@LEAF 38

The four rooms were filled with tension in it’s exponential power.
@ROOM 1:
Prinku: Karan what’s this?
Karan: Puzzle.
Prinku furiously says while clapping ? her hands: WOW, what an invention Mr. Singhaniya, I have eyes and even I can see that idiot.
Karan got shocked as Prinku called him idiot.
Karan: Priyanka what are you saying.
Prinku: Leave all that and concentrate on this stupid puzzle.
Karan: Well It’s better that rather than eating my head we concentrate here.
Prinku: Fine.
Saying so Prinku begins to move here and there like a pendulum leaving Karan confused.
Karan: Priyanka we have been asked to pour water in unknown container and not to measure the unknown size of this room.
Prinku: Even I know that this is my way to think.
Karan giving weird expressions: Okay.

@ROOM 2:
Anika: Mr. Calculator Singh Oberoi twenty four seven you keep on doing big big calculations now use your brain here also.
Shivaay: Please Anika, don’t irritate me right now.
Anika: Irritate wow now I am irritating you. You are such a….billu…. billu ji.
Shivaay: Anika please, stop calling me that.
Anika getting irritated shouts: Yaahan par Kuch bhi na bolna Ki nobaat aana wali hui ha aur inna aapna naam Ki padi ha. Ek kaam kijiya aapna naam ko aapni jaab ma rakhiya aur yahan par iss looha ka baartan ma daafan Ho jaiya.

(Over her we can die any moment but this idiot is more concerned about his stupid name. Look do one thing put your name in your pocket and get buried in this iron container.)
Shivaay: Oh really, if I will die I will take you along don’t worry.
Anika: Lo aab mujhe chain Sa marna bhi naseeb Ho Ga. Aagar ma yahan aapka saath Mari na toh aap toh bhoot baan kar bhi mera peecha pada rahenga. Iss Sa behtaar toh hoga Ki hum yahan Sa jald Sa jald daffa Ho Jaya.
(Wow now I won’t even get to die peacefully, if I will die with you then even after death you will keep irritating me by becoming a ghost ?. It’s better that we think about this puzzel and get out of this place (daffa).).
Shivaay: What’s this language Anika?

Anika: What what language, don’t you have any other work.
Shivaay: What so ever now think something.
Anika nods and begins to think.

@ROOM 3:
IshKara were busy thinking about the riddle and were very restless but nothing was coming in their head.
Ishu: Ha bhagwaan aaj toh lagta ha Ki aapna subha subha mera saath appointment fix Kari ha.
(Oh God it seems as if you have fixed an appointment with me today.)
Om: Relax Ishi, we will surely able to figure this puzzle out.
Ishu: But how Om, my head will blast into pieces thinking about this.
Om: Relax Ishi
Aaksar jawaab aaspas hota ha aur hum samoondr Ki gehraiyaan Chan raha hota ha.
(Most of the time answers are around us only but we ignore them and keep searching the depths of sea.)
Ishu patting her head murmurs: Yaahan Yamraj darwaaza tak aa Gaya ha aur iski shayari nahi khatam Ho rahi.
(Here Yamraj has come to our doorstep and his poetry is not ending.)
Om: Did you say something Ishi.
She nods no and then begins her work again.

Rudra: Sumo tumha nahi lagta Ki yeh Galati Sa flashcard humara pass agaya ha.(Sumo don’t you think that we have got this flashcard by mistake.) I mean maybe they got exchanged by mistake.
Soums gets highly irritated by his stupid questions and shouts
Soums: Rudra if you can’t think anything than stop irritating me for useless things. At least let me think or we will die in this chamber only.
Rudra makes a sad face and begins thinking.
Rudra: Sumo if we won’t be able to get out of this place then.
Soums understands that he is saying all this as he is highly scared but she tries to soothe him so says
Soums: No nothing like this will happen. We will soon get out of this problem don’t worry.
Rudra nods.

Prinku: Karan did you get anything.
Karan: Somewhat.
Prinku gets a bit happy and asks
Prinku: What?
Karan breaths out and takes Prinku towards the big black box and takes out the containers and fills the five litres container with completely and pours it into the unknown container.
Prinku: Will you please tell me what are you doing Karan?
She asks being curious seeing his act.
Karan looks at her and says

Karan: Did you do addition and subtraction in childhood.
Prinku nods.
Karan: Statement sums and mental maths.
Prinku making weird face says: Mental attack to handsome students.
Karan chuckles at her statement.
Prinku: Stop it! And come to the point.
Karan: Ok help me and do as I say.
Prinku: Okay.
Karan instructs her to pour water in the empty container, from the five litres container and she does.
Prinku: Now.
Karan: Hmmm.
He re fills the five litres container.
Prinku: Phir se, yeh toh 10 litre Ho Jaya ga. Itna maths mujhe bhi aata ha.
(Again, this will become 10 litres, even I know this much maths.)
Karan: Will shut up! Prinku.
Prinku shuts her mouth by keeping a finger on her lips and Karan gives her a disbelieving look.
He continues his work and empties the five litres container in the unknown box and the remaining water he empties in the unknown container.
Karan to Prinku: Now Miss. How much is this.
Prinku understands what he did and shows through her fingers seven.

Karan: Good. Now come on help me to keep this on weighing scale.
Prinku helps him and finally a slip comes out from the weighting machine and both get overwhelmed seeing it.
Both move towards the door and Karan begins to write the password and then he looks at Prinku who nods at him and he finally presses enter button.
After that he turns and looks at Priyanka and both share an intense eye lock that is overflowing with emotions.

Both Shivaay and Anika are in deep thoughts.
Shivaay throws the flashcard in anger as he isn’t getting anything.
Anika: Baagad billa don’t you have any other work than throwing things.
Shivaay in a disappointed ? tone say
Shivaay: Sorry.
Anika understands that he is loosing hope.
Anika: Pls Shivaay don’t loose hope everything will be fine.
Shivaay nods looking at her but he is still upset and Anika doesn’t understands anything. So she goes towards Shivaay and taking a pen from his pocket begins to scribble on her hand.
Shivaay: What are you doing Anika.
Anika: Trying to figure out answer of this puzzle as I am not able to understand it.
Shivaay explains her: Anika it means that we have a 40kg of stone and we have to break it so that we can measure all weights from one to forty.
Anika: Oh that much even I understood but I am trying few numbers.
Shivaay looks at her hand and begins play his favourite number game, when a number strikes him and that is “3”.
Shivaay: Wait Anika.
Anika: Now what?
Shivaay: That number.
He says pointing towards three.
Anika: What’s in the number.
Shivaay rotating her towards him and begins to write on her hand.
Shivaay: 3, 9 , 27.
Anika: But they add up to be 39.
Shivaay: Correct.

Anika: You mean 1,3,9&27.
Shivaay: Absolutely. Add and subtracting them we can get any number from 1-40.
Anika begins to calculate with few numbers (just hit and trial) and she gets all the answers.
Anika: Waah! Billu ji you proved it today that you are only Calculator Singh Oberoi.
Shivaay: Thank you.
Now let’s go.
Both go towards the machine and Anika types 1, Shivaay 3, Anika 9 & Shivaay 27 and finally both press “ENTER” together and look at each other with lot’s of hope and happiness.

@10:45 p.m.
Ishu: I don’t think so that we will be able to find any answer.
Om: Don’t think like that Ishi be positive.
Ishu: Positive vositive toh thik ha par iss paheli na meri Zindagi ma raita faila Diya ha.
(Positivity is ok but this puzzle has complicated my life.)
Ishu: Whatever may come, I don’t want to die thirsty, let me drink some water.
Saying so Ishu takes the glass of water kept near the black box and was about to drink that when she tripped a bit and the water fell in the empty bottle. Om who was keenly observing the bottle, noticed that, when some water fell inside the bottle the cap moved a bit upwards.
He quickly snatches the glass of water from Ishu.
Ishu: What the hell Om can’t I even drink water now.

Om: Shhhh! Look here.
Ishu concentrates on what Om was doing.
Om took the glass and began to pour water in the bottle slowly, as he was pouring the water the cap began to rise and slowly came out of the bottle and finally when the water began to overflow the cap also came out and fell on the floor.
IshKara both looked at each other and passed a million dollar smile ? to each other and shared a hi-fi.
While Ishu became so much happy that she started to dance around the room and finally as her happiness knew no bounds she hugged Om being extremely excited. Om gets a bit shocked but soon she releases the hug giving no head to any kind of awkwardness, she asks Om to insert the password.
Om after gathering alot of courage and looking at Ishu moves ahead and types “WATER” after that he looks at Ishu who is noticing him continuously and she goes to him and presses the “ENTER” button and both look at each other and share an eye lock.

RuMaya are walking here and there in full tension. Rudra gets irritated and shouts
Rudra: What the hell is this, who the hell would care that how the person committed suicide. It’s their wish weather they commit suicide by falling from mountain top or by falling in a cliff or hanging on a tree, why should this decide our lives.
Soums is also disappointed and irritated but not with Rudra this time but with the puzzle.
Soums: Right Rudy.
Something strikes Rudra and he says
Rudra: Sumo.
Soums: Hmmm.
Rudra: Sumo how would a person feel while falling from a mountain top.
Soums who was concentrating on the puzzle the word “MOUNTAIN” keeps ringing in her head for few seconds and finally she realises something and turns to Rudra and pulling his cheeks says in excitement
Soums: You are genius Rudra.
Rudra being shocked asks: Really.
Soums seeing him begins to go towards the door and says
Soums: NO.

Rudra: What are you upto Sumo will you please tell me.
Soums turns towards him and says
Soums: “MOUNTAIN”.
Rudra: Don’t tell me there was a mountain in the room.
Soums gives him a disbelieving look and says
Soums: Obviously not, I mean the person stood on ice and committed suicide and slowly the ice began to melt and water quickly got evaporated as the table fan was on.
Rudra: WOW ? Sumo you are so intelligent, now in next exams I will sit with you only.
Soums being confused ?: Why??
Rudra: Sumo you have solved such a complicated puzzle but you can’t understand such a simple thing. I said so as you will help me to get passed.
On hearing such a crap from Rudra and that also this point of time Soums glared Rudra as if She wished to kill him’.

Finally they reach the machine.
Soums: Rudra if password is not this.
Rudra: Come on Sumo till now you were consoling me and now you are only getting double minded. Nothing wrong will happen trust me.
Soums is scared even now. So Rudra holding her hand types”ICE” and then both together press ” ENTER” looking at each other and share an intense eye lock.

All couples are looking into each others eyes and


On hearing this noise they all turn towards the door which was opening now.
All smiled looking at their respective partners and move towards the entrance but as soon as they look outside they get shocked beyond words seeing the view in front of their eyes.

Finally the big revelation.
Someone get’s shoot.

Any guess
What made all of them shocked??????
Who is shot??????

{Congratulations to Puzzle winners:
Saira Barkat di for Puzzle 1&2,
Samm di for Puzzle 1&4,
Chandani di for Puzzle 2.
Ok guys now I want a party ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? from all of you ??????? }

Sorry for the delay guys and THANK YOU for reading and your motivational comments.

Stay happy ?
Keep smiling ?
For now signing off
Shivika ?…….

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