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@LEAF 31

Karan and Abeer are talking near the garden area when Anika comes there and seeing someone drags both of them behind a bushy shrub.
Abeer: What the hell?
Karan: Ani have you lost it.
Abeer: And that to early in the morning.
Anika: Chup Ba khajoor.
(Shut up you idiot.)
Ek minute, both of you look there.
AbKa: Where.
Anika pointing her finger towards a man standing on the entrance of Oberoi’s estate.
AbKa: Shivaay.
Karan: Are you ok Anika, till yesterday you were hell angry ? on him and now you are asking us to see him.
Voice from behind: Exactly that’s what I am thinking ?.
Ani: Keep quiet Ishu and come here.
She says dragging Ishu.
Voice from behind: Hmm Miss. Sherlock Holmes, whom are you spying on.
All look back and get reviled seeing Soums there.
Abeer: Your sister has gone mad early in the morning.
Ishu: For the first time I agree with you Monkey man.
Abeer makes funny faces.
Karan gets irritated.
Karan: Are we all searching for earthworms sitting here.
Ani: Guys look there.
Soums: Ani di, be is Shivaay Bhaiya and we see him almost every day.
Anika: Now see what you don’t see every day.
Abeer: What?
Anika: Shuuuu
All keep quiet and look towards Shivaay

Shivaay: Achuu Achuu Achuu

Karan: What do you want to show us Ani say it straight.

Shivaay: Achuu Achuu Achuu

Something clicks Abeer and he looks at Anika with disbelief + smirk ?. Anika understands that he understood so she passes smirk back. Both smile looking at each other and share a hi-fi.
Ishu: Agar aap dono ka hogya toh humai kuch batao Ga bhi.
(If you guys are done, will you tell us also what is happening?)
Anika: Ok listen, you know na that yesterday I went to hand over the resignation to that bagaad billa.
All nod in yes.
Soums: Then what?
Anika narrates what all he said hearing which all get angry ? accept Karan but soon all burst into a laughter riot hearing that Anika didn’t only pour a jar of water on Shivaay but also threw him in pool.
Karan gives her ‘you are impossible’ look to her.
Soums: Waah! Di bravo! You did such an amazing job.
Anika holding her caller up says proudly: Thank you ?.
Ishu: But what else did you do, I mean just by falling once in pool he can’t have such a bad cold.
Anika smiles at her and continues with her bravery gatha.
Anika: Then what, I went in his room and no one was there.
Karan suspiciously: Then what did you do?
All sit down on the grass itself.
Anika: Then what, actually Abeer had given me itching powder few days back when I was short of chilli spray and he said that this also quite effective in case one doesn’t has chilli powder. But few days back only I refilled the chilli spray and while searching a pen today I found this along with all my other things so thought of throwing it as it was useless now. So I took it with me and thought to throw it away when I come back but then I didn’t need to do that as I used it in this Tadibaaz Singh Oberoi’s room and maybe when he would have felt itching he would have took bath ? and that too for long, so this cold.
Voice: WOW ? such an amazing work.
Anika: Woh toh hai.
Everyone looks at the owner of the voice and get shocked, all stand up one by one leaving Anika sitting there only as she was very clearly able to see Billu ji from that place struggling with cold.
Voice sarcastically: Wonderful job girl.
Anika: Thank you Thank you no need to praise me much, I know that I am genius.
Abeer who had managed to go behind the
owner of the voice , signs that Anika is gone today by moving his hand along his neck showing that she is dead. All of them one by one escape from there as none wanted to get scoldings.
The owner of the voice puts his hand on Anika’s shoulder and shakes her.
Anika: Oye chup raho na, dekhna do.
The owner of the voice : Really.
Anika: Yes
Then she realises that the voice seems to be a bit different so she turns back and her eyes ? get wide opened seeing the person at her back and she immediately stands up.
Anika: Ma.. ma.. Vo.. vo.. aap kab aaya.
(Ma.. Ma.. when did you come.)
Pragya: When you were discussing your heroic act with your siblings.
Anika looks around and finding no one whispers to herself
Anika: Bhaag Gaya sala.
Pragya: Hye what did you say girl.
Anika rounding around Pragya trying ? to escape: N.. N.. Nothing ma.
Pragya holds her: Where are you escaping.
Anika who got caught continues: No no why would I run away from my sweet heart.
Pragya: Oh really.
Anika: Yes of course. I am not like all those bhagoda(runners) . I am your sweet and innocent daughter na.
Pragya twisting her ears: Ya my most innocent ? daughter, who never does even a single mistake.
Anika gives her a pleading smile and joining her hands says
Anika: Please leave me ma, it’s paining.
Pragya leaves her ear and as soon as Anika gets freed she runs and hides behind Abhi who was coming there holding a newspaper. She complains to Abhi as if she is world’s most innocent ? child and like a dramatic kid she begins
Anika: Papa look at your wife, she is beating me.
Pragya who came there replies angrily.
Pragya: I didn’t beat you till date but now you wait I will get a broom and show you what beating is called.
All who heard this burst out laughing. Abeer who also heard it sees a broom near by and taking it goes to Pragya.
But Abhi tries pacifying his angry ? lady.
Abhi: Fuggi leave her na, whatever she did forget it as she is a child.
Pragya: Ya a five years old child. Both of you wait I will show you.
Abhi trying to defend himself says: But what did I do?
Anika from back
Anika: Yahan meri band baja baraat nikalna waali hai aur inha aapni padi hai.
(Here I am in trouble and he is only concerned about himself.)
Abeer comes there.
Abeer: Take this ma.
Anika gives him an angry ? glare.
Pragya holds it and looks at Abeer and smilingly says
Pragya: I think it’s turn of teacher before student.
Abeer doesn’t understands but nods in agreement and Pragya also nods and begins to beat him with the broom.
Abhi and Anika start laughing ? loud seeing this and Karan IshuSoums also burst out laughing.
Abeer: Ouch ouch ma, what are you doing I was toh helping you only.
Pragya: Helping me. Even I am also doing that.
Pragya now hits Anika slightly on her leg.
Anika shouts: Aah mummy.
Karan IshuSoums are laughing ? hard and even Abhi isn’t able to control.
Both Ani and Abeer begin to run ? to save themselves.
Pragya shouts from back: Today I won’t leave you all.
Abhi who was laughing ? holds Pragya’s hands from behind and keeps his chin on her shoulder and says
Abhi: Calm down Lady mogamboo.
Pragya gets irritated but throws the broom down and turning towards him says
Pragya: It’s all because of you.
Abhi: What have I done.
But it was too late as Pragya had gone till then.
Pragya some how convinced Anika to ask apology from Shivaay.
Anika unwillingly agrees and goes to Oberoi’s estate.

@Aradhya ‘s private cabin
Aradhya is seen sitting on a chair and a screen is shown exactly in front of her eyes ?.
The screen is showing a huge forest-cum-bhoolbholiya (maze).
Aradhya smirks and questions to her PA.
Aradhya: Is everything ready.
PA: Yes ma’am.
Aradhya: So tomorrow morning itself the plan should be enforced and mind it no problem should be created. Discuss the plan once again and check your synchrony, I don’t want any problem.
PA nods and leaves.
Aradhya to herself: So finally I am near to my goal. Now all of you will pay for your deeds.
She smirks.

Anika enters.
Shivaay:Achuu Achuu.
Anika: Aare baap re.
Shivaay without turning: What are you doing here now?
Anika again gets confused ? that how did he come to know that she has come. On not getting any reply Shivaay turns towards her says with raised eyebrows
Shivaay: What?
Anika getting back to normal goes to Shivaay and forwards a packet of medicine ? .
Shivaay: Achuu What’s Achuu This.
Anika turning her face a bit says
Anika: Have it, your cold will become fine.
Shivaay: Achuu how do you know that I have Achuu.. cold.
Anika: Vo actually ma has sent this.
Shivaay suspecting her: Or you… Right you, oh god how can I forget you.
Anika: Obviously I am not a thing to be forgotten.
Shivaay: Achuu Shut up, you only did something with my bed, right.Achuu
Anika: WOW ? you guessed it right.
Shivaay: What did you do?
Anika: Nothing much, just some
Shivaay: Achuu .
Anika continues: Some itching powder that’s all.
Shivaay: That’s all Achuu, are you nuts Achuu Anika.
Anika: Aap relax karo billuuuuuuu
Anika trips and falls on bed and Shivaay is above her.
Shivaay: Achuu what are you doing Anika.
Anika covers her face.
Anika: Actually I came to say sorry.
Shivaay gets shocked
Shivaay: What did you say?
Anika makes faces and says
Anika: Sorry.
Shivaay and Anika share an eye lock.
O jaana.. O jaana o jaana..

Naazdik hai dil ke
Phir kyu lage mil ke
Jese ho milo door woh
Jasba hai anjaana mushkil hai samjhana
Aapna hai ya hai gear woh

Ishq me adhura sa rooh me hai poora sa
Dard hai woh sari umar ka
O jaana khoya khoya rehata hai dil tarap ke kehata hai tu hi hai jeene ki wajah o jaana
O jaana.. O jaana o jaana..
They breaks the eye lock and feel awkward.
Shivaay: Get up Anika.
Anika gives him a disbelieving look.
Shivaay: What?
Anika signals him through her eyes ? that he is on top and not she. Shivaay understands and gets up and Anika also begins to get up, when Shivaay says
Shivaay: Even I am sorry ? Anika.
Anika gets shocked.
Anika: What?
Shivaay: Sorry.
Anika: So finally you realised your mistake.
Shivaay nods in no . Anika keeping her hand on her waist says angrily ?
Anika : Then.
Shivaay innocently: Sorry, because I didn’t changed the bed sheet yet.
And before Anika could interpret what he said he pushes Anika back to bed and runs out.
After a few seconds Anika understands what he said and gets up being shocked
Anika: What?
Anika begins scratching her body but after approximately five minutes she realises that she wasn’t feeling any itching.
Shivaay from door: Hahaha hahaha hahaha ????????
Only you know how to play pranks Miss. Choi-Muhi.
He laughs louder while Anika gets irritated.
Shivaay: Achuu Achuu Achuu
Now Anika starts laughing ?.
Shivaay begins chasing her while she begins running.
After a while of running Anika stops as she remembers what ever Shivaay said about Karan and glares Shivaay angrily, Shivaay realises that she is reminded of the incident so he even gets his frown ? back. Both glare each other with equal attitude and then Anika leaves.



Keep smiling ?
For now signing off
Shivika ?….

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