First of all I am really sorry as I am late but I was a quiet busy yesterday so as bonus a long episode is waiting and a Spoiler too.
Ok now it’s time for results and here I declare the votes for nominations of Karan Singhaniya.
1. Arjun Bijlani-> 8 votes✌ ?✌
2. Barun Sobti-> 3 votes
3. Shaheer Sheikh->3 votes
4. Varun Kapoor ->2 votes
5. Barun Sobti-> 2 votes
6. Vivian Desana->1 vote
7. Karan V Grover->1 vote
So, as per decided the one with max. votes will be playing the role of Karan S.
Resuts= Arjun Bijlani is the winner with maximum votes.
No worries ? guys the other actors for whom you all have voted will have a guest appearance on the ff accompanied by few others I hope this would be ok ?.


Shivaay was moving towards his room when some one calls him from back and she is none other than ‘The Lady Baba’
I mean Tia.
Tia : Hi ? Shivaay ba…….
Shivaay: Hi Tia (he says that with least interest.)
But stops seeing Tia as she had made an irritated face.
Shivaay gives her a what look but Tia ignoring it moves towards him and turns his back towards her, while all the way he gives her a confused ? look.
Tia: Baby what’s this.(Tia says this after looking at his back)
Shivaay: What?
Tia: Baby there is something written on your blazer.
Shivaay: Look Tia I am in no mood of any pranks and all, so please excuse me I need to go to my room.
Tia: Baby I am not doing any prank, why don’t you yourself see it.

From back Omru who had just now arrived from outside says
OmRu: What happened Shivaay baby. ( they say it together and in teasing tone.)
Rudra: Yeh kya chal raha hai Bhaiya, Vo bhi publically haan.
Rudra carries on to tease him.
Shivaay: Shut up Rudra.
Tia : Leave it Shivaay baby, but I am asking you what is this at the back of your blazer.
Om: Kya Hua Shivaay.
Shivaay: I don’t know ? Om, please see what’s there at the back of my blazer.
Om checks it and finds a page on which are written the following words that he reads out loud to Shivaay and other’s
As soon Om reads that Shivaay takes off his blazer and tries to remove the slip but something sticks to his hands and
Shivaay: Euuu what’s this.
Rudra while giving a curious look to the substance in Shivaay’s hand ✋ says
Rudra: Ara Bhaiya yeh toh chew gum hai.
(Bro this is chew gum)
At which Shivaay makes weird faces.
Tia : Shivaay baby how did this get on your blazer.
Shivaay thinks who could do this when he remembers Anika and the afternoon incident and expressions on his face becomes a mix of anger + annoyance + irritation and his face shows his most famous frown ?.
Shivaay in anger leaves from there without paying any attention to the protest’s of OmRu and Tia.
OmRu : Ye ek dumse isa kya Hua.
(What happened to him all of a sudden)
Tia: Anyways guys it seems that Shivaay baby is not in good mood , so I will leave and send him Reiki and good thoughts.
Om: Bye Tia.
Rudra: Bye lady baba.
Tia : Ok bye guys.

@Hotel room
Ani Ish Soum finish their dinner ? and get settled in the room one on bed and other two facing each other on the sofas kept at side of the bed , with lots of pillows around them.
Anika: Soums tera paper work complete Ho Gaya na.
Soums: Ha di.
Anika : Aur college kaisa hai.
Soums: (Remembers Rudra’s incident and says in a bit annoyed tone): Di college ? toh zarorat Sa bhi zyada accha hai.
Ani and Ishu sense that something wrong ? had happened.
Ishu: Ab konsa bawal maach Gaya tera college ? Mai.
(Know what happened in college)
Soums: Di kuch nahi.
(Nothing happened di.)
Ani: Ab toh photage khana band kar aur saaf saaf Bata kya Hua.
(Now stop your nonsense and tell what happened)
Soums (in full of angry ? mood):
Di wo ek gaadha mil Gaya tha.
(Actually di I met a donkey today)
Ishu (interrupts) : Gaadha Ki waja Sa tera mood kun kharab hai.
(So your mood is upset due to that donkey)
Soums: Oh Ho di mujhe bolna toh do.
(Please di let me at least speak)
Ani and Ishu : Nod in ok.
Soums continue and tells them the entire incident about Rudra.
There is a continuous change of expression on the face of the other two spectators from annoyance to irritation to frown ? and finally ending the train of emotions at ? anger.

Shivaay’s room.
OmRu enter after sending off Tia.
Om: Shivaay kya Hua tujhe gussa kun chada Hu hai yaar.
(Shivaay why are you angry ?, man)
Shivaay moves towards the pole dide followed by OmRu and settle down ? over there.
Shivaay: Kuch nahi yaar.
Om: Mujhe aisa kun lag raha hai Ki tujhe pata hai Ki Teri back par Vo note ? kisna lagaya.
(Why do I feel that you know the one, who pasted this note ? on ur back).
Rudra: Han Bhaiya mujhe bhi aisa hi lagta hai.
(Same here bro)
Shivaay: In full to anger narrates the entire story to OmRu that how he encountered Anika and how he ended up throwing his phone ?.
OmRu: (Looking at each other and pointing their index finger towards Shivaay say in a unison): Phone ? number eight zero (80) broken.
And then smile ? at each other.
And Shivaay gives them a deadly glare ?.

@Hotel room
Anika: Tuna na sahi kiya aisa logoon Kai saath na bilkul aisa hi Hona chahiya
( You did a great job Soums )
Ishu: Pata nahi ye ladka aapna aap KO kya samajh te hai.(she says this remembering Om)
(God knows what these boys think of themselves)
Soums looks them with suspicious eyes ? and says
Soums: Aap doono Kai saath kya Hua aaj
(What happened with both of you)
They saw Soums suspicious filled glare and thought that they are caught now.
Ani: Ha Ishu kya Hua .
(Yes Ishu What happened)
Ishu: Ani di phela aap batao Ki aap ka saath kya Hua.
(Ani di first you tell what happened)
Ani: Mai tujhse bhaadi hun na toh bol.
(I am elder to you na so you say)
Ishu thought that it is useless to argue so she begins to narrate her part of story .
By the end the other two began to stare each other silently in the famous pendulic movement.

Near pool side
RUDRA : Ya saabhi ladkiyan ek jaisi kun hoti hai O.
(Why all girls are same O)
Om: Nahi Rudra saabhi ladkiyan ek jaisi nahi hoti (but suddenly he remembers his meet with Ishaana and continues by raising his tone a bit which was a bit angry) par saabhi ladkiyan utani bhi siddhi nahi hoti jitni Vo dikhti hain.
(No Rudra all girls are not same (but suddenly he remembers his meet with Ishaana and continues by raising his tone a bit which was a bit angry) but every girl ? is not that innocent ? as she seems to be)
The anger in his voice doesn’t goe’s unnoticed by his brothers who urge him to tell , what resulted In his sudden opinion change.
Om: Aaj Mai ek laadki Sa Mila.
(Today I met a girl ?)
Rudra: Ohho Bhaiya aap bhi aaj kaal laadkiyon main interest laina laga Ho haaan.( he says by raising his eyebrows in a funny way to which Shivaay passes a smile)
(Wow ? O nowadays even you have become interested in girls haaan)
Om: Shut up Rudra.
Shivaay: Continue Om.
Om: WO laadki ek bhola bhala Sa ladka par haath utha rahi thi aur usa maar rahi thi pata nahi yeh aaj kaal Ki ladkiyon KO Ho kya Gaya hai.
(That girl ? was beating a boy mercilessly)
I mean haar baat ka ek solution hota hai ,
(I mean everything has a solution)
She could have sorted out the matter by talking but no, she was hell bent to beat him.
Shivaay: Ok shaant Ho ja mera bhai.
(Ok calm down my dear brother.)
Now three of them sit by the poolside and after few minutes Rudra says
Rudra: Bhaiya Mai bhi aapka bhai hoon mujhse koi nahi poocha Ga Ki mera din kaisa Gaya.
(Bro I am also ur brother won’t anybody ask me how was my day)
He says all this in full to dramatic way
Shivaay: Haan bol meri drama king ? kaisa tha tera din.
(Say my drama king ? how was your day.)
Rudra tells them the entire story and Shivaay and Om bursts out laughing ? on him.
Rudra gets up and stands and says: Haas lo Haas lo, aaj aapna saabit kar Diya.
(Ya ya laugh on my condition and today you have proved it.)
Om: Kya? (What?)
Rudra: While singing ? in a melo dramatic way:
“”Bhai bhai na raaha
Pyaar pyaar na raha
Zindagi huma tera aitabaar na raha””
(Brother you have turned out to be a traitor)
Om now controlling his laughter: Vaisa mujhe lagta hai Ki us ladki na saahi liya.
(By the way I think that , that girl did right with you)
Rudra: Bhaiya aap toh aisa hi kaho Ga na after all aap poets ko sahi galat ka aaga kuch dikhta hi kahan hai.
(Obviously bro you will say like that only na after all you are a poet)
Om: No Rudra you should apologize to Priya as well as that another girl ? also.
What’s say Shivaay.
Shivaay: Ya right .
Rudra: Kya Bhaiya aap bhi O ka saath mil Gaya.
(Even you Bhaiya you are also talking like O now)
Shivaay: Rudra dekh life ka ek ground rule bana la Ki kabhi bhi koi bhi laadki aagar poocha Ki kya Mai moti lag rahi hun toh bina pause liya you have to say no baby not at all.
(Look Rudra make it a ground rule of your life when ever a girl asks you that whether she is looking fat without taking a second’s pause you have to say no baby not at all.)
Rudra: I know ? that Bhaiya, magr Mai usse sorry worry nahi bol sakta.
(I know that bro but I can’t say sorry to her)
Om: Why?
Rudra: WO bohat moti hai.
(She is very fat.)
Om: Sirf iss wajha Sai tooh ussa sorry nahi bolaiga.
(Just because of this you will not ask forgiveness from her.)
Shivaay kuch samjha issa.
Shivaay: Om ismai bhaadi baat kya hai.
(Om what’s such a big deal in this )
Om: Shivaay it’s called basic manners.
Shivaay: Ok relax Om, no worries ? he will apologize to both the girls, right Rudra.
Rudra: Ok?

@Hotel room
After listening to Ishu , Anika begins to narrate her part of story.
After the story.
Soums: Di waah kya maaza chaakhaya hai aapna usa.
(Wow ? di you did a great job)

After silence of few minutes all the three sister’s burst into fits of laughter ????.

All three in a monotone: Chalo Jo bhi hai aaj Ka din tha baada maast.
(Whatever it may be todays day was a great fun)

Anika: Ok listen guys I have found a house ? for us to stay on rent, so from tomorrow our adventure begins.( she says this with lots of excitement)
Ishu: So girls I hope you remember the rules.
Soums: Obvio. Ishu di
Rule no. 1-> We won’t tell anyone that we are Singhaniya sisters.
Ishu: Rule no.2-> We won’t use any of our credit ? cards . And we will begin with zero balance and let’s see how much we are able to save ? purely on our abilities.
Ani. : Rule no. 3-> We will make our food ? on our own and no parties or discos for one full month.
Soums: Di yeh kuch zyada nahi hogya, I mean hum Mai se Kisi KO kuch bhi nahi banana Ata hai.
(Di seriously, this is too much , none of us knows how to cook)
Ani and Ishu get thinking ? but finally
Ishu: So what don’t forget the first rule of our adventure rule book ?.
Ani Ishu Soums together: What goes on the Rule book stays on the rule book.
Ani: Ok sisoo’s it’s too late now let’s sleep ?.
Good night ? sweet dreams.
Soums: I hope Ki mujhe us gaadha Ki shaakal doobara na dekhni pada.
(I hope that I don’t get to face that donkey ever again.)
Ani Ish: Ditto(Same here)
Ishu and Soums: Good night ? sweet dreams ?.

Shivaay’s room
All the brothers are seen sleeping peacefully hugging each other.

Next day morning
Ani Ish Soums: Shfts to their new house ?. The entire day goes in cleaning and decorating the house, it’s nearly evening when they are done with their work and jump on sofa as if that sofa is their last life line.
Tring Tring
Door ? bell rings but none of the three sisters bother to get up.
Tring Tring Tring Tring
Finally Anika gives up and cursing the person on the door ? opens it to find Mr. Sethi and welcomes him in.
Mr. Sethi : Puttar sorry to disturb you.
Ani: Koi na uncle ji aap aandar aao.
(No problem uncle please come inside)
Mr. Sethi (while coming inside hand overs a box of food ? to Anika and says): Puttar yeh khaana tumhara liya hai as it is your first day so I bought it for you.
Ani: Thank you so much ? uncle ji.
Ishu and Soums: Namaste uncle ji.
Mr. S: Namaste putaar ji .
(Mr. S and Ishu Soums great each other)
Mr. S: Anika Maina tujhe bataya tha na Ki Mai tujhe ek function organise karna ka kaam doonga.
Anika: Ji uncle ji uska kya Hua.
Mr. S: Puttar toh mera saath kal subha chali Mai tujhe un logon se mil va doonga.
Anika: Ok uncle ji.
Mr. S : Paar ek baat ka dhyaan rakhna Vo bohat bhaada log hai toh koi Galati mat karna.
Anika : Koi tension laina Ki zaroorat nahi hai Sheti uncle Mai ho na.
(No need to take any tension Sheti uncle till I am here.)
Mr. Shethi: Chaanga puttar .
(Good dear)
Mai sab chalta hoon.
(Ok then I will ? leave).
Ani: Okay uncle good night ?.
Ishu and Soums: Bye ? uncle.
Mr. Sheti: Bye ? puttar.
Be leaves from there and Ani Ishu Soums enjoy their dinner ? and get retired to their respective beds and soon sleep ? takes them to their dream land.

Every ones day goes smooth and now everyone is sitting on the dinning table.
Pinky(Shivaay ‘s mother): Jethani ji u promised me to get best wedding ? planner for my heera beta’s wedding.
Jhanvi(Shivaay’s badima and OmRu’s mom): I remember that pinky aur Maina Mr.Sheti Sa kha tha Ki wo ek best wedding ? planner ko lekar aayan.
Pinky interrupts: Acha toh unho na kya kha .
(So what did he say)
Jhanvi: Ghabraoo maat pinky wo kaal ek weeding planar ko humse milana ka liya la rahan hai.
(Don’t worry ? Pinky he told me that he will get a weeding planar tomorrow to make her meet us)
Pinky: Ok Jethani ji.
Pinky continues looking at Shivaay: Thik hai phir kaal Shivaay toh ghar pa rahana.
(So Shivaay pls stay at home ? tomorrow)
Shivaay: Pls mom I have an important meeting tomorrow and can’t I can’t miss it.
Pinky little dramatically: Han Han mera aur iss shaadi ka sivaya tera liya baaki sab kuch important hai.
(Fine except me and this weeding every thing else is important for you)
Daadi: Are pinky kal wo weeding planar ko hi laa raha hai, tum toh aisa keh rahi Ho ki kaisa kal billu Ki shaadi hoti hai.
( Come on Pinky tomorrow only the weeding planar is coming and you are acting as if tomorrow is billu’s weeding)
Every one smiles at this .
Pinky : Aap bhi na mummy ji.

Every one finished their dinner ? and leave to their respective rooms.

@Shivaay’s room
Rudra while sitting on bed was seeing a video ? on his phone ? with a serious expression.
Om: Kya Hua Rudra
(What happened Rudra)
Rudra shows the video ? to Om and he is shocked would be an understatement he is almost baffled seeing the video.

More misunderstandings between IshKara ( Omkara and Ishaana)…….
Anika in O ESTATE and her bonding with OmRu.
Shivaay meet an ajnabi ( unknown person) and gets highly impressed.

Karan S’s entry.
Some power packed and dhamaakadaar performances.
Intro of some new characters.

What’s in the video ? shown by Rudy?
Why is Om soooo much shocked?
How come misunderstandings increased between Ish Kara.

So finally done with another part and don’t forget to drop your views or in case want to send any message feel free to do that.
Lot’s of love ❤ and good wishes.
Keep smiling ?
Stay tuned
& For now
Signing off

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