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Everybody is seated in the living room mentally drained out with all the incidents that took place.
Ishu: I want to say something to all of you.
All nod.
Ishu: I am sorry for putting you all in this mess.
Shivaay: Ishu till when will you keep asking for forgiveness nothing is happening because of you and all this mess isn’t created by you. You are not at fault and by saying sorry again and again don’t make up feel guilty please. What happened with you somewhere or other all of us can also hold ourselves responsible for that. But it’s high time that we move on from it and start finding a solution. I can never understand what you are going through but trust me we will never let you to go through it alone. We all are there with you.
He says with all his love and concern in the most affirmative tone to her.
Ishu: But bhaiya.

Shivaay gets up and cups her face: Ishu don’t hold on to your inner turmoil just let it out please.
His words were enough to make Ishu breakdown in his embrace he holds on to her protectively, Karan creases her hair and hugs the duo followed by the rest.
Pinky in a complaining tone: Mummy ji look this isn’t fairs everytime these kids huge each other excluding us are we there adopted parents that they can’t hug us.
All chuckle at her.
Rudra: That’s the point choti ma nobody invites us so it goes same for you all. You also don’t need an invitation just come.
They all share a group hug.
Anika: Okay I have an idea.
Saumya: What di?
Anika: Let’s play a game.
Shivaay: GAME? Are you nuts Anika.
Anika: Shut up billu ji.
Ishu: But what game di.
Anika: Let’s speak our feelings out one by one. In this one & half month all of us have gone through alot. So let everyone of us get our inner turmoil’s out.
Dadi: Good idea.

So who will start.
Anika: The youngest of all Prinku Bhabhi.
Everybody smiles at Prinku.
Prinku: Okay. When we had lost our everything and came here I thought we have nothing more to loose but then people here there way of living, even after sleeping empty stomach they were still smiling. I learnt that we had lost nothing till now. Then those boys tried to take advantage of me and you all taught me the lesson that no one can stand by me only if I am not willing to stand for myself, so you taught me to face my problems on my own all these situations gave me strength, strength to stand for myself.
Then that incident took place I again thought that there is nothing to loose but the way Ishu over came everything with the strength she face everyone I understood one thing that we never loose untill & unless we have our loved ones and most importantly the confidence on ourselves. She again taught me that to sustain great courage we need great self confidence as well and no matter how many point us we should look for that single person who forwards a hand towards us.

Everybody smile no one expected her to give such a positive response for this situation.

Pragya: And you taught however worse may the situation be if we have pure heart and eyes to see good we will find it in every situation no matter how worse it is everything gives us a lesson to learn.
Anika: You know what Bhabhi I thought when we all will pour our hearts out we will only come up with bitterness but you truly told us bitterness lies with in us not the situation. It’s how we conceive the situation not how others let us to conceive the situations.
Saumya: Okay next.
Anika: You.
Saumya: Hmm. So I finally got a practical answer to my question.

All remember the day she had questioned everyone that WHAT’S WORSE BEING POOR OR BEING A GIRL?

Saumya: So I finally understood that the only thing that is worse is loosing hope. Loosing hope on yourself. Darkness will shield us from all sides but light will never reach to us from outside. We will only be enlightened if we sparkle from inside no one can let us to fo that nobody. And above all support and trust is must.

All smile at her that smile is genuine and has it’s own worth today.

Anika: Okay Rudy is next.
Rudra: I understood that one thing which dadi was trying to make me understand since ages.
Dadi: Kya?
Rudra: That beauty lies in heart of a person nothing is kept in outer body.
ShivKara pat his head: So finally you understood.
He nods scratching his head.
Anika: Next you Ishu.
Ishu: No I will say at last.
Anika: Okay. Then Om.
Om: Mai kuch kehna nahi chahta par kissi ko thanks kehna chata hun.
(I don’t want to say anything but thank someone instead.)
All look curiously at Om.
Janvi: Whom Om?
Om: Papa ko.
(To papa.)
Every buddy is astonished especially Tej, who now looks at Om more curiously.
Tej: For what?
Om: For giving my papa back to me. I missed you alot when I didn’t find you by my side on my annual functions, I missed you when every parent in the school use to come with their kids while only mom use to be with me, I missed you when I started my journey in this world as an artist, I missed you alot papa but on that day when i was totally broken you held me, supported me and taught me one most important lesson of life. Thank you for coming back to me papa.
Om goes and hugs him while Tej’s eyes tear up listening to his son and he only manages to say only three word.
Tej: I am sorry.
Om nods in no.
All smile looking at the duo and Pinky consoles Janvi as she is crying seeing the most awaited site of her life.
Rudra: This is not fair a hug without me not done.
He hugs both of them.
Tej: Karan, Shivaay and Abeer won’t you three come without you three I want to hug all my sons.
Om looks at him with all his delight and sparkling eyes as today he accepted Shivaay as his son and cherry on top he did the same with Karan & Abeer too. Three of them join the hug.
Prinku: Not fair papa all the love for your sons are these daughters on invisible mood.
Boys chuckle.

Rudra: You girls will always be jealous of us.
Saumya: Jealous and that too from you my foot.
Pragya: Come on girls so what all the boys have gone in one team your mothers are here only. Come on.
Girls go towards their mothers. Now all boys are on one side and all girls on other, they show tongues and thumbs down to each other.
Anika: So who’s next.
All: You.
Anika: Cool.

Everybody is waiting for her to start and looking at her curiously.

Karan: Anika we don’t have whole day.
Anika: Bhaiyu but I don’t know what to say, everybody’s words have something positive while my case was opposite although I didn’t show but trust me there wasn’t even a single second when I didn’t want to rip those guys. How the hell they touch my sister?
Shivaay: Shaant shaant Jhansi ki rani. Shaant.
(Calm down.)
Karan: It’s okay Ani everyone has there own way and it’s better that you take out your anger right now only as holding it back would be wrong.
Anika: Right. So whose head should I break.
All point at Shivaay.
Shivaay innocently: Why me what did I do?
Abeer: Love.
Karan: That’s your mistake.
Om: Now handle your Jhansi ki rani on your own.
Rudra: Before she does O My Mata of all.
Pinky: Very bad Rudra you have stolen my words.
Rudra: Choti ma you are behind the words understand the emotions underneath.
Shivaay hits his head: Why are you making me Bali ka bakra for your emotions.
Abeer: It’s duty of every life partner to stand by their lady love in their ever emotion.
Anika: Let it be bro it’s not his cup of espresso.
Ishu: But di isn’t it cup of tea.
Anika: But SSO doesn’t like tea he drinks only his espresso.
Rudra: Aww… So cute to be Bhabhi even in fighting you are so much concerned about Shivaay Bhaiya.
Anika smiles proudly while Shivaay’s looks down to hide the pinch of pink colour that came on his face.
Anika: Lo tumhare bhai ladke jokar sharma rahe hain jabki mujhe ladki hokar sharam nahi aa rahi.
(Look your brother is blushing while being a boy but I am not blushing even though I am a girl.)
Rudra jumps over Shivaay almost making him lay down: Aww… Bhaiya you are soooo cute.
He kisses Shivaay’s cheeks.
Shivaay: Get up Rudra.
Rudra gets up while Shivaay to sits properly ignoring eye contact with anyone as all are in mood to tease him to the core.

Ishu: Not bad jijs.
Om: Jijs???
Ishu: Ya my to be jiju.
Om: But he will be your jethji.
Rudra: Uak.. What’s jeth ji? You can also say BIL.
Om: BIL?
Rudra: Brother-in-law.
Om: Shut up Rudy.
Shivaay: But seriously Om this looks so old fashioned and I am not old never call me jeth ji Ishu.
Ishu nods: Sure I will call you jijs.
Shivaay: No. Call me bhaiya that’s okay.
Ishu nods smilingly.
Pragya: You boys seem to be too excited to get married.
She aimed exactly at ShivKara who blushed all red while other laughed at their expenses.
Shivaay: Umm… Umm… It’s nothing like that let’s continue. Whose next?
Anika: You only billu ji.
Shivaay: Ya.. Ya… Me…
Rudra: Yes bhaiya you only.
Shivaay: If I say about learning then I am sure I have learnt the most as I learnt that money is something not at all permanent don’t love it and let it to be your pride because it will be the first thing to leave you.
Rudra: WOW bhaiya quite philosophical.
Shivaay: Shut up and let me speak.
Rudra nods.
Shivaay: Coming ahead I understood that it’s not your name that matters it’s you and how well you behave with other that matters. People will always treat you the way you treat them you will never get small if you bow down in front of someone rather you will grow better. And above all don’t judge a person just my their name that’s the biggest misleading thing. But perhaps I too learnt to control my anger.
All look astonished at him but yes he had controlled himself for long and same went for Abeer and Karan there was something between them.
Shivaay: Okay now Abeer.
Abeer: One sec who said I come before Karan.
Shivaay: I though Karan Bhaiya is elder to you.
Abeer: No he is 6 months younger to me.
Shivaay: Really. Then I have to call you bhai.
Abeer: No no no need I am not use to so much respect.
All chuckle.
Karan: Fine I don’t know what to say I had held myself responsible for whatever happened starting from that Aradhya’s pat.
All: WHAT?
Karan closes his ears: Guys please show some mercy on my ears. Ya that’s true (he says nervously).
Saumya: But why Bhaiyu you weren’t responsible in any way.
Karan: Maybe if I had been more careful with Aradhya we all wouldn’t have landed up in this mess.
Abhi: Ya you are right Karan.
AniIshSoums: What are you saying papa?
Abhi shows them his hand indicating to stop.
Abhi: Likewise it’s our mistake too we shouldn’t have punished any wrong doer just by thinking that maybe in future they do not harm us. Right Mr. Karan Singhania?
Karan looks at him making a puppy face.
Rudra: Karan Bhaiya puppy face has only my copy right not anyone else’s.
Karan: Okay fine no one can win over you Singhania Sahb.
Abhi smiles while rest chuckle at his condition.
Karan: Next Abeer you start.
Abeer: I just wanted to talk to Ishu.
Ishu nods.
Abeer: I know Baccha that you feel guilty as you hold yourself responsible for breaking of my relation with Meher but trust me I never expected anything from her I didn’t even expect her to stand by my side when I needed her alot no, I know that she was with her brother and even then I supported her because she took decision as a sister like wise I took a decision like a brother but I never expected her to disrespect a girl no matter who she is. If you think I am wrong then it’s your decision I won’t force you but I feel no one has a right to disrespect a girl even if she is wrong or not.

Ishu just runs to him and hugs him, while he reciprocates with equal affection and soothes her to calm down.
Ishu: You aren’t wrong bhai but please tell truthfully you really loved her right.
Abeer: Ya my first ever true love. But it’s okay ABEER MALHOTRA has the charm to get any girl he likes.
Ishu understands he is trying to cover up his hurt side.
Ishu: Trust me it’s the worst try ever.
Abeer chuckles sadly and both just hug each other.
Rudra: This is so emotional.
Saying this he hugs Om who slaps him slightly.
Om: Shut up duffer.
Rudra hugs Shivaay: Bhaiya this O will never understand me the way you do.
Shivaay slightly pats his cheeks.
Anika: Okay cut it and Miss. Ishaana in your emotional overflow you have crossed the line come back fast.
Ishu runs back to her place sensing Anika’s fake anger.
Anika: Okay Pinky aunty next is you.
Pinky: Kehte hai na ant bhaka toh sab bhala.
(All is well, that ends well.)
I wish that at the end everything is good for all of us and we are together.

All smile at her as her feelings were genuine for everyone, Janvi hugs her to console her as she was in tears.
Saumya hugs her from other side.
Saumya: Pinky aunty don’t become cry baby like this Protein shake.
Pinky laughs at her words, while Rudra makes annoyed look and complains to Shivaay who pacifies him.
Anika: Shakti uncle now you.
Shakti: Are bhai mai kya kahun.
(What shall I say now?)
Shivaay: Say anything dad but please say it today.
Shakti: I pray that you all always stay together like this forever and ever.
All smile at his exchange of short word.
Ishu: Mumma now your turn.
Pragya: Ek ma aapne bacchon ko duniya ki har buri nazar se Baccha kar rakhti hai har mosibaat apne par le ti hai tanki uske bacchon koi pareshaani na ho Vo har pal duain mangti hai apne bacchon ke liye par jab Vo aapne bacche ki itni buri halat dekhti hai toh dil dehl uthta hai uska par mujhe garv hai meri Ishu pe uske fainsle par. Mujhe garv he ki duniya me koi bhi musibaat aye toh mera sabhi bacche saath rahenge ek dusre ki takat ban kar.
(A mother always prays for her kids well being, she always asks for her kids well being but when she sees her child in such a state her heart bleeds but I am proud, proud of my daughter proud of her decision and I am proud of the fact that whatever may happen but all my kids will always be together being each other’s strength.)

Everyone looks at other and gives an affirmative nod ensuring each other that whatever may happen they will always be together.

Ishu: Janvi aunty now your turn.
Janvi: Till date I had read about betrayal, hatred, revenge, love and life but this journey taught me the real meaning of life how when we thing everything is perfect life throws such challenges on you that you yourself break but if there is someone to hold you in that storm then it’s sure that person will never leave your hand. Never ever.
Okay next Abhishek bhaisaab.
Abhi: Oh god these women and there long emotional talks they leave nothing for poor men like us to speak.
Ishu: Fine then sing a song it has been long you didn’t sing any song for us.
Abhi: Good offer but first let complete this then after dinner I will sing for you for sure.
Anika: Why papa are we adopted?
Abeer: No you were rejected product of pantaloons and papa brought you home.
Anika: Hits a pillow at him.
Saumya: Let it be di he is feeling bad that we didn’t ask him to sing that’s why he is speaking all this.
Abeer aims the pillow at Saumya.
Abeer: Moti can’t you talk sense.
Saumya frowns.
Rudra: She will talk sense if she will have some sense only.
Saumya hits him with the same pillow.
Pragya: Stop this pass and pass Tej bhai Saab your turn now.
All look curiously at Tej.
Tej: This journey has given me my lost self back. I have learnt to value people over money. Once the Tej Singh Oberoi who never lost in any game got to know that really fun is only after loosing. Like mummy ji always says the one who falls only knows the value of getting up not others.
And sorry Janvi sorry for whatever I did to you and sorry OmRu, Prinku for spoiling your childhood and thank you for coming back to me and giving me another chance after all my mistakes also.

Prinku: Today is definitely a day to be mentioned in history the entire family is being highly philosophical today.
Tej: Okay mummy ji now you.
Dadi: You all fulfilled your dada ji’s (ShivOmRuPrinku’s dadu) wish. He just wanted to see you all together in all circumstances.
She says happily.
Anika: But dadi how do you feel?
Dadi looks blankly at her as she expressed herself already.
Anika: Dadi what you said were the feelings of dada ji not yours we want to know how you felt during all this.

Dadi looks at her lovingly Anika may not have expressed her own shot of positivity but her changed behaviour told dadi how much she is effected. Above all dadi is happy because she wants to know her wish because in a way or other somewhere in this male dominating society she just became shadow of her husband, what she reflected were his thoughts, what she told them was his point of view somewhere between her daily life juggling between family she had lost her inner self long back, today not she but her tears spoke a lot to everyone.

Shivaay: Dadi what happened?

Dadi just signals and calls Anika towards her who nervously goes to dadi her nervousness is due to dadi’s tears for which she never wants to be a reason. She sits in front of dadi while dadi cups her face and kisses her forehead.

Dadi: Thank you for getting me back.
Anika rubs dadi’s tears and nods in no asking her not to thank her.
Dadi: Puttar in these many years whatever I use to say from your dadu’s point of view everyone considered it my point as well but today first time somebody has asked me my point of view, somewhere you have given me my long lost confidence that even today I can have my own view not if everyone but at least someone will listen to me.
Anika: Dadi we will always listen to you. Your words matter the most to us say whatever you want to say today we all want to listen.
Everyone nods with a smile.
Dadi: Since the time I was a child as a daughter I had to follow my father, as a sister I had to follow my brother then as I became old I got married and then I had to follow my husband. My identity kept changing from a wife to mother to grandmother all I had to do is forget my own self and live for them. I won’t say they did it knowingly but that’s what they always wanted I should laugh in their happiness, cry in their sorrow there was nothing like mine, my own not even my thoughts they were all influenced my everyone around me.
It’s easy to break the chains that can be seen but what about the chains that can’t be seen, the prisoner of that chains gets worst punishments. Somewhere or other things have changed we have come long way but those chain are still tying every girl and those who want to fly breaking them end up in a situation like Ishu did, we are always expected to carry these chains even if we fly, without anyone stopping us.

Dadi ends her words with a layer of tears in her eyes.

Dadi: But you girls are lucky enough to have these boys besides you who till some extent want to break your chains and they are working more then you. Every girl looks at the boys sitting in front of them and smile sadly.

All boys: Sorry dadi.
Tej, Abhi & Shakti: Sorry ma.
Dadi nods in no: Don’t say sorry what I did was my responsibility with that all I wanted was my own self but none of you are at fault as you have followed foot steps of your elders only and no one can do anything in that.
Dadi: Now come on let’s have dinner today this stupid Anika made me spill all the beans.
All chuckle Anika hugs dadi: Love you dadi.
Dadi smiles and kisses her forehead.

Prinku is removing the clothes when Karan comes there.
Karan: Prinku.
Prinku give a royal ignore and is about to move in but Karan holds her hand.
Karan: What happened Prinku?
Prinku rudely: Nothing.
Karan: Please say it na Prinku. Are you angry with me did i do anything.
(mummers: but I don’t remember doing anything.)
Prinku: Really.
Firstly you only tell me that what’s our relation.
Karan making a but obvious face: Husband and wife.
Prinku: Right husband and wife and are there any secrets between them.
Karan: No.
Prinku: Good but I don’t think so there are no secrets between us. Karan you never share your part of sorrow with me am I not even that trust worthy for you.
Karan: It’s nothing like that. I trust you alot Prinku.
Prinku: Then why don’t you share your sorrows your pain with me. Don’t I have even that much right in your life.
Karan holds Prinku’s hands: Prinku I was scared if I told you that I was still guilty about those incidents I feared what will you say. I just didn’t want to hurt you. But I promise I will share everything with you but never be angry with me. Please.
Prinku looks into his eyes: Pinki promise.
Karan smiles and nods: Pinki promise.
Prinku hugs him.
Karan whispers to her: Not bad Mrs. Singhania seem to be in romantic mood.
Prinku hits his chest making him clinch it.
Prinku: Shut up and come for dinner.
Karan nods and both go out together.

Shivaay is checking the food when Anika comes from behind and with a thin sheet tickles his ears, Shivaay looks back at her.
Shivaay: What are you doing?
Anika rounds her hands around his neck shocking him.
Shivaay trying to remove her hands but is unable to do that: Anika your intentions do not seem to be good enough.
Anika: Really billu ji trust me they are good enough.
She says taking her hands back.
Shivaay clearing his throat: So what are you doing here.
Anika: I swear Shivaay I will kill you one day.
Shivaay: Why? What did I do?
Anika: Nothing everything is my mistake.
Shivaay just hums, while Anika pats her forehead.
Anika: Shivaay since when did you become so dumb here I came thinking that I can spend some time with you but look at you you are least bothered.

Shivaay pulls her from her wait towards himself with a jerk shocking Anika.

Shivaay: You can surely kill me but before that…
Anika: Before that.
Shivaay leaving her: I need to eat food. I can’t die hungry.
Anika hits him with a carrot: GTH.
Shivaay: Again.
Anika sadly: Shivaay you really don’t want to spend time with me.
Shivaay: The only thing good about everyday is that by then end I will always have you by my side, not a moment I want to spend my entire life with you Miss. Anika Singhania.
Anika smiles at him and they share an eye lock.

Ishu: Shall I ask something Om.
Om nods.
Ishu: Don’t you feel weird when I am with you nowadays.
Om: Yes I do. (Ishu feels disheartened.)
I feel weird because in all this somewhere or other I have lost that smiling Ishu of mine who always use to smile whatever may be the condition. That Ishu of mine who is always filled with positivity is lost somewhere that makes me feel weird.
Ishu looks at his eyes, Om hugs her.
Om: Ishu I know you have many battles going inside you. At this moment please stop thinking about anything else just get some peace of mind for yourself.
Ishu nods: Just be with me till the end Om.
Om: I am always there for you.
Ishu: Om.
Om: Say.
Ishu: Than…
Om cuts her: Don’t say.
Ishu smiles at him.
Om: I love that smile of your more then anything.
Ishu: I will always smile for you.
Om kisses her forehead.

Rudra is lying on bed when Saumya enters the room and due to something kept on the floor she looses her balance and directly lands above Rudra.
Both share an eye lock for a mini second.
Rudra: Sumo you are so fat get up.
Saumya gets up: God Rudra is this room or junkyard.
Rudra: Whatever it is it’s my room. Why are you here?
Saumya: To call you for dinner.
Rudra: So call me.
Saumya: Rudra come for dinner please.
Rudra: Aww… So cute call me like this everyday for dinner.
Saumya: Why am I your servant?
Rudra: No but it’s fun irritating you.
Rudra winks at her while Saumya gives him you can never change look to him.

Shivaay: First Ishu you have to say then the song.
Ishu: Bhaiya you remember that.
Shivaay: I never forget things.
Ishu: Okay.
Whatever happened with me was a disaster I had no idea what to do but the way you all supported me now it doesn’t matters what others think all matters is you all. Okay fine I can’t say more then this and thank you to everyone.

She ends it in pure rush that is clearly visible they all let it be because if she will wish she will speak on her own so it’s useless to push her.

Ishu: Come on papa now your turn and Abeer bhai will accompany you.
Abeer: Why me?
Ishu: Because I am saying that’s why Bandar.
Abeer smiles hearing the name: Okay chudail.

Both Abhi and Abeer sing the song while strumming the strings of their guitar:

Ek chiraiya ghonsle ko chhod udd udd jaaye
Aur ye soche kaash aisa ho kadam mud jaaye

Ek chiraiya ghonsle ko chhod ud ud jaaye
Aur ye soche kaash aisa ho kadam mud jaaye

Tinka tinka kar batora aur banaaya ghar
Par samay ki barishon ne kar diya beghar
Kar diya beghar.. kar diya begharr..

O musafir dheer dhar
Aayega sooraj idhar
Kaahe bhaage.. kaahe bhaage..
Door jitna jaayega
Laut phir naa paayega
Kaahe bhaage.. kaahe bhaage..

Ek charraiya ko paraaya des kaise bhaaye
Gaaon ka peepal puraana yaad usko aaye
Tinka tinka kar batora aur banaaya gharr
Par samay ki barishon ne kar diya begharr
Kar diya beghar.. kar diya begharr..

Yeh jo asuan ki ladi
Beh rahi hai har ghadi
Tere aage.. tere aage..
Yaad rakh har mod par
Ek nayi subah khadi
Kaahe bhage.. kaahe bhaage..

Ik chiraiya aansuon se lad jhagad so jaaye
Raah pathreeli hai lekin hausla na jaaye
Tinka tinka kar batora aur banaaya gharr
Par samay ki baarishon ne kar diya begharr
Kar diya beghar.. kar diya begharr..





Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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        And I have a HUGEEEEEEE… surprise for you.. wait a little

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