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everyone is settled on their respective seats. the judge enter where all rise and then sit back.
judge: start the proceedings.

defense lawyer (mrs. mehta): my lord this case is based on a false allegation put by miss. ishaana singhania against late mr. samarth khorana. miss. ishaana singhania has alleged samarth khorana for burning her and on attempt to rape and the funny part is that she said that he did this while he was dying.

judge nods.
judge: mr. chawla (ishaana’s lawyer) present your case.
mr. chawla: my lord miss. ishaana has filled the case against being burnt and attempt to rape. according to her testimony to the police she finds mr. samarth khorana guilty for this deed.
mrs. mehta: one second mr. chawla it’s late mr. samarth khorana.
mr. chawla making a whatever face: ya that only. he has attempt to rape my client.
judge nods.

mrs. mehta: my lord this is the forensic report that will clear all your doubts that at 9:10 car of late mr. samarth khorana blasted and along with him three of his friends died in that blast.
(holding a cd in her hand she continues) and this is the video potage of pune toll terminal in which it’s clearly seen that late mr. samarth khorana had passed that toll point nearly two hours before reaching to the point where he died.
but miss. ishaana claims that he was in their chawl which is practically impossible. and i can prove it. (she says smirking at mr. chawla.)

judge: go ahead mrs. mehta.
mrs. mehta: thanks my lord. i would like to call miss. ishaana in the witness box.
judge: permission granted.
ishaana moves to the witness box.

mrs. mehta: so please tell us miss. ishaana what happened on that day.
ishaana: on that day there was a cultural fest near our chawl and our entire chawl was there accept for rajni aunty’s kids as they were preparing for exams. at that time my mom asked me to fetch her phone. so i went there but i was shocked to see the entire chawl ablaze. i tried calling everyone for help but no body received the call so i left a message for them and called the fire brigade who said that they will take time to come. at that moment i heard kids shouting so i went there to save them and after i saved them samarth khorana reached there with his goons at that time i sent the kids out as he forced me to stay back so i decided to deal with him. he missed behave with me so i punched him and fell and then i was about to go away but he pushed a burning wood block on me because of which i landed on the floor and my back got burnt and then samarth khorana tried to rape me but his goons took him away as they herd someone entering the house.

mrs. mehta: my lord miss. ishaana has beautifully manipulated the truth.
ishaana shouts: no i am not lying.
mrs. mehta: your are saying half truth and half lie miss. ishaana. everything happened the way you said accept the fact that neither you were raped nor samarth khorana was there with you.
ishaana: no he was there.
mrs. mehta shouts: that’s impossible because he was 30 km away from you dying on the highway at that time.
mr. chawla: please mrs. mehta why would a girl blame a man without any reason. do you have any proof for your blame.

mrs. mehta: proof. not me but miss. ishaana’s family will give the proof of miss. ishaana’s lie.
all look at her as if she is an alien.
mrs. mehta: and for that i would like to call mr. abhishek singhania father of miss. ishaana singhania in the witness box.
judge: permission granted.

mrs. mehta: so mr. abhishek singhania will you please do the honour of telling court that how with in few days you became roadpati from crorepati.
abhi: somebody fudged us and took over our company.
mrs. mehta: thank you. you may get back. now i will like miss. ishaana’s brother mr. karan singhania to come in the witness box.
the judge nods.
mrs. mehta: so mr. singhania who was the one who made you bankrupt.
karan: aradhya malik.

mrs. mehta: what are you relations with her?
karan: professional, she use to work in our company in london but we threw her out when we came to know about her cheating on us.
mrs. mehta: that’s all or did you share any personal relations too with her mr. singhania.
she says with cunning voice.

karan: she was my ex girlfriend.
mrs. mehta emphasising each word: ex girlfriend wow mr. malhotra.
mr. chawla: objection my lord all these questions have no concern with the case.
mrs. mehta: have some patience mr. chawla i am not here to play coffee with karan, i am here to solve the case so please allow me to question.

judge: objection over ruled.
mrs. mehta: thank you my lord. so mr. karan singhania will you mind defining your last encounter with your ex girlfriend.
karan sternly: aradhya malik that’s her name and we don’t share any relation now.
mrs. mehta: apologies mr. singhania and if you don’t mind answer me if you please.
karan: we met last time when our house was sealed and she came to see us and celebrate her victory at our expense.

mrs. mehta: that’s all or something else also.
karan: that’s it.
mrs. mehta: no mr. karan that’s not all if i am not wrong you even challenged her isn’t it.
karan: ya i did.
mrs. mehta: what was the challenge about?

karan: that i will get back my house from her at any cost.
mrs. mehta: happy realisation and thank you. you may sit.
karan leaves.

mr. chawla: as far as i can understand you didn’t prove miss. ishaana’s motive behind lying.
mrs. mehta: i did that but let me explain.

actually my lord as the oberoi’s and singhania’s are having tough time dealing with things and they were in no circumstances to get back there house during this time one fine day few of samarth’s friends messed up with the singhania girls and to his bad luck samarth reached there and got into fight with the girls. these girls i mean anika, ishaana and saumya bet the boys like hell so for their treatment mr. khorana sent his son and his son’s friends to pune to his sister’s house and after few days of the incident unluckily due to the short circuit and miss. ishaana while saving the kids ended up burning her back so the oberoi’s and singhania’s the wicked minds decided to rob the khorana’s taking advantage of the incident that took place days back but to their misfortune samarth khorana had passed away by that time. so they made a little change in plan and decided to take advantage of situation as we all know mr. dawendra lal khorana is a respected politician of our nation so they thought of blackmailing him and they had presumption that he will get into their trap and give them as much as money required. these people are so shameless that they even didn’t leave a dead person.
she shouts at the top of her voice.

shocking the oberoi’s and singhania’s to the core while ishaana was completely shaken and anika and saumya held her hand from either side to support her. they were shocked as the lawyer had effortlessly turned the complete case to herself.
ishaana stands from her place: my lord i want to say something.
judge: come to the witness box.
ishaana: my lord i want to arrest my case.
all look shocked at ishaana.

mrs. mehta: not bad miss. singhania actually i will say good move. it’s good enough if you keep your remaining respect safe and walk off rather then getting more insulted. see my lord the case is crystal clear now how beautifully you have saved yourself miss. ishaana. it will be good for you and your family if you stop playing cheap tactics and trapping the innocent.

ishaana had had enough by now she speaks making her each word clear:

not innocent but the rich.
firstly let me tell you mrs. mehta that backing off no where means that i accept my defeat and i am wrong remember one thing when a tigress backs off she only does that so that she can cling to her pray in a better way.

and what were you saying that i am playing cheap tactics and what were you doing right now was quite a prestigious work isn’t it you effortlessly turned the entire case in your favour with your so called theory and even if ask for proof you will get them too as it isn’t difficult for your so called reputed & respected minister to handle people. but that’s not my point my lord it took my family one full month to make me agree to come to court and face the truth before that there was a long procedure of filling f.i.r. and all and every single person was just enjoying my helplessness. today i understood one thing from here that if you will fall weak then the entire world will push you down until and unless they do not taste your victory by climbing on you but sorry to say mrs. mehta victory isn’t a thing to be snatched by showing others lower it’s a journey from your low to your highs.

my lord, i make documentaries and i took part in cannes international documentary festival there i had represented my own country at the time when i was searching for the required stuff i had met a lady and she asked me what i was doing i had a simple reply that i want to capture problems of people, she smilingly replied back “dear in this world there are many to showcase our troubles if you want to do something then showcase the beauty of our nation as with time our nation’s beauty has been deteriorated by the miserable life that people show.” sone ki chidiya was the name of our country the golden sparrow where a goddess has place in every home but a girl only in few. when i came here i was really confused with the fact that what i am doing is right or wrong but trust me i found my answer but i am really disappointed because while thinking about the place where i thought i will get justice from i forgot that till date many hands have gone empty from here.

people end up dying fighting the battle of justice but why have you turned deaf ears is the thing i am not able to understand. anyways that doesn’t matter anymore because one day i had thought to end my life but then i saw my mother who wasn’t even ready to leave my hand, my father who had just one wish; me, my dadi with every breath she prayed for only me, my brothers who just want one person back in their lives that’s me, my sisters who rubbed their tears just to stay strong in front of me, my bhabhi who walked miles to pray for my well being, my love who didn’t take advantage of my situation rather held me to show the truth and depth of love from his eyes, i have my family that will never back off and if ever their heads have bown in front of god they just wanted my well being and i have thousands of reasons to live and i will live for them with my pride because, they are my pride. and if you really want to do something then build the chawl again as till date every single person there is yearning for a roof above their head. i don’t blame anyone because british rulers had played the best game divide and rule, they have left but our rulers are breaking us and ruling us at times on name of gender and others on name of religion. i pity my nation but really my india is in danger save it if you can.
that’s all i am done with everything now this is my fight and i will fight myself.
i arrest my case and thank you and sorry for wasting your time.
mr. chawla: you can’t back off like this ishaana.

ishu: who said i am backing off mr. chawla but i can’t get justice here.
judge: you can’t disrespect the court like this.
ishu: i am sorry my lord, but you can’t give me justice because my culprit isn’t only samarth khorana but that each and every person who has accused me and made fun of my respect sorry to say but this court is also a part of it. i was disrespected once by samarth khorana in four walls of fire but law and so called protectors of law have disrespected me in front of law, in the name of law and for this law. this society has disrespected me every single second with their accusing eyes. this court has disrespected my family who are my everything, everything means every damn thing. no compensation would be ever enough for me in place of my dying dignity, you or your law can never give justice to my mother’s falling tears, you can never make my sisters and bhabhi escape from the eyes of stupid ruffians who keep roaming around. you can never do enough to end the miseries of my family and you can never return me my lost respect. so thanks but no thanks.

the entire oberoi and singhania’s look at ishu who gets down the witness box and starts moving out followed by her family.

@outside court
ishu: i am sorry.
shivaay: don’t you dear. we all are proud of you.
ishu looks at him emotionally while he cares her hair.
shivaay: it takes guts to do what you did i am glad that you took right decision.
ishu: i promise you guys that i will prove everything but only once i am ready i won’t let them win.
shivaay: we won’t let them win.
karan: right it’s our fight and no one ever dear touch our sister.
anika: we will tell khorana’s what hell is.
prinku: we will mess their life in such a way that they would have never dreamt off.
saumya: this time they will taste their own medicine.

rudra: let’s show them their place.
shivaay does his hair move with smirk: count down begins.
they look at om who is looking at abeer and abeer’s eyes are fixed at someone, a girl descends down the court and comes and stands in front of abeer.

girl: i told you abeer that this time you are doing wrong but you didn’t believe me now look where have you landed yourself. i didn’t expect that you will stand by a cheap girl (pointing at ishu) like her.
abeer in a tone that even the person in the next street can hear him: not a word about my sister. otherwise i will even forget that you are a girl, leave the rest aside.

everyone shivered with his rage, karan holds him to stop but he shows his hand to him.
abeer continues: the brother that you are so proud of i fell pity for you as you hold zero value in his life and above all i never expected you to stand by me but i never thought that you can stoop so low that you can abuse a girl and that too my sister. it was my mistake that i ever shared a relation with you miss. meher khorana but trust me i will never repeat my mistake.

the word ‘my sister’ hadn’t escaped abeer’s mouth for the first time but this time it came out as an assurance to his sister that whatever may happen he will never leave her hand no storm can stop him from being by her side and everything he does is for his sister and none else. it was a much needed assurance from her brother to her and enough to fill up her eyes.
abeer: let’s go guys.

pre recap:
count down starts.

a/n: guys if you remember that once i had shown the most beautiful side of our nation and today i am showing the worst side. but my point is that for this worst side who is responsible india or indians. we easily blame our nation for whatever wrong happens but did you ever give a thought that it’s we who form this nation.
do think guys. at least once.

okay i know i had told that i will try being punctual but i always end up being super late sorry guys can’t help this.
thank you ? for your comments & support.

live life the way you want to not the way others want you to.
for now signing off
shivika ?…

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    It is awesome dear… You said true dear….. Hats off to Ishu


  3. Hi shivika i am a silent reader but today i want to say ki i am proud that i know you
    I seriously admire you i read all your ff’s very chapter you give some or the other message
    You inspire me a lot and last but not least you have very good writing skills

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you soooooo much dear I am glad that you commented and this really means alot ? thank you ?.

  4. OMG….I am speechless. I don’t have wrods to describe my feelings. Lovely. Ishu rocked 2day. Her speech was mind blowing, outstanding. Luved her 2day nd always will. She said correct. What kind of women is Mrs. Mehta nd Meher. Being a woman can’t understand da pain a woman. Ishu did right by giving dat mrs.mehta nd da others MOUTH BREAKING answer. Too good. Salute 2 her.

  5. Dheemahee

    Are wah Yashu Kya likha Hai Yar…
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  11. Your take on these sensitive topics is everyone’s must read. Be it Om’s drug addiction in War Against Drugs or this time Ishu’s case – all teach a valuable lesson to be brave and trust our loved ones well. Thank you for that.
    Do continue with second season of WAD soon

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