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Saumya’s chocked yet anguish voice echoed in that black night. Neither she was the first one to raise the question nor was she the only one to receive silence back. Her tears trailed down her eyes and AniIshu’s eyes too gave in paving way to their tears, Prinku was by now crying even more bitterly holding on to Rudra.




Replied the ever so calm yet stern voice of Abhishek Singhaniya.
He moved towards Saumya and cupping her face wiped her tears, then he held her hand in his and took Anika, Ishu and Prinku’s hand placing one over the other.
Abhi: Not fighting back is worse. Worse then the crime that the criminal does. Worse is accepting your fate rather then trying to change it. Worse is the acceptance of fair, worse is considering that you failed. Worse is bowing down in front of someone’s unnecessary belief. Worse is listening to society and thinking that their words have any reason.
While saying so he took hand of every single person there and kept it one by one on the other.
Abhi: Worse is too break rather than standing together. All this is worse.
Saumya: But papa…

Abhi: Saumya you want to know what is worse, I will tell you what worse happened today. When Prinku got molested and she didn’t say anything, that was worse, when that police officer didn’t lounge your complain and you guys came back without saying any thing to them was worse, when the people bad mouthed about Rudra and you didn’t stop them rather came in hiding was worse. Worse was the feeling that made you accept that you are weak and worst will be when you give in.
Saumya: But how can we change people and their so called mentality.
Abhi: Saumya, if you really want to change people first change yourself. Change the way you look at society, change the way you perceive things. Change will definitely come maybe not in people but in you. The day you change yourself worse will start becoming good, better and maybe who knows one day best as well.
Saumya nods.

Anika: But why always a girl. Whatever it maybe why always a girl’s dignity is questioned, why is she only always judged. Why the parameter for measuring her character begins from the length of her skirt and ends at the size of her shirt? Why is the question always raised on a girl? If she is too beautiful then she has to become a victim and people will bad mouth about her, if she isn’t beautiful even then people will speak wrong about her and her parents would be worried that how will she find a good match. If she is outspoken people will criticise her and if she is silent then “doesn’t she has a tongue.” I mean whatever a girl may do it is wrong only, she can never be right. From being a house setter to being Prime minister, from a maid till stepping on moon a girl is capable of doing everything. But there is one place where she always fails that place is society. Why?
Jhanvi who was a silent spectator till now said
Jhanvi: Because we have failed in raising our voice. Because a women at times herself becomes enemy to other. Because at time we forget everything just in name of society, people and ethics. Our own opinions are not stable we have started depending on others for our needs. Somewhere or other it’s our mistake as well.
Ishu: But why can’t things change, will no girl ever get answer for all the things that she goes through.
Pragya: You will get answer only when there would be an answer to your questions. Look at times the question we have do not have an answer but there is always a solution. Maybe your questions have an answer but the fact is that we don’t know that answer.
Dadi: Baccha at times rather than wasting your time in finding an answer we should rather go and change things because answer will only end your question but change will never let that question arise.
Ishu: That’s the point dadi, change how will that come.
Pinky: It will come, it will surely come. If people like you who want to it to come increase then definitely one day change will come.
But still there were eyes un satisfied, filled with questions, rage and tears.
Abhi: Come on now no crying, just remember when next time someone questions you, your rights or your dignity learn to answer them back.
All nod.

Abhi: Now stop crying.
Saying so he hugs Saumya and forwards his hand for Prinku to come, who goes and hugs him.
Abhi to Prinku: Next time somebody says or humiliates you remember you will have to answer not anyone else.
Prinku nods.
Abhi just in order to cheer her up: Even if Karan says something give him two three punches.
Karan opens his mouth in shock, while the rest chuckled at it.
Anika hitting Shivaay slightly says: Same applies to you too.
Shivaay sees her scared.
Abhi: It’s quite late all of you get back to your beds and sleep now. Tomorrow you all have to leave for your work.
All nod and leave accept for Prinku.
Karan notices her and goes to her.
Karan: What are you thinking Priyanka.
Prinku trying to hide her fear and tears: Nothing.
Karan holding her shoulder makes her look at him: If you think that something of this sort will effect me, then I am sorry to say I feel that my wife doesn’t knows me.
He said with a smile.
Prinku hugged him, while he patted her back.
Karan: Relax Priyanka nothing happened and nothing will happen. Remember one thing tum jitna daro gi, darr tumha utna hi darayaga. (more you will get scared, fear will scare you more.)
Prinku nods and wiping her tears leaves to sleep followed by Karan.

Pragya to Abhi: You made them understand today but what next.
Abhi: Let’s see.

All the youngsters are sitting in the living room.
Tej: What are all of you doing here? Don’t you guys have any work today or is it a holiday.
Abeer: Vo uncle actually we all are trying to search for job only, so doing some research.
All give weird look.
Prinku: And dad today it’s holiday in college.
Tej: Ok then.
Dadi: All of you what will you guys do sitting here. Come with me to temple.
All nod.

Let’s start.

Yup! Guys even I don’t have any answer to when will change come and how? But if we start with ourselves maybe one day change comes.
I am really glad with the comments in the previous part as I could see rage, support and lots of encouragement in them. I am really happy that you guys shared your P.O.V. With me and I always appreciate this effort of my readers and commenters. You guys are always welcome to share your part. And about the length of comment, you guys can comment as long as you want I love long comments and really like reading your views.

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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  1. It’s really awesome you explained very well about the girls in the society and it’s true that sometimes rather than finding answer do something that will end the question and you’re a very good writer …….. We all have rights to answer back in the society. Don’t think this is a end of my comment seeing the full stop I will continue commenting and one can I call you di and last post next part soon ???………………………


    I remeber a song named “humne jalwa dikhaya to jal jaoge” and belive me yaha tumne jalwa.dikhaya aur hum jal gaye ????????? go on girl kya ada hai kya nazakat hai ye aati hui nazakat ek waqt ke mohtaj toofan ke aney ki aahat hai

  3. It was amazing di…the way saumya questioned and abhi answered to her answer was amazing….really appreciate your hard work….

  4. Ohhhh shivika dear!! I love you dear?????????????????
    You perfectly exemplified everything… Nd abhi answering all the questions… Superbbbbb?????… Nd karan….he is soooooo understanding yaar… I wish ib mein bhi prinku ko aise hi koyi mile…
    Nd mera cutiepie abeer kaha tha?? I just love him..
    Nd dear have you started to vote for SPA??
    Aur haa… Yeh kushi ke aasu hai pagli..??
    Update nxt one asap!!??

  5. Sanskriti120

    Noo never ever you should not stop defending yourselves. Aapne bht teek Kaha aaj. Aajke episode dhamakedhaar tha yaar!!!!!!. I support every thing you said in today’s episode. It really means a lot to see someone understanding and spreading awareness about such a delicate topic.
    Aur roz aap thanks bolte hain na for commenting but today I wanna thank you for writing sooooo greatly and wonderfully. You are really a grest writer?????????????

  6. Nikita_jai29

    You really did good dear….
    If youth change his thinking.. Change is surely come in society…. Because youth is the future of society…

  7. Alekhika20


  8. Surbhi Sharma


  9. It’s Superbb!!!!! shivika….. D way u explain each nd every thing was just AWESOME…… U r right we hve 2 first change ourself 4 bring change in our society……

  10. Amazing update…

  11. Kavya347

    It’s Awesome my Supergirl. I cannot tell you how superb you are…it’s a very powerful point dear!!! Protecting ourselves and our respect is our duty not anyone else’s… and we all should be strong enough to end our problems once and for all. The way everbody in the family reacted, supported, advised, it was great!!! Now this is something you put on board… love you dear…and waiting for the next!!!?

  12. Mrunal

    well said… or i could say well portrayed..
    and u know this may be pov of each girl…..
    fortunately that change for which we r waiting is started…
    girls r raising their voices about wrong things… and i really appreciate that but still their is a long way till destination and till the we can’t keep wasting our time on finding the answer of why only girls…???
    so better try to change the situation and ask why not girls….???

    hats off to u for bringing this topic here and portraying it so well

    fabulous dear….

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