@LEAF 37

@8:20 p.m.
Om and Ishaana gain conscious at same time. Om’s head is spinning badly but after some time it stabilizes and after balancing himself he looks at the alter direction and finds Ishaana struggling to assemble herself as she wasn’t able to get up even. Om goes to her and holding her hand makes her sit with great difficulty.
Ishu: Thanks, but what are you doing here Om?
Om: I don’t know how I came here.
Ishu: Why????
Om signals her with his hands to look around and Ishu gets shocked.
Ishu: Oye Teri, yeh hum kahan hai.
(What the hell! Where are we?)
Om: I don’t know.
Ishu: But how you came here.
Om begins to memorise that what all happened that he landed up in this chamber and then he begins to narrate
Om: I went to meet my new customer as he wanted to talk about some statues and all, he offered me tea ? and as I drank it, I lost my senses. That’s all, all blank after that, no idea what happened then.
Ishu sarcastically: Great.
Om: But how did you land up here.
Ishu: Wait let me think.
(Thinking ?)

As usual I was passing by your gallery when I saw someone in your gallery, so I thought maybe it’s you but when I went inside, I started to feel dizzy ? and then……….phewwww it’s now that I am waking up.
Om: Now what should we do?
Ishu: Om do you think someone would have kidnaped us.
Om staring her and giving disbelieving look says
Om: Of course, someone has kidnaped us, no one invites like this for a party or dinner.
Ishu: True.
She gets excited and says
Ishu: Means seriously someone has kidnaped us and now they will ask ransom money from our parents and then someone will make a hero like entry and save us. WOW ? I just can’t believe it that I have been kidnapped.
Om stares her as if ‘she is a lunatic asylum run away ‘.
Om: Are you crazy Ishi, here we are stuck in such a disgusting place and you are finding it entertaining.
Ishu with same excitement: Come on, it’s so adventurous to get kidnapped but I am upset.(she says last part in a bit low tone.)

Om in irritated tone shouts: Now what happened?
Ishu answers innocently: Those stupid kidnappers didn’t tie us with ropes.
Om’s mouth gets wide opened.
Om: Ishi you are in a serious need of a psychiatrist.
Ishu: Shut up! Han. I am perfectly okay.
Om: Ishi you are not realising the gravity of the matter. Those kidnappers can kill us also.
Ishu with plain look: So what??
Om: Aren’t you scared of death.
Ishu sighs: Om when you were a kid, you use to get scared thinking about your exams right.
Om nods in yes.
Ishu continued: But did you ever get scared of going to school because of that reason.
Om nods no.

Ishu: Look it’s very simple you use to be scared of exams but due to that fear you never left going to school. Just like that I know I have to die one day but due to fear of death I can’t stop living my today. Everyone has to die one day or other, it’s universal truth, that the thing which has come to existence has to loose it’s existence one day or other but even after knowing this truth life goes on because fear of death isn’t above the hope of life.
Someone has said “Live your each day like it’s your last”. That’s why I don’t have fear of anything Om but the sad part is that we leave our loved ones in pain. (after a small pause she continued.)
But we can’t live our lives just by thinking it will end one day or other or we will lose something or someone really precious to us.

“Zindagi khwaishoon ka ek saij hai,
Khushi aur gum ka ek atoot sangaam hai,
Aaj Khushi hai toh kal gum hai,
Na rukta ha waqt Kisi ka liya,
Na mitti ha duniya Kisi ka liya,
Ek muskurahat kaafi hai zindagi sajana ka liya,
Phir na Jana kun har koi ro raha marna ka liya.”
[Life is stage of dreams,
Happiness and sadness both are part of it,
If it’s happiness today then tomorrow may be the shade of sadness,
Neither time stops for anyone,
Nor the world ends for anyone,
A single smile is enough to decorate the stage of life,
Yet all are crying only to die.]
She looks directly into Om’s eyes after finishing it.
Aahatein kaisi yeh aahatein
Sunta hoon aaj kal aye dil bata
Dastakein dete hain dastakein
Kyun ajnabi se pal aye dil bata
Well if we say Om was impressed by her then it would be an understatement because he was totally flat on her long ago and the reason wasn’t her poetry but her simplicity and more than that her way to live her life. She lived her life on the edge of the cliff and that was the best thing about her.
Kuch toh hai jo neend aaye kam
Kuch toh hai jo aankhe hai nam
Kuch toh hai jo tu keh de toh haste haste marr jaaye hum
**********************************Today Om was drowned in the depth of her words and some where the movie of his entire life since the time he meet her was playing in his mind no rather in his heart on which Ishu never failed to leave her impact.
Mujhse zyada mere jaisa
Koi hai toh hai tu
Phir na jaane dil mera kyun
Tujhko na de sakun..
Kuch toh hai jo dil ghabraaye
Kuch toh hai jo saans na aaye
Kuch toh hai jo hum honthon se
Kehte kehte keh naa paaye
He kept on staring her, while she was looking at him with a slight smile. Those long hair, that bright face and pure heart whose purity and serenity was clearly visible to Ishu in Om’s deep dark chocolate brown eyes ?.
Today she was looking at him as if there was no tomorrow and trying to read every single thought of Om, before he again turns his face away and her already postponed work of reading and knowing him gets further postponed. Some where or other both wanted the time to stop there itself and they could flow into each other,so that they could understand each other and share their lives.
Jo humaare darmiyaan hai
Isko hum kya kahein
Ishq kya hai ik lehar hai
Aao iss mein bahein
Kuch toh hai jo hum hain khoye
Kuch toh hai jo tum na soye
Kuch toh hai jo hum dono yun
Haste haste itna roye…..

@8:30 p.m.
Rudra wakes up but he isn’t able to get up as Soums was thrown over him and for him her weight wasn’t bearable. Due to continuous movement Soums gets disturbed and wakes up.
Soums: Who the hell is bringing this earthquake.
Rudra recognized the voice and stands up with shock and irritation.
Rudra: Oye moti, kitni bharri hai tun kamar tod di meri.
(Hye! You fatso how heavy are you, you have broken my back.)
Soums gets angry ? and giving him ‘You are dead’ look speaks.
Soums: Hye Mr. Protein shake, what kind of work out do you do.
Rudra: Oh sumo wrestler I do work out with weights not with trucks. (he says mocking at her.)
Soums: What did you say?
Rudra: Oh hello! I know you understood what I have said so now stop overreacting, already you have made my kachoombad.
Soums gets irritated: Shut up you duffer.
Rudra: Oh please Sumo, find some work for yourself.
Soums: I will get some work also but who the hell will appoint you.
Rudra: I don’t need appointment, rather girls take appointment to meet Rudra Singh Oberoi.
He says this opening his arms in SRK style and it’s then when he Notices his surroundings. He moves Soumya by her shoulder to see at something and then he says
Rudra: What kind of please is this?
Soums now looks around and gets shocked.
Soums: Where the hell are we?
Rumaya chorus: How we reached here?
Both begin to think and the say together looking at each other
Rumaya: RUMI, SHIT.
Soums hits her forehead with her palm.
Rumaya hear Rumi talking to someone and begin to follow her and while following they reach an isolated place, Rumi gets down from her car and Rumaya too get down and begin to follow her when someone makes them smell chloroform and both get unconscious.
Rudra making a crying ? face says
Rudra: So all this is done by that Rumi and Svetlana, aahhmm how will Bhaiya get to now that where am I. Soumya I want to go to Bhaiya.
Soums looks at him as if he is some sought of alien ?.
All the while Soums is willing to slap this duffer hard across his face but she controls herself.
Soums in highly irritated voice: Will you stop acting like a five years old, Rudra.
Rudra says dramatically: Sumo you won’t understand my pain. Wait let me call Bhaiya.
He checks his pockets but doesn’t gets his cell phone ?.
Rudra: Sumo I think I forgot my phone, please lend me yours.
Soums is shooting daggers at Rudra all the while and then shouts loosing her control.
Soums: Mr. Peanut sized brain don’t you have this much common sense that if someone has kidnaped us then why would they leave us with our cells.

Rudra innocently: But Sumo I need my phone ?.
Soums: Saala tun aapna chacha Ki shaadi pa aaya hai, Ki Jo manga Ga Vo Mila ga. Kaha Ga Ki mujhe phone chahiya toh Vo log phone ? lakar denga, janaab ko bhook laga gi toh first class continental khana aayaga, aur work out Sa pehla tujhe aaga protein shake Mila ga. Chup chap pada reh yahan par nahi to tera band baja baarat Mai nikal dungi.
(Hye you idiot have you come to your uncle’s weeding, that whatever you will order will come to you. Better you shut your mouth and sit down quietly otherwise I don’t know what will I do of yours.)
Hearing so much Rudra gets annoyed and like a small kid he keeps quite and sits at a side and after a while Soums realises that she shouldn’t have shouted at him so she goes near him.
Soums holding her ears with her hands very cutely says
Soums: Sorry.
Rudra melts seeing her cute pout and pulls her to sit down with him.
Rudra: It’s ok actually I shouldn’t have behaved so childishly.
Soums: Right.
Rudra glares at her while she chuckles and he smiles and then resting his head on her shoulder he says
Rudra: Sumo I am not afraid to die but I can’t live without Bhaiya, O, ma, dadi, I mean without entire family.
Soums is a bit shocked but she smiles at him.

All the couples are talking at ther respective places, when they all hear a voice. (as a speaker is attached to their chambers.)
All get shocked hearing that voice and think what is this ‘MAIZE’ now.
Voice continues: Well well well don’t get confused ?, all your confusions will soon get cleared, but for that you need to get out of your respective chambers.
Shivaay: All means everyone is here.
Anika: Maybe.
Shivaay: Damn it.
Every one realises that all of them have been captured by them.

Voice: Relax, relax guys just calm down, save your energy. And now let’s play the game of life and death. Live or die Haahaaa (the person smirks.). So come on guys you all would be able to see a black box just near the entrance. Each box has a puzzle and you all have just one hour to save your lives. So do or die and if you don’t leave your respective chambers within one hour then you all will be buried in your chambers only as they will blast exactly after an hour.

Shivaay: What the wuck.

Voice: Hye Mr. Oberoi don’t waste your time in arguing with me and guys it’s 9:00 p.m. right now and you have to complete your work by 10:00 p.m. So all the very best and fingers crossed. Meet you all after an hour only if you will be alive by then.
He smirks and the voice disappears.

All move towards the black box and open, they find a flashcard in it. Let’s see what is written on their flashcards.

Karan takes the flashcard and reads the puzzle.
Two boxes having a capacity of 3 litres & 5 litres are kept in a box near you and another box of unknown value is also there. You have to fill that unknown valued box with 7 litres of water and if the water is less than 7 litres than you both should get ready to die as the room will only open if the weighting machine weight’s only 7 litres, less or more the room’s door won’t open as the password of the door will be only told by the machine and if the weight isn’t accurate then machine will not give the password and rather it will blast and you have only one hour with you guys so come on get ready either to go out or to die.

Shivaay reads the flashcard:
You have a stone of 40kgs and you have to divide it into four parts, so that you can measure all the weights from 1 to 40 kg using it in a weighting machine. The Answer itself will be the password and you just have an hour find the answer or get ready to die.

Om reads the puzzle:
There is an empty bottle kept in the box and a pen cap is inside, take it out without touching either the bottle or the cap. Take out the cap only then you will be able to come out of the room or get ready to die. As what brings the cap out will be the password.
[Guys the bottle used is with a very small nozzle so the cap can’t come out.]

Soumya reads the puzzle
There is a dead body hanging to the ceiling fan and only one table fan is kept in the room which is on. How did the man die as the room is completely empty except for the man’s body, table fan kept on the floor at a corner, ceiling fan and the rope with which he is hanging. Either answer in 1 hour or be ready to see the answer with your death.

All get worried reading the puzzles and begin to think.

So now guys even you begin to think as you guys can only save them otherwise they will die.
So all the very best and I am waiting to know how far my readers can think. So now get to your respective jobs of finding the answers. Catch you guys soon.
Guys do answer to these puzzles.

Bye ? bye
Take care
Run your brains
Keep smiling ?
For now signing off

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    2nd one’s 1, 3, 9, 27.
    3rd one’s may be by blowing air into the bottle.
    i don’t know the fourth one.
    plz post asap. i’m dying to know the answers.. amazing episode. superb. keep it up.

    1. Akansha

      Awesome dude… I think u r right… Love u brain…

  4. SairaBarkat

    i forgot to tell u.. loved ishana’s reaction on being kidnapped and felt pity that the kidnappers didn’t tie her up with ropes. HAHA.. loved that part and also loved the shayari (both original and the translated one. i loved ur words) and super cute rumya.. loved their part as well. amazing.

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    Zindagi kisi paheli se kam nahi,
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      Vaisa ma sooch rahi thi Ki CID waloon ko kasht kya Dana ma khud hi chali jaungi par baad ma vo laata, tamatar aur ghoosan mar kar na baar phank da, vaisa bhi Daya ka haath kafi bhari ha, aagla na idhar dekhta ha na uddhar, banda aur darwaaza ma koi pharak nahi samajh ta aivin mujhe khool ke rakh Diya toh Dr. Salunkha mera post-mortem Karta phiranga.
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