O Gujariya 11th July 2014 Written Episode Update


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Natasha says that how this illiterate(baliram) won the competition..Ada tells Natasha she only cheered them thats why they Won…Natasaha says she cannot see other students insulting her college…Vaibhavi says to forget what all happened and start from fresh..Vaibhavi and Natasha shake hands and hug each other while Ada sees furiously Vaibhavi says she find them good and leaves..Ada shouts at Natasha..Natasha says she will do friendship and defeat her thats her part of plan..Vaibhavi in the dance class instructs the dancer to teach thr students some unique dance…Natasha comes and tells that she will handle this section teach them dance Vaibhavi gets shocked and apologises as she misunderstood her..Natasha says its ok Vaibhavi leaves..Samar gift Ada ipad and says Junaid gave that Ada thanks

him..Ada gets happy..

Junaid calls Ada and asks whether she liked the gift Ada thanks him..Junaid tell that it was Samar”s idea and choice he just paid the bill..And asks whether she knows singing as phuppi said….Ada says only some that too she sing infront of Natasha Junaid promises her to sing only for him and keeps the phone…Vaibhavi takes quiz of some student but they fail to answer..Vaibhavi shouts at them They gets annoyed and tells that participated because of Natasha and leaves..In next scene Shaurya is in meeting…Vaibhavi comes and asks help but he says Meeting is more important to him.. Vaibhavi stands for a while and leaves…

kabir click pictures but Natasha comes in between and interrupts Kabir tells he didnt slept whole night thinking of her..kabir asks him to meet him at a place Natasha agrees and leaves..The Quiz competition starts Samar is the host asks the question :who coined the term “quiz” but the team fails to answer and loses Trisha college of arts wins this competition Vaibhavi shouts at them..Natasha says to Vaibhavi that its their bad luck..she tried her best and leaves..Vaibhavi cries infront of her dad picture and says that she lost and cannot fight more.and tells she is feeling alone..shaurya comes says three more Competition are left..and pushes her Vaibhavi asked why he pushed her Shaurya tells because she is pushing her team A captain”s work is to lead the Game…Vaibhavi says he didnt helped her.. He says every individual have to fight alone..Vaibhavi leaves..

On the another Side Kabir captures Natasha”s picture..Natasha convinces Kabir not to participate in Competition He agrees..Ada comes at home junaid”s mother scolds her..and asks she didnt took part in Competition but she is late Samar tells he was late thats why..Ada says singing is her hobby…Junaid”s mother says to stop singing as it is not good and Girls from there family dont Sing and dance As they belong to a good family..Ada agrees..

PRECAP:Vaibhavi asks Natasha help in photography and Singing Natasha says that College Lata mangeskar is Adaa..Adaa says she didnt selected the Song…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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