O Gujariya 16th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Vaibhavi says rapist should give severe punishment…So that everyone learn from that and Women can walk freely..Everyone claps..Vaibhavi says she do agree with the capital punishment but said to impress everyone..Vaibhavi says she may be disqualified for changing the side…But tells that truth is that she do not want fake fame from society..Says may be her Scholarship may be cancelled but she is against Capital punishment…By giving criminals death punishment the girl”s pain cannot be reduced niether and changed May devolop…The need is to Change the thinking….The problem is view that a women is shown unholy after rape…From childhood everyone learns that after rape life of Women is End …But it not truth she tells….Vaibhavi says that the same happened

with her classmate”s friend..Vaibhavi advices that girl to move on life and to become independent thats the answer for the criminal..Vaibhavi says society says Women to wear proper clothes that hides them properly…She asks do women dont have the right to leave as they want?..To wear there favourite clothes??Vaibhavi Says not only Rapist should hang to death….The thinking should be end who believes women is a inferior s*x and women needs to be protected…Natasha sees emotionally at Vaibhavi…Judge(samitha parihar) says today”s competition was unique that did not happened in any college..Every college has certain rules and have to follow them because they teach objectives..She disqualify her.though.. Appreciates and salutes her..She gives her trophy for her strong determination and Courage of Speaking saying She speaked very Sensitively on this topic at very tender age..Vaibhavi goes on Stage collects the trophy…Song starts “oo guzariya—-” Everyone claps Seeing her defeat Natasha goes away…Shaurya is happy…Principal gives her Scholarship for her best leadership…Baliram congratulates her….Shaurya comes and congratulates her Vaibhavi thanks her…Shaurya tells “thanks” word is present in her dictionery and asks whom she will credit her win Vaibhavi says Ada and Natasha and the person who everytime stood up with her encouraged her…Her father…Shaurya gets upset and says anyone left…Vaibhavi tells people ignored saying they have meeting..and goes away…On another side..Natasha cries…Ada says to stop…Natasha calls herself stupid and immature as she said the truth of herself …Ada gets shocked ..Vaibhavi comes Natasha goes away…Ada scolds Vaibhavi and tells that her best friend cried because of her…And goes away Vaibhavi is shocked and findout the girl was noneother Natasha…

Vaibhavi”s mother calls her…Vaibhavi tells she won..Her mother tells to thank Shaurya as he only showed the second way to get Scholarship and adviced her create new friends..Vaibhavi tells she is right…She will talk to Shaurya…Vaibhavi tells she will say sorry to Natasha and Adaa…..Ada and Samar are at cafe…Samar asks she want to eat anythng…Samar and Ada orders green tea..Samar asks anythng happened as Vaibhavi won..Ada asks how do he knows..Samar says he have noticed from few days..Ada cries and tells it looks Natasha and her friendship is breaking..As Junaid dont like her..Samar tells that although Junaid is little strict but good. Samar tells Ada that her Kajal is spread..Ada cleans that..Junaid”s mother comes and tells it is too late…Waiter brings green tea…She tells not to drink as it is already late….Ada goes away..

Natasha is sitting on steps lonely someone beats her ball its Kabir…He narrates a filmy story tells one boy and gal meets at a party…Theit thoughts were same and life”s philosophy too…They both kiss also looking at each other eyes! ..Natasha tells he broke his promise..Helped Vaibhavi to win..Kabir asks she has done friendship because of Vaibhavi he says that he is very much hurted…Natasha asks in his ling list of girlfriend which is her number…Kabir tells he doesnot play games..Natasha tells if he tried to.play then she will show him…Kabir tells ok lets begin..As he love adventures….Both look into each other Eyes..Natasha tells she is ready…Kabir smiles and goes away..Natasha says Kabir is very fond of playing games with hearts now she will teach her a lesson..

In Next scene Policeofficer asks Vaibhavi is sure to take the Complain back Vaibhavi tells yes..Policeofficer says not to leave soo easily as they belong to a very rich family..Vaibhavi stares at police officer…

PRECAP: Vaibhavi thanks shaurya for helping her…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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