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Kabir says the last group member is Vaibhavi…Natasha asks what joke is this Kabir says as Natasha challeged her he fullfill now its her turn to keep Vaibhavi in her team..Ada tells that she will never do the project with Vaibhavi…Vaibhavi waits outside the classroom..Peon comes asks what she want..Vaibhavi tell she want to meet Professor Rao…Peon tells Rao sir is in 2nd year class And he will never meet anyone….Vaibhavi asks where is 2nd year class..The peon shouts at her…Vaibhavi tells to talk with her properly..and says her brother in that Peon tells to go Straight the Second corridor is 2nd year class Vaibhavi goes…On another side ..Sir tells the Vaibhavi”s name cannot be erased as the name gone final

..Ada tells Natasha to tie a friendshipband on Vaibhavi..Adaa

gets annoyed and tells Natasha to play truth and dare game with kabir and goes away…Shaurya comes to Vaibhavi and asks if she have any problem…Shaurya tells that good new are there…In political science project they have been divided in groups…And Vaibhavi is grouped with Ada and Natasha…Vaibhavi gets shocked and tells that they both hater her Shaurya encourages her…Till that Professor Rao goes to the next class…One boy comes and tells Shaurya that class is started..Vaibhavi realises that Professor went away and gets worried…Junaid”s mother is waiting for Ada…Ada comes late and give excuses..Vaibhavi gets Angry…throws everything …throws the ball Shaurya comes and catches the ball…Shaurya asks her name is Chauhan Vaibhavi tells her name VAIBHAVI SINGH…Shaurya asks is she related tO Anirudh chauhan as he see her standing near the fame of wall…Near the photo frame of Anirudh chauhan which is been removed….Shaurya tells he thought there is ant connection of her…Shaurya tells Anirudh chauhan stabbed india He lost all his achievements..Vaibhavi asks she knew about him…Shaurya tells he heard story 14years ago that he did scam in United nation factory..and leaked all tge secrets..Shaurya tells this type of people should be shoot in public..He says after that Anirudh have sent to jail and the case is shut….

Vaibhavi gets angry but controls..Shaurya tell People will remember Anirudh with hatred…Shaurya suggests to concentrate more on Ada and Natasha and goes away…In next scene Junaid”s mother doesnt like Ada”s choice…She tells during her days she used to select different types of clothes…This section dealer is Vaibhavi”s mother she suggests Junaid”s mother that the clothes are selected by Ada are awesome and it suits her…Junaid mother agree”s..Ada asks that dress really suits her…Suman tells yes as her daughter js off same age…Ada thanks her and tells she feel blessed meeting her..Suman asks her to come again to shop to.meet her Adaa agrees and goes away…Vaibhavi comes home locks the room and throw Everything…Vaibhavi takes her father”s photograph and tells that she will prove that her father was not wrong…She will changed the story that Shaurya said and will proudly say that she is Anirudh chauhans Daughter…Natasha play basketball..Kabir comes the next stage of game..Natasha says that no game would be played..its over…Kabir tells he played prank about Vaibhavi and was not Serious…Natasha tells her best friend Ada annoyed because of him…Kabir apologises and tells he will remove the name..Natasha says its of no use they tried…Kabir holds Natash”s hand and tells he have no intention to hurt her….Kabir tells as she is her best friend…They look at each other”s romantically…Ada sees and tells Natasha will never change..Samar tells not to believe bt seeing..Ada and Natasha goes away…Samar comes and asks kabir what game is he playing…Kabir asks what he is playing with Ada..Kabir tells as he known Samar since childhood and tells to think about that and goes away…Ada and Natasha sits in canteen they fight talking about Vaibhavi…Vaibhavi comes and asks for some days to forget the rivalry and start friendship…Natasha asks why she came here…Vaibhavi says its her weakness as she have to do project with them…Shaurya comes and tells that there is bad news that three of them will fail in the exam

Precap:Adaa hugs Suman and goes(Vaibhavi”s mother) Vaibhavi comes and asks her to Sign the form…

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