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All the youngsters were standing in a row after hearing scolding’s from elders on there today’s brilliant job.
Tej: Now please be careful all of you.
Rudra: Yes papa.
Abhi: Make sure that where ever you guys go you should be together. No one should go alone any where and this applies to all of you. Do you get that.
All with heads down: Ji.

Pinky: And if possible don’t make new enemies for yourself now.
All with heads down: Ji.
Pragya: Learn to control your anger also.
All in same position: Ji.
Dadi: Puttar me samajh sakti hun ki tum sabko unn logon par gussa chada hua hai. Par aagar hum bhi wahi karenga jo wo log kar raha hain toh un me aur hum me koi pharaak nahi reh jayega.
(Children I understand that you all are angry but if we also behave like them then there will be no difference between us.)
Saumya: Par farak rakhna hi kun hai. Wo log agar itni giri hui harkaat kar sakta hain toh huma unha jawaab bhi toh dena chahiya.

(But what is the need of keeping any difference. If they can do cheap acts then why can’t we reply to them.)
Dadi calmly: Pharak rakhna zaroori hai puttar. Iss liya nahi kunki hum kamzoor hai magar iss liya kunki hum un logon jaisa nahi hain. Aur rahi baat jawaab dena ki toh tumhai uska liya aapna dimaag ka istamal karna hoga. Aur aaj jo bol raha tha wo na toh tum tha aur na hi tumhara dimaag, aaj jo kuch bhi hua vo tumhara gussa tumsa karwa raha tha jo sahi nahi hai. Yeh gussa zaroori hai lakin ek haad tak. Iss gussa ki aag ko kabhi khatam maat hona dena, tumhara gussa abhi ek chingaari ki tarhaan hai zara si bhi galati issa khatam kar sakti hai magar ek sahi kadam se tum bohaat logon ki Zindagi sawaar sakta ho. Iss gussa ko mishaal banao. Samajh aaya Jo Maina kaha?

(My dear child, it’s important to maintain the difference, not because we are week but because we aren’t them. And as far as replying them is concerned you need to use your brain for that and not your anger. Whatever happened today wasn’t you or your brain but your anger. Your anger is justified and needed also but only till some extent. Never let this anger die. Your anger is at a preliminary stage one wrong step can end it but one right step can help many others to live peacefully. Did you understand what I meant.)

All nod in yes.

Janvi: Now what are you all going to do?

Abeer confused: Now what???
Janvi: Will you all do some work or just stay at home.
Karan: Yes, but I can’t do any job. All the bosses are too much.
Shivaay: And I also done with interviews it’s sure that I am not going to be employed by anyone.
Anika: Toh pehla itna panga liya hi kun tha.

(Then why did you get into so many fights earlier.)
Shivaay: Because I didn’t know that one day I will be here.
Anika: Now also where have you improved. Anger is on your nose twenty four seven.
Shivaay: You know what Anika?
Anika: What?
Shivaay: You can never change.

Anika: Aare mai koi calendar hun Jo me haar mahina change ho jaungi.
(Oh hello! Am I a calendar that you will change me.)
Shivaay: No but I wish tum T.V. Hoti jab mera maan Karta mai tumhara channel badal laita.
(No, but I really wish that you would have been a T.V. So that I could change your channel as per my wish.)
Anika: How rude?
Shivaay: You started.
Anika in shock: MEEEEEEEEEE.

Shivaay giving an irritated smile: YESSSSSSSS YOUUUUU.
Anika: No you.
Shivaay: No You.
Anika: You.
Shivaay: You.
Anika: You.
Shivaay: You.
Anika: You.

Shivaay: You.
Anika: You.
Shivaay: No You.
Anika sheepishly: Me.
Shivaay in hurry: Yes me.
Anika victoriously: Look I said you started it.

Shivaay realising what he said: No this is cheating.
Anika: No you yourself gave a statement that you started the fight.
Rest all were giving a pissed of look to the two wild cats.
Om being highly fed up: Can you please tell us why the hell are you fighting.
Shivaay: Shut up Om! Can’t you hear that she is cheating me.
Anika: Oh really billu ji. I am cheating over you. You are such a lier.
Ishu: Di, Jiju please stop it.
Anika: Didn’t you hear what Shivaay said to Om. Stay quite.
Ishu smiling teasingly: JIJU.
Shivaay shyly moves his hand through his hair.

Saumya: Oh ho look the two love cats are feeling shy now.
Rudra: Ya ya and they have stopped fighting too.
All pat there head while Abeer pats Rudra’s head followed by Om.
Om: Couldn’t you keep quite now look what have you done.
They look at Shivaay and Anika who have again got themselves in a tussle of words.
Pinky shouts: Shuts up all of you.
Pragya: Seriously is this the time to fight with each other.
Janvi: I thought we are here for something more productive.
Shivaay and Anika with heads down: SORRY.
Pinky: Better.
Tej: What were you all saying.
Karan: That we can’t work under someone.
Shakti: Then what do you guys want to do?
Abeer: Uncle, how much ever we may try but the people out there only want those fellows who can follow them without questioning them about anything.
Abhi: Alright so what are you thinking of doing.

All start thinking and then Shivaay remembers the previous day conversation with the stranger.
Karan: All this is stupidity. We are just wasting our time and talent. We all are worth more than this.
A boy who was passing by stooped on hearing what Karan spoke and said
Boy: Many are talented here, but there is no value of anything. That’s the reason people either go to abroad or adjust their life according to whatever they get.
Shivaay: What do you mean?
Boy: I just mean that, everyone is eger to get employment but no one wants to provide employment. Try becoming employment provider if you think that you have talent, rather than wasting your time in being angry and shouting at someone who can not even hear you.
Saying so the boy left, leaving three of them perplexed.

Shivaay after a break of five to ten min.: Maybe business of our own.
Tej: Are you guys alright.
Anika: Why uncle what happened?
Tej: You need capital to start a business and you don’t have that.
Saumya: We can go for loan.
Tej: Oh really and how will bank give you loan. You have no guarantee too.
Ishu sitting down on sofa: Then what shall we do?

Sethi ji who had just now entered knocked the door and dadi asked him to get in.
Sethi: I have one idea.
Anika: What’s that Sethi uncle?
Sethi: There is a shop in front of the chawl all of you must have seen that.
Saumya: Ji uncle. But that shop is closed.
Sethi: Ya, that shop belonged to my brother but he shifted to Delhi few years back and now that shop is empty, no one use it. You all can start some work there.
Shivaay: What was that shop previously used for.

Sethi: That shop was a grocery shop but now many new grocery stores have opened here, so you all will have to face hard competition. I will advice you all to start something that doesn’t has much competition here.
Karan: That’s okay. But what will we do.

Pragya: Do something that you all know really well and can manage as well.
Anika: Something like matrimonial office.
Shivaay making faces: Really Anika. And you will become the priest.
Anika gives a whatever look, while the rest laugh imagining her like that.
Ishu: Dance institute.
Karan: Not at all Ishu.

Ishu: Fine.
Saumya: Educational institute.
Rudra: No ways. Studies aren’t enough till college that you want to make our house also study house.
Anika: Correct.
Abeer: Music classes.

Anika: No. No. Shivaay and music not at all.
She laughed remembering that how good he is in singing.
Shivaay: Please Anika I am not that bad in singing too.
Anika: Let it be.
All together: Thank you.
Pragya: Why don’t you start a restaurant?

All look at each other and together say: Nice idea.
Abeer: But I have a condition.
Karan: Now what?
Abeer: Three of these girls (pointing at AniIshSoums) will not come near the kitchen.
Om: Good point.
Ishu: Really Mr. Painter. You are saying as if you are Sanjeev Kapoor in cooking.
Om: Well maybe not Sanjeev Kapoor but I am no less to.
He says smiling at her and she too smiles back.

Anika: So shall we see the place of our new restaurant.
All nod.
Sethi: Okay, all of you come with me.

All enter the place and their eyes become wide seeing the condition. The entire shop is a perfect collection of cob webs, dust all around, with walls in a super bad condition.
All look at each other with eyes popping out of the socket.
Shivaay: This is the place Sethi Uncle.
Sethi: Ji beta.
Dadi, Pragya, Janvi and Pinky smile looking at kids condition on seeing the place.
Sethi: All of you see the place properly and think what all you need maybe I could help.
All nod and he leaves.
Ishu: Now what.

Om: Now we will have to clean this place.
Shivaay with a total shocked expression: DON’T TELL ME YOU ARE SERIOUS.
Pragya: So what did you think you will be handling a five star hotel.
Shivaay: No but… I never expected this too.
Pinky: Come on get started all of you now.

All nod and begin to clean.
In nearly five hours they clean up the place and then pen down the things which were required to bring their restaurant into action and leave to take some rest.

Karan: All this done but what about the menu.
Anika: Indian.
Shivaay: Continental.
Rudra: Italian.
Ishu: Thai.

Om: Indian.
Abeer: Chinese. I mean no restaurant can be complete without Hakka noodles.
Karan sarcastically: Ya right. Stupid.
Prinku: Why don’t we keep mixed cuisines. I mean the most eaten foods from every cuisine.
Karan: Nice idea.
Rudra: Prinku you have become smart like me.
Prinku: Ji Rudra Bhaiya.

New restaurant

In comments section of previous episode, someone wrote that all the things that I have written are more prominent in village side and if I am not wrong many of you think the same. So let me clear one thing eve teasing, molestation, female foeticide, female infanticide, acid attacks, rape or any sort of illegal activity against girls or any illegal activity against the norms and rules is more prominent in the “URBAN AREAS” then in any rural areas.
If you guys think that whatever I am saying is not true then you can check the statistics online.
Many of you would want an answer to this question. And in order to give a proper reason of what I have said earlier I am putting forward few self analysed points or you can say my point of view, that why such crimes are so much prominent.

1. UNDUE PRESSURE: Like salt is in food similarly in today’s world pressure is in our life. A person who works in office, a school going child, a house maker or a person from any extreme of life has to undergo pressure. Pressure of success, pressure of making the two ends meet, pressure of coming first or having the top most position Or any sort of pressure. Life has become a part of pressure and not pressure as a part of life.
This pressure gives rise to problems like DEPRESSION AND AGGRESSION. The people who suffer from depression generally tend to become silent but those who become aggressive act as a harm to the society.
And the biggest threat to today’s life “PEER PRESSURE” this takes the biggest tool on the youngsters and teens.
2. NOT ACCEPTING NO: I have said this before also that neither everyone will accept us nor will everyone reject us. But accepting a no from anyone becomes so hard for few people that they take it on their ego and don’t even mind destroying someone’s life.
3. POWER: To a great extent being powerful also is a justified reason for doing crimes. Yes a justified reason. Because the world belongs to the powerful. Isn’t it? How much ever may we say that we are democratic but I feel that it’s not in true sense as many times and many of us judge people on the basis of their background, gender, social status and job. So in the reign of powerful no one is there to question the one who is at the peak. The biggest credit for that goes to the “HYPOCRITICAL AND JUDGEMENTAL SOCIETY” society we belong to. I am not accusing anyone but many of us love to judge people without even knowing them. After all that saves on our time isn’t it. This definitely encourages the wrong doer’s due to zero check on their activities.

Well there are many more reason and I may end up writing so many pages on it but that’s my thoughts and if some one out there searches for the statistical info of the comparison crime rate between rural and urban areas then do share it in the comments section.
And I hope so I justified the point well in one short phrase “AGGRESSION LEADS TO DESTRUCTION” I will sum this up.
Thank you for reading this extra part which seems to be too long and if possible try controlling your anger. Well the same goes for me too ??.

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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  1. Amazing di…. always your off’s make me crazy… what you said is right… people wont understand such things when they go threw all such kinds of thing…. but right action taken on right time will only work… but few people just because of family pressure and whats will others say… by thinking all this stay quiet…. and by staying quiet such peoples get chance to do something bad… many girls are not given their right….. like they are not allowed to study… getting married in early age or doing whole house work in young age….my question here is why?? Why are girls not getting any opportunity to do something in life…. why are they proved so low compare to boys…. in today’s generation girls are more better then boys um not saying that boys are useless or something but some boys don’t care for their parents… once they get married they don’t look after there ill parents but girls even after they get married but they don’t leave their parents hands till their last breath

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Hi ? Ayesha that’s what I said that no girl can get an answer for WHY? but rather we should work on the matter so that we can end this question completely. And all ur points are correct.
      Eventually India was a country where girls were respected alot and there position in society was never questioned but this is something that use to happen ages back but then India slowly became slave of many rulers and kingdoms like Mohammadan’s and Britisher’s who use to kidnap girls or do wrong things with girls which Indians could never bear so they started putting some restrictions on girls but with time those restrictions were taken to some other angle only and the meaning of all that things just changed over generations and we ended in a mess where we are standing today and the biggest reason for that is male ego and habit of following society without thinking about the pros and cons just like a blind.
      That’s my pov I don’t whether I was able to satisfy you or not but that’s what I think and honestly i am highly privileged to hear from you dear.
      Thank you ? for reading and putting ur point forward.
      Bye ?
      Take care ?

  2. Ashwinee

    Very nice great update di . Waiting for the next one ???


  4. Niriha

    Awesome…..fabulous part waiting for next update soon

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear… Your points are right….

  6. Surbhi Sharma

    Di , just amazing. Once again u nailed it . Especially, once again the author ‘s note . Just amazing. True , all those things mostly happen in urban areas than the rural areas . U yourself see , the capital of india . The ‘ DELHI ‘ . U know the capital of india , there the most of the girls are raped , molested , acid attack and all those . I just can’t understand why people do this . Atleast now it’s better than olden days . Otherwise , before those child marriage and all . Larkiyo ko granted lete hai log . The people who do those stuffs , at least for once they don’t think about their mother , sister . Just ….. what to say . Unke liye toh koi bhi sazaa kam hai .
    DI , If u don’t mind . I would suggest u a hindi movie ‘uvaa’ . Its really amazing . If possible do watch it .

    Waiting for ur next part . Post soon . ???

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? Surbhi your point is correct and I am glad that you think in this way. And about ‘uvaa’ I will surely watch it but presently I am juggling with my exams so I will watch it after they end and then surely get back to you.
      Thank you sooooo much dear for always supporting me this means alot dear.
      Bye ? take care ?

  7. Yashu

    Lovely…..superb…..all ur points r correct…waiting for nxt…..

  8. Awesome update Shivika… U again nailed it… Each & every point is true ”AGGRESSION LEADS TO DESTRUCTION”…. Hats off u dear……

  9. Alekhika20


  10. Amazing update… loved it… I m totally agree with ur point of you.. Eagerly waiting for the next update.. post soon…

  11. Amazing dear…I truly approve on your thoughts i.e aggression leads to destruction ‘coz I myself am too aggressive.First I was not like this I was a quiet person bt now I just couldn’t control my anger n ‘coz of this I have lost some of my precious things n now I’m trying to get control over it n hope so I could do it…sorry for this bt today I just couldn’t control myself from sharing this.post next soon.

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      It’s alright dear even I have changed and I can understand your p.o.v. because sometimes when we are silent for long then there are only two ways that our silences bursts out in first either we start crying alot or we shout at our loved ones and this always happens with those whom we love alot as we have no one accept them. I too have turned out to be an aggressive person right now and I wish you alots of good luck and surely you will be able to mend your life. And try opting for meditation that will help you alot I know it’s easy to advise and difficult to follow but you should try it will help and if you want to share anything ever you can freely do that dear without any worries and better let out ur feelings to someone because that’s necessary otherwise you will end up in a state where nobody could help you.
      Thank you ? for commenting
      Bye ?
      Take care ?

  12. Aashi26

    AMAZING……..and see shivi di I have fulfilled your wish…….I have registered as u can see……

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      ? SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY for replying soooooo late. And WELCOME dear. I am glad that you joined T.U. And thank you for reading ?
      Bye ?
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  13. Fabulous update

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