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Shaurya comes and tells three of you will fail..Natasha..Ada and Vaibhavi gets shocked…He tke chair and sits tells that who submit late project will fail..Vaibhavi tells them to think..to stop the argument and settle the dispute Shaurya tells that because of three people college came first in fresher”s meet..Shaurya tells Vaibhavi to leave her ego this time..Vaibhavi asks him to give lecture to Ada and Natasha also…Shaurya tells he give lecture to people whom he cares..Vaibhavi and Shaurya looks at each other..Shaurya goes…Natasha tells their luck is back they have to stay with Vaibhavi…Vaibhavi all hates them but will manage..she tells to meet after class Ada tells no as staying late in college is not allowed at her home…There are certain rules she have to follow..Vaibhavi

tells she is shocked as ” Ada siddiqui” have to follow certain rules…Natasha tells Ada is staying at her inlaw”s house thats why…Natasha tells Vaibhavi respecting elders and following the rules is called “Manners” that her parents didnt teached her..

Vaibhavi gets furious and shouts at her…Samar comes and tells to calm down..Vaibhavi leaves and tells she will meet at 6 pm at Ada”s sasural..Vaibhavi is in class is worried says if she would have qualified would be sitting in his class..She tells all plan is failed..Sir calls Vaibhavi but she is still thinking Sir beats with chalkpiece Vaibhavi gets up and tells to repeat…A boy gets up and answers Vaibhavi apologises Sir tells it okey and not to repeat the mistake..Driver comes to Suman and tells that Nagma(Ada”s mother) called her to home to check the fitting…Suman tells sge cannot leave the shop and go..Driver says okey and goes…On another side Najma is talking at phone Ada comes and tells that for College project some people will come..Najma refuses shouts and tells she cannot make home as college…Samar comes and tells he is part of group and Project is compulsory otherwise they will fail..Najma agrees..Driver comes and tells that Suman refused to come..Najma tells this is the problem of tailor”s nowadays..Ada says its okey she will go to shop.Najma allows her but last time..Vaibhavi carries handfull of books many of them falls Kabir helps her picks them up..Kabir tells he will carry till home..Vaibhavi tells this the problem of these type of boys..kabir tells he”s brother was right…Kabir tells Shaurya is his brother..Vaibhavi guess may be he said that she is full of ego..arrogant..Kabir says no..He said Vaibhavi is unique in the whole college..Vaibhavi gives her books to to Kabir..He asks whether it is books or bricks..Vaibhavi sees a group of form and asks what happend girl says have to take Sign..Vaibhavi says she forget to take and goes away..On another side Ada tries green colour frock Suman compliments her…Ada tells the colour and fitting is soo good..Suman tells her mother may gave her very good teaching…Ada tells her mother expired..and cries Suman says sorry…Suman tells Ada she is like her daughter…Suman takes her size and tells that in two or three days dress will be ready tells to send the driver..Ada tells she will come and goes away ..Vaibhavi comes and takes Suman”s signature and goes away..Suman tells Vaibhavi has forget all her happiness because of her father..Suman says to give strength to Vaibhavi..Natasha comes at Ada”s house Samar opens the door Natasha flirts with him..Samar tells Khaala(Najma) is outside will not come before 8:00clock….Ada comes Natasha asks How her pimples disappeared..Ada tells because of Garnier pure neem facewash which removes pimples cleares the skin..fight with germs..leaving the skin clean and fresh..Vaibhavi submits the form..And then remembers that forgot to take the books from Kabir…Vaibhavi sees Shaurya and asks whether he is kabir”s brother..She tell that she gave books to Kabir and Forgot to take..She tell to Kabir to send the books at Ada”s house..Shaurya places paper on notice board asks Vaibhavi to fix the pin..She fix the pin and her hand touches to Shaurya Both looks at each other romantically…Shaurya tells he will tell to kabir..Vaibhavi goes Shaurya asks what she wanted to ask…Vaibhavi tells she want entry in Mr Rao”s class…Shaurya tells he cannot help it it is special batch Once he rejected the student He will never allow..Shaurya says sorry and goes away ..

Precap: Vaibhavi tells that she is worried because she is not getting admission in Mr Rao”s class..Natasha tells there is one way…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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