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Both the Oberoi and Singhaniya family have assembled in the hall and are waiting for Shivaay and Anika.
Rudra: Aare why has Bhaiya called a huge family meeting this early in morning and now he himself is lost somewhere.
Soumya: Vaisa Ani di is also not seen here.
Abeer: Relax guys give them some time, both will come.
Rudra: Aagar Bhaiya ko private time chayi tha toh Bhabhi ko date par lakar jata, long drive par la jata, disco Lai jata yah beach par ya fir holiday par hum sab ko yahan assemble karna Ki kya zaroorat thi.

(If Bhaiya wanted some private time with Bhabhi then he should have taken her out on a date or long drive or maybe on a holiday what was the need to assemble all of us here.)
Om: Relax Rudy, Shivaay will come.
Rudra: How can I relax O I have to go on a date.
All give him”Nothing can happen” look.
After a while both Shivaay and Anika come from the outside. All look at them.
Tej: Shivaay why did you call everyone here.
Shivaay looks at Anika all worried, she nods at him to proceed and holds his hand to ensure him that she is their with him. Shivaay moves forward and stands in front of everyone his back leaning on the table and he is looking at floor. Everyone finds his behaviour to be really awkward.
Om: Shivaay is everything alright.
Shivaay finally looks up at him and nods in no.
Shivaay: No nothing is alright.
Karan calmly: What happened?
Shivaay sighs to get a hold on his breath and words and finally begins to spill the beans.
Shivaay: ARADHYA.

Abhi: What Aradhya, she is in jail isn’t it?
Shivaay: Well not really and she had played her cards long ago.
Pragya: What? What do you mean by not really?
Jhanvi: And What cards? What do you mean say it clearly.
Shivaay crossing his arms across his chest says
Shivaay: She has destroyed Oberoi’s and Singhaniya’s.
Pragya: What? What are you upto Shivaay? Say it clearly.
Anika intertwines as Shivaay didn’t have much stamina to face all of them.
Anika: Actually he means to say that Aradhya has destroyed Oberoi and Singhaniya industries.
Shivaay understanding his anger: Bada papa wo…wo…
Shivaay trails.
Abhi: Okay relax Shivaay sit down.
All take a seat.
Abhi sat near him and with comforting voice asked very politely
Abhi: What happened Shivaay?
Shivaay looked at him and juggling with his inner self finally began to explain.
Shivaay: Uncle when we all were freed from Aradhya’s clutches, the time when we took Karan Bhaiya to hospital, I saw her she didn’t seem to be aggressive at all about her failure rather she was smirking looking at me in a way as if she was challenging me. After Karan Bhaiya was brought back from hospital I began to dig past history of Aradhya it was almost impossible to know about her but then I searched your office records related to all the employees, but there was nothing that dragged my attention. I searched for all those employees who worked along with Aradhya in your office and then I began enquiring about her from your employees it’s then when I short listed name of all those employees who came very close to her but there was an employee Sameer both were never on good terms but on further enquiry I came to know that both were childhood friends and Sameer shifted to India when you shifted your base from London to India, he was a part of your company since Aradhya had joined and in OBEROI Industries Svetlana had same time period of joining. Sameer quit the job after a month of our kidnapping, then he left the job and went to Zürich where Aradhya stayed before coming here, my doubt became more established when I checked his bank account his account suddenly had an amount of 1000 MILLION U.S.D. DOLLARS transferred just a couple of days ago. They had hacked our entire system on the day of our kidnapping so that we can not know and we should not be present at that place to take care of the situation or give any orders. Sameer hacked into our main processor without anyone knowing about it as as the main computer and it’s information is always present in bada papa and Abhi uncle’s office which is switched on as the day begins by the person in charge and then the entire day it is controlled by bada papa and uncle as on that day both weren’t there so Sameer secretly switched the entire information in his hard drive and then hacking our accounts wasn’t a difficult thing for him. So presently he has transferred all the shares and money on his name.
All were shocked hearing to the account.

Ishu: That means that kidnap and all was just a trap.
Anika: Yes and No.
Rudra: What do you mean di?
Shivaay: Ek teer Sa do nishaana. She wanted to kill us and destroy us completely as her father has no name left she wanted to destroy our name but it would have been a cherry on cake for her if she would have been able to kill us as well. But if not that she rather destroyed our name from this business world which is almost similar.
Om: But still we have our company.
Shivaay: Well that’s no more true with in next 48 hours IT DEPARTMENT AND NARCOTICS DEPARTMENT will check our company and then seal them.
Tej shouts at top of his voice: WHY?
Shivaay: Because they have information against us.
Abhi: They just have information and no proof.
Shivaay: Yes but they will find it.
Jhanvi: How?
Shivaay: I don’t know?
Pragya: How did you know all this?

Shivaay sighs: A month back I went to meet Aradhya in central jail, where she had challenged me on destroying our companies. Then a day before sangeet ceremony Sameer called me.
Sameer: Hello! Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Shivaay: Who’s this?
Sameer: Sameer, you must know me really well by now after all you have done so much research on me isn’t it.
Shivaay: Why have you called me?
Sameer: I thought to make you REST IN PEACE.
{Shivaay remembers the words which Sameer quoted it was of the day when they were kidnapped and Abeer had said that to Aradhya.}
Sameer smirks.
Sameer: What happened getting some flashbacks dear.
Sameer: Oh don’t be angry dearie, I still have another surprise for you.
He puts the phone on speaker.
Aradhya: Hi! Baby. How are you doing? Counting your last days of luxury.
Shivaay in rage: ARADHYA.
Aradhya: Oh baby I know my name no need to shout that. Anyways you are wasting your time in solving the tricks. Why don’t you find a place for yourself to hide as soon you are going to be thrown out of your house as well.
Shivaay shouts: How dare you Aradhya?
Aradhya: Don’t shout at me. That’s useless. Well about our trap let me tell you about that as then your time will be saved and you can use that on saving your respect that is hardly left. (Haa haa she laughs.)
They tell him what they did.
Shivaay: How did you get out of jail?
Aradhya: Come on baby why to waste energy when money can speak.
Sameer: And who else would know this better then you Shivaay.
Aradhya: Anyways I will send IT & NARCOTICS DEPARTMENT to your house as a wedding present to your sister and my beloved EX. So enjoy till then. Bye baby.
She cuts the call.
Shivaay throws his phone in rage.
All look at him.

Karan who was silent all the while finally said
Rudra: Here she has looted us and you are praising her Bhaiya.
Karan: What to do Rudra? She is an amazing player she did what we could never think of. She has challenged us from front without any hide n seek game and we lost.
Shivaay goes to dadi and bending on his knees keeps his hand on her lap.
Shivaay: I am sorry dadi i couldn’t protect dadu’s hard work and this family. I am really sorry dadi.
Saying this he breaks down in her lap.
All if them get shocked seeing him shatter and OmRu, AniIshSoums, Karan, Prinku and Abeer all come forward and encircle them.
Dadi creases his hair and says calmly
Dadi: Billu you know we didn’t loose anything.
Everyone looks shocked at her.
Shivaay: What are you saying dadi.
Dadi: Hmm you know what your dada ji use to say.
She asks all of them to come near her, they abide and everyone sits encircling them some on floor while rest on sofa.
Dadi: Your dada ji use to say that “Kalyani my true property isn’t this industry or company my true property are our kids, because I know if even tomorrow we fall down they all will be their to hold us up again. Where ever our family will be if they will be together they will be our biggest strength and wealth.”
And look billu whatever he said is true today maybe we are bankrupt but the true wealth is in your strength and your people’s strength is togetherness. Today all of my children and grandchildren are together and see even Tej is back on line. You all are very lucky as you all are together. Remember till you all are with each other standing together no one can defeat you whatever may the situation be.
All nod and hug her.

Rudra: And Bhaiya you are still our the great wall of Shivaay.
Shivaay looks at him and then hugs him tightly and rest join.
Anika: But what will we do now.
Tej: No idea.
Ishu: But we can’t even sit ideal na.
Shivaay: That’s also right.
Karan: When are the narcotics and IT department going to come.
Shivaay: Maybe in a say or two.
Karan: Hmmm
Shivaay: I am sorry Karan Bhaiya.
Karan smiles at him: Thank you Shivaay.
All look blank at them.
Karan: I know Shivaay that you have hidden such a big thing so that Prinku and I can get married peacefully. Right.
Shivaay and Anika nod in agreement.
All smile.
Pragya: Let it be now all of you go to your rooms we will discuss about this later.
All disperse.

Last Jhatka / Shock.

Keep smiling ?
Stay happy ?
For now signing off
Shivika ?…

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