@LEAF 46

ANCHOR: I would like to invite Honourable C.E.O. of CANNES FEST Mr. John McCain accompanied by Sponsor of Cannes and C.E.O coca-cola company Mrs. Noori.
Noori: We are pleased to be a part of such a blissful journey tonight. More than anything I am proud to be part of an event that has introduced a pacific of opportunities to the people around the world. The remarkable documentaries are epic in themselves.

John McCain: So without wasting further time and increasing the level of your curiosity we would like to invite all the twenty participants here.
All the participants reach the stage.
John McCain: The second runner up is Jinny Walker from Australia.
(the announcement is followed by a huge round of applause and hooting from the entire stadium.)
Noori: The first runner up is…

(The entire hall gets silenced.)
Ishaana Singhaniya.
All the Oberoi’s and Singhaniya’s stand up and clap hard, even the rest of the stadium accompanied them by standing up and clapping.
NOORI: Right now I can’t tell how proud I am feeling while announcing your name Ishaana, congratulations dear.

Ishaana smiles and accepts the trophy and her handshake smilingly.
John McCain: The winner of the documentary fest is Abul Udin Aibak from U.A.E. Congratulations.
ANCHOR: Now we will like to have a word from the winners.
Jinny: _____________________________

Ishaana: It’s a pleasure to become so capable that I am standing here. To be very frank I never thought about any thanks giving speech so to be on a safer side I will prefer to pour my heart out. My dad always says what ever you do in life do it with utmost perfection or never do that work only. His motivation is the reason I am here. My ma always held me across all the worst times, my siblings became my support. I love you guys. (All smiled.). I wish to thank that mother which is the reason of survival of every Indian the mother my “BHARAT MATA”. Thank you to everyone for there support.
She almost chocked by the end and leaves.

All clap.

Rudra: Di aren’t you feeling bad that after so much of hard work you didn’t win.
Ishu smiles and say
Ishu: What matters isn’t winning, it’s that you participate. I am just upset that my nation also lost.
Dadi keeps her hand on Ishu’s head and says

Dadi: Dear India is proud of you, so what if you didn’t come first, we all are proud of you.
All smile and Ishu hugs dadi.

Everyone had returned and now preps for Karan and Prinku’s marriage are on the rocks.

Shivaay was hell angry while taking on the phone. He throws his phone in anger that lands up on Anika’s feet who was standing near the terrace door.
Shivaay looked at Anika in frustration she approached him and kept her hand on his shoulder.
Anika: What is the matter Shivaay? Please tell me.
Shivaay looks at her and finally breaks down.
Shivaay: ___________________________

Their conversation was muted.
Anika gets shocked and sits beside Shivaay after sliding down, the way he did a while ago.
Anika: Now what?

Shivaay: I just want them to get married peacefully and then I will tell both the families.
Anika keeping her hand on his shoulder says
Anika: Don’t worry Shivaay everything will fall in place and I am sure you would have given your best to stop all this.
Shivaay looks at her with tired eyes and then lays his head on her shoulder and Anika doesn’t retaliates.

After a while they go downstairs and rekindle with the rest but tension was at it’s peak on their faces.

Anika comes all set in a beautiful green and golden lehanga, with a mang tikka adorning her forehead and kundan earrings decorating her ears.
Shivaay was already waiting for her there.
Anika: Why did you call me here Shivaay?
Shivaay looks at her all mesmerized and flattered by her beauty.
Anika: Hmmm.

Shivaay: You know you are my support.
Anika: Oh Shri Shri 108 bagaad billa Maharaj aapki tabayat toh thik hai na.
(Are you okay.)
Shivaay smiles at her, she blinks her eyes tremendous number of times.

Shivaay: Shhh… You speak a lot. Let me speak today.
Anika: You mean I am a chatter box.
Shivaay bangs his head with his palm and laughs.
Shivaay: Will you please shut up madam, please for sometime let me speak.

Anika with attitude: Okay.
Shivaay: I love you.
Anika’s eyes popped out of their socket hearing Billu ji speak “I Love You”.
Anika shaking her ears.

Anika: Wait wait what did you say? I think so my ears are not working.
Shivaay removed her hand and stood with the support of the balcony railings, he saw the sky above and then he looked at Anika. Anika had lot of questions but as if for a while Shivaay’s eyes had casted a magical spell on her she stayed rooted to her place without uttering a word and her lenses just focused his.

Shivaay: Anika like all the other lovers I won’t say that I will get moons or stars for you or after we marry your life will always be filled with happiness or if we get married than you will never cry or what so ever. I am practical and saying all this will be foolishness as somewhere or other all this is a big lie, I can’t predict our future. Ya but there is something that I can promise you. Whether you say yes or no to me it’s entirely your choice I won’t force you for anything still I will be with you at least as a friend.

(He takes Anika’s hand in his, while Anika looks on having no power to retaliate as Shivaay’s words had made her spell bound, while Shivaay continues.) I am not saying that you will never face any problem in life, as life isn’t a bed of roses, you will definitely face many problems but then it won’t be your problems they would be our problems, you will definitely cry but then we will cry together and I will hold you and I promise I will get back your smile. I will try my best that no problem comes your way but still if it comes than I will face it along with you. You will not be just you it will be us Anika. I will face whatever comes your way.

I promise that I will never leave you whatever may happen. Our life would just be a journey from I to WE. I will never let you be alone. I promise that. (He moves a bit back and says) Considering these stars, moon, sky and clouds as a witness I swear on them that till they will survive, I will be by your side, I will stand by you,I will hold you whenever you will fall, I will try my level best to fill our life with love and happiness and I will love you till I live and I will be with you even after dying. I will support you in all the means I could.
He ends by looking at her.

Anika is just looking in his eyes today she felt them to be the most innocent and purest thing in the world. Those eyes had hope, love, faith, trust and more than anything those eyes had confidence , confidence of being by her side, confidence of not leaving her, confidence of supporting her through all the ups and downs and confidence of being with her for whole life.
Anika finally after a long gap spoke up, but just a word
Anika: Why?

Shivaay smiled at her and said

Shivaay: Because no one can be you. I love my brothers more than myself and all I want is there happiness and for that I hide whatever can hurt them but that’s not the case with you I do love you but sharing things with you make me feel relieved of my burden, you are the only person after my brothers to conquer my heart, you know the importance of family and above all you understand me and support me the way no one does.

In short I need you as you complete me maybe you won’t ever need me, still I wanted to confess everything as I myself don’t know what may the next morning bring for us but before thinking about that I wanted to confess my feelings rest is your wish Anika, if you say yes even then I will love you and if you say no even then I will love you.

He smiled and seeing a blank expression on Anika’s face said.
Shivaay: Anika let’s go everyone must be waiting.

Anika nods and follows him like a robot all confused with her messed up feelings but just sure about one thing that today Shivaay’s presence and his words made her night a heaven.

The hall is totally hitched up for the event and is flooding in with the guests.

Anika rushes in and finds Kabeer, IshuSoums talking with each other. Ishu is wearing a florescent pink lehanga, with earrings and a mang tikka; Soums is in a light brown lehanga, with golden work and is wearing earrings.
Abeer: What happened to you bhootni, it seems as if you have come from a cross country race.
Anika still in her robotic form: Guys Shivaay proposed me.
Abeer who was drinking juice spills it out while the rest watch Anika wide eyed.

Karan: WHAT???
Anika nods her head frantically in yes.
Abhi comes from behind and placing his arm on Anika’s shoulder says
Abhi: So what do you want to answer.
Abeer teasingly: Of course ‘NO’.

Anika looks on annoyed and says
Anika: Why No?
Abeer teasing her more: Aare you only said na that you both can never live together.
Anika: But that is past.
Pragya: Then what do you want to do?
Anika: I don’t know.
Soums: Di stop acting foolish.

Ishu: Yup! Do you love him or not.
Karan: What did he say?
Ani ignores all the other questions and answers Karan
Anika: He didn’t go on his knees, he didn’t say he will get me moons and stars.
Abeer and Soums: How boring?
Pragya: Then what did he say?

Anika: He just promised.
Ishu: What?
All look on shocked.

Anika continued: He promised his support to me till eternity, he swore on the moon and stars, he swore to be by my side and hold me whenever I break down. He just promised what was true. He wishes to build our relation on trust.
She gets lost for a moment and remembers Shivaay’s proposal.
Anika: It wasn’t any fairy tale proposal but was the best. (She smiled in herself). I love that bagaad billa. I love Shivaay. (she finally confesses.)

All cheer and hug her.
Anika: Wait wait guys but I didn’t answer him till now.
Karan: So go and say now.
Anika: But how just like that.
Abeer: Okay come with me.
Anika: Where?
Abeer: Shhh…

He drags her.

Abeer: Doston pata hai duniya na bohaat ajeeb hai yaahan Jo chiz sabsa zyaada dard deti hai vahi sabko sabsa zyaada pasand hoti hai.
(Dear friends you know what people are really out of the world, everyone wants that thing the most that hurts them.)
Rudra: Vo kya hai bhai.
(What’s that bro?)
Abeer: Ishq.

Karan: Teri tabayait toh thik hai philosophy tera bas ka rog nahi hai.
(Are you well Abeer you are talking philosophy today.)
Abeer: Lo yeh kah bhi kaun raha hai Jo khud ishq ka jaal Mai phasa Hua hai.
(Look who is speaking who himself is caught in the web of love.)
All laugh at Karan, while he glares Abeer and then looks away.
Rudra: Toh aapka hisaab Sa ishq ka kya matlab hai.
(So according to you what is love.)

Abeer: Rehna da Kisi aaisa insaan Sa jaan tai hain Jo ishq Mai pada ho, mujhe toh aaya din Kisi na Kisi Sa ishq hota rehta hai.
(Let it be man, let’s know this from someone who has fallen in love, I just keep falling every day,…. In love.)
He grins sheepishly.
All clap.
Abeer: So here let’s have her love confession.
Rudra: Who?
Abeer: Bhai saabar.
(Have patience dear.)

1,2,3… Here we go.
Lights get dim and are focused on the main stage where a girl is standing, with her back, she turns and is reviled to be Anika, Shivaay’s heart skips a beat on seeing her and she begins to sing looking in his eyes


Naina nu pata hai
Naina di khata hai
Saanu kis gal di phir
Mildi sazaa hai

Neend ud jaave, chain chhad jaave

(Ani hits her feet backward and joining her both the hands gets them beyond her head, which is tilted a bit and then jerks it.)

Ishq di faqeeri jad lag jaave

(She smiles and blushes then bows her head.)

Neend ud jaave, chain chhad jaave
Ishq di faqeeri jad lag jaave

(she repeats the same steps.)

Ae mann karda ae thagi thoriya

(She places her hand on her heart and then pats it.)

Ae mann karda ae seena zoriyan

(She entangles the first finger of both her hands and then twists it.)

Aine sikh laiyan dil diyan choriyan

(She brings both her hands near her face and then hides her face behind them.)

Ae mann diyan ne kamzoriyan
Ae mann diyan ne kamzoriyan

(She looks into Shivaay’s eyes and signals him in “YES”. His happiness goes beyond the world.)


Shivaay sings:
(Shivaay goes on stage and holds her hand and drags her towards himself, her back hits his chest and then he swirls her and making her at an arms length from himself.)

Mann mann ki sunta jaaye
Sunta nahin mann waalon ki
Mann hi mann mein banaye
Duniya ek khayaalon ki..

(He brings her close to himself and then again swirls her and she is back at an arms length from him while their arms are entangled with each other.)

Paas koi aave, door koi jaave
Hota hai kyun ye, koi samjhaave

(Shivaay twirls her holding her arm in circles.)

Neend ud jaave, chain chhad jaave
Ishq di faqeeri jad lag jaave

Anika looking into his eyes, smiling and blushing continuously sings the song while both dance beautifully to the beats:

Ae mann karda ae thagi thoriya
Ae mann karda ae seena zoriyan
Aine sikh laiyan dil diyan choriyan
Ae mann diyan ne kamzoriyan
Ae mann diyan ne kamzoriyan

Shivaay looks at her and continues:

Naina nu pata hai
Naina di khata hai
Saanu kis gal di phir
mildi sazaa hai

Neend ud jaave, chain chhad jaave
Ishq di faqeeri jad lag jaave

Both sing together:

Ae mann karda ae thagi thoriya
Ae mann karda ae seena zoriyan
Aine sikh laiyan dil diyan choriyan
Ae mann diyan ne kamzoriyan
Ae mann diyan ne kamzoriyan

By the end Shivaay holds Anika by her waist raises her up in the air and very carefully swirls her and then makes her land, both are looking in each other’s eyes with love at it’s exponential power.

All clap getting the two out of their fantasy world.
Both look at each other and then at their families, while their respective siblings are passing a sheepish grin to them. Anika quickly runs to Karan and stands behind him, while everyone chuckles at her antics.

The light once again get dimmer and focuses on the middle stage, a boy in a silver and white kurta salwaar turns and he is none other than “ABEER”.
Abeer: Ek bhai, ek saathi, ek yaar sab paa liya tujha pakar. Teri dosti ka sajda jaun Mai, uss raab Sa vara jaun Mai tera jaisa dost ka naam aapni Puri zindagi likh jaun Mai.
(A brother, a companion, a friend, I found ever relation when I found you, I bow in front of your friendship and I thank that god. I can write my entire life on name of a friend like you.)
Karan smiled emotionally and so do the rest.

Abeer to gets really emotional so he just changes the environment.
Abeer: Let it be. Let’s start.


Abeer begins to sing and dances along:
Shor sharaba oye

Taak tamasha oye

Kholde khidki ko jhaank tu zara sa oye
(he points at a window, that opens to reveal girls behind it, while Abeer smiles sheepishly.)

Bhen di takki oye
Pisegi chakki aaj kare na kare na nakhra

(he gets off the stage and rounding around few girls and showing his swag style dances)

Ambiyan kachi oye
Beriyan pakki oye

(he goes to Karan and keeps his hand on Karan’s shoulder and rounding around him sings)

Rabb kare na toote yaariyan sacchi oye

(Both join there hands and both look at each other, tightening the grip of their hands.)

Yaariyan sachi par duniya hai tuchi saari
Duniya se dil wakhra o…

(Abeer drags Karan with him down the stage.)

Janam se jaari
Tashan ki bimari
Jashan hadd pari
Saari fikra nu chhad chal aa…

Both do some splendid bhangda moves.

Tu bhangda pa, tu bhangda pa
Tu bhangra pa ae aa oo aa…

Wah ji wah!

Ting lak lak ting
Ting lak lak ting
Ting lak lak lak…

Abeer pointing at some girls sings:

Full siyapaa
Dil pe chhaapa

(He pats his heart and innocently forwards his hand to a girl, she takes it but Karan slaps him on his head, so in return Abeer takes hold of Priyanka’s hand and gives it to Karan, both blush but soon get apart.)

Jaaye na naapa
Jawaani ka sharapa

Karan holding AniIshSoums drags them to dance and Abeer drags Rudra and all dances along:

Noodle Hakka
Kudi patakha
Pind di jind hai makhna

Laal parandey
Gale ke faande
Ishq virus
Munde saare maande

Munde shararti
Bade maharathi
Teri gali aake nachna

Janam se jaari
Ishaq ki bimari
Ishq hadd pari
Bas dil vich Rabb rakhna

Tu bhangda pa, tu bhangda pa
Tu bhangra pa ae aa oo aa…

Abeer drags dadi and forces her to sing so she does: (slowly the drag everyone on stage.)

O jiyonda reh..


Tu bhangda pa mitra
Tal na jaye jawaani
Tu bhangda pa mitra
Karle bas manmaani
Tu bhangra pa mitra
Bas peeni aur pilani
Tu bhangra pa mitra
Ye ghadiyan phir na aani
O full botal gatt karja ni
Ke Rum Whiskey to sab hai paani

All together dance:

O put your hands up!

Tu bhangda pa, tu bhangda pa
Tu bhangda pa ae aa oo aa…
Pa le bhanda, pa le bhangda

Tu bhangda..

Ting lak ae lak ting..

Soumya occupies the central stage: So the next performance is by my hot, stunning and cool jiju to be.
Rudra joins her: Oh please Miss. Fatso, next performance is by my sweet, beautiful and lovely Bhabhi to be.
Soumya: No it’s jijs performance.
Rudra showing her his angry look: It’s bhabhs performance.
Soums: Jijs.
Rudra: Bhabhs.
Soums: Jijs.

Rudra: Bhabhs.
Soums: Jijs.
Rudra: Bhabhs.
Soums: Jijs.
Rudra: Bhabhs.
Abeer comes from behind and puts his hand around the neck of the two fighting cats.
Abeer: The next performance is by the most sweetest and cutest couple. So ladies and gentlemen please welcome IshKara.
All clap.

Ishaana was sitting near a made-up tree on the stage and all the lights were dim, there was no light anywhere, she had crossed her legs across her chest, resting her hands on it and her face above it.


Song begins to play:

A male voice is heard and screen focuses on a boy playing piano and he begins to sing while sitting at that place only:

Kisi shaam ki tarah
Tera rang hai khila
Main raat ik tanha
Tu chand sa mila

She raises her head and stands up hearing the sweet song. She is wearing a beautiful white and silver frock with a beautiful diamond studded hair band on her hair, a silver belly and a bracelet in her hand. She goes to the man who is singing and sees her pic kept on the piano and gets shocked, she keeps starring the man, while he continues to sing:

Haan tujhe dekhta raha
Kisi khaab ki tarah

He turns and the man is none other than Om, he smiles seeing Ishu and continues:

Jo ab saamne hai tu
Ho kaise yaqeen bhala

Ishu smiles at him and sings, she straightens her arms in front of her body and shrinks herself a bit.

Toota jo kabhi taara, sajna ve!

She straightens her self and pointing at the stars sings:

Tujhe Rabb se maanga

She turns to him and cupping his face sings:

Rabb se jo maanga mileya ve…

Om holds her hands and sings:

Tu mileya to jaane na dunga main

Om holding her hand rotates her around himself and sings:

Haan maine suni hai
Pariyon ki kahani

He places his hands on her face and creases it:

Waisa hi noor tera
Chehra hai tera ruhani

He brings her in front and her back is now on his front and his arms are on her’s, he slowly hugs her from back:

Aa tujhko main apni
(aaja meri) Baahon mein chupa loon
Haan apni iss zameen ko
Kar doon main aasmaani…

He rotates her half way and brings her at an arms length from himself and continues:

Zindagi rok doon main ab tere saamne
Pal do pal jo ruke tu mere sath mein

Ishu getting off his grip and going far from him, then forwarding her hand towards him sings:

Toota jo kabhi tara sajna ve
Tujhe Rabb se maanga

Om holds her hand and moves towards her.

Rabb se jo maanga mileya ve…

Om continues:
Tu mileya to jaane na dunga main

Ishu sings looking at him in a questioning way:

Itni bhi haseen main nahi, o yaara ve!
Mujhse bhi haseen toh tera ye pyar hai
Haan itni bhi haseen main nahi
O yaara ve!
Mujhse bhi haseen tera pyar…

Om smiles at her all the while.

Om then replies to her singing and looking at her:

Ke tera mera pyar ye
Jaise khwab aur duaa

Haan sach kar raha inhe
Dekho mera Khuda…

He holds her from back and raises her upwards, while she folds her leg, while the other is straight, he rotates her around and sings:

Toota jo kabhi taara sajna ve
Tujhe Rabb se maanga
Rabb se jo maanga, mileya ve…

Ishu while coming down and looking at Om continues:
Tu mileya to jaane na dungi main

Om places his hand on her waist and with the other holds her hand, while Ishu places her one hand on his shoulder and with other she entangles her fingers with his, both dance on the beat, looking in each others eyes.


Finally they part away and holding each other’s hand bow down in gratitude and leave.

Rudra: They both proved that they are true artists.
All smile at his words.


Abhi: Karan, you have bowed my head down.
Karan giving astonished look: What? Why? What did I do?
Abhi: You can’t even propose a girl.

Abeer: Not any this that girl but your own fiancé.
Ishu: Seriously bhaiyu, can’t you even propose to her.
Anika: Bhaiyu you have even disappointed me, that bagaad billa said his feelings but my own brother is lacking in this love race.
Abhi: Shame on you Karan.
Soums: Come on bhaiyu show everyone that you are no less.
Karan gives them You guys are impossible ‘ look.
Abeer: You are useless I can propose at least five girls at a time.
Anika pats him: Five, it’s too much bhai.

Rudra who came from behind says
Rudra: Even I can propose at least three girls at a time.
He does his stylish act, by raising his collar and moving his hand in his hair.
ShivOm come and ask what is happening, AniIshSoums tell them, receiving a glare from Karan.

Karan: Fine you both think yourself to be big lady-killers na, okay then dance with those six girls together.(he says pointing at the group of six girls.). Three for you and three for you.
Om: Come on Karan Bhaiya, both will get beaten up and it won’t look good.
Ishu: No I don’t think so Bandar and Dumbel can do this.

Anika: Even I am supporting you two, go and do this and dear you both come without dancing, then we won’t leave you worth dancing.
Shivaay laughs and says
Shivaay: I pity you both. RIP guys.
Rudra gulps, while Abeer smirks.
Abeer: Come on let’s go Rudy.
He says placing his arm around Rudra’s neck.
Rudra: Are you sure.

Abeer: Just come.
Soums glares Rudra all ready to kill him with her looks.

Karan: Okay let’s bet, both of them can’t do this.
Soums: Ya me too agree with you bhaiyu.
Ishu: Okay bhaiyu be ready to get bankrupt.
Anika and Shivaay look at each other, with worry in their eyes.

Karan, ShivOm and Soums mouth is hung wide open, while AniIshu laugh seeing them.
Abeer and Rudra were dancing with six of the girls happily.

Karan: How did you two do this?
Abeer: It’s AbRu’s joint venture.
Both Abeer and Rudra share a hi-fi and laugh.
Rudra: Now it’s your turn.
Prinku from behind: For what?
All look at her and Rudra tells her everything, while the rest pat their hands on their head.
Prinku: All this isn’t required. Moreover love isn’t forced.
Karan looks at her and says

Karan: What if I myself want to do this?
AniIshSoums from back: Ohhh…
Prinku: You would have done that long ago.
Karan smiles at her.
Karan: The weirdest part is if I didn’t do you even didn’t ask me to do.

Prinku: Few things are self understandable and I can see love, care, respect and faith in your eyes.
Karan smiles. While the rest admire them.

After a while.
Karan is standing with a guitar in his hands while pics of Prinku are being played on the projector at his back.
Prinku looks on all shocked with his gesture and with in a second her brain begins to cook up all sort of possibilities that can take place. She is looking at Karan with wide open eyes and dropped jaws.
Karan: Let this song do the needful for me.

He smiles and begins to sing.

{{Guys this is a Punjabi song and one of my favourite and I have given it’s English translation along, if you want you can watch it’s video that is available on YouTube it’s really a beautiful one. Song’s name is “KHAAB”.}}
Karan begins to sing while the projector is continuously projecting Prinku’s pics with her family and friends and some are with Karan as well:
Main jadon tere khwaban wali raah turreya
(When I began walking on the road of your dreams.)
Main tureya bada na methon jaave mudeya
(I went so much far that I couldn’t retreat my steps.)
O jiven rainde panne naal panne jud ke.

(The way pages in a book remain attached.)
Main ravaan tere naal ohna wangu judeya
(I want to be with you like the pages are joined with each other.)

Main likhda hunda si tere baare adiye
(I use to write about you.)
Jaake puch le gawah ne taare adiye
(You can confirm that from stars who were the sole witness.)
Jo karde mazak ohna hass lain de
(Let the one who make fun laugh.)
Jo taane kassde ohna nu kass lain de
(Who taunt let them do that.)

Dil tenu rainda sada chete karda
(My heart always keeps remembering you.)
Kise hor te na mare tere te hi marda
(It doesn’t die on anyone accept you.)
Ban meri rani tera raja ban jaan.
(Become my queen and I will become your king.)
Tu hi ban mera ghar darwaza ban jaan.
(If You will become my house then I will become it’s door.)

Oh tenu vekh jaavan tere val rudeya
(When I see you I come drooling towards you.)
Tu phul te main tahani wangu naal judeya
(If you are a flower then I am joint to you like a stem).

Main jadon tere khwaban wali raah turreya
(When I began walking on the road of your dreams.)
Main tureya bada na methon jaave mudeya
(I went so much far that I couldn’t retreat my steps.)
O jiven rainde panne naal panne jud ke.
(The way pages in a book remain attached.)
Main ravaan tere naal ohna wangu judeya
(I want to be with you like the pages are joined with each other.)
Main ravaan tere naal ohna wangu judeya
(I want to be with you like the pages are joined with each other.)
Main ravaan tere naal ohna wangu judeya
(I want to be with you like the pages are joined with each other.)

Laayi na tu mainu bohte laare adiye
(Don’t make wage promises to me.)
Ni hor kite rehjiye kaware adiye
(As I will remain unmarried in that case.)
Mere supne bade ne keh lain de
(I have many dreams with you let me tell them to you.)
Na bhej meinu door nede reh lain de.
(Don’t send me away from you let me be with you only.)

Ae pyaar rahe poora na rahe thodeya
(My love will always be complete for you.)
Main umraan tayin tere naa rahaan judeya
(I want to spend ages by your side.)

Main jadon tere khwaban wali raah turreya
(When I began walking on the road of your dreams.)
Main tureya bada na methon jaave mudeya
(I went so much far that I couldn’t retreat my steps.)
O jiven rainde panne naal panne jud ke.

(The way pages in a book remain attached.)
Main ravaan tere naal ohna wangu judeya
(I want to be with you like the pages are joined with each other.)

Aa katthe hoke duniya bana layi ae
(Come let’s together make our world.)
Rusiye je jhat hi mana layi ae
(If someone gets annoyed let the other one make him agree soon.)
Jholi teri khushiyan na bhar daunga
(I will fill your life with happiness.)
Supneya wala tenu ghar daunga
(I will give you a house of your dreams.)

Ae fikke nahi laare ehhe sachi goorhe aa
(These promises aren’t fake, but they are true.)
Tere layi ae hath Rabb agge jude aa
(For you I have joined my hands in front of god.)

Main jadon tere khwaban wali raah turreya
(When I began walking on the road of your dreams.)
Main tureya bada na methon jaave mudeya
(I went so much far that I couldn’t retreat my steps.)
O jiven rainde panne naal panne jud ke.
(The way pages in a book remain attached.)
Main ravaan tere naal ohna wangu judeya
(I want to be with you like the pages are joined with each other.)

After Karan and Prinku’s wedding the BIG REVEAL.

Lot’s more.

(Guys I am not showing any ritual or there wedding, if you want a wedding sequence then do tell me but it won’t be Karan and Prinku’s wedding but someone else.)

That’s all guys I think so it turned out to be a big musical mash up and hopefully you like it. I have added this as in my previous mash up you all have liked it alot and I hope that even now you will like it.

1. Guys this is my last episode before exams next part of “O BRO’S V/S S SISOO’S” will be after maybe two to three months. Sorry for that. And please guys do review this one. THANK YOU FOR THE COMMENDABLE SUPPORT YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN THROUGHOUT THE JOURNEY.
As this is last part so it’s too long.
2. Do tell me which proposal and dance performance in today’s epi was the one that you liked the most.
3. Many of you liked the Shivaay Anika nok jhok I previously added and yes I was also missing this part in IB that’s the reason that I added that part.

Meet you all now after two to three months.
Bye ? bye ? till then,
Take care,
Keep smiling,
Stay blessed,
Live your life to the fullest,
For now signing off

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  1. Vincy

    I Love shivika part

  2. Awesome awesome..
    All the best…
    And will be waiting for thw update..

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    Superb. All the best.

  5. Chinni19

    Superb.Loved it and all the best for ur exams dear.I know u will rock

  6. Shivika

    I loved the epi it was amazing…sppl proposal and songs were too good

  7. Amazing update… n all the best for ur exam… I liked ishkara Dance… shivika’s proposal part awesome… loved it ..


    Neend ud jawe chain chhadd jawe ishq di fakeeri jab lag jawe ????????????? Bhai tussi chha gaye song after song fantabulously fantabulous ?????????????????????????? bhai mujhse pochhogi to Shivay ka proposal achha tha but Karan ka best tha ????????? aa kathey ho.ke duniya bana laiye rusi hai to jag nu mana laiye ke jholi Teri khushiyan to bhar dounga ke supneya wala tainu ghar dounga ???? well ganey se jiyada mujhe iska video pasand hai ???? par ab jab itna impress kiya to ek song to banta hai na par ek shikayat hai bhai lambey time ke liye suspense me maar ditta ????? but anyways intezar intezar aur kya hai ye pyar so I will wait and for you take this babes
    Dil aaj kal meri sunta nahiDil aaj kal paas rehta nahiYe tujhse hi milne ko chaaheYe teri hi karta hai baateinKya tum ho… Kya tum ho wohiKya tum ho… Kya tum ho wohiDil aaj kal meri sunta nahiDil aaj kal..Dil aaj kal meri sunta nahiDil aaj kal..Teri aankhon ke raste ye chale jaata haiJo bulaaun main kabhi, laut aata nahiBekhabar ye zamaane se takraata haiBedhadak mujhse kehta hai “Main hoon yunhi”Ye tujhse hi milke huaa haiJo teri nazar ne chhuaa haiKya tum ho, Kya tum ho wohiKya tum ho, Kya tum ho wohi..Dil aaj kal meri sunta nahiDil aaj kal..Dil aaj kal meri sunta nahiDil aaj kal..Hai hunar ek naya isko tujhse milaMuskura ke ye milta hai sabse abhiAadhi raaton mein mujhko ye deta uthaMujhse pooche ye raatein kyun kat.te nahiYe tujhse hi milne ko chaaheYe teri hi karta hai baateinKya tum ho, Kya tum ho wohiKya tum ho, Kya tum ho wohi..Dil aaj kal meri sunta nahiDil aaj kal..Dil aaj kal meri sunta nahiDil aaj kal..

    1. Surbhi ab aapne itna lamba comments diya hai toh main kya du ?

      @powerhouse – best of luck for exams comeback soon I am gonna miss u to the infinite ? as far as your articles are concern its always beyond my knowledge …. ? who said that ur anti romantic personality ?i don’t think so becoz u describe feelings in such a loveable manner so I guess bahut kuch abhi humare baare me jaan na hai ..and as my favorite concerns its such a difficult task to decide as each and every scene has some spark …
      Surprise revelation and many more ….
      Gonna wait ….
      Intense suspense n fun @peak

  9. Superb

  10. Very nice episode yaar and obviously shivika ‘s was the best for me

  11. I loved it very very much and it is one of my favourite ff

  12. Superbbbbbb.. All proposal and dance performance are so beautiful… I just love it..best wishes for your studies… Come soon…

  13. Samm

    shivika, obvio i loved shivika’s proposal 😀 and ishkara dance. loved them. karan was also sweet. overall amazing, awesome, and all the good adjectives for this episode. i’ll wait for your exams to be over to read more. 🙂

  14. Vanshree

    awesome,superb you are just amazing di

  15. Priyali

    wow di… i am just mesmerised after reading this.. this was so amazing and of course,, my shivika rocked,,, their performance was amazing,,

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