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Vaibhavi says no thanks to police officer and takes back the Fir..Policeofficer says ok…As Vaibhavi comes out she bumps into Shaurya….Shaurya is shocked to see her…He asks she dont like the colour of trophy or people”s appreciation…Vaibhavi says many days ago she have done a mistake to correct that she came Shaurya tells that means She is taking back FIR against Ada and Natasha..Asks she has gone crazy or not..Vaibhavi says his sense of humour is not good…Vaibhavi thanks Shaurya because of him she won the Scholarship…Both look into each other romantically..Constable comes and calls him..Shaurya again Congratulates Vaibhavi for Scholarship and goes..

In the next scene Vaibhavi dreams as a 6yrs old girl goes to her father and asks what happend Many people

comes and knocks the Door breaks the glasses and shouts “Anirudh is thief” They tell to arrest Annirudh as he is a thief…Her father says to take care of Vaibhavi. .And police arrest him he goes away….Vaibhavi gets up shouting..Suman(her mother) comes and tells the same dream she saw today….Vaibhavi says noo she tell is little nervous as tmmrw is IS tutorial class is there…Suman says she belived that Vaibhavi will top in the College..Just to fullfil all her ambitious and be honest…Next day Vaibhavi reads old newspaper saying Anirudh chauhan senior collegue is a honest person He is not the culprit He believes that truth may be Reaveled..Vaibhavi search about T.R Rao on internet and says that she has only little information about him that He is Deputy chairmen of United Ambiunation factory and Now he Ceo of that factory….Suman calls Vaibhavi she closes the laptop…Suman asks is she hiding anythng…Vaibhavi says why she is giving Detectives look Suman says ok…She will drop her going while going to shop..

Next day in College Natasha says she missed Ada alot…Ada asks is she alright Natasha says yes and apologises as she didnt listen to her..Vaibhavi comes and says sorry to both of them and tells she have bought something for them by seeing that may be both of them will calm down…Ada and Natasha looks each other shockingly…..Vaibhavi gives a paper Ada asks what that Vaibhavi says its Fir cancellation note…Ada asks why Vaibhavi is showing this much goodness..Vaibhavi says because they helped her in Competition…Natasha tells it was her good luck that she won otherwise they have done efforts to defeat her..Ada and Natasha gives high5 Vaibhavi holds their hands…he tells from next time if they come in her way it may not good for them and goes…Natasha and Ada sees angrily….Vaibhavi goes and asks peon freshers class started…Peon tells that class has started and doesnt allow her to go…..As professor comes out Vaibhavi introduces herself as Scholarship student..She apologises and tells that she dont know the timings of Mr Rao…He tells Mr Rao will take class only for special students…These Special students will be selected after today”s Exam…He tells to read Notice board and away…In next scene Natasha tells her mom that she is not intrested in parties where only matching jwellary…buisness meetings are discussed Her mom tells to grow up…Natasha says was grown up many years ago…Mother says why she going in the past..Natasha keeps the phone..Natasha cries…And encourages herself Ada comes and tells that she miss Natasha”s nuisance talks..Both laugh and smiles..Samar asks she made class project in political science made any group..Natasha tells she forgot that but says she will Enjoy the late night..groups..projects…Samar asks Ada he shall be part of their group..Ada says to ask Natasha…Natasha says she never refused good looking boys…Ada says in group there must be atleast four people Samar tell he will decide something….Kabir comes..Natasha kisses Kabir and tells the new shade of lipstick…Kabir says he can join her group Natasha says for that he have create her own place..kabir asks how Natasha says that he have to decide…Ada and Samar look at each other and feels shy…Vaibhavi is in examination hall writes exam and gets worries as dont know anythng about exam…she gets up to leave the hall jst that she remembers the voice of her mother Encouraging her…Vaibhavi writes her Exam…Ada tells Samar that Junaid is not bad because he forgave her for taking part in singing competition…Samar tells Junaid”s mother didnt forgave her…Natasha comes and sits…After a while Kabir comes and tells that for project groups are finialized and he have choosed the names He gave a envelope to Natasha..On another Side names are declared for Mr Rao Special class..The names are smriti..Pankaj Singh..and the last name as Vaibhav shukla…Kabir tells the name Natasha..Ada..Samar and Vaibhavi…The epsiode ends..

Precap:Ada tells she will never do the project with that girl Vaibhavi..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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