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Vaibhavi comes to Natasha and Ada. ..She thanks Natasha for helping her Thanks Adaa also..for Singing…Ada says its their habit of helping others and goes away rudely..Vaibhavi asks what happened to Ada Natasha tells its her family problem..Natasha ask her if she knew the Debate topic…Vaibhavi says yes…To hang the rapist to death or not..Natasha asks whats her opinion Vaibhavi says she will go Against it…She tells its wrong to hang a rapist..Natasha tells the judge is Samitha parihar the magistrate of court and she believes in hanging and she is a feminist…Vaibhavi tells so what she will against that…As she is bold…and it is a debate…Natasha tells a story of her friend who was 8 yr old went to her grandparents house during summer holidays…Her uncle

molested her…Vaibhavi says yes it is right…Natasha and Ada are sitting in Canteen…Ada tries to talk Natasha but she ignores…Adaa says to tel her plan …Natasha says Samitha parihar who is the judge of debate competition… is against the Capital punishment not to hang the rapist as she manipulated Vaibhavi against this as to hang the rapist…Natasha says how judge is going to react about this….On other side Vaibhavi sitting in a classroom is confused to go on her convictions or to listen Natasha….Vaibhavi says she win till now in every stage of life following her convictions..She says Natasha helped her in poetry..Singing everywhere may be she is right and she agrees..Vaibhavi goes and tells Ada and Natasha thanks for suggestion she will follow that Natasha and Ada..gets too happy….In next scene Ada comes to her Inlaws house….Junaid”s mother is sitting…Ada says Asalamwalikum” She replies walikumsalam…She asks Ada why she is late…Ada says as competition are there…Junaid”s mother congratulate her for the prize..as she taunts her says Junaid is soo Angry with the decision. She tells Junaid and she denied the permission to sing but she took part in the Competition…Ada is freezed ..Junaid”s mother shouts at her to answer Till that time..Samar comes and says Junaid want to talk to her…

In next scene Vaibhavi comes but could not find her She searches her everywhere in the house and gets worried if anyone recognized her..Her mother comes after a while and tells…She tells she find a job and brings a red dress for her.Vaibhavi gets happy and tells she will wear it in debate.. .Junaid comes on video chat …He asks why did she Sing in the competition…Adaa says that today is her mothers birthday and she was a very good singer…And tells that when Natasha requested her to Sing she could”nt Sing…Ada asks is it a crime …Samar comes and holds Ada”s hand to give her confidence..Junaid gets a call he closes the Video chat..Ada says she will never quit singing…Vaibhavi collects the newspaper of crime against women and tells that Natasha was right..They should get punishment Her mother comes to do dinner She tells if Vaibhavi get famous it is dangerous for them Vaibhavi says she is doing all this for her father…Her mother goes away.. Vaibhavi tells after getting scholarship her next aim is to find about her father”s past..

In next morning Natasha tells this time Vaibhavi will fail…As the competition starts Baliram wishes Vaibhavi all the Best….Natasha shows a women and says she is “Samitha parihar”…The first performes comes Hemant Verma tells that punishment should be worse..Vaibhavi comes on Stage…She gets Nervous…..Tells todays topic is “Rapist should hangto Death or not” she tells that Every Man wanted to prove that women is helpless…Its only one way to prove Men wrong and that is to hang till death…Everyone looks at Vaibhavi including Samita Parihar…

PRECAP: Samitha parihar tells that the Competition was so unique….She tells that Every competition has certain rules that teaches write objectives following that they are disqualifying Vaibhavi….

Update Credit to: Ansari

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