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ShivOm Ishu entre and go to Shivaay’s room, where Soums is massaging Rudra’s leg and making faces as Rudra blackmailed her to do so and he himself is enjoying drinking juice and playing candy crush on his phone, while Soums is throwing daggers on him.
ShivOm Ishu look at them with wide open mouths and shocked eyes ?.
Shivaay: What are you guys doing.
Soums without seeing him says in anger
Soums: Kaapda dho rahi Hon. ( I am washing clothes.)
Ishu: What??

Soums then realises their presence and so is with Rudra.
Soums: WO wo sorry. I didn’t see you guys.
Om: That’s ok but what is this duffer doing?
He says taking Rudra’s phone ?.
Om looking at Shivaay: Candy crush.
While Shivaay nods his head in disbelief.
Shivaay: I thought you were to rest and why are you making Soumya massage your legs.
Now Soums passes a victorious smile ? and
Soums: Vo actually Bhaiya.
Rudra cuts her: Vo Bhaiya Soums said that she wanted to press my legs so that she could get a good training.
Om: Training for what Rudra?
Rudra: Training,be..be..because….in future…when she will get married…then she would massage her husband’s leg….also. Right that’s why only.
ShivOm look at him with open eyes ? and give suspicious looks.
Soums ignores him and notices Ishu standing there lost in thoughts.
Soums: Ishu di.
Ishu: No response.
Soums shakes Ishu and says
Soums: Ishu di.

Ishu coming back to earth says
Ishu: Hmm hmm kya Hua. What happened Soums.
Soums: Didz is all okay, why you seem to be lost.
ShivOm look at her and understands.
Rudra: Han Bhaiya what happened to you guys why do you all seem to be worried.
Shivaay: Nothing is like that Rudra.
Rudra: BHAIYA…
Shivaay: Om’s gallery got blasted.
Rumaya together: WHAT????
Karan and Anika who were standing on the door got shocked and as Shivaay realised Anika’s presence he turned towards the door.
Shivaay: Anika.
Anika looks at him and then at IshKara, she goes to Ishu and hugs her tightly and Ishu too reciprocates. Karan and Soums too join them while Rudra hugs both ShivOm.
After a while all part away.
Karan: Are you okay Om.
He nods.
Anika: But how did all this happen.
Om: No idea. We were going to drink coffee ? when all of a sudden the gallery blasted.
Anika: Thank God nothing happened to you guys.
All nod.
Karan: Well I have something to show to all of you.
Shivaay: What?
Karan throws a pic on the bed.
Karan: Do you know her.
Rudra: Yes, she is only Rumi.
Karan looks at Soums and she also nods in agreement.
Karan: Do you guys know anything else about her.
Rumaya nod in “NO”.
Karan throws another pic on the bed and asks
Karan: You guys may know her.
He asks looking at the O BRO’S, O BRO’S get shocked seeing the pic and Shivaay lifts it up in his hand and examines it carefully.
Shivaay: What is her connection with all this.
Karan: She has a connection Shivaay and not only with your family but also with the attack that took place on Rudra.
The S SISOO’S were confused ? and looking at each other.
Anika: Who is that lady.

Om: Svetlana, Mr. Oberoi’s personal assistant.
Shivaay: But what is her connection with all this.
Karan breathes out and speaks: Rumi is Svetlana’s nice.
All get shocked.
Shivaay: What the wuck????
Karan: Yes, it’s true and in fact when yesterday Rudra got attacked, Svetlana was seen in a nearby cafe only. Moreover when Soums heard Rumi talking in washroom, she was talking to Svetlana only.
Shivaay in full rage and boiling eyes ?says : This means Svetlana is behind all this. I WON’T LEAVE THAT WOMEN.
Karan holds his arm and stops him, while Shivaay looks at him with rage flowing in his eyes ?.
Karan: Shivaay, it’s not Svetlana only, she is just a puppet the ring master is someone else.
Shivaay: Whose that?
Karan leaving Shivaay says
Karan: I don’t know. The person is very strong and powerful and I couldn’t trace that person down.
Om: I think so we should confront Svetlana, maybe she could tell us.
Ishu: I don’t think so, if the person behind all this is too powerful then that person might be keeping an eye on Svetlana and that person won’t allow us to go near Svetlana even.
Karan: Not only on Svetlana but on the entire Oberoi family as well.
Rudra: What do you mean Bhaiya.
Karan: I mean Rudra, that person would know everything about you guys that’s why he knew that Rumi was your girlfriend so that person cleverly manipulated Rumi to get you at that isolated place.
Soums: This means who ever the person is knows our each and every move.
Karan nods.
Anika: So maybe this is also possible that both the attacks I mean on OmRu are set by a same person.
Karan: Not maybe but I am sure it’s same person only.
Ishu: Then we need to be really careful isn’t it.
Karan: Yes.
Shivaay: What should we do now, shall we confront Svetlana.
Karan: No let it be, one of my detectives is following her every move. One thing is sure that she won’t tell us anything on her own we need to find things out.
Shivaay: Okay.
Karan: Accept these two attacks did any other attack happen on any of the family ? members.
All get thinking.
Rudra: Yupp! Vo on the next day of our companies 30th anniversary, a chandelier was about to fall on Bhaiya but Anika didi saved him.
Soums: And someone had shot a bullet as well.
Ishu: That was maybe because the chandelier didn’t fall at once.
Karan looks at Anika and she puts her head down and same happens with the other two as they hadn’t told about this to Karan.
Karan: Anything else that you guys would have concealed.
Three of them feel bad about his words and it’s then when Shivaay and Anika look at each other and remember the car incident, Shivaay didn’t know what to say so Anika decides to tell everyone.
Anika: Actually after few days of that chandelier incident dadi asked me and billu ji to get few things from market and billu ji’s car’s brakes were failed and we escaped an accident at that time. Moreover some people were following us as well.
By now all were looking at Shivaay and Anika like a hungry lion is looking at it’s prey.
Om: Anything else Shivaay. (he says while shooting daggers at Shivaay)
Shivaay began looking here and there trying ? hard to avoid the eye contact.
Karan: Is that all or something is left.
Both shivika nod in “it’s done”.
Karan sighs a breath out.
Ishu: By the way Ani di didn’t you find any need to share such a big thing with us.
Karan: Let it be Ishu, we don’t have time for grudges right now.
They all silenced the ongoing storm of the questions.
Karan: But I am not able to understand one thing.
Shivaay: What????
Karan: It’s just that why always you guys were being followed all around the time when you were being attacked.
Shivaay: Maybe they wanted to be doubly sure that they are able to kill us.
Karan: Then why were you always left alive.
Rudra pointing his index finger to his forehead: Point.
Soums: Point toh hai but we don’t have any answer.
Anika: I think so we should find answers to all our questions.
Om: And that to before another attack.
Rudra: O I remember a shayiri gaur azmaish Ki jiya.
Om in a stern tone: Gaur farmaiya.
Rudra: What??
Om: gaur azmaish nahi hota hai, it’s Gaur farmaiya.
Rudra: Whatever but listen to it.
All in chorus: NOOOOO.
Rudra: Ok so here we go.
All pat their heads mentally and begin to leave.
Karan AniIshSoums: We will discuss about it tomorrow. Let’s go.
Karan: Take care ? Rudra and get well soon.
Rudra makes a crying ? face: But my shayari.
Karan trying to escape says: Actually I have an important phone ? call to make. I will hear it some other day.
Saying this he escapes.
Anika: Vo actually ma was calling me, I need to go.
Anika runs out.
Ishu: I think so I heard dad calling me while I was coming. I will catch you guys later. Bye. Take care ? OmRu.
Soums pating her forehead with her palm says
Soums: Oh Ho I forgot ma asked me to bring medicines, I will go and buy them.
Before she could leave, Rudra holds her hand and says
Rudra: Don’t try to run. Shivaay Bhaiya is a walking eating pharmaceutical company.
Soums gets confused ?: Walking talking suna hai, yeh walking eating kya hota hai??
( I have heard about Walking talking , but now what is this Walking eating??)
Rudra: Simple Bhaiya always keeps on eating medicine, that’s why Walking eating.
Soums: Are medicine hai ya methai Ki.
(Is it medicine or sweets.)
Rudra: Leave it Bhaiya is like this only.
Shivaay is giving him a dead glare all the time while Om is amused to see them speak to each other and not noticing anyone. He signs Shivaay and takes him from their.
Rumaya continue their conversation and do not notice that all have left.

Karan was leaving when he dashes into someone and both hold each other and just get a bit dis balanced. Both leave each other.
Karan: Are you okay Priyanka?
Prinku: The one who hurts the most does not have any right to ask weather the one whom they have hurt is alright or not.
Karan leaves Prinku and looking at some other place says
Karan: I am just asking that did you get hurt or not.
Prinku: Yes and No.
Karan looks at her and she leaves the place giving him a painful look, that look was really haunting him all the while and he was thinking about Prinku only standing near the window of his room.
Voice: Sooch itni gehri hai,
Toh choot kitni gehri Ho gi.
Karan without turning replies as he knows it’s Ishu:
Choot ka toh mashaab hi gehra hona hai,
Sooch Jo khud Mai dhuba na la,
Uska mashaab hi dhool jhonkna hai.
Ishu: Aagar choot gehri Ho toh ek na ek din mit jati hai,
Magar sooch gehri Ho toh kabhi nahi mit ti.
Karan turns towards her and says
Karan: Jo mit Jaya uss sooch ka koi wajood nahi hota,
Aur Jo kabhi na mita wo sooch jina nahi deti.
He smiles painfully looking at her and she hugs him.
Ishu: Please bhaiyu don’t stress yourself.
Karan releasing the hug say
Karan: I am ok Ishu, it will take sometime but trust me I am fine. You go and sleep ?.
Ishu: No, first you sleep ? than only I will go.
Saying this Ishu drags Karan to bed and even after his protests makes him to lay down and covers him with blanket and leaves switching the lights off. Ishu looks at Karan who is trying to sleep ?.
Ishu in mind: I know bhaiyu that you are not willing to sleep but………
She leaves


Aradhya to her PA: All ready.
PA: Yes ma’am, the plan is full proof and all of them will be there by tomorrow and everything will happen as per your wish.
Aradhya smiles evily and says: Good, you leave now.
PA leaves.
Aradhya to herself
Aradhya: The count down begins. Get ready to face the hell guys.

In past two weeks Rudra has recovered alot from his injury and is much better now. For most of the time ShivOm use to be with him taking good care of him and when they were out Soums and sometimes Karan AniIsh use to give him company and whenever Karan was around Prinku either use to leave the place or simply ignored him, Karan felt really bad and one more person had a layer of guilt now in his eyes ? and the person was none other than Shivaay Singh Oberoi who had started melting down seeing Karan’s concern, as most of time he use to support Shivaay and they had started working together to find about the villain of their lives, and surely this helped Karan to come back in Shivaay’s good books.
These two weeks had been really calm for all of them as they were unaware of the coming strom.
It was like
” Tufaan ka aana Sa pehla Ki shaanti”.

Okay guys I know many of you would be ready to hit me with tomatoes and potatoes ? and may be your respective Paragons ????? also. So I don’t mind having them because Maina harkat hi aisi Ki hai. So guys gallian and talliyan all are equally invited but I wasn’t able to update for so long as I had my tests and I was busy preparing for them. So sincere apologies for the delay. SORRY ?☹☹ Pls forgive me. Moreover I won’t say that today’s epi is boring as some of you will bash me for that although I know it’s a bit boring but next one will be filled with couple scenes and lots of suspense and it won’t be delayed hopefully.
THANK YOU ? to all my dear readers for their enormous support ? ? ? ?.

Well for now signing off
Shivika ?….

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