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All the ladies were outside the temple while men were inside talking to the priest.

Goon 1: Hye sweetie come on, yesterday your brother saved you today who will come.
Goon 2: Arre look today there are others also.
Goon 3: Come on then let’s go.
The goon goes towards Prinku and holds her by her arm.
Prinku gets scared.

Abhi to Prinku: Next time somebody says or humiliates you remember you will have to answer not anyone else.
Karan: Relax Priyanka nothing happened and nothing will happen. Remember one thing tum jitna daro gi, darr tumha utna hi darayaga. (more you will get scared, fear will scare you more.)

Anika moves forward to slap that goon but before she could someone else slaps that goon hard.
All look at the person who slapped the goon and find the person to be “PRIYANKA SINGH OBEROI”.
Tu khud ki khoj mein nikal
Tu kis liye hataash hai
Tu chal, tere wajood ki
Samay ko bhi talaash hai
Samay ko bhi talaash hai
Goon: How dear you?
He moves forward and holds her hair tightly in his grip, she tries to get rid from his grip but he was too strong.
Ishaana held a rod from side and hits it hard on him.
Goon orders his men to fight.
Ishu: STOP.
Goon: What?
Ishu folding her arms across her chest speaks.
Ishu: Are you sure you want get beaten up by us.
Goon 1: Hahaha she has lost it, she will hit us. Hahaha.

All the goons laugh at her.
Anika: Think once again before fighting as after fighting you won’t be even capable of showing your face to anyone. Moreover, people will insult you saying that you got beaten up by girls.
Goon 2: Oh really. Let’s see it then.
AniIshSoums: Fine then.
All the men come from back and try stopping them.

Abeer: Aare girls calm down.
Anika: Big B they are the same goons who molested Prinku Bhabhi yesterday.
Abeer: Relax girls, we can sort it out by talking.
Girls glare him but he ignores them.
Abeer to goons: Are bhai saabh wait we can discuss and solve the problem.
Goon 3: Look he is such a coward, wants to talk ok ok as you wish you are such a girl. Hahaha hahaha
Abeer very calmly: No no I am not girl and can never be one. I just wanted to make peace.
Goon 1: We too want that, so better you send them with us.

Abeer: Are you sure.
Goon 2: Shall we write on stamp paper.
Abeer: No that won’t be required.
Goon 1: Get away you girl.
All the goons laugh.

Goon 3: Oh may be he wants to fight.
Abeer: I would have fought if you had insulted me but you didn’t do that.
Goon 2: So being called a girl is a praise for you.
Abeer: You won’t understand, it’s a high level thing. Btw do you know ambulance’s number.
Goon 1: Why?

Abeer: Because soon you are going to need that.
Abeer turns and smilingly looks at the girls and signals them to do whatever they want to.
ShivOmRu move towards the goons, Abeer stops them saying
AniIshSoums come in front while the other members move back.

Jo tujh se lipti bediyaan
Samajh na inko vastra tu
Jo tujh se lipti bediyaan
Samajh na inko vastra tu
Ye bediyaan pighaal ke
Bana le inko shastra tu
Bana le inko shastra tu

Tu khud ki khoj mein nikal
Tu kis liye hataash hai
Tu chal, tere wajood ki
Samay ko bhi talaash hai
Samay ko bhi talaash hai

The goons hold hands of girls and try to take them but that was not going to be so easy. Girls held their hand and twisted it behind their back getting them on their knees. Their hands had fixed a lock around the neck of goons suffocating them to some extent.
Goon 1 while struggling to escape from the grip shouts.
Goon 1: You don’t know who my father is?

Ishu: And you don’t know who my father is?
The goons looks at them with scary face.
Goon 1: I am Dawainder Lal Khorana’s son, he is a minister, I will take revenge for this.
Anika: You will take revenge only when we will leave you.
Goon shouts at a police officer who was passing from near by.

Goon: Oye help us.
Prinku: He is the same officer who denied to take our complain yesterday.
Anika: Great then, all the players are here only, so decision will also be done here only.
Police officer (PO): What decision are you talking about and what sort of nonsense is this. Leave them.
Girls back off.

PO: I will arrest all of you and put you behind the bars.
Ishu: Sure why not, then media will come and we will give statement in front of them that you are a corrupt dog.
PO gets angry and raises his hand on her: How dear you? You girls are character less and showing attitude to me. I will put you behind the lock up no one will get to know where did you go within a day. There will be no trace of you girls.

AniIshSoums look at each other with eyes ablaze and the goons smirk at them.

PO: Yesterday you came to file an F.I.R. and today if you didn’t back off I will file an F.I.R. against you. You are harassing them in front of all.
Ishu: And what you did, slapping me was not like harassing me.
PO: Shut up! That’s what we men can do. You have no right to question you girls are just like our slippers.
Charitra jab pavitra hai
Toh kyun hai ye dasha teri
Charitra jab pavitra hai
Toh kyun hai ye dasha teri

Ye paapiyon ko haq nahi
Ki lein pareeksha teri
Ki lein pareeksha teri..

Tu khud ki khoj mein nikal
Tu kis liye hataash hai
Tu chal, tere wajood ki
Samay ko bhi talaash hai

Karan from back who had had enough of that officer finally broke his silence.
Karan in anger: Ya that’s the only way you have to show your manhood.
Shivaay: You know what you are a jerk and you know only one thing and that is how to take advantage of your uniform. Trust me without this uniform you have no respect.
PO: Oh really and who are you to say that to me. You yourself have come on road and now giving lecture to me. Get out of here other wise you don’t know what I can do.
Rudra in anger: What? What will you do?
Abhi stops them all.

Abhi: Stop it, let’s leave.
AniIshSoums come on we should go now.
Saumya: But papa.
Abhi sternly: We need to leave come on no questions.
PO: Budhaoo samajhdaar laga se.
(This old man seems to be intelligent.)
Abeer moves forward to hold his collar.

Abeer: How dear you?
Tej stops him from doing anything.
Tej: Leave him Abeer we should leave.

The girls stare at the goons and the PO with eyes full of hatred and emitting fire, while the goons and PO smirks at them.
Jala ke bhasm kar use
Jo kroorta ka jaal hai
Jala ke bhasm kar use
Jo kroorta ka jaal hai

Tu aarti ki lau nahi
Tu krodh ki mashaal hai
Tu krodh ki mashaal hai

Tu khud ki khoj mein nikal
Tu kis liye hataash hai
Tu chal, tere wajood ki
Samay ko bhi talaash hai
Samay ko bhi talaash hai
Prinku was the last one to move, so the goon held her duppata (stole).
Prinku: Aaaahhhh….
All looked at her.
Goon 1: Samarth Khorana, fix this name in your head, soon you will be with me.
Prinku’s patience crossed all it’s frontiers now, she held the stole tightly and untangled it from around her neck and then facing towards the goon she tangled the stole around his neck and turned him around tightening her grip around his neck, making him choke.

Saying so she leaves him.

Chunar uda ke dhwaj bana
Gagan bhi kap kapaega
Chunar uda ke dhwaj bana
Gagan bhi kap kapaega

He receives punches on his face and stomach which are so hard that his body starts oozing blood.
AniIshSoums stand with Prinku after giving him hard punches.
Anika: We have lost money not self respect, dear you show your face to us again, I will burry you in the ground and then neither this police officer nor your father would be able to save you.

Ishu to the PO: You better do the job you have been assigned to or remove the stars from your uniform and attach symbol of dogs their. And next time if you raised your hand on me or any girl, then that would definitely be your last day with your hands.
Saumya: You guys better get this straight that you won’t be easily able to get away with this and if next time you dear come near any of us, you will have only one thing to do then and that’s REGRET.
Agar teri chunar giri
Toh ek bhookamp aayega
Toh ek bhookamp aayega

Tu khud ki khoj mein nikal
Tu kis liye hataash hai
Tu chal, tere wajood ki
Samay ko bhi talaash hai
Samay ko bhi talaash hai.

All of them were sitting in the living room.
Anika: Why papa? Why did you stop us?
Abhi: Then what had I done, he would have put you all behind the bars.
Ishu: We don’t care.
Pragya: But we do.

Jhanvi: Tum logon ko josh se nahi hosh se kaam laina hoga. (You guys need to work with all your senses and not with your anger.)
Prinku: But if we stay quiet then they will do this over and over again.
Abeer and Rudra get shocked listening to her and make funny faces.
Abeer: Silent and you.
Rudra: Seriously Prinku, you had almost killed him today.

Prinku: Then what had I done, I should hear whatever nonsense he was speaking. There is always a limit for everything and when some one crosses that then that person should be answered like this only. Now at least he won’t come back.
Karan: No, they will definitely be back, you have hurt their ego and now they will be back with more aggression and do something really dangerous and unexpected.
Anika: Bhaiyu how can you be so sure.

Karan: Ani men generally have an ego factor and when a male ego is hurt then that person goes crazy he gets out of his head and can do anything. There are no barriers for him and especially when his father is a minister. They can take advantage of all this, actually he will take advantage of this for sure.

Tej: Drop this topic here only and all of you freshen up and get ready we need to do something now as none has a job. So we got to decide what to next. But for now all of you freshen up. Go.
All the youngsters leave.

Abhi: I am afraid what will happen next.
Pinky: Bhaisaab leave it the time being.
Tej: Pinky by ignoring this matter things will not end we will have to find a solution for all this.
Dadi: Puttar whatever kids did today it was their aggression that spoke but you all are elders make sure that nothing of this sort happens again as this is really serious.

Let’s do some work.

“STAND UP FOR YOURSELF” well that’s the only way I can sum up this epi in. Being dependent on family isn’t wrong but you can’t do that always. And for those who love and enjoy INDEPENDENCE, INDEPENDENCE has a wider meaning today, it’s not being alone always or standing on your feet, it even includes fighting for yourself. So be careful before you do anything as your aggression will cost you more than anyone else.

I know guys I am too late with the update owing to some prior commitments and lots of laziness ?? and too less comments. Guys what happened it makes me feel like I have lost my readership or if you aren’t liking the track then please tell me. SORRY for being late and THANK YOU ? FOR YOUR COMMENTS AND READING MY WORK and I will try being regular.
You guys can freely share your opinion on the episode or your views on anything you want to share.

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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  1. Dheemahee

    As always u rocked it.. your FF really gave a brilliant message of a girl power and how we all have to start do Such short of things… Really feeling very good After reading this… Hope so u will be back soon with next part of your both the FF…Love u TC…

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    Hi Shivika di . As usual you are flawless. Sorry for the late comment. You know what, you have great fan following. There are so many silent readers waiting for ur update. I know this because I was one of them and just a few days back I have started to comment. So plz don’t get demotivated and post the next part ASAP. WE ARE WAITING!!!

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you sooooo much for encouraging me dear ?☺?. And I am glad that you liked my work and admired it although silently. Thanksssss alot dear ?

  5. Alvia

    You are back after so long missed the ff and you and waiting for what is next and what will be the consequences

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      Thank you sooooo much dear. This really means alot and always be strong dear ???

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    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Of course dear you are definitely my lil sisoo. And if you ever register @TU then do message me. Actualy you should get registered soon so that we can pull up a good convo. ??

  12. Surbhi Sharma

    Di , I loved the authors note ka 1st para . Really , we girls have to become independent. We too have our self respect . We just can’t let it go .there are still many girls in india , especially in villages side . They’re just like before wali pinku . We all have to change . India have to change. No this world has to change . No matter what .

    Ahhhh . Sorry di . I became to much senti na .
    But ur epi was amazing. U nailed . But why so short ?? It was amazing ?????
    Post soon . Plz .

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Hi Surbhi dear no need to be sorry you are free to write as long as you want because that is the only thing I live to read. No need to worry about being senti or the word limit you are totaly free to express dear so just chill and write as much as you want and about that village point I have mentioned it in the next epi so u can check it their and review it and still if you aren’t satisfied u can comd back to me any time without any hesitation. Plus I am sorry if this is short and definitely girls need to stand for themselves if not for else.
      Thank you soooo much for reciewing this dear.
      Take care ?☺

  13. Fabulous… Superb.. Amazing update… loved it.. Waiting for next episode…

  14. INDEPENDENCE…..even though our nation got it long back there are girls who didn’t even know what it feels like…somehow or the other if a girl raises her head and do something for her there are many devils in society who want to supress them…I don’t know what benefit or happiness they get by not treating us as equals…..and you are right sweety our aggression can costs more in this society so only we have to use our brains I suppose…today from this epi also you made me proud to be a girl and your friend cum sister….as prinku said there is a threshold point for everything…if it goes beyond that none can stand it even we girls are not different why can’t the men understand that…we girls are not use and throw cups….I just wanted to say if a man (if he truly is) should think of his mother who gave birth to him before even thinking of abusing a girl….we girls are not show pieces many in this world think like that if they think like that….then I am sure they are not fit to be human beings….

    Okay i think I became emotional because I am the who was denied of my rights and dreams because I am a girl….I just don’t want any other girl to suffer this fate at least before my eyes….sweety you once again proved that you are more mature than your age and I am damn sure that it will take you to great heights…

    With lov
    Your princess

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