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Aradhya claps her hands and three people come out. One is Svetlana, other one is Rumi and seeing the third person all felt that they will get heart attack with the number of shocks they have received in a day.
All speak together in shock
Anika: O BETA KI….
IshuSoums: O TERI……
Pinky: O MY MATA……
Rest all: TIA…..
Shivaay: Yeh toh baby baby kar ka meri hi firki la gayi.
(She made a fool out of me by saying baby baby.)
All look at Shivaay and try to figure out his expressions as he wasn’t feeling bad but his ego was hurt and moreover the words he said were shocking.
Anika: Saahi pakda ho beta.
(You are saying correct.)
Pinky: O my Mata jethani ji iss ladki na toh mera heera beta Ki O my Mata hi kar di.
(O my Mata sister-in-law, this girl has done my son’s O my Mata.)
Karan suspiciously and in attitude: What next?
Aradhya: Have some patience Karan I will tell you each and every thing.
It wasn’t much difficult to get a hold over them. As they are big fools and too gullible but the shock was that Shivaay was also of their category. He never thought above blood, family lineage. So it became too easy for me, but yet something was missing and that was satisfaction, satisfaction of seeing you all face the worst time of your life and giving you the worst death. And today I will be completely satisfied. Tia helped me to keep an eye on all of you staying inside the mansion, Svetlana had office under her control and Rumi was just a play card. Rest all you know. Anything else.
Karan signals something to Shivaay who nods.
Shivaay: Tia why did you betray me.
Aradhya: Awww poor baby. Tia why don’t you tell him yourself.
Tia feigning innocence with fake tears: Shivaay baby, my mom has only me and my sister even she has to get married and we had a huge loss. (She looks at Shivaay.) Haahaaa Haahaaa cut the crap dude you thought that I will be telling you some this sought of story only na, of some abla naari 1980’s Ki movies ka track bhi iss Sa better hota ha. Come on Shivaay you are so good at business but brains hmm that is totally useless. A rich business man, smart, handsome and too gullible that’s you a perfect prey. A complete package which girl won’t opt for you as an option.
Shivaay: True, you are right Tia I am too gullible but I am not cheap like you.
Tia: Oh really baby. (She smiles wickedly at him.)
Aradhya: Hmm I hope so that’s all or do you guys want to know something more.
Tension on Karan and Shivaay’s face started to appear both were sweating a bit and looked at each other worriedly.
Shivaay: You have problem with me and Karan na then deal with us.
Aradhya: Not only you two but even with your father’s. This Tej Singh Oberoi considers himself to be very clever but he is too cheap.
ShivOmRu get enraged hearing about Tej.
Om at his highest pitch shouts: Hye! Don’t you dear.
(Tej looks at him with a bit of happiness and somewhat of guilt.)

Aradhya: Why are you so worried, you don’t even consider him as your father.
Shivaay shouts: That’s our personal matter and who the heck are you to interfere and moreover whatever you may say but we have full trust on papa, bada papa and Abhishek uncle.
(Tej, Shakti and Abhishek look at him gladly as they got a lot of strength with his these words.)
Aradhya: Wow not bad, you maybe a perfect family picture for the world but we all know that how perfect you all are.
Now Aradhya ordered her men to free all the Oberoi’s and Singhaniya’s. The goons oblige.


All look at the direction of the sound when a bike enters the cabinet breaking the glass. Worry on Karan and Shivaay’s face turns to a perfect frowning smirk.
The man in perfect black jeans, black leather jacket and a helmet covering his face riding world’s fastest Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11/ZZ-R1100. That Can reach to almost 283 km. Uses 1052 cc 4-strokes, 4 cylinder,DOHC, liquid-cooled engine and 6 speed transmission. Enters breaking the glass door into inumerous pieces. He stops his bike near the table of Aradhya who is perplexed and anguish and annoyed seeing the uninvited guest. The man stops the bike after roaring it once or twice just to get Aradhya back on earth. Every single person present is looking at bike man with a horrified face accept for Karan and Shivaay who on seeing the man free their hands from the knot and sigh in relief leaving their long held breaths.
The man in full style gets off the bike and removes his helmet revealing the charming and a smirking ? face behind it.
AniIshSoums hoot seeing him, while he blinks at them passing a cute smile and then he turns towards Aradhya.
Aradhya in shock says: ABEER.
Now the tables have turned other way round, it was Aradhya’s turn to face all the shock session.
Aradhya: You how come you came here.
Karan and Shivaay join him.
Karan smirks and speaks emphasizing each word to make it clear to her: No worries sweetheart, you were so kind to us in telling all the details of your fortunate crime, so I won’t disappoint you by hiding anything from you after all I want you to REST IN PEACE.
Shivaay: We knew you would do something.
Aradhya was shocked hearing it: ME.
Abeer: Yes you.
Aradhya: But how did you know that I am behind all this.
Abeer shaking his head in disagreement: No no. Not even in my wildest dreams I would have thought about you.
Aradhya: Then how you came to know that I am the one, behind all this.
Shivaay: Tracking.
Aradhya: Impossible how can you track me when you didn’t know anything about me.
Karan: No no not you but ourselves.
Aradhya confused ?: What? What do you mean by ourselves.
Shivaay: Simple we didn’t keep an eye on you but on ourselves. We had attached tracking devices to everyone’s watches and phones.
Aradhya glared them in disbelief.
Karan: Hye! Miss. Ex, what happened got shocked.
Abeer: Well no worries.
Aradhya getting back to her own attitude and folding her arms across her cheast says in style: Right, Abeer no worries as even now you all are in front of me and in my territory and how will you harm me, by bringing him (she says pointing at Abeer.) sorry dear but he isn’t one man army.
Abeer smiled at her: Hmm right you have a point I am not a one man army but what about the police army that I have brought with me.
Pink, white, yellow Aradhya’s face began to change colours and at the end it was pail only to be turned read with anger and frustration again. She lost her temper completely and threw the pen stand kept on table towards Abeer, who bent down at the nick of time just to prevent her shot.
Abeer mocks a laugh and says: Calm down honey why are you being mad at me. Chill.
Aradhya to her goons: Beat them to death.
Shivaay: Oh really! Is it that easy.
Saying so all got indulged in fight while the police force came running in to protect them. The goons begin to fight and all the boy’s too begin to fight and OmRu also join them after getting rid of the ropes that tied their hands and girls were also freed, the fight was joined by all the men’s as well.
One goon held Ishaana across her neck and pointed a knife on her neck, ShivOmRu got worried, while Abhi, Karan and Abeer showed a care free attitude. Even all the ladies got worried accept Pragya.

Curious to know why? Let’s see.

Ishu held the arm of the goon surrounding her neck and stretched it, pulling it away from her neck and then she twisted it turning herself back to face him and left him with a jerk, followed by a hard punch ? from Anika on his stomach, making him shatter out of his wits.
Another goon comes from back of Anika with an iron rod which is noticed by Ishu who pulls Anika and raising her leg hits the goon on his face and in the process she half flips around Anika, holding her shoulder and now landing at the alternate side.
Soums: Kya di thoda aur action karo na, maza nahi aaya.
(Come on sisters do some more action I didn’t enjoy it.)

AniIshu nod, while ShivOmRu and all the Oberoi’s look on shocked.
Anika takes hold of a goon’s arm who was about to hit Abeer.
Abeer: Thanks sweety.(He passes a flying kiss to her while she smiles.)
Abeer goes to fight with other goons, while Anika twists the arm of the goon and turning it at his back, making him shout out of pain and kneel down on his knees.
ShivOmRu get shocked seeing the S SISOO’S doing dhamakadaar action.
Shivaay: Nari Shakti zinda baad.
(Hail’s the women power.)
Someone was about to hit Prinku from back which is noticed by Karan.
Karan shouts: Bend Priyanka.
She obliges, but the matter didn’t end there, the goon was again about to hit her when Prinku noticed a rod near by, she took hold of it and hits the goon on his stomach, shocking everyone and everyone’s eyes pop out of their respective sockets.
And they nod their heads.
Rudra: Ja Ma Kali Kolkata wali tera waar na jai Khali.
(Oh Goddess Kali, no one can be saved from you.)
ShivOm give him a weird look.
ShivOm together: Shut up! Rudra.
While the fight was going on finally a police officer shoots in air only to get everything at a halt and as expected it happens as well.
Police officer to his constable: Arrest all the goons.
All this enraged Aradhya and her anger reached another level, she silently took out a gun and pointed it towards Shivaay without anyone’s notice but as soon as bullet left the gun Karan noticed her as Shivaay was near him he pushed him away and in the process his feet hits a box kept on the floor and he slips due to which the bullet hits him near his collar bone and due to the jerk he falls away.
Shivaay who fell down was the first to notice it shouts dragging everyone’s attention towards the scenario.

All look at Karan who fell on the floor hitting his head hard on the concrete floor.
Abhigya: KARANNNN…
AniIshSoums: BHAIYU….
Abeer: KARAN….
Prinku covers her mouth in shock.
Shivaay runs towards Karan and puts Karan’s head on his lap. Karan smiles seeing him and slightly pats his cheeks, to ensure that he is alright. Abhigya and AniIshSoums run towards him and sister’s fall on their knees and hold his arm tightly. Pragya takes Karan’s head in her lap and cares his hair and kisses his forehead. Karan smiles looking at them.
Abhi stands up and asks them to call ambulance ?. He sees Abeer who is standing numb seeing Karan, Abeer’s face has lost all the expressions neither tears are making it’s way out nor is he moving. Abhi shakes him hard, but it seems that his body’s reflex action has stopped working. Finally on hearing the sound of ambulance and seeing Karan being carried away he comes to his senses and manages his legs to the ambulance. Abhigya sit along with Karan in the ambulance while the rest follow.
All reach hospital one by one as they are at a distance from the main city so they go to a near by hospital ? only. Karan is taken inside the OT.


Kise poochu..
Hai aisa kyu?
Bejubaan saa ye jahaan hai

(Screen shifts towards Pragya who sits with a bang scratching Abhi’s arm who is standing and tears are flowing through her eyes. Abhi is also numb and tears also start flowing from his eyes, he sees Pragya and keeps his hand on her head and hugs her.)

Khushi ke pal
Kahaan dhoondu?
Benishaan sa waqt bhi yahaan hai

( Abeer and AniIshSoums are seen standing at corner with dull faces tears are flowing down AniSoums eyes like waterfall.Abeer and Ishu are standing like statues fixed at their places, tears are not willing to flow from their eyes ?.)

Jaane kitne labon pe gile hain

(Shivaay is seen standing lifeless in a corner and only the scene when Karan pushed him and took bullet on himself is going on in his head and the time when he said that Karan is an ” ORPHAN” and he insulted him. Tears make their way through his eyes.
While Rudra cries keeping his head on Om’s shoulder and Om tries consoling him, although his own tears are not stopping. )

Zindagi se kayi faasle hain

(Screen shifts inside OT where doctor’s are busy operating Karan.)

Paseejte hai sapne kyun aankhon mein
Lakeere jab chhoote inn haathon se yun bewajah

(Prinku is seen sitting at bench which is at the entrance of the hospital as she didn’t have courage to go inside. She remembers her first meet outside airport with Karan, the next when he held her preventing her to fall down, the moment when they meet on Singhaniya’s house on puja day, the time when they talked with each other personally, the roka day, the day when he came to bid her bye and advised to move on in her life, the maze journey and finally the time when he shouted at Aradhya for calling her second hand. She bursts out crying remembering the journey.)

Jo bheji thi dua
Woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa

(Ishu moves out of that hospital and goes towards a small temple near the hospital. She falls down on her knees and shouts in pain.
Ishu shouts with a drop of tear in her eye.

Saanson ne kahaan rukh mod liya
Koi raah nazar mein naa aaye
Dhadkan ne kahaan dil chhod diya
Kahaan chhode in jismon ne saaye

(AniIshSoums remember Karan’s words, that he once said to them.
FB is shown.
Karan: Kabhi na rukna, kabhi na tutna, waqt azmayaga hum sabko, issko Bata Dena Ki humsa panga laina mushkil nahi na mumkin ha, haasta haasta jhel lainga har gum ko hum, na tod paygi maut bhi humko, jab tak juda ha humara dil ek doja Sa.
Saying so he forwards his hand and they all keep their hands on his with a bright smile on their faces.)

Yehi baar baar sochta hoon tanha main yahaan
Mere saath-saath chal raha hai yaadon ka dhuaan

(Abeer is seen walking lifeless. He remembers all his time spent with Karan and that brought a sad smile on his face and he chucked still controlling his tears and keeps walking helplessly.)

Jo bheji thi duaa
Woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa

Author’s Note: Well guys that’s it for the day and now we will meet either on 17 or 18th January. So SORRY for this as I have my pre boards so just can’t help it. And apology in case if today’s episode wasn’t upto the mark, I was planning to post this on new year’s but I TU is going on holiday for two days so I had to post it earlier and THANK YOU ? SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH TO ALL MY READERS FOR THEIR ENORMOUS AND OVERWHELMING SUPPORT FOR BOTH FF AND ALL THE O.S.. If anyone has some confusion in today’s epi then tell me through your comments I will try solving it.
And as today I have completed all the mystery part and done with all the shocks so please do tell me which revelation was the best one please choose any one or two I want a reply from every reader of mine so please do reply.

Once again
Just rock the entire year.
Keep smiling ?
Stay happy
For now signing off
Shivika ?………
Catch you guys now after the new year.

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