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Rumi comes to Rudra who was staring Soums but she wasn’t ignoring rather asking forgiveness for her behaviour, Rudra was silently staring her when she was about to approach him, Rumi came there so she stopped herself.
Rumi: Hye Rudra, how are you?
Rudra faking a smile: Good.
Rumi: Rudra shall we go on a date today.
Rudra unwillingly: Ok.
Rumi: Okay then let’s leave.
Rudra a bit shocked: Now.
Rumi: Yes.
Rudra: Ok, let’s go.
Rumi: Well can I drive today actually I have planned a surprise for you.
Rudra: Okay.

Rudra: Rumi where are you taking me.
Rumi: Relax Rudra, it’s a special place.
Rudra: Look Rumi I am not interested, stop the car right now.
Rumi angrily: Will you please shut your mouth Rudra.
Rudra: What’s your problem Rumi, I don’t want to go anywhere.
Rumi without paying any heed to Rudra fastens the speed of the car. Rudra keeps on retaliating and finally after about 20 minutes Rumi stops the car ? at an isolated place.
Rudra: Have you gone mad ? Rumi, where have you brought me.
An iron rod hits Rudra’s head and he falls down.

Soums was following Rudra and Rumi’s car as she suspected Rumi.
Soums was in washroom when Rumi came there and finding no one she called someone.
Rumi: Is everything ready.
POC: Yes.
Rumi: Ok then I will get Rudra there.
Soumya suspected Rumi as her tone of talking was nervous, worried and scared ?.
Soums reaches near the highway but she missed their car as her car stops midway, so she calls Karan and he agrees to come and pick her up.

A van crosses by and throws something out. Soumya initially didn’t notice but then she saw a familiar watch near the gunny bag which was thrown by the van a few seconds ago.
She approaches the bag very carefully and finally on reaching there she holds the watch and examines it carefully.
When she sees some moment in the gunny bag and very carefully begins to move towards it, all the while her heart running a marathon and she is even sweating due to fair, fair that her instinct may not come true.

Soumya reaches the bag and slowly begins to turn it and open the string of the bag. After approximately five minutes and lots of struggle with her inner fair and keeping all the negative thoughts away she finally opens the bag and the sight that comes in front of her knocks her off her wits.
She stands up in shock and sweat accompanied by tears flowing more profusely by now. Inside the gunny bag lays a badly wounded, unconscious Rudra with scars all over his body and face, it seems that someone has hit him ruthlessly.
After few more seconds when she recovers a bit from the shock, she runs towards her car and gets a bottle of water and sprinkles it on Rudra, Rudra gains conscious and Soumya makes his sit leaning towards a tree.
Soums: Are you okay Rudra.

Rudra nods in yes.
Soums: I am sorry ? Rudra.
Rudra gives her a questioning look.
Soums: I am sorry ? for my rude behaviour towards you on that day.
Rudra smiles slightly.
Rudra: It’s ok Soumya, anyone in your place would have been angry ?.
Soums smiles Back.
Rudra sees something and in a moment he holds Soumya and rolls down and they both hit a tree.
Both get up.

Soums: What happened Rudra.
Rudra putting finger on his lips: Shuuu
Soums shushes herself and looks in the direction where Rudra is looking.
Rudra tries getting up, when he realises that he is stuck in the gunny bag, Soums help him get out.
Soumya: Will you tell me what is happening Rudra.
Rudra ignoring her.
Rudra: Your car is outside.
Soumya nods in agreement and he begins to move but she stops him and says
Soums: But it’s not working.
Rudra: WHAT? WHY??
Soums: Actually it suddenly stopped working.
Rudra: Shit now how will we go.
Soums: Actually I have called Karan Bhaiya he might be coming anytime, we should go to main road.
Rudra: No we can’t.

Soums: Why?
Rudra finally speaks: Because they are outside.
Soums: Who?
Rudra: I pulled you here because someone was aiming a gun at us.
Soums: WHAT???
Rudra nods.
Soums: But how will we come to know when bhaiyu will come.
Rudra: We should hide behind that tree. (Rudra shows a huge tree from where they can see the road but anyone on the road can’t see them.
Soums: Ok, let’s go.
They begin to move but Rudra stumbles, so Soumya holds him and keeps his one arm around her shoulder and helps him to walk. Rudra looks at Soumya and she looks back and asks by raising her eyebrows “WHAT?”. Rudra nods “NOTHING”.

Both reach behind the tree and settle themselves down.
Rudra: Soumya paani. (water)
Soums handovers a water bottle to him, which she had got from her car a while ago.
Rudra drinks some water and rest he sprinkles on his face, to lower his pain.
Soums: It’s hurting alot na.
Rudra nods in yes.
Soumya takes out her handkerchief from her pocket and begins to clean Rudra’s wound.
Rudra: Aaaah.
Soums: Sorry, sorry.
Rudra sees Soumya tensed, so to lighten the mood, he says while Soums is cleaning his wound
Rudra: Aaila…

Soumya: Kya Hua? (What happened?)
Rudra: Ek shaair aarz Karta Hon goor pharmaiya.
” small small chot, can’t harm big big Rudra.
small small chot, can’t harm big big Rudra.
No worries about any gondas,
When sumo wrestler is here”
Waah! Waah! Waah!
Soumya hits her forehead with her palm and says
Soums: Iska kuch nahi Ho sakta.
(Nothing can happen of him.)

After nearly 15 minutes, Karan arrives there.
Karan goes near Soumya’s car but doesn’t find anyone inside.
So he calls her.

Soums: Bhaiyu’s call.
Rudra: Pick it up.
Soums: Bhaiyu have you reached?
Karan: Yes I am here only near your car, but where are you.
Soums: One second bhaiyu.
Soums gets up and brings Karan behind the tree, Rumaya explain him about recent happenings.
Karan gets shocked and thinking ? hearing them.
Karan: Anyways how are you Rudra?
Rudra: I am fine bhai.
Karan: Come on, come with me both of you. First we should go to hospital.
Rudra: No bhai.

Karan: Why?
Rudra: I want to go to Shivaay Bhaiya and O.
Karan creasing his hair says
Karan: Rudra look if I didn’t take you to hospital, then your dear Shivaay Bhaiya will get a reason to scold me again. So please can we go to hospital first and then we will go to your Bhaiya.
Rudra: Pinky promise.
Karan sighs: Pinky promise.
Rudra: Ok.
Soums was looking at them all the while in disbelief and she shook her head.
Karan and Soumya help Rudra to the car.

Karan is on the driving seat ? while Rumaya are seated on the back seat.
Karan: Rudra how did you get so much wound.
Rudra then remembers Rumi and what happened, he begins to narrate the entire incident to Karan and Soumya.
Rumi brings Rudra to an isolated place when someone hits him on his head with an iron rod and Rudra slowly begins to loose his conscious but didn’t loose it fully.
He turns around and sees nearly five men, who begin to beat him badly.
After a while Rudra looses his conscious.
Rudra: That’s all and then when I woke up first person I saw was Soumya and rest you both know.
Hearing all this Karan goes in deep thinking ?.

After going to hospital ? and getting Rudra treated Karan takes him to Oberoi’s estate.

Karan and Soumya get Rudra in supporting him from both the sides.
Dadi, Jhanvi, Pinky, Prinku, Pragya, Ani and Ishu were sitting in the hall and all of them get shocked seeing Rudra’s state.
Dadi and Jhanvi run ? towards him followed by others.
Dadi: What happened to him Karan.
Karan: Nothing much dadi, let him sit first.
Jhanvi holds Rudra from Soumya’s side and helps Rudra to the sofa.
Anika runs to get water for him, while the rest make some space for him to sit.
Shivaay and Om come down talking to each other and get shocked seeing Rudra’s state and run ? towards him.
Shivaay: What happened to you Rudra?

Rudra without saying a word hugs both of them.
Both console him by rubbing his back, while Rudra cries hugging his brothers.
Rudra in-between his sobs
Rudra: I thought… that I won’t be able to… meet you…. guys after today…
Shivaay: Shhh calm down Rudra.
Om: Don’t worry Rudy nothing of this sought will happen.
Rudra: Saachi….
ShivOm together: Mucchi.
ShivOm release the hug and both make him sit and sit on his either sides.
Shivaay very sweetly asks: What happened Rudra?
Karan: I will tell.

Shivaay wanted to oppose but stops seeing Rudra’s condition and allows him to speak.
Karan narrates the entire incident from start.
ShivOm’s blood boils in anger, while all the ladies get tensed + worried.
Shivaay standing up in ful rage shouts
Shivaay moves towards the door but Karan stops him holding his arm.
Shivaay looks up at Karan.
Shivaay: How dare you stop me?
Karan: Calm down Shivaay, it’s a very delicate matter, we will just end up spoiling things if we take any decision in rush.
Dadi: Billu Karan is saying right and right now Rudra needs you more.
Shivaay nods and forcefully releases his arm from Karan’s grip and goes towards Rudra.
Karan: I don’t think so that Rumi is solely involved in this matter.
Shivaay harshly: What do you want to say Mr. Karan that she didn’t do anything.
Karan: When did I say that. I just mean to say that she is not the only person involved. Some one else is also with her or maybe she is working for someone.
Anika: But whom?
Karan: No idea.
Om: They must be someone really big.
Jhanvi: May be some rival.
Ishu: Or someone who holds any sought of grudges against your family.
All nod.
Karan: Maybe Ishu but why would those people point a gun at Rudra or Soumya. They only threw Rudra on the road, if they wished they would have killed him only, why would they throw him in wounded state and then send someone else to kill him.
Soumya: You mean the one who beat Rudra were different people and the one who came with guns were different.

Karan nods in yes.
Om: But it’s also possible that they only wanted to scare us by harming Rudra.
Karan: Maybe.
Shivaay: We got to get entire information about that girl and her background.
Jhanvi: Right Shivaay, why don’t you call our private detective and ask him to find information about that girl, what’s her name.
Soums: Rumi.
Shivaay: Do you guys have any pic of her.
Soums: No……………., but I will surely get it on the fb.
Shivaay: Ok then send it to me.
Soums nods in agreement.

Karan: Send the pic to everyone.
Soums nods and does as per said.
Rudra: Bhaiya agar aap Saab ka CID ka ek episode complete Ho Gaya ho toh koi mera khyal bhi rakh lo.
(Bro if you guys have completed one episode of CID then please look after me as well.)
All smile and give him ‘isska kuch nahi Ho sakta’ look.
ShivOm take him to Shivaay’s room accompanied by Prinku.


Keep smiling ?
For now signing off
Shivika ?…..

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