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Ok now apology for two things
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2. Yesterday’s episode was the fifth one and by mistake on the title it was written EPISODE 4, so sorry for that to.
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@AniIshSoums Home ?
Today it was first day of Ani at her job, so other two sisters were busy in making her ready.
Ani: Baaas Now stop it guys you guys are making me ready as if I am going to do ramp walk ?.
Soums: Keep quiet di and d open your mouth let me apply lipstick ?.
Ani being irritated and having no other option left silently obliged but she was hell irritated.
Ishu: Ani di see which sandals looks better black one or red one.
Soums: Ishu di black wali. (the black one.)
Ani : Jo bhi karna hai jaldi karo mujhe late nahi hoona tumhara chaakar main.
( Do whatever you want to do but do it quickly as I don’t want to be late because of you.)
After half an hour of struggle, finally Ani was ready in a beautiful red top with black jeans ? and black belly. She was about to leave.
Ishu : Okay di pls wait a minute I will be right back.
Ani : Now what.
Nearly after two minutes Ishu comes back and
Ishu: Di you remember ma always says before we begin with some good work we should start it by having something sweet ?.
Tantanaa here it goes.
It’s a chocolate ?.
Soums: Par ma toh haamaisha cheeni wala dahi khilata hai.
( But mom always feeds us with sweet curd.)
Ishu: Vo ma ka style hai yeh Ishu the great ka style hai aur vaisa bhi matlab toh kuch meetha khana Sa hai kun?
(Well that’s mom’s style and this is the great Ishu’s style and more over the purpose is to have something sweet right?)
Ani: Correct.
And all the three sister’s share the chocolate ? and leave for their respective works.

Shiv Ru were cooking when Om enters
Shivaay: So finally u r here.
Rudra: O are you ready to ask forgiveness.
Om: Yup Dumbel Oberoi and I am leaving now.
Shivaay: But breakfast.
Om: Shivaay I will ? have it later please.
Shivaay: Ok man.
Om was about to leave when,
Rudra: O hamar aashirwaad toh leta jao.
(At least take our blessings O.)
Om: What?
Rudra: Come on man lets have a group hug.
Three of the brothers hug each other.
Bg music ? plays:
La la la la la…….
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Sadiyon ka yeh hai waasta
Hai rooh ka raabta


Koi Khushi Ho koi gum Ho
Kahi jyaada kam Ho..
Baatenga Jo Ho aata
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Sadiyon ka yeh hai waasta
Hai rooh ka raabta………..
La la la la la……

Still hugging

Om: Rudra moment nikla Gaya. Pehla emotional tha.
Shiv Om: Aab awkward hai.
(Om: Rudra moment has gone, first it was emotional .
Shiv Om: Now it is awkward.)
Rudra complains: Itni jaaldi moment nikal gaaya .
(Moment got over so soon)
Finally three of the brothers depart and Om leaves.

After a while Shivaay also leaves for office. Today he took the car ? on his own without any driver.

Shivaay’s car stops at mid road and he gets out and calls someone.
Shivaay to his driver: You fool couldn’t you check the car before hand.
Driver: Sorry sir.
Shivaay : Shut up and get me another car fast.

Some one was passing by and stops seeing Shivaay and come towards him.
Girl: May I help you.
Shivaay first did not pay any heed but when she repeated her words Shivaay said
Shivaay: No thanks.
Girl: It’s ok I can check it.
Shivaay who was getting late , so he said
Shivaay: Okay.
Girl checks the car and asks him to start it, when Shivaay starts it , the car ? begins to work, so he gets out of the car ?
Shivaay: Thank you ?, I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi ( he says forwarding his hand).
Girl shakes hand and says
Girl: Nice meeting you Mr. Oberoi.
Shivaay: What’s your name.
Girl: Ek Ajnabee.
(A stranger)
Shivaay says sarcastically: Oh so Miss. Ajnabee why don’t you want to reveal your name.
Girl: Koi khaas reason nahi hai par aagar hum kabhi doobara Mila toh zaroor bataongi. Bye
(Well there is no special reason, but if we ever meet again then I will definitely tell you. Bye)
She smiles at Shivaay and leaves.
Shivaay finds her interesting and soon he to leaves from there.

@Outside Om’s gallery
Om is seen restlessly waiting for Ishu.
Bg music ? plays

Jo na keh sake tum
Jo na keh sake hum
Jo na keh sake tum
Jo na keh sake hum
After sometime she comes there so Om goes to her and she gets irked seeing him but Om very politely asks her to accompany him.

Bg continued
Kehna lagi dono se woh
Khamoshiyaan O saathiya
Keh na lagi dono se woh
Khamoshiyaan O saathiya

Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya

Om: Please Miss. At least give me a chance to apologize.
Ishu: Why, why do you want to apologize. Hmmm you didn’t do anything wrong ?, it was me who was wrong ?.
Om: (even more politelythan before.) Listen please I am really sorry look just give me five minutes to apologize.
Ishu: Ok.
Om : Please come.
Om takes her to his gallery over there in middle something was kept that shocked Ishu to the core.
Ishu: ……………………….
Om: Goes in front of that thing and holding his ears says
Om: I know I did a big mistake by accusing you wrongly, but it was all due to the situation at that time , I was under a wrong impression about you , more over yesterday I came to apologize to you only but then I saw you giving money ? to that boy and again spoke a lot of rubbish.
I am really very very sorry. Please forgive me.
Ishu felt guilt in his words and she was sure that he was apologetic and was feeling low because of his mistake so,
Ishu: It’s true that never an unknown person had hurt me so badly, but it is also true that no one till date apologized to me so beautifully.
You know u r worlds best artist ? ( but then she thinks something and smirks and continues) or shall I say I am so beautiful that your painting turned out to be so beautiful.

Ok so guys Om had made a painting of Ishaana and had written a sorry at it’s end and completed the painting with his signature.

Om: It’s both ways true.
Ishu: Oh so playing at the safer side. Not bad.
Om: So I should consider that you have forgiven me.
Ishu: No not completely, after all you have spoiled my two beautiful days , how can I forgive you so soon. You will definitely get punishment.
Om a bit scared ? : Punishment.
Ishu : Ya you heard it right.
Om: Ok , so what is my punishment.
Ishu : Vo Saab toh theek hai , first tell me your name.
Om: Well hi I am Omkara.
Ishu: Oh so are you the famous artist ? ‘OMKARA SINGH OBEROI ‘.
Om: Well yes.
Ishu: Hmmm Hi I am Ishaana.
Om: So intro toh Ho Gaya (so now we are done with intro) , now tell me what is my punishment.
Ishu : Oh ho have patience, don’t you ask your guests for coffee ? or tea ?.
Om: Ya sure lets go to cafeteria.
They move to the cafe and settle themselves after ordering 2 coffees .
Om: Now will you please tell me my punishment.

Anika enters the main hall and find dadi, pinky and jhanvi discussing something, she goes in and greets everyone.
Dadi: Listen puttar, three days from today it is our companies 30th anniversary so, for that you have to prepare first.
Pinky: And same day is my Shivaay’s roka.
(It’s an Indian ritual before marriage ?.)
So all arrangements should be first class, kun jethani ji.(isn’t it sister in law)
Jhanvi: Hum, you are right pinky, see Anika it’s biggest day of our life and very special too, so make sure that there are no flaws.
Anika: Don’t worry aunty ji, you won’t get a single complaint, just tell me from where to start.
Dadi: Anika function will not take place in Oberoi’s house ? but in our farm house, do one thing go with Rudra and see the farm house ? and check the necessary arrangements to be made and then come back at we will discuss everything.
Anika: Ok dadi.
And she leaves accompanied by Rudra.

Ani and Rudra come back after seeing the location.
Dadi: So did you like ? the place.
Ani: Are dadi aapka farmhouse toh bohat hi aacha hai.
Dadi: So take this and let’s begin with the work.
Ani: Sure dadi.
And they start with work , when Rudra says
Rudra: Ani di for this party ? some of Bhaiya’s friends are coming to surprise ? him so, you will have to make few special arrangements as well.
Ani: No problem ? Rudra you just tell me about it and I will take care.
Rudra: Ok di.
And they continue with their work.

It is quite late at night ? when Anika leaves Oberoi mansion and goes to her home

Anika and Shivaay’s meet part 2 and cat ? fight.
Om Ishu friendship.

Pls friends do tell me how did you find Om’s style of apologizing.

Who is the girl ? Shivaay meet I mean Miss. Ajnabee?

What is Om’s punishment?

So finally done with another part and don’t forget to drop your views or in case want to send any message feel free to do that.
Lot’s of love ❤ and good wishes.
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      No worries dear I have another suspense which I think so will thrill you and thanks for suggestion I will try adding more comic scenes also.
      Sooooooooooooo much di

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