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Ada and Natasha are sitting in canteen of the college..Ada tells how Junaid”s mother dislike her Singing Natasha tells it is tihar jail not her Inlaw”s house..Soo Natasha tell to leave that house Ada tells how can she ?as his Abbu(father) fixed the relation..and it is important to her..And now she is Engaged to Junaid..Natasha nodes her head..Natasha Asks today is Ada”s mother b”day..Ada says yes,,,Ada tells if her mother was alive she would love her Singing..Natasha tells yes and Says phuppi will cook “khichdi” and she likes phuppi”s khichdi to save Some for her…Vaibhavi comes..Natasha tells her entertainment is coming Ada says irritation not entertainment and goes away..Vaibhavi comes and asks Natasha”s help in photography and Singing.. Natasha

agrees she says in photography she will Convince kabir and in Singing lata mangeskar is Adaa….Natasha and Vaibhavi goes to Adaa and request her to Sing the song in the competition..Ada denies..Natasha gestures to Vaibhavi and she goes away…Natasha tells Ada to participate in Competition but to fail..she instructs her to go on stage but not to Sing..In this way they can defeat Vaibhavi..Ada tells she didnt Selected the Song..Natasha says just to go and Stand not to sing..Ada says if her mother in law came to knoe what can she do…Natasha says she will handle Samar dont worry…In next Scene Vaibhavi comes and says Samar that Ada is takinv part in Singing Competition Samar gets shocked Ada and Natasha comes..As the Competition starts Samar is the host calls the first contender Ada…Ada comes on Stage but is quiet..Natasha nodes her head..Ada doest not sing and goes away from Stage…Vaibhavi comes and tells in Mic…She know it is a difficult day for Ada as she too lost her parent ..she Encourages Ada to sing her favourite song as it would be the best birthday gift for her Mother..Ada gets emotional..agrees goes on Stage..Everyone claps and appreciate…

Ada goes on stage and Sings “Apne karam ki kar Aadayein,,,karde idhar bhi tu Nigahein Sun raaha hain na ,,,roou raahi hoon Main.,,,Sunn raaha hain na tu….” Everyone gets happy and claps gives a huge round of applause…Ada cries…Natasha comes to her..Adaa shouts at her as her personal feelings everyone came to known about her mother..Natasha apologises..Ada tells from when Vaibhavi comes in her life…Her life ruin.Ada calls Vaibhavi cheap..Natasha again apologises and tells she will not do such stupid thing again..As the result announced..Samar declares the winner “Ada Siddiqui” Vaibhavi gets happy……Ada tells if Junaid and her mother came to knoe then she will be in danger…Junaid will create a big Scene…Ada tell that eventhough they are best friends their life is different. Natasha tells infact being a excellant Singer not going to take her Award….Ada tells yes after she gets the prize Junaid will take divorce..Samar comes and tells no one will come to know..He tells yes Junaid and her mother is little conservative but good..Samar Encourages Ada to forget all family pressures and Sing freely…Natasha gets happy..In night Vaibhavi dreams about how she won the race and shows the trophy to her father…Next day..Vaibhavi interviews that she is confident that her college will get the trophy as kabir is a very good photographer..Kabir comes Natasha gets annoyed and tells that she refused him to take part in Competition..Kabir tells he never comes in commitment Kabir hugs Natasha…The winner of Competition is declared as kabir…Vaibhavi is too happy calls her mother says that she won poetry and singing with the help of Natasha jaiswaal..Shaurya sees her …Natasha comes to Ada and says that she knew the topic of Debate and thr name of judge Ada shouts her tells that her every plan fails..And Vaibhavi is getting closer to the scholarship..Natasha says that first time she is serious in life and this time she will never fail…

PRECAP:Natasha tells Vaibhavi one of her friend”s uncle abused her friend….Vaibhavi comes at home cant find her mother and gets worried…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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