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Few people enter Oberoi estate.
Dadi: Who are all of you?
Man1: We are hear to meet the C.E.O. of Oberoi’s and Singhaniya’s industry.
Dadi: Come sit.
All are called.
Abhishek: How can we help you guys.
M1: Sir, we are from bank, here is your notice.
Abhishek takes the notice and reads it.
Abhishek: How is this possible?

Shivaay: What happened Abhi uncle.
Abhishek: This is the notice from court that within two days our entire will be sealed.
All: What?
Karan taking the notice: How is this even possible?
M2: Sir, you had taken a loan of ₹500 crores from bank and you weren’t able to return that after that we had sent you the notice which you never answered.
Tej: What the hell we never took any loan.
Karan: Yes even we didn’t?
M2: But the loan was taken by both the companies together.
Shivaay: But why will we take loan together.
M2: As you were going to merge.
Everyone gets shocked.
Karan: Who said that we are merging.
M1: Obviously Mr. Karan you married the daughter of Oberoi’s, you wouldn’t have done that without any reason. It’s common in business world to marry for collaborating the companies.
All got hell angry. Shivaay shouted angrily

M1: What’s the fun of shouting on us. That’s what you people always do, you were about to marry Tia Kapoor for business only.
Shivaay remembers his wish to marry Tia for business.
Karan: That’s a separate issue. The matter presently is we never took any loan.
M1: We don’t know about it but we have Mr. Oberoi and Mr. Singhaniya’s signature on these papers.
Karan: Now what are you planning to do.
M2: Sir as your company has already been transferred on the name of MIS.. ARADHYA MALIK now we have to mortgage your houses.
Everyone gets another shock.
Om: How can you do that when we never took the loan.
M2: Sorry sir, but that’s what the notice says.
Shivaay: You can’t do this.
M2: Sir tomorrow we will be here and by then you guys have to leave this place. You can take few essential things with you but not anything else.
Karan: That’s ridiculous you can’t throw us out of our house like this.
M1: Aare sir there is no fun of shouting on us if you want to do something then go to court and court proceedings will take time. We had come to do our work so we did that. Now please excuse us.
They leave.

Anika: Now what’s this new trouble.
Shivaay breaks the vase kept at side in anger.
OmRu hold him.
Om: Relax Shivaay nothing will happen by anger.
Anika bandages his hand.
Karan: I think so we can for stay orders.
Abhi: Impossible.
Abeer: Why baba?
Abhi folding his arms across his chest: Today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday so courts will remain closed And Monday is gazetted holiday.
Karan: This Aradhya Malik is getting on our nerves.
Shivaay: I will contact the ministry.
Everyone nods.
Tej: What did the minister say?
Shivaay: He said he is out of town and can’t do anything.
Ishaana: Lie.
Abeer: What?

Ishaana: He has a public campaign today. It was written in morning’s newspaper.
Tej: It’s useless the news is out in the market and no one will help us now.
Anika: That means we will have to leave our house as well.
Abhi sighs: Yes, we have no other option.
Saumya: But how can they do like this.
Abhi: That’s how law works.
Abeer: We can’t even get a stay order till Tuesday.
Karan looks at Abeer and was thinking something, he was a bit nervous but finally he went to him and spoke.
Karan: ABEER…
Abeer looked at him and with first glance itself he knew what was in Karan’s mind so he spoke.
Abeer: Don’t even think.
Karan placing his hand on Abeer’s shoulder gently says
Karan: Please try to understand.
Anika: What are you guys talking?
Abeer angrily says: Your dear brother wants me to leave as probably he is bankrupt now.
Abeer spoke gritting his teeth angrily.
Karan: Please try to understand.
Abeer: No I don’t want to and if you have so much problem then I will leave but remember I won’t go back to Malhotra mansion.
Karan gives in as he knew it was impossible to get Abeer fo what he didn’t want to, but with hope he looked at Pragya who nodded in no.

Janvi was on call.
Janvi: No ma.
P.O.C.: ______________________.
Janvi: Please I am fine and don’t worry about me.
P.O.C.: ______________________.
Janvi: Bye ma.

Tej heard Janvi as he entered the room so he approached her.
Tej: Whom were you talking.
Janvi with faint smile: Ma.
Tej a bit hesitant: What was she saying?
Janvi: No nothing.
Saying so she was about to leave but Tej held her hand.
Tej: Janvi what did she say.
He asked sternly.
Janvi looking down said: She asked me to come with kids and stay with her.
Tej: Due to our situation.
Janvi nods.
Tej a bit broken: So what did you say.
Janvi: I said no.
Tej in same tone: Why? What wrong did she say you all should go and stay with her. Now toh I don’t have anything.
Janvi looked directly into Tej’s eyes with anger and disgust: Tej after all the happenings also do you think that I was behind your money. How can you think about me like that?
She roared in anger and left smashing his hand. Tej looked at the way she went with tears forming in his eyes and his heart pouncing and cursing himself for destroying his wife’s life just for some other WOMEN. He felt disgust on himself and lost his balance and was about to fall, when a pair of hand held him and made him sit he looked at the owner of hands, the person was none other than OMKARA SINGH OBEROI his own son, for whom he failed to me a good father even.

Om: She loves you purely and will always be with you no matter where you stay.
He said with soft and genuine voice and finely looked into his father’s eyes which were filled with innumerable emotions for the first time ever TEJ SINGH OBEROI’S eyes were speaking to his son with lots of desperation hidden behind them. Finally with chocked voice he spoke.
Tej: Will you ever able to forgive me.
Om smiled at him and bending on his knees with voice full of concern he spoke holding his father’s hand: I have started the journey, give me some time please.
Tej creased his face and smiled slightly.
Om: Right now you should talk to mom I will send her.
Tej nods. Om leaves.
Tej For the first time after loosing everything he felt like he didn’t loose even a bit rather he gained alot.
Janvi enters the room.
Janvi: Why did you call me?
Tej holds her hand and says
Tej: Will you give me last chance. I am not habitual of so much of trust, I am learning and will grasp everything soon.
Janvi smiled and said: And if you didn’t learn then I will beat you and make you learn everything.
Tej laughs and nods both hug each other.


Sorry guys for being late and making you all wait but what to do I am a bit hooked up and a little confused with how to go ahead so couldn’t update but will try to be regular. Please all the readers try commenting as your comments are only my motivation to write so PLEASE DO COMMENT.
And THANK YOU TO all the commenters.

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Keep smiling
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    finally tume yaad tho aagayi tu ek story writer….and u r story is not completed…..
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    finally aaj tume time milgaya…
    well episode was as usual…
    window breaking one dr…
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