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Om is seen seeing a video ? which Rudra is showing him , actually it’s a forwarded video ? with title ‘The Brave Girl’.
Om is shocked + spellbound and he is cursing himself.
Shivaay enters and looking at Om questions him
Shivaay: Kya Hua Om?
Shivaay looks at Rudra and asks him what happened.
Rudra calls out louder: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Om coming back to this world looks at Rudra and says
Om: Why the hell are you shouting your lungs out Rudraaaaa?
Rudra looks at Shivaay and Shivaay understanding it continues
Shivaay in a calm tone: Kya Hua Om?
( What happened Om?)
Om: Guys ya wahi laadki hai?
( This is the same girl)
Shiv Ru give each other a confused ? look.
Shivaay: Konsi laadki?
(Which girl)
Om: She is the same girl ? on whom I shouted yesterday.
(Actually guys some one has viraled Ishaana’s video of catching the thief and beating him.)
Shi Ru now understood what had happened .
Shivaay: So now, what Om.
Rudra: Aap KO unsa maafi mangani chahiya.
(You should ask forgiveness from het.)
Om: Ya you are right Rudra I should ask forgiveness from her.
Om with lots of determination said that.

And with this three of them retired to their bed.

Next Morning ?
Today’s morning ? was as simple as every other morning ? but it was special for few skilling faces who were moving all around the house ? and getting ready.
Ani was dammn excited ? for her new job and was in a rush.
Ishu was getting ready quickly as she had few important things lined up for herself, so even she was running, but our Soums was getting ready calmly as she was free for the day as her college ? would begin the following week.
After getting ready they all went to their respective work place’s.

Om was very determined to ask forgiveness from Ishaana so, he went to same place where they had their first meet cum first fight, this place is adjacent to Om’s gallery.

Ishaana reaches their and while moving on road she found the same guy who stole her bag ? so, quitely followed him .
All this while Om was following her as he had seen her.
Here Ishaana caught that boy ? and inquired something from him and then gave him some money.
Om could not hear what she said but when he saw her giving money ? to that boy ?, he got hell angry and rushed towards them while clapping ? his hands and said
Om: WOW ?, such a player you are dear.
Ishu gives confused ? look.
Ishu: Firstly what are you doing here and why the hell are you calling me a player ? ( she said a bit angry ? as she was still annoyed because of their last encounter )
Om: Oh tum kahna kya chaati Ho Ki Mai sahi saayma par saahi jagan par hoon ya saahi saayma par galat jaagha par ho.
( Oh! What do you want to say , is my timing wrong ? or shan’t I be present at this place.)
Ishu: Na tooh saamay Mai koi problem hai aur nahi jaagha Mai, problem na sirf tum Mai aur tumhara dimaag Mai hai Jo bina kuch deekha aur suna 400 km prati ghanta Ki speed se decision la laita hai, aur mujhe tumhara expressions dekh kar poora yakin Ho raha hai Ki ab bhi kal Ki tarha tumhara super duper fast brain nai koi decision Lai liya hoga. Kun?
(There is no problem ? either with time or with the place. The entire problem is of you and your brain which works at the speed of 400 km per hour and comes to conclusions without thinking ? or looking at anything. And definitely I am sure that today also u would have come to some lame conclusion and that to about me.)
Om: Mera tooh dimaag thikh hai par tumhaari haarkatan thikh nahi hai.
Tum na Vo saara choori ka drama jaroor popular hona Kai liya liya hoga right.
(Every thing is ok with me but you and acts are wrong. You did the entire drama of that theft just in order to gain publicity.)
Ishu: Oh hello , rehna do vaisa bhi tumha saamjhana ka toh koi faiyada hai hi nahi aur me bevakoofon ka mooh nahi lagti.
(Oh Mr. , no let it go, it’s waste of time to talk to you or to explain anything to you.)
Saying this Ishu leaves the place and her face shows pure annoyance + hurt+ anger to the fullest .

After Ishu leaves that boy ? says ,
Boy ?: Nahi bhaisaab aap unha galat samhaj raha Ho Vo toh dil Ki boohat aachi hai.
He then starts narrating their talk to him.
(The time when Ishaana caught the boy and began to confront him.)
Ishu: Hey u why did you steal my bag ? yesterday.
Boy ?: Stays silent…………..
Ishu: Agar tum kuch nahi bolo gai toh Mai tumha police ? ka hawala kardoongi.
(Hey if you don’t reply to me then I will get you arrested.)
Boy (sobbing a bit , which went unnoticed by Om as he was standing really far): Maina yeh choori aapna liya nahi Ki thi Mai jinka yahaan kaam Karta hoon Vo, mujhe boohat maarta hai aur aisa kaam karna Kai liya kahta hai.
( I didn’t do theft for myself, I am forced to do all this by those people whom I work for.)
Ishu: Toh tum unki nookri chood kun nahi deta.
(So why don’t you leave their job.)
Boy ?: Mai yeh naahi kaar sakta tabtak toh nahi jaab tak Mai unka kaarza nahi Uttar deta.
(I can’t do this at least not till the time I repay their loan.)
Ishu: Kaarza, kaisa kaarza?
(Loan, what kind of loan?)
Boy ?: Kuch saal pehla ma Kai operation Kai liya baba nai un logon Sai paisa liya tha , wo kaarza toh nahi chuka paya aur nahi ma ko baacha paya, kunki wo ek gareeb kisan tha aur hamara pass kuch zameen thi Jo un logon nai cheen li , yeh sab baba sehn nahi kar paya toh unhona aatamhatya kar li.
(He said all this without any crying ? and it seemed as if he was too much hurt and tired of crying ? that his eyes ? had refused to shed even a single tear now and the tiredness on his face clearly showed his helplessness and hopelessness as in this young age he had suffered from the unbearable pain, which can not be even imagined by anyone.)
( English translation: Few years back my mom needed to be operated so, my dad took some loan but he was neither able to save mom nor was able to repay the debt, so he committed suicide out of helplessness.)

Hearing this incident Ishu felt the pain in the boys voice.
Ishu: Vo kon loog hai.
( Who are those people.)
Boy ?: Vo hamara gaun ka zamindaar hai.
(They are land lord of my village.)
Ishu: Tujhe Una kitna paisa Dena hai.
(How much money ? do you have to return them)
Boy ?: ₹50,000 (pachaas hazaar)
Ishu hands over him some money ? and says: Yeh maat samhajna Ki Mai tum paar koi ehsaan kar rahi hoon, Mai Saara paisa vaapas loongi wo bhi interest ka sath, Jo tum mera liya kaam kar kar uttaro gai.
(Don’t think that I am showing any sympathy and giving you this money ? because I will take it back and that too with interest.)
Boy ? smiles at this and takes the money ?.
As soon as he takes money ? Omkara comes in scene and rest you all know…………………………….. Isn’t it.
As soon as Omkara hears the story he feels guilty and moves towards the place very Ishu went. He searches for her and finally find her near the tea ? stall and she seems to be more hot than the tea ? at that very moment as she was hell angry ? on Om for accusing her.
Om goes and sits in front of her and before he could say any thing Ishu says
Ishu: Kya kuch baaki rehgaya hai kehna ko.
(Is there any thing left to say?)
Om: I am sorry ? miss………(expecting to know her name.)
Ishu: Oh Mr. Apka sorry bhaad Mai Gaya, aapna Jo mujhe accuse Kia hai na aur Jo mera din khaarab kiya hai Vo aapna sorry – worry se na thik nahi hoga.
(To hell with ur sorry as it is useless for me .)
(Saying this she left to her home as she was in no mood now to do any work)
Om was really disappointed ? so he too left to his home ?.

Om reaches in the hall where he finds Rudra and dadi talking to each other.
Rudra and dadi see him upset so dadi asks
Dadi: Ki Hoya puttar toh inha dukhi kun hai?
(What happened son why are you so upset.)
Om tells Rudra and dadi every thing about Ishu and his first and second encounter and his misunderstanding.
Rudra: O aap KO yaar hai aap kha kaarta tha Ki ” Sorry koi football ⚽ nahi hai jisa kick kiya aur Vo saamna waala ka goal Mai chala jai, saamna waala ko manana paadta hai.” Toh baas aap KO ab unha manana padaga.
( O do you remember you use to say ” Sorry is not a football ⚽ that by kicking it you can make a goal, you need to convince the other person to accept your apology. ” So now just convince her.)
Om: Wow ? Dumbel Oberoi, u have turned out to be so intelligent. Ok so now I will apologize to her in my way.
Rudra ( getting back to his cool ? dude mode says): O kya co laadki hot hai.
(O is that girl ? hot.)
Om understanding his intentions says
Om: Shut up Rudra.
Rudra: Kya O har baar ek hi dialogue kaabhi tooh kuch naya bolo.
(What O always same dialogue say, something new man)
Om : Keep ur mouth shut.
Rudra: Kya O isska bhi same hi meaning hai.
(This also means same O.)
Om now a bit loud and in angry ? tone: Rudra chup kar.
(Rudra stay silent.)

While they were fighting Mr. Sethi enters with Anika
Mr. Sethi: Namaste aunty ji.( He says while joining his hands to dadi.)
Dadi now looking at him: Namaste Sethi ji aayi aayi.
(Good morning Mr. Sethi pls come in.)
Mr. Sethi: Aunty ji iss se milya yeh Anika hai.
(Aunty meet her she is Anika.)
Anika joining her hands greets them saying: Namaste (Good morning.)
Dadi replies: Namaste puttar
(Good morning dear), come sit.
Mr. Sethi and Anika sit along with OmRu and Jhanvi and Pinky too come in scene and greet every one present their.
Mr. Sethi introduces Anika to everyone and leaves after a while.
Daadi : Dekh Anika puttar sab saari zimaadari Teri hai, mera billu Ki shaadi Mai koi gaadbad nahi honi chahiya.
( Look Anika now arrangements of my billu’s weeding are your responsibility.)
Anika: Aap tension na loo aunty ji Mai Saab deekh loongi, when Anika is their then why to fare.
(Don’t worry aunty when Anika is here then why to fare)
Dadi: Puttar you can call me dadi , every one here call’s me same.
Anika gets glad and calls her dadi.
Rudra gets impressed by her cool attitude forwards his hand for a handshake with Anika and says
Rudra: Mai Rudra hoon Anika didi.
Ani shakes hand happily with him, followed by Om who introduces himself and shakes hand with Ani. Pinky and Jhanvi also introduce themselves and Anika gets glad meeting everyone.

Om’s style to ask forgiveness from Ishu.

Guess Work:
How will Om ask forgiveness from Ishaana.

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Lot’s of love ❤ and good wishes.
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