibhavi..Ada..Samar and Natasha discuss the project..Samar says tells Vaibhavi they are unable to understand anythng..Vaibhavi tells she is ok…She says Ada should research Mughal period to british period and Natasha laws during the british

period…and Samar post independence..Samar tells research from Mughal period to British period is very tough soo he will help Ada…Ada smiles and sees samar..

Vaibhavi goes to kitchen Natasha comes and asks if she have any problem in life..Vaibhavi says she didnt got admission in Rao sir class thats why she is upset..Natasha tells there is one way..Natasha says she will help tell her father as he will request Mr Rao and she will get admission…Vaibhavi says is she sure..Natasha says yes inreturn she will ask Vaibhavi anythng in life..Vaibhavi says ok..Both shake hands…On another side kabir thinks about Natasha and uses guitar..Shaurya comes and sees..Kabir tells they gave home it does not mean he is far from there…As he came after 5 days Kabir tells as mother will be happy seeng Shaurya..Shaurya tell mother miss her..Kabir agrees to come at homw but at one condition At the time when kabir comes Shaurya should not be at otherwise…Mother will start comparing again..Shaurya says ok and goes away…Natasha tells ada and Vaibhavi to stop study and take a break..Ada goes to prepare snack and tea..Vaibhavi is working on laptop..Ada and Samar goes to kitchen…Samar tells he cook haleem very tasty that people fight for it…Ada asks to taste her someday…Samar says yes he is also waiting for that day…Samar and Ada looks at each other…Ada brings tea for Natasha But the whole tray falls..and cups break…

Najma comes and sees..She tells by the name of project they are breaking house crockery…Najma scolds Ada…Vaibhavi tells Ada didnt did wantedly..Najma tells to stop as Ada is responsible for that…Najma tells Ada to clean it…Vaibhavi is shocked and tells Najma that Ada is her Daughter in law not her Servent…Vaibhavi tells Najma that Ada is like her daughter..to value her.Najma taunts and tells that she will tell Junaid and goes..

Ada shouts at Vaibhavi…and goes..Samar says he will drop Vaibhavi…She collects all her stuff..Both Samar and Vaibhavi waits for rickshaw…A car comes in that Ada”s father us sitting comes and asks why Samar is standing He says because of project..They are not getting the Auto….He tells he will drop…Samar introduces Vaibhavi to Ada”s father..He says that have seen Vaibhavi somewhere..he asks her father name..Vaibhavi keeps mum..Ada scolds at Vaibhavi infront of Natasha…Tells how dare Vaibhavi said all to her Mother in law…She is Scared if her mother in law tell to Junaid there will be problem…Natasha tells to relax and nothing will happened..Ada tells if Junaid give him choice to Select between him and Natasha…She cannot leave Junaid Natasha gets annoyed and goes away…Vaibhavi tells Ada”s father that her father is expired and she stay with her mother..He apologises and asks where is her house so that he could drop her..Vaibhavi is scared The epsiode ends..

Precap: Ada”s father asks Vaibhavi what is her father”s name..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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