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Jhanvi is taking care of Rudra, when Soumya enters, seeing Soumya Jhanvi asks her to be with Rudra as she had to go to temple. Soumya agrees.
Soums: Hi Rudra.
Rudra: Hi Soumya.
Soums: How are you felling now?
Rudra: Better.
Soumya sits on a chair near by and awkwardness fills the air. Rudra was about to take a glass of water from the side table but his hand slips, Soumya sees this and
Soumya: Can’t you ask me Rudra, what’s the need of becoming a superman. If you aren’t able to do your work than ask others to do it, already you are not well, what do you want to show by doing all the work yourself hann.
Rudra gets shocked by her sudden outburst.
Rudra: Vo vo Sumo, Mai…

Soums: Shut up protein shake.
Rudra makes a sad face.
Soums: Now what happened.
Rudra in sad tone: Vo I did not drink my protein shake since yesterday.
Soums gives him a disbelieving look and shakes her head.
Soums: Nothing can happen of you.
Rudra: I am like this only and will remain like this only. Now will you give me water.
Soums takes the glass and makes him drink water.
Rudra: Thanks.
Soums: WHAT? What did you say.

Rudra: Hai Sumo zyada bhao mat kha.
Soums: Oh please Han.
Rudra: Aacha Sumo vaisa kal jab tuna mujhe uss Hal Mai dekha toh tun ro rahi thi na. (Hye Sumo yesterday when you saw me in that condition why did you start crying ?.)
Soumya remember and pats her head mentally and tries to cover up.
Soums: Vo Vo nahi toh. (No Nothing of this sought happened.)
Rudra: Oh really, I was in semi conscious state but I remember that well, so don’t lie.
Soums: Kun tum badamon ka rishtadar Ho Jo kuch bhool nahi sakta.
(Oh why are you relative of ground nuts that you can’t forget anything.)
Rudra: Don’t change the topic Sumo.

Soums: I am not changing any topic, you are just uselessly arguing with me.
Rudra: Oh really, actually you are right, I am only mad that I am talking to you, moreover why will you tell me anything, akhir hum aapka hai kaun. (Who am I to you.)
Soums gets irritated: Chup ba Madhuri Dixit ka dewaana, Varna tujhe sholay Ki Basanti bana dungi.
Rudra: Aam ho kya morabaa nahi bana toh aachar hi sahi.
Soums while clapping ? her hands says
Soums: The best PJ of the year ka award ton tujhe.
Rudra: Hmmmm.
Saying this he turns his face and lays down.

Soums: Hmmmmmmm.
Saying this even she turns her face and looks at the alter side.
Rudra: Aaahh.
Soums gets worried and turns towards him.
Soums: Kya Hua? What happened Rudra?
Rudra: Aah.
Saying this he turns towards her side and says
Rudra: Vo my leg is paining.
Soums touches his leg and takes ointment and starts massaging it.
Rudra: Sumo how much ever you try the wound will not heel.
Soums gets shocked and
Soums: Why??
Rudra making an innocent ? face says
Rudra: Because my another leg is paining not this one.
Soums makes an Oh expression and says
Soums: Sorry sorry, Vo actually….
Rudra: It’s ok. And Thanks.
Soums gives him questioning look.

Rudra: For helping me.
Soums raising her eye brows.
Soums: Ohhh aab Mai samjhi that why were you saying”hum aapka hai kaun” (Who am I to you.) wala dialogue kun Mara tha tuna.
Rudra confusingly: Why??
Soums: Because we aren’t friends na.
Rudra: What are you saying.
Soums: Obviously because you are saying thanks for helping you, did you ever say that to your family (he nods no.) . So it’s clear na that you don’t consider me as your friend.
Rudra joining his hands says: Maaf kar mujhe meri maa.

Soums raises her eye brows.
Rudra: Nothing.
Rudra: Vaisa are you Sallu bhai’s fan or Suraj Bharjatiya’s.
Soums: None of the two.
Rudra thinking ?: Then why all this.
Soums: It’s just that you should say thanks and sorry only when necessary and not keep on saying all the time like a fool.
Rudra nods his head.
Rudra: Kuch aur Radha maa.
Soums glares @ Rudra and he silences himself.

IshKara come out of the gallery and looking at each other are trying ? to figure out many things.


Both fall down at some distance and get shocked looking at the gallery which is burning by now due to bomb blast.
After few seconds Om gets up and looks here and there in search of Ishu and he gets really scared as he isn’t able to trace her due to the dusty air all around.
Om: (he coughs) Ishi, Ishi, where are you. He keeps coughing.
Ishu: I am here Om.
She was getting up and Om helps him, both see towards the burning gallery.
Ishu: Omi someone must be inside we should go and check.
Saying this she moves towards the gallery but Om stops her holding her arm and says while coughing.
Om: No Ishu no one is there, I had given an off to all.
Ishu nods.
Om: Come with me.
Both begin to move when Shivaay comes there and rushes out seeing the gallery burning.
Om goes to him and Shivaay gets relieved and drags Om into a bone crushing hug.
Shivaay: Ye Saab. Are you okay ? Om.
Om nods yes and then he releases the hug and creases Om’s face while he ensures that nothing had happened.
Shivaay sees Ishu.

Shivaay: Are you okay Ishaana.
Ishu nods but Shivaay isn’t satisfied as he could see worry on her face.
Shivaay keeps hand on Ishu’s shoulder and says
Shivaay: What are you thinking Ishaana.
Ishu holding his hand says
Ishu: I am not able to understand that what all is happening, first Rudy and now Om.
Shivaay: Don’t worry Ishaana we will soon figure things out.
Saying this he side hugs her, she to hugs him back but with a highly upset face and Om too joins them.
While all are in deep thoughts.


To know all the revelations stay tuned.

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  1. SairaBarkat

    I just loved the rumya coversation. And the precap looks so interesting.

  2. Sorry to say but I think you should put some romance in it

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      No need to be sorry dear, suggestions are always welcomed but as I had already said that I am to bad in writing romantic scenes but still I will try to write but I can’t ensure you dear so forgive me for that and thanks alot for your suggestion ????.

  3. Nansshivika

    Superb shivay caring for ishu awesome and rumya moment cute n sweet

  4. Akshaya

    Omg omi darling had a great escape. Nice episode Buddy. Waiting for the next

  5. IshaJain3006

    superb uk i just read all ur parts of the ff in just 1 hr uk m soo much liking ur ff 🙂 seriously u r a superb writer with amazing skills 😉 n my nick is ishu just like ishana 😛
    keep writing 🙂

  6. Samm

    interesting! waiting for the next… 🙂

  7. It was really a nice episode. Rumya scenes were quite good. Your ff is getting suspenseful and thrilling. Waiting for the next episode ?.

  8. Hmmm..what to say…it’s awesome…..keep rocking..

  9. Lalitha

    Superb update…. Waiting fr the next part….its very interesting

  10. Very nice episodes

  11. Anah

    takkar ka episode sweety….
    sorry for not commenting regularly……

  12. SURBHI

    boom badam bhoom haha aisa hi tadakta bhadakta episode tha bhai aaj ka to maza hi aa gaya well….well….well… maine purana episodes dekha bete Anika hi pasand aayi mujhe aur Soumya bhi haha ye parathey wali ka hath hai bhai mai bhi jam ke parathey khati hun maine bhi yahi bolna hai sabko aaj se its really better than others i was enjoying it truly well i have one question that who is going to enter as ishana as i read it on one of the written episodes i have no idea about the series so asking you 😛

  13. Puvi

    Fantastic shivika it’s more suspense

  14. Sat_9492

    Awsm episode…….

  15. Priyali

    Awesome is all I can say… shivaay caring for.ishu was so sweet.. the precap looks amazing!!??????

  16. Inu


  17. Akansha

    Awesoe totally loved it.. Shivika waiting fr s nxt

  18. Super

  19. Really sorry for late comment tooti fruity ??? sorry word per blast mat hona sweetheart WO actually site khul Nahi rahi hai na submit page so …..

    Coming to episode
    Suspenseful episode….
    Rumya ???scene
    SSO caring for ishu ???
    Om ke uper hamala ?
    Suspense ke uper suspense…..

    Their is one reason for not replying or commenting woh actually na jaha main rehti hu waha thand badh gayi hai jiski wajah se me legs me swelling aa chuki hai ( its still paining ) …..
    Episode was awesome as always
    Love u

  20. Nainaa

    I am so sorry for a super late comment here.. if you can please forgive me..
    This one is another kidki thod one…
    Shivaay is awesome and his caring side is a big treat for readers…
    Coming to Rumya I have no words I feel like my word bank is empty right now..
    Among the three couples Rumya are my favourite..
    I just loved the way you set the suspense….
    Keep going.. keep rocking..

  21. Manasvi

    Didu.. Sorrry..
    Main kitni baar sordy bolu??
    Main bohut busy thi dii..
    Episode is amazing dii..

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