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Ishu: So Mr.Omkara Singh Oberoi you have to take me around Mumbai.
Om after thinking ? for a while says: Ok Miss. Ishaana, but I have a condition.
Ishu cutting hi off: Oh hello who told you that you are in a condition to keep any condition.
Om: Ok then I won’t take you around Mumbai.
Ishu : Ok fine say.( she says making faces ?)
Om: Lets be friends. (he says forwarding his hand for a handshake.)
Ishu happily accepts it and says
Ishu: Friends.
They smile ? at each other and move for their Mumbai Darshan.

@AniIshSoums Home
Anika rings the door ? bell and Ishu receives her.
Ishu: Ani di why are you so late.
Ani comes and sits near Soums who offers her a glass of water.
Soums: Di you seem to be really tired ?.
Ani: Ya actually there is lot of work as I have to organize a party ? after two days.
Soums: Di don’t worry ? you will be able to do it very well and more over I will also accompany you tomorrow and help you as I am tired ? of sitting at home.
Ani: Thanks alot Soums .
Ishu: Ani di I would also have accompanied you but tomorrow I have a meeting.
(Ishu says sadly)
Ani: No problem Ishu Soums is there na, you complete your work.
Ishu: Ani di I will finish my work quickly and then join you ok.
Ani: Ok

Then three of the sisters discussed about their daily schedule while having dinner ? and went to sleep ? together as always.

@Shivaay’s room
Rudra: Shivaay Bhaiya you know Anika di is too good, she is so sweet na.
Shivaay: Ok ok Rudra stop your Anika chalisaa. (Anika chantings.)
Rudra:Bhaiya sheeeeeee……
Shivaay cuts him and says
Shivaay: She is sweet, beautiful, nice, kind, caring, lovely and what not. I understood that Rudra.
Om: Shivaay are you being jealous.
Shivaay in a funny ? way: Obviously yes, my brother’s are praising someone so much that too infront of me. Well to be truthful I am impressed by her, so definitely I want to meet her now.
Saying this he does his signature step of moving his hands through his hair.
All sleep ? after binding good night ?.

Anika enters with Soums and introduces her to everyone and everyone is glad meeting her.

After Two days I.e. The evening previous to the party ? day , both Ishu and Soums are busy in helping Anika.
While Ani is outside in the garden ? area looking at the arrangements and while doing that she instructing the workers to move the lights to proper position and while doing so she is moving backwards and dashes into someone and both fall down .

Bg music plays
O jaana O jaana
O jaana O jaana

Their position is like the unknown person is on the ground facing his face upwards and Anika is above that person and she is also facing the sky.

Bg continued
O jaana O jaana
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ke kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
O jaana..

The man ? shouts at the top of his voice
Man: Get up.
Anika gets up talking support of the ground and the other person gets up as well and both now face each other.
Ani and Man at a time: Tum (You)
They are literally shouting their lungs out.
Shivaay: What the hell are you doing her.
Ani: Kun yeh aapka sasural hai Jo Mai yahan nahi aa Sakti.
(Why is this your in laws house ? that I can’t come here.)
Shivaay: You know Mai tumhara baraa main us din bhi saahi tha aur aaj bhi, tum ek boohat hi badtameez ladki Ho.
(You know what I was right about you, you are a shameless girl.)
Ani: Oh hello mujhe na aapsa koi character certificate nahi chahiya.
(Oh hello Mr. I don’t want any character certificate from you.)

Saying this Anika leaves to continue her work and Shivaay moves towards the hall where Dadi , Om and Rudra are sitting discussing their favourite topic of “ISHQBAAZ I”.
Shivaay: What are you guys discussing.
Rudra: Bhaiya, Dadi is telling us about some love ❤ rules , although the entire world knows Rudra Singh Oberoi the great lady killer doesn’t needs any advice about love ❤ but still listen to what dadi is saying.
Om: Dumbel Oberoi what you do is timepass and not called love.
Rudra: Ooohhh please O .
Shivaay: If you are done than let’s listen to what dadi wants to say.
Dadi: Puttar tumhara dada ji hamaisha kha Karta tha Ki Ishqbaazi Jo hoti hai na wo taakar waloon Mai hi hoti hai.
(Love ❤ always happens between those people who are equally in every means)
Rudra: Dadi par huma pata kaisa chalaiga Ki huma pyaar Ho Gaya hai koi letter ya email ? ya phir koi message hi sahi, magar pata kaisa chalaga.
Dadi: Puttar wakt aana pai Saab pata chal jaiya Ga.
( You will get to know it when the right time comes.)
Rudra now more confused ?: Par Bhaiya aur uss lady baba (Tia – Shivaay’s to be fiancé ) in mai toh koi taakar Ki baat nahi hai, kahan wo reki centre aur kaha Bhaiya office ka diwana.
( But dadi their is no such compatibility between Bhaiya and lady baba (Tia – Shivaay’s to be fiancé ) , She is a Reiki centre whereas my brother is a workaholic)
Shivaay: Rudra don’t begin again we both have understanding between us.
Om now diverting the topic: Shivaay leave all that and tell how are the decorations.
Shivaay who didn’t notice the decorations yet, notice’s them and get magnificently attracted and spell bound by the mesmerizing beauty of the hall, which looked so royal right now, with perfection overloaded in every single thing, Om again repeats his question and this time Shivaay answers
Shivaay: Beautiful.
Rudra: What?
Shivaay: It’s beautiful, I mean just according to the Oberoi’s standards.
Good job.
Rudra: After all its done by my Anika di.
Shivaay making an annoyed + irritated face says: Ok fine Rudra don’t begin again please ?
Just then Anika enters the hall and dadi calls her,
Dadi: Anika come here.
Anika goes to dadi.
Dadi continues: Puttar meet him yeh hai mera pehla pota billu.
(Anika dear meet him he is my first grand son billu.)
Shivaay who had his back towards Anika till now turns to face her and gets shocked and so is the case with Anika,
Anika: Dadi yeh hai aapka billu.
(dadi he is ur billu.)
Shivaay being angry ? says
Shivaay: Hey don’t call me that.
Anika: Kya? (What?)
Shivaay: Waahi Jo tum na aabhi kha.
Anika: Kya?
Shivaay hesitantly and in a very slow tone says
Shivaay: B B Billu……
Anika: Are jaab billu aapka naam hai toh Mai Kisi aur ko thodina kahoon gi.
(Oh if billu is your name then I won’t say this to anyone else.
On hearing word billu from Anika’s mouth all the Oberoi’s family ? mouth turns into””O”” shape.
Om interrupts and asks Shivaay
Om: Do you know her Shivaay?
Shivaay: Yes Om yeh wahi badtameez ladki hai jis ki wajha Sa Mai us din girna wala tha aur rather say Ki issna mujhe girana Ki koshish Ki thi. Aur issina mera blazer Ki back par chew gum ka saath wo note ? chipkaaya tha.
(Om she is the same shameless girl ? because of whom I was about to fall that day no rather she made me fall. She is only the one who attached that note ? at my back with chew gum.)
Every one is astonished ? to hear this.
Anika: Are waah ! Billu ji bilkul sahi paakda ho. Appka guess toh bilkul sahi nikla.
(Wow ? billu ji you are absolutely correct. Moreover ur guess is also correct.)
Shivaay: You how dare you spoil my blazer? And Dadi what is she doing here.
Dadi: Billu she is only Anika our event manager.
Shivaay: Dadi how can you appoint anyone like this only, she is completely useless.
Dadi: But billu she has done such amazing decorations in such a short span of time.
Rudra: Bhaiya aabhi toh aap decorations Ki itni praise kar raha tha aur keh raha tha na Ki yeh bilkul hamara standard Ki hai.
(Bro right now u were praising her and saying that decorations are in accordance with Oberoi’s standards’.)
Shivaay: I was wrong Rudra this girl ? only doesn’t have any standard then how come her work will have a standard.
Anika: Oh hello Mr. Taadibaaz aap na mera kaam ke Bara Mai ya mera Bara Mai aisa hi kuch bhi maat boliya.
(Oh Mr. Don’t you dare anything about my work or me.)
Shivaay: Oh really whattttt
Before Shivaay could complete Anika shows him her hand ✋ and asks to stop ✋. Shivaay is stunned as she asked him to keep quite.
Anika: Rukiya rukiya mujhe na aapsa bhes karna ka sivaaya aur bhi boohat kaam hai.
(Wait apart from arguing with you I have lots of other work to do.)
Saying this she begins to taste the juice brought by waiter, as she has to finalise it for tomorrow’s ? party ?.


Shivaay moving back a bit: What the wuck? ( in extreme anger.)
All Oberoi’s shocked and keep their hands on their mouth.
Because Anika had spit the drink on his shirt.
Anika: Sorry sorry woh mujhe michmichi Ho rahi thi.
( sorry sorry actually the drink was really bad.)
Shivaay: Watch it what kind of language is that.
You cheap girl ? how dare you spoil my clothes.
Anika: Dekhi aap haad se zyaada bol raha hai aab maaina sorry bola na aapko.
(Look Mr.now u are crossing ur limits and I apologized for my mistake.)
Shivaay: Oh so I am crossing my limits and who made limits for the Shivaay Singh Oberoi , you , you low standard, cheap girl ? will tell Shivaay Singh Oberoi about his limits aukat kya hai tumhari mera saamna khada hona ki ( what is your standard to tell me about my limits you can’t even stand in front of me.) You are a uselesssss


Now Anika threw the entire left over drink on Shivaay’s face and said
Anika: Khaabar daar ( don’t you dare.)
She says this in a very angry ? tone and leaves from their but not before giving a glare to him.

After she leaves Shivaay who is boiling in anger throws rest of the glasses which were in waiter’s hand and the waiter gets hell scared ? and moves back. Shivaay leaves the place doing his signature step of moving his hands in his hair.
Pinky: O My Mata yeh kya Ho Gaya.
Dadi OmRu: Yeh kya Ho raha hai.

After a while dadi enters Shivaay’s room and finds him a bit relaxed now.
Dadi: Billu yeh kya Ho raha tha nicha.
(Billu what was all that.)
Shivaay: Dadi please I don’t want to talk about that.
Dadi: Billu yeh tona sahi nahi kiya.
(You didn’t do it right.)
Shivaay: Seriously dadi, and what about her what she did was right.
Dadi: Billu wo Saab mujhe nahi sunna toh bas ja aur uss se maafi mang.
(I don’t want to hear anything you go and ask forgiveness from her.)
Shivaay: No never dadi .
Dadi: Thik hai Mai hi us Sa maffi maang laiti hun.
(Ok no problem I will only apologize to her.)
Saying this she leaves before Shivaay could stop her.

Anika is completing her work when dadi comes there
Dadi: Anika puttar I am sorry ? for what ever happened inside.
Anika: Are dadi aap kun maafi maang raha Ho, app na thodi na koi galti Ki hai. Aur vaisa bhi mujhe na aap bohat pasand Ho, uss khadoos ko rehna do.
(Dadi why are you apologizing you didn’t do any mistake. More over I like u alot dadi leave that arrogant man.)
Anika says the last part bringing her infectious smile ? back on her face.
Soums and Ishu join them.
Soums: Kya Hua dadi?
(What happened dadi?)
From back Rudra comes and says
Rudra: Anika di are you ok.
Rudra and Soums now notice each other and together say
Rumya(Rudra and Soumya): YYYYYYOOOOOUUUUU
Soums: Di what is this duffer doing here.
Rudra: Ya Anika di what’s this fatso doing here .
Ani: Rudra she is my sister Soumya and she is helping me out with arrangements and Soumya he is Rudra and dadi ji’s youngest grandson, but how do you know each other.
Soums: Di he is the same monkey ? whom I met when I went to college ? for the very first day.
Rudra: Hey ! Fatso don’t call me monkey ?.
Soums in order to irritate him further say
Soums: Monkey ? monkey ? monkey ? Rudra is a monkey ? ,Rudra is a monkey ? .
Rudra: Soumo sumo sumo, sumo is a fatso oh this is the universal truth that sumo wrestler is fat only.(he giggles)
Soums: What , what do you mean to say.
Rudra: It’s Logic you won’t get it. So stop pressurising your small brain.
Soums: Look who is talking about brain, a useless fellow like you who himself has a peanut sized brain.
and they both continue with their argument.

I hope so that all the Shivaay- Anika fans are happy ? now.

Revelation of Mystery girl ? 1 i.e. Miss. Ajnabee.
Shivaay -Anika cat ? fight part 2.
Introduction of Mystery girl ? 2.
Some people enter Oberoi Estate.


Malika Singh Raizada: Played by Surbhi Jyoti. She is wife of ASR and cousin of the Oberoi brothers and is loved by every one especially dadi , Jhanvi , Pinky , Tej (father of Om, Rudra and Priyanka.) and Shakti (father of Shivaay.). She has a good bond with Oberoi Brothers and they all love ❤ her alot.

Arnav Singh Raizada: (ASR) Played by Barun Sobti. He is rival of Oberoi’s in terms of business and husband of Malika.
Shivaay and Tej don’t like him much but they don’t show because of Malika and ASR is well aware of this but he too stays quite for Malika’s sake.

Vikram Singh Raizada: Father of ASR . Tej and Vikram hate each other but they were good friends at one time. They hate each other because Vikram was to marry Jhanvi but she ran away on the day of marriage ? as she loved Tej. Vikram and Tej are not even on talking terms.

Ketaki Singh Raizada: Wife of Vikram and a nice person by nature.

Priyanka Singh Oberoi : The only and youngest sister of the Oberoi brothers and she is the most loved one. Age:22 yrs.

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