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The girls come out of the police station. Vaibhavi is stopping an auto. Ada and Natasha hit her with their car which causes an injury on Vaibhavi’s hand. She heads to the hospital where she’s treated by Natasha’s dad. He finds her face familiar, but Vaibhavi says she came in the town today.

Junadi’s mum taunts Razia, Ada’s puppi, for Ada coming late to her engagement. Ada finally comes and gets ready. She asks Natasha to wear dupatta and behave properly with the guests. Now Ada’s fiance, Junaid, is missing. Ada is tensed and hoping police don’t come before her engagement is over. Natashan tells her not to worry as her parents would be in the function as well. In the function, Natasha flirts with the guys which Ada doesn’t like. Junaid comes and meets

Ada. Soon they perform engagement rituals. Junaid’s close cousin arrives in the function and Natasha eyes on him. Junaid introduces his cousin to the girls and Natasha flirts with him. Junaid seems to be tensed for some reason. He takes Junaid on a side and asks him whether he must go to London tonight. Junaid says he will have to and asks him to have an eye on Ada. His cousin asks why he got engaged when he knew he had to leave. Junaid says he can stay in touch with Ada from London as well. Ada hears this. Natasha comes and sends Junaid away to spend time with Ada, and she spends time with his cousin.

Ada’s fear comes true as police arrive there to take her statement for the accident that she did. Everyone is shocked while Ada is embarrassed.

Vaibhavi gives the good news about her admission to her mum. Her mum sees wound on her hand and says to go back as she doesn’t feel good in this town, but Vaibhavi says they haven’t come here to go back. Later, she makes her mum fill her scholarship form. She asks her mum to leave dad’s name filed empty. She will only connect her name to her dad once she gets him the respect back which he deserves.

Next morning, Natasha wakes up from her dream of kissing a boy. She sees Ada tensed. Ada is angry at Vaibhavi and blames her for making a big issue out of a small accident. Because of her, police came to her house for the first time to get a statement from someone. Natasha asks why she’s worrying when her abbu handled everything and engagement went fine too. Ada’s mum or puppi comes in and tells her to forget whatever happened last night and now concentrate on her studies, so when Junaid returns, she is ready for the marriage. Natasha doesn’t get what advice Ada keeps getting from her family.

Vaibhavi is leaving to go to college, but her mum stops her for the breakfast. Vaibhavi says she has to submit scholarship form and she can’t take any chance today. Her mum asks her to eat something and then sends her to the college.

At college, Vaibhavi is asked for her ID card, but she cannot find it. Other hand, Natasha shows ID card to Ada and says she knows how to take revenge.

Precap: Natasha and Ada meet Vaibhavi in college. Natasha asks her to take her complaint back. Vaibhavi asks why. Natasha shows her ID card to her.
Natasha finally kisses a boy. Someone tries to get closer to Ada. Junaid’s cousin sees it and doesn’t like it.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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