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The camera focuses one by one on every couples shocked face. Their wide open eyes, a perfect O shaped mouth and numb bodies gave a clear picture that they were shocked out of their wits seeing the scenario in front of their eyes ?, now the words of that unknown voice began to rang in each one’s head like a thunderstorm,

Now the meaning of these simple words were crystal clear to all of them. With horror struck eyes they moved their gaze from the scene only to meet the exasperated gaze of their respective partners. The scene in front of their eyes was a truth or a badly played prank it was hard for them to understand. Every single passing second was getting them more close to their goal or the ultimate goal of human life. Volley of questions hit their minds but just to be knocked down as none had a clear vision of the coming future or even their would be a future ????????

They all come back to reality as the same voice was heard again and this time also it posed a challenge to their lives.
VOICE: Well done, you guys did an amazing job but the challenge is not over yet. So hopefully by now you all would have understood that what did I mean by MAIZE. Now your next challenge is to cross this maize and reach to the barren ground and that to in 20 minutes as you guys know that these chambers will blast within fifteen minutes and then the entire maize will also be covered in the flames of fire ?. So save yourself if you can. Hope so that we never meet. (voice laughs devilishly.) All the best.
Voice smirks and ends.

It wasn’t even a second before that they had recovered from the shock and now this was beyond expectations, well all that happened till now was also not expected but this was worse, to cross a maize and that too in twenty minutes.
Without thinking much and wasting any further time all the boys at their respective places forwarded their hands towards their respective partners. All the girls looked in the eyes of their partners with worry clearly visible on their faces and eyes showing no hope but all the boys insured them through their eyes and slowly all the girls placed their hands gently on the hand of their partners who held it firmly trying their best not to loose hope which seemed a fairy tale word for them at the present moment.
Tightening the grip all begin to run as their was no time to think and plan the action ought to be spontaneous.

Both were running for approximately ten minutes and seemed to have reached a dead end and after examining the entire place for split seconds they realised that they have again reached the same place.
Shivaay banging his hand in the empty air.
Shivaay: Damn it.
Anika: Now what?
Shivaay looks around and turns.
Shivaay: Come on Anika we need to go.
Anika holding his arm and in tensed tone says
Anika: Pls Billu ji at least look around, we may end up in this place again.
Shivaay: Anika we don’t have time, we can just give a try. Don’t loose hope so soon.
Anika nods and completely disheartened begins to walk with him again and soon both raise their speed unsure that they would be able to defeat death now.

Both Ishkara were running as fast as they could manage when they smashed into something, well it wasn’t hard enough, both IshKara turned to look at the thing to which they had hit.
Ishu: Bhaiyu.
Karan gets relieved seeing Ishu in a completely fine state.
Karan gives a side hug to Ishu while Om side hugged Priyanka and consoled her.
Karan: Come on guys we don’t have much time.
All noded in yes and all again begin to runs holding each other’s hand.

Both were running when Soums feet hits a stone and she falls spraining her leg.
Rudra worriedly: Sumo, what happened.
Soums: Rudra, my feet.
Rudra touches Soums feet and massages it a bit.
Soums: Ouch! Rudra it’s paining.
Rudra sees her teary eyed.


The bomb blasts.
Soums sees it and hurriedly says
Rudra: Leave, leave the place quickly.
Rudra: No way Soumya.
Soums: You are not understanding Rudra. I can’t walk like this we both will die aaahhh.
Rudra twisted her leg and now she could walk a bit although her leg was paining alot. Rudra holding her hand made her to start and both begin to walk as fast as possible.

As soon as the bomb blasted all got terrified and looked back but soon resumed.

Karan, Om, Ishaana and Priyanka reach and look around to find if someone other than them was there, just wishing that this dark night doesn’t brings darkness in their lives.
Finally after a few split seconds Shivaay and Anika come there and both feel relaxed seeing others there, while the already reached gang sighs in relief after getting a glimpse of the two.
Anika looks all around and worriedly says
Ani: Where are Rudra and Soumya.
Ishu: We didn’t see them till now.
Om: Ok let’s look for them.
Karan: No Om, all of you stay here I will go and look for them.
Shivaay: No need I will go.
Karan: Stop it Shivaay, we don’t have time to argue and I don’t want that all of us again get lost in this maize.
Shivaay nodes in okay and Karan begins to leave.
Ishu: But where will you search them bhaiyu, we don’t know where they would be.
All get confused ? that where they should search for RuMaya.
It’s then when RuMaya appear from the half burnt maize. Soumya is leaning on Rudra’s shoulder, while his one hand is around her waist and the other one is holding her hand that is rounding his shoulder and neck.

All get shocked seeing them in such a state. They quickly move towards both and AniIsh take a hold of Soums both hands and support her and make her sit on the ground leaning her back to one of the half burnt walls which wasn’t the part of the maize and moreover the burns on the wall didn’t seem to recent one.
Karan: What happened to her?
He asks Rudra who replies
Rudra: She sprained her leg.
Karan nodes.
Karan reaching Soums leg and holding it slightly aks

Karan: Is it paining too much.
Soums nods with teary eyes.
Their conversation was soon broken by a devilish-cum-irritated laugh, it was again the same VOICE. The voice which was filled with authority of an owner and arrogance like a king, now sounded a bit defeated like someone has broken his mountain sized ego.
VOICE laughing more at his defeat and clapping his hands sarcastically spoke. But only to shock all the one who have been captivated as the voice was not the same this time as now the voice was a some female and somewhere or other this voice sharply clicked to heads which were belonged to Karan Singhaniya and Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
VOICE: Well, Well, Well. So you guys finally crossed all the levels.
As these words came out of the her mouth slowly all the lights begin to switch on and the dark night which was till now slightly lit by the moon light seemed to have got another life by those lights which now lit the ground. But their attention was grabbed by the now perfectly lit cabin which was approximately fifty yards away from them and the group of the armed men who came running out. Two armed men surrounded each one of them and escorted them to the cabinet, after a lot of protest AniIsh were allowed to support Soums.
All moved in and stood near the semi round table that had covered half of the cabinet, the table had all kind of electronic devices that a man could think about, undoubtedly they were of the latest technology.
The chair that was facing the other side making it’s back only visible to them that had a big screen at it’s back. The chair moved revealing the female voice and the master mind behind all the threats and the person is none other than MISS. ARADHYA MALIK.
Aradhya smirking ? at Karan and Shivaay said: WELCOME TO THE HELL.
Both KarShiv with equal attitude and dangerous look glare at her and she continues
Aradhya: Rasi jaal gayi par baal nahi Gaya. (She laughs and claps her hands and stands up from the chair.) Not bad Mr. Singhaniya and Mr. Oberoi.
Karan: What the hell is this.
Aradhya now comfortably leaning on the desk says
Aradhya: So soon Karan, you forgot my name so soon. Chachaa.
(She makes the last sound moving her head.)
Karan: No Aradhya neither did I forget your name nor your betrayal. It’s not that easy you see.
Aradhya giving passes a smirk ?.
Aradhya: Hmm. Not bad, well Mr. Oberoi I think so that even you remember me.
Shivaay with full rage and attitude: Of course Miss. Malik.
Aradhya smiles.
Aradhya: Good in that case I need not to destroy my time in introduction.
Karan: Come to the point Aradhya.
Aradhya: You are so fast Karan, but never mind even I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.
(She sits back on her chair.)
So coming to the point you must remember that I told you about the “TRIMURTI” deal.
Both Karan and Shivaay nod in agreement.
Shivaay loosing his control: What the I told you earlier as well that we don’t know about any such deal and if you even want to know about the deal then this is no way to talk. Moreover why have you captured the rest here, let them go.
Aradhya: Relax Mr. Oberoi relax. Calm down. I didn’t want to captive them here. But I was forced to do that. (All look on shocked.)
Shivaay: What nonsense.
Aradhya smiled and continued
Aradhya says like phyco: Yes. Mr. Oberoi I was forced, if you both have died long back than they wouldn’t have to undergo so much trouble and I would have killed them peacefully. But you got saved not once but many times. So I decided why not to use your weakness to bend you to kill you. That’s why I decided to scare all of you.
Shivaay gets startled and says
Shivaay: All what do you mean by all.
Aradhya: Oh yah I forgot till now you were thinking that I was only behind Oberoi’s but I wanted to end story of everyone of you. Why Karan didn’t tell you, I thought that he had an idea about this isn’t it Karan?
She asks looking at Karan and smirking ? with a smile. Every one gets shocked to know this new theory.
Karan without any expression says: Come to the point Aradhya.
Anika: Wait how do you both know each other.
Aradhya: First girlfriend, first break up, first betrayal I am the first one, this Priyanka is just second hand.
Karan gets angry: Shut up don’t you dear drag Priyanka in this.
Prinku looks at Karan with amazement and lots of love.
AniIshSoums get really angry ? hearing that Aradhya was Karan’s first girlfriend who betrayed him and changed him so much. Yes it was true what Karan was today, he wasn’t always the same. Once the young charming, handsome man was the most notorious one, who now barely use to be part of any prank was once Guru-cum-partner of Abeer and Anika in all their pranks and most of their ideas were his only. But that betrayal bought alot of change in him. Karan began to trust lesser number of people, although he never hated anyone but trusting everyone easily became really tough for this guy. He became more of a reserved kind and matured person. It wasn’t that he was broken but yes it was definitely a turning point in his life. The only companion in all his ups and downs since that moment were only two people one was his papa and other one was definitely Abeer.

Ishu: You how dear you.
Aradhya: Oh come on it’s not such a big deal dear. Well that was definitely a way to come close to all of you and know you. So that my work gets simple, but that didn’t happen as he saw me with one of his colleague discussing about some sought of fake deal and then what he left me for his family and not only that he even got me arrested and the police officials deported me to India and my passport was taken for two years. Two years, two years I couldn’t go anywhere. But then you all decided to come to India and my work got really simple.
Four years, it has been four years since I have waited for this day and finally this day came but you guys are far more clever than I thought. You all got escaped from your death so easily. But till when.
Om: Don’t tell me you are doing all this because Karan Bhaiya rejected you and threw you out.
Rudra: And moreover how are we involved in this.

Aradhya: Hmmm so you are not that dumb as you seem to be.
Well, you right this all is not because of that. The story behind is related to the “TRIMURTI” deal.
Shivaay: What the wuck is this “TRIMURTI” deal?????
Aradhya: I asked you to find it out but you ignored me. Chuchu no problem you can find it out now.
Soums: How???
Aradhya stands up and moves her hand in alter direction and signals them to look there. They all turn their faces just to get another shock of their life. For them as if today was the “SHOCK DAY”, they were getting shocks one after another as if bombs were falling on them.
The camera focuses on the alter direction where Aradhya had pointed and all the Oberoi’s and Singhaniya’s are tied up there on the chairs, with a cloth wrapped around their mouths.

All of them begin to run towards their family, only to get caught at half way by Aradhya’s goons. Goons held them tightly and dragged them back to their place.
Aradhya: Well Ishaana you were disappointed na that I didn’t tie you up, so now I will not let you be disappointed for long.
Ishu who was hell angry on Aradhya says
Ishu: You forgot Miss. Aradhya that I even said that their would be a hero, who will save us.
Aradhya: Baby it’s not a fairy tale going on. No worries it’s not bad to dream.
Aradhya signals her goons to tie all the youngsters up and remove the cloth from elders mouth.
Abhishek: How are you related to TRIMURTI deal?
Aradhya: TRIMURTI, means three right.
He nods and she continues
Aradhya: So who all were involved in it.
Abhishek: Three groups Oberoi’s, Singhaniya’s and Malik’s.
And at the last word it strikes their mind that Aradhya is also a Malik.
Aradhya: What happened, continue with the story please.
Tej: Are you Raj Malik’s daughter.
Aradhya: WOW Mr. Oberoi I am impressed.(Now in full rage she shouts) Yes you are right Mr. Oberoi I am Raj Malik’s daughter. I am that Raj Malik’s daughter whom you guys killed.
Everyone looks astoundingly at Aradhya.
Aradhya: What? Why the hell are you staring at me. This the only truth that my dad died because of you and that deal especially you Mr. Tej Singh Oberoi.
Shivaay: Shut up! Shut up! Aradhya. Who gave you right to blame my bade papa. He can never do anything like this.
Aradhya: Well Mr. Oberoi for your kind information, it’s good to trust someone, but blind trust is not good.
Shivaay: You need not to tell me that whom I should trust and whom I shouldn’t.
Aradhya: So you better not dear interfere in my work.
Karan: How are papa, Tej uncle and Shakti uncle responsible for your dad’s death.
Aradhya: Why not ask them? Please take the pleasure to tell them about what all happened 18 years ago.
Abhi: 19 years back. We four I mean Raj, Tej, Shakti and I decided to begin a new company together and we were successful in doing that and then one day Raj came to us with “TRIMURTI” deal, we all agreed to invest in it but then Raj became to smuggle drugs through our clothes business. So we decided to shut it down but before that we confronted Raj who wanted to continue with this business and he wasn’t guilty at all for any of his works. So we were left with no option and we told the police about his fraud. He was pronounced to life time imprisonment as he was found to be involved in drugs scandal but that day after hearing he ran away from police van but couldn’t run away for long and police was about to arrest him but he preferred to die rather than to be arrested.

Aradhya said like a mad: Right, it was you three because of whom my dad left me and because of this my mom also committed suicide. I became an orphan all this happened because of you and now it’s your turn. Turn repay for your sins. As I lost my parents you all will see your children dieing. I won’t leave them.
Shivaay: You have lost it. Your dad was at fault and he got punished for his mistake and with what right are you accusing our families. Court punished your dad, our families are not at fault.
Aradhya: Right right Mr. Oberoi when did I ever say that your family is at fault. But even I didn’t have any fault, what was my mother’s fault. Why were we punished. My mom and dad would have been alive today if they didn’t inform the police.
Om: We are really sorry for your mom but think once no one had any idea that your mum will take such a drastic step.
Aradhya: Idea, no one had any idea. I don’t care and moreover I give a damn to your sympathy. Please keep it with you only.
Ishu: Even you are not doing right.
Aradhya: I don’t any right or wrong. But this is right for me the way I have craved for my parents I will make them crave for their kids.
Ani: An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. This is not right Aradhya please stop. Avenging them won’t give you any benefit it will only aggravate your guilt. Please don’t do anything.
Karan: I don’t understand one thing how did you know about us. Where we would be and everything and was that Rumi and Svetlana your people.
Aradhya: Wow Karan you know you never fail to impress me. Your brain is priceless. Here everyone is trying to convince me and you are more interested to solve this puzzle.
Karan: Well thanks for the praise but please tell me, I won’t be able to die properly.
Aradhya: Okay. I will fulfil it considering it to be your last wish.

Aradhya claps her hands and three people come out. One is Svetlana, other one is Rumi and seeing the third person all felt that they will get heart attack with the number of shocks they have received in a day.

Ishu’s knight in the shining armour.

Well that’s all guys I can’t write anymore. So will complete this revelation in the next episode and till then keep thinking ?
Who is the third person?
Who is Ishu’s hero.
Hopefully this was interesting and shocking for you guys and long even.

Once again
Have a wonderful eve
Catch you guys soon
Stay happy ?
Keep smiling ?
For now signing off
Shivika ?…….

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