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@LEAF 36

@6:00 p.m.
@ROOM 1,2,3&4
Four solid iron chambers are shown with strong and broad iron gates.
Inside the chambers have huge space with a small notebook sized window on it’s extreme top left which is perfectly sealed by iron rods. The chamber has an earthen pot filled with water, two benches kept at some distance, few equipments and a machine is attached to the side of the chambers door, it’s a machine on which password has to be put and only then the huge, unbreakable gate will open.

@8:00 p.m.
The huge empty room isn’t empty anymore, as someone is there now.
The scree shifts towards two people lying on the floor, well they don’t seem to be dead but their faces are really pale and has lost it’s charm completely.
The camera zooms on the face of first person and he is revealed to be KARAN SINGHANIYA and the other person is PRIYANKA SINGH OBEROI.

@8:00 p.m.
The screen zooms on a person who is lying on the floor and even in this unconscious state his famous and most irritating frown ? has not left his face and definitely he is none other than SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI.
A girl is lying near by with her hair in a completely messy state covering half of her face, but by seeing one half of her face it can be easily guessed that she is ANIKA SINGHANIYA.

@8:00 p.m.
A boy is seated in unconscious state with his face giving a really tired look, his long shiny hair seem to have lost their charm in this dark room and he is reviled to be OMKARA SINGH OBEROI.
A beautiful girl in her mid twenties is lying at certain distance from Om although her face is pale but the most relished slight smile that always plays across her lips seems to be there even now maybe not that beautiful but yet enough relieving. She is an extravagant piece and who else she could be than ISHAANA SINGHANIYA.

@8:00 p.m.
One person is lying with his face towards the ground and on his back a girl is lying.
From the big biceps and way of styling it seems that the person is none other than RUDRA SINGH OBEROI & the girl on his back is SOUMYA SINGHANIYA.
It seems that Soumya has been thrown upon Rudra. Both are lying unconscious.

@8:10 p.m.
Karan gains conscious, he holds his head and taking support of the floor underneath begins to get up. He sits supporting his back on the wall holding his head firmly as in if he leaves his head it may blast open any moment. He relaxes his head on his arms which are already resting on his well assembled legs.
After stabilising himself about five minutes later he examines his surroundings carefully and it then when he realises that he is in an unknown place. While examining the barren room he tries to recall that how he came there and it’s then when he sees Priyanka lying at few centimetres from him, seeing her pale face he gets panicked and some how helps his trembling legs to meet the floor as soon as he reaches near Priyanka he shakes her hardly in hope that she would get up, but that seemed to be difficult. He looked around and saw the earthen pot and rushed to it with as much as speed his legs could. Filling the glass with water he takes it towards Prinku and very carefully sprinkles some water on her face. Priyanka gains conscious and holding her head and with Karan’s support she manages to sit along the wall.
Priyanka looks at Karan when she is remembered of something and the tired face of her changes to worried.
Prinku in a worried tone, taking hold of Karan’s hand says
Prinku: Karan are you okay?
Karan being confused ?: Ya, why what will happen to me?
Prinku: Somebody called me and informed that you met with an accident so I just…..
She couldn’t complete as she was sobbing hard by now, Karan slowly cared her hair and tried to calm her down.
Karan: Relax it’s ok.
Prinku calms down a bit just to be panicked again as soon as she realises her surroundings she again becomes hyper.
Prinku: Karan Karan where are we.
Karan: I don’t know.
Prinku get’s really worried and hugs Karan in sitting position. Karan gets shocked initially but reciprocates the hug, understanding her state of mind.
Prinku finds peace and comfort in his arms.
After few minutes Prinku realises her act and their position so she parts away. Karan begins to look here and there to avoid awkwardness.
Prinku: But how did you come here.
Karan: Actually I was going to meet a client when my car’s tier got punctured and when I came out to check that, someone hit me hard on my head.
(He does it showing the action by hand.)
Prinku worriedly: Is it hurting alot.
Karan nods in no.
Prinku: Wait let me see.
Saying so she gets up and checks his wound.
Both get a bit uncomfortable with the close proximity although some where down the heart they are feeling really good.

@8:10 p.m.
Anika gains conscious, holding her head and adjusts her messy hair in order to have a clear view of her surroundings. She gets confused looking here and there.
Then her gaze moves towards Shivaay and seeing him unconscious Anika walks towards him. Anika pats his cheeks.
Anika: Shivaay, Shivaay get up.
As she doesn’t gets any response so she looks here and there and spots the earthen pot and takes a glass of water from it and goes towards Shivaay again.


Anika throws the water on Shivaay and feeling the wetness Shivaay begins to gain conscious and as soon as he comes to his senses he examines the situation and tries to interpret that what happened with him a while ago and seeing Anika with a glass he realises that, it was she who had brought the flood in his life.
Shivaay with great difficulty gets up and
Shivaay: Are you mad Anika what are you trying to do.
Anika: Oh hello! Mr. Bagaad Billa I am perfectly alright. It you who has some problem in the upper compartment.(she says pointing towards head.)
Shivaay being irritated: Please Anika stop it, you are ever ready to fight with me.
Anika gets angry ? hearing this: Oh I have much more work than fighting with you and trust me they are even more important than wasting time on you.
Shivaay: Why the you pour water on him.
Anika: To bring you back to your conscious.
Shivaay being confused: Conscious???
Anika: Yes Mr. Look around.
It’s then when Shivaay realises that they are looked in an iron chamber.
Shivaay: What the hell are we doing here?
Anika: We came here for Picnic.
Shivaay: Oh really.
Anika gets irritated and shouts: Seriously
Shivaay are you really so dumb or just acting to be one.
Shivaay: Ok calm down Anika, but the point is how did we reach here, we were going to get medicine for dadi na.
Anika: Yes and then suddenly your baba adam ka zaamana Ki car stopped. ( Yes and then suddenly your antique car stopped.)
Shivaay: Pls don’t call it antique, it’s an Audi Q8.
Anika: Phir shuru hogaya Mr. Tadibaaz Singh Oberoi. Aachar dalon Mai aapki Audi ka, jab dekho aapki gaadi ruk jati hai, aap ek kam kun nahi karti ussa baaich kar ek cycle la lo, kam Sa kam zaroorat padna par rukagi toh nahi.
(You can started Mr. Show off. What should I do of your Audi, shall I make it’s pickle or what. Listen you do one thing sell that car and buy a cycle, at least it won’t stop time to time.)
Shivaay gets highly irked by her nonsense and shouts.
Shivaay: Will you please shut your mouth Anika, I asked you that how we came here and you started with your nuances.
Anika: You are asking as if I have kidnaped you and looked you here, even I was also unconscious.
Shivaay: What ever. (he mummers) Jab hoosh ma hoti Ho tab konsa tumha koi hoosh hota hai. (You are not in your senses even when you are in your conscious.)
Anika: What did you say.
Shivaay: Nothing.
Shivaay and Anika are going when their car suddenly stops as someone has planted nails on the road.
Then a person releases some gas and under it’s effect, both fall unconscious.
Anika: Now what should we do.
Shivaay: Lets try opening that door.
They both try opening it and even knock on it repeatedly but no response is heard.
They both give it a last try and hit the door hard but that was useless. Rather both fell on the floor. Anika is above Shivaay and both are looking into each others eyes ?.
Anika is drowning in Shivaay’s deep bluish-green eyes, that seem to change their colour every now and then just like a chameleon.
While Shivaay is lost in Anika’s deep black eyes that are showing a lot of emotions to him. Slowly Shivaay’s hand travels towards her hair and he tucks the hair strand disturbing her face, behind her ears.
Soon both come out of their fantasy world and get up.

As most of you asked me to write some romantic scenes between the couples, I have tried my level best and trust me while writing that part I was having a michmichi feeling. I don’t know how it turned out to be but pls I can’t write more.

Well Sara you asked me weather I am fan of CID yes dear I like it alot and moreover I love action, thrillers and suspense more than anything and I am totally an anti romantic person. Criminology is my first true love. I just go Waaka over suspense and thrillers. That’s why there is so much of suspense. Moreover I read suspense filled novels and watch movies also of same type. ?????

So that’s all for the day.
A big THANK YOU ? to all my fellow readers ?.

Take care ?
Keep smiling ?
Stay happy ? always
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