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The scene open in front of the O & S RESTAURANT. With in the week the Oberoi’s and Singhania’s have completely changed the old shop into a beautiful place.
As the door is lined with a row of beautiful flowers bordering the wall of the restaurant. Inside the restaurant has been painted by the artistic couple IshKara, keeping the upper portion of the walls in basic off white texture, Om has painted the rest of the lower portion of wall like an authentic painting showcasing the history of food, since stone age to Morden day on one wall, while the other wall portrays the exotic cuisines from all around the world. The rest of the part of the restaurant has been decorated with his extra ordinary statue collection.

Ishu has decorated each table with beautiful flower vases made from an entire collection of waste but those vases looked beautiful even after being made of a whole lot of junk material.
The starting of the restaurant has a billing counter.
The room next door is a kitchen with an exotic look all the food stored properly and food made with the utmost care I.e. Hygiene is taken proper care of. Although the entire kitchen wasn’t filled completely but the necessary requirements were there.

Dadi: Janvi bring the plate of aarti so that we can inaugurate the restaurant.
Janvi: Here you go mummy ji.
Dadi to priest: Pandit ji aap pooja shuru ki jiya.
(Please start the pooja.)
After pooja the restaurant is inaugurated.

One full month has passed since the OBEROI’S AND SINGHANIA’S have started their restaurant and their work is going in full swing. While on other hand Abeer has begun his music classes just near the restaurant and Om has started his painting classes along with that Abeer has started working as a VJ in Groove Company and Om has again set up his work successfully. Ishaana has given another go to her documentary career, while Anika has started running her Event Management business along with the restaurant. Tej, Shakti, Abhishek, Karan and Shivaay are planning to take their restaurant work to another level. While RuMaya and Prinku are doing well in their college life.

Rudra and Saumya have directly come to restaurant from their college and are taking care of it as the rest have gone home.
Saumya: Rudra please check whether the kitchen has been properly set.
Rudra who was busy playing games on phone just hummed in reply: Hmm.
Saumya: RUDRA.
Rudra: Hmm.
This humming by Rudra irritated Saumya alot, so she went to Rudra and snatched his cell.
Rudra: Hye! Sumo. What the hell! Give me my phone back.
Saumya: Duffer I have asked you to do something.
Rudra: What now?
Saumya in anger: I asked you to check the kitchen.
Rudra: So do it yourself I am tired.

Saumya: You idiot fellow, you are completely useless can’t even do one thing.
Saying so patting her head Saumya left to the kitchen.
After checking the things when she came back to the main area she found Rudra tensed.
Saumya: What happened Rudra?
Rudra in a bit scared voice: Saumya do you know our exams are starting from next month.
Saumya: Ya.
Rudra: Saumya can you lend me your English notes.
Saumya mischievously: Why? Why should I lend you the notes. Why didn’t you make them in college?
Rudra: Saumya I have made the notes but not all please lend me yours.
Saumya: You are a duffer.
Rudra gets angry but controlling himself says: Please Saumya.
Saumya showing attitude: Fine I will see to it.
Rudra making faces says: Okay.
Saumya: Now come on we need to leave.
Saying so she passes her bag to Rudra who gives her an astonished look and she returns a whatever look back to him.
Saumya: Come on close the restaurant now.
Rudra tries to close but he is not able to do that.
Saumya in a taunting way: Get away you can’t do anything accept making body.
Saying so she closes the door and Rudra mumbles curses to the door and being irritated by Saumya starts to sing to irritate her.

Rudra poking Saumya first on her arm and then head:
Soch Thi Hai Zyada
Kham Woh Samajh Thi Hai
Soch Thi Hai Zyada
Kham Woh Samajh Thi Hai

Rudra forms a heart near his chest via his hands and continues:

Dil Kuch Kehta Hai
Kuch Aur Hi Karti Hai

Running to an old man who was standing at a side and rounding his hand on his shoulder he asks him:

Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

Rudra now circling around Saumya:

Soch Thi Hai Zyada
Kham Woh Samajh Thi Hai
Dil Kuch Kehta Hai
Kuch Aur Hi Karti Hai
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

Saumya being pissed of by his act pushing him away moves forward not willing to create a scene in front of all.

Rudra teasing her further and coming in her way sings:

Pyaar Usse Bhi Hai Magar Shuruaat Tumhi Se Chahe

Saumya’s eyes get wide opened. Seeing her reaction Rudra ruffles her hair mockingly and she tries to set them back giving an irritated look to Rudra while he sings:

Khudh Mein Uljhi Uljhi Hai Par baloon Ko suljhayei
Being highly irritated

Rudra sarcastically to Saumya:

I Mean You’re All The Same Yaar
Hum Achche Dost Hai Par Uss Nazar Se Tumko Dekha Nahin
Woh Sab To Teek Hai Par Uss Barein Mein Maine Socha Nahin

Rudra encircles his hand around a passer by young boy and in a way explains him:
Sab Se Alag Hai Tum Yeh Keh Ke Paas Tumhaare Aaye
Aur Kuch Din Mein Tum Mein Alag Sa Kuch Bhi Na Usko bhaya

Rudra standing in front of Saumya who is shooting daggers at him:
Raising collar of his shirt says:

Uff Yeh Kaisi Shirt Pehnthe Ho

Moving his hand in his hair:

Yeh Kaise baal Khatathe Ho

Showing as if he is driving:
Ghaadi Tehz Chalathe Ho

Taking channa from a road side shop he starts eating it quickly and throws rest on Saumya, who just grits her teeth as she tries controlling herself:
Tum Jaldi Mein Kyo Khaathe Ho
Give me A Break man.

While singing they reach home and Saumya rings the bell and Karan opens the door seeing her pissed off he was about to question her but before that only Rudra holding Karan and rotating him sings:

Tumhe Badalne Ko Paas Woh Aati Hai
Tumhe Mitaane Ko jaal Bichati Hai
Baaton Baaton Mein Tumhe Pasathi Hai

He makes a funny face and then a cry baby face:
Pehle Hasathi Hai.
Phir Bada Rulaati Hai

He questions everyone in the house as they enter the living room:
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

Saumya keeping her bag aside pulls Rudra by collar and makes him face her, shocking everyone and starts singing:
Eh Itna Hi Khudh Se Khush Ho To Peeche Kyon Aate Ho

She takes flowers from a vase and throws on his head:
Phool Kabhi To Hazar Thofein Akhir Kyon Laaten Ho

Saumya standing in front of Rudra and speaks rolling a newspaper in form of a mike:
Apna Naam Nahin Bataya Aapne
Coffee Peene Chalenge
Main Aapko Ghar Chod Doon
Phir Kab Milenge

Ruffling Rudra’s hair she moves towards her room but by mistake enters boys room and looking at the condition of the room sings:
Bikhra Bikhra Be Matlab Sa Toota Phoota Jeena
Aur Kehte Ho Alag Se Hai Hum Taan Ke Apna Seena

She finds a towel on the floor and throws it on Rudra showing him condition of his room:
Bheega Tolya Kahin Farsh Pe

Saumya finds the cap of tooth paste in shoes and making face hands it to Rudra:
Toothpaste Ka Dakhan Kahin

Pointing at his socks sings:
Kal Ke Mauze Ulat Ke Pehne

Saumya finds Rudra’s watch in pen holder and giving it to him with a sarcastic look sings:
Waqt Ka Khuch Bhi Hosh Nahin

Saumya goes to Abeer and encircling her hand around his neck dings:
Jeena Ka Tumko Dang Sikhlati Hai

Saumya pointing at Rudra sings making him frown:
Tumhe Jaanwar Se Insaan Banaati Hai

Joining her Karan and Prinku’s hand sings:
Uske Bina Ek Pal Rehna Sakhoge Tum

She says to Shivaay showing her tongue and thumb to him:
Usko Pata Hai Yeh Keh Na Sakhoge Tum

Finally going to Rudra and dancing around him sings as if she has won the argument:
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

Rudra holding the calendar:
Jaane Kaun Kaun Se Din Woh TumkoYaad Dilaayein
Pyaar Ko Chahe Bhool Bhi Jaayein
Taareeqein Na Bhoolayein

Rudra goes to Anika and rotating her sings:
First March Ko Nazar Milaayee

Rudra now circling Ishu sings:
Chaar April Ko Main Milne Aayee

Rudra touching Saumya and make a shy face irritating her:
Ikees May Ko Tumne Chuwa Tha
Che June Mujhe Kuch Hua Tha
At the end ShivRu share a hi-fi and this anger Anika.

Anika turning Shivaay to herself:
Ladko Ka Kya Hai Kissi Bhi Mor Pe Woh Mur Jaayein
Abhi Kissi Ke Hai Abhi Kissi Aur Se Woh Jud Jaayein

Saumya joins Anika and sings pointing at Rudra:
Tumhaare Mummy Daddy Ghar Par Nahin Hai
Main Aaa Jaon?
Tumhaari Friend Akeli Ghar Jaa Rahi Hai
Main Chod Aaon

Patting her head she sighs: Uff

Om teasingly to Ishu:
Ek Haan Kehne Ko Kitna Dehlati Hai

Ishu making a puppy face:
Thak Jaate Hai Hum Woh Jee Behlati Hai

All the girls together to their respective partners:
Woh Sharmati Hai Kabhi Chupati Hai
Ladki Jo Haan Kehde Usse Nibhati Hai
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

Boys together:
Na Na Naâ¦

Girls shouting and standing over the sofa sings:
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

Boys trying yo push them:
Ladki Kyon⦠Oh God

Girls even louder:
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

Boys not ready to accept defeat:
Na Na Na Na,
Oh God Shut Upâ

Karan to all of them:
Alright Alright Iss Mein Jagadne Ki Kya Baat Hai Yaar

But girls were in no mood to hear so to irritate boys they sing:
Pehle Pehle Bawarein Jaise Aas Paas Mand Rai

Karan being shocked:
Arreâ But I

Prinku not paying heed to his words in a taunting manner sings:
Phir Busy Hoon Kehkar Tumko Woh Tarkai

All boys together:
Come On Girls.

Anika to Shivaay in utmost anger:
Samjha Karo Darling Aaj Bohat Kaam

Shivaay innocently:
Arre⦠Meri Bhi To Suno

Ishu being miffed with Om:
Door Hua To Kya Dil Mein Tumhaara Naam Hai

Om trying to speak:

Saumya to Rudra punching him:
Jiss Chehre Par Marte Hai Woh Boring Ho Jaaye

I’ m Not Listening To You

Kuch Hi Din Mein Nazrein Inki Idhar Udhar Mand Rai

I’ m Not Listening To You

Girls turning the boys towards themselves:
Sirf Pyaar Se Zindagi Nahin Chalti

Boys closing their ears:
OK I’ m Not With Her

Girls being miffed with all of them move to their room while stamping their feet.

Boys: Oh god!
Saying this they sit with a thud on the sofa.
Abeer: Thank god I am not commited.
Boys glare him, he returns “What’s my fault?” Look.
Rudra: Bhai even I am not committed but this Saumya she never leaves a chance too irritate me.
Abeer sheepishly: That means you don’t like her.
Rudra: Nothing like that.
Abeer: Really. Ok then tell me what do you like about her.
Rudra: She is sweet, cute bhi hai. Independent hai aur mai jab bhi kahin fasta hun toh meri help zaroor karti hai. Baki ladkiyoon ka jaisi toh bilkul nahi hai sab se alag hai bilkul different. Thodi si stupid hai par bohaat mature hai. Dil ki bilkul saaf hai aur sensitive bhi hai. Kisi ko dard mai nahi dekh sakti.
He says all this being in traces.
Boys stare him and then each other in harmonic motion.
Shivaay: Rudra tun hoosh mai toh hai.
(Rudra are you in your senses.)
Rudra moving his hand in his hair: Ya Bhaiya.
Abeer: And after all this you say that you don’t like her.
Rudra: Umm. Maybe not only like.
Karan now being curious: Then???
Rudra getting a hold on his emotions: Nothing. I think so that I should change. We are getting late for dinner.
Saying so he leaves from there.
Abeer: Ye toh Gaya kaam se beta.
(He is gone my dear.)
All laugh.

Something unexpected to happen.

Any guesses what’s up next???

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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