Hi ? guys today I am posting my 30th epi and I am really excited ? .
So as it’s the 30th update it’s really long as a treat to all my readers, so sit down with popcorns and cold drinks ? and enjoy reading guys.

@LEAF 30

Shivaay heard Anika and Rudra’s conversation and after Anika leaves Shivaay enters Rudra’s room.
Shivaay goes to Rudra and seeing Shivaay Rudra makes an angry ? face and turns to the opposite side.
Shivaay understands that he is really very angry ? and he even agrees that he was too rude to Rudra today.
Shivaay: Rudra.
Rudra doesn’t pays any heed.
Shivaay holding his shoulder and turning him towards himself says
Shivaay: I am sorry ?.
But Rudra doesn’t agree.
Om while coming from outside: Rudra Vo mera..
He senses the unusual silence in and around the room and then looks at Shivaay who signs him that Rudra is angry ? .
Om encircling his arm around Rudra: Hye what happened Rudy.
Rudra showing angry ? face says: Don’t act as if you don’t know anything.
Om: Oh so you are angry ? about morning incident.
Rudra nods yes.
Om in fake scolding tone to Shivaay
Om: How bad Shivaay. How can you do this to our Rudy?
Shivaay: Kuch nahi Om yeh duffer bas ghadi ghadi nautanki Karta hai.
(Nothing Om this duffer keeps on doing drama every now and then.)
Rudra gets more angry ? hearing that and turning towards Shivaay says
Rudra: Mai koi nautanki nahi kar raha Hon. (I am not doing any drama.)
Shivaay: Oh really then what are you doing.
Rudra: Why should I tell you, who are you to me.
Shivaay feels a bit bad but he understands that Rudra is saying all this in anger and he doesn’t mean it, so he continues in dramatic tone turning around but taking a glimpse of Rudra through the mirror.
Shivaay: Ya right who am I to you. So what I know I am alone.
Om shakes his head in disbelief.
Shivaay going towards Om and keeping his hand on Om’s shoulder continues in dramatic way
Shivaay: Now I realized it Om, that I have no right to scold Rudra after all what am I to him.
Rudra gets angry ? + annoyed: Oh really, don’t you know that you are my superhero. Moreover, you only scolded me and that to because of that Lady baba, stupid Reiki centre. And now you are blaming me.
Shivaay turns towards his baby brother and making a puppy face, holding his ears and looking down says like a cute and innocent kid
Shivaay: Sorry.
Om smiles ? seeing him and the way he is trying to convince Rudra.
Rudra turns his face with fake annoyance: No.
Shivaay: Pls Rudra, I said na I am SORRY ?.
Rudra looking in opposite direction like a stubborn kid says: No I won’t forgive you.
Shivaay signs something to Om and he nods ok.
Both move towards Rudra while he is still facing his back towards them.
Shivaay in a bit louder and naughty tone says: Are you sure Rudra.
Rudra nods frantically in yes.
Both ShivOm exactly at his back by now and Shivaay confirms one last time.
Shivaay: Pakaa.
Rudra being irritated turns back and says: Aur nahi toh kachaa.
Now both ShivOm give naughty look to each other, while Shivaay winks at Om and within few seconds the entire room gets filled with Rudra’s laughter and struggling voice as both started tickling Rudra.
Rudra: Please Bhaiya, stop it.
Shivaay: First say do you accept my sorry or not.
Rudra still trying to retaliate: NO, NO A BIG NO.
Shivaay: Ok then.
Now they tickle him more and finally Rudra gives in falling on the bed along with Om as he had held him tightly.
Rudra: OK OK I forgive you.
And both OmRu laugh.

La la la la la…….
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Sadiyon ka yeh hai waasta
Hai rooh ka raabta

Shivaay smiles seeing them happy ?.
Rudra then pulls Shivaay on the bed and says
Rudra: Bhaiya vaisa is it important to marry that Reiki centre.
Shivaay gives him annoyed look.
Shivaay: I don’t get it, what problem do you have with Tia.
Rudra: Problem, she herself is walking talking problem. All the time she keeps saying baby baby. Come on bhai you are so grown up.
Om jokes: Maybe she says that seeing his height.
OmRu laugh and share a hi-fi.
Shivaay: Very funny guys.
Om: Vo toh hai.
Shivaay: Ok please, change the topic.
Rudra: Ok so shall we talk about Robotics.
Shivaay: What???
Rudra: I mean come on bhai, what can we do rather than irritating you.
Shivaay: Oh really, Rudra you need to find a new job then.
Om: Are you okay Shivaay, job and that to Rudra, not even in my wildest nightmare would these two words come together.
Shivaay smiles, while Rudra makes an annoyed face.
And they keep chit chating laying down on the bed.

Na ab kabhi nazdeekiyon Ki fiza ye
Aaye na doori dilon Mein
Karti hai aakhein dua yeh
Koi Khushi Ho koi gum Ho
Kahi jyaada kam Ho..

Koi Khushi Ho koi gum Ho
Kahi jyaada kam Ho..
Baatenga Jo Ho aata
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Sadiyon ka yeh hai waasta
Hai rooh ka raabta………..
La la la la la……

A man smashes the door and enters the OBEROI’S ESTATE in full rage, he goes directly to the hall. Two girls are seen following him. He comes in the hall and shouts his lungs out.
The entire mansion shakes with his anger.
All begin to assemble in the hall and get shocked seeing the person.
Anika who was there also came running hearing the familiar voice and she too gets shocked. Shivaay with his attitude comes there walking ? down the stairs.
Shivaay: What’s your problem?
Anika sees the two girls who right now entered the mansion and asks them through her eyes ? ‘what happened?’
And they signal back ‘he came to know’
And Anika gets really worried.
The man roars in anger.
Shivaay: Hye Mr. Come to the point.
The man in rage goes and holds Shivaay’s neck and pushes him to the pillar.
All get shocked and Anika and two other girls go to him and try pulling him back.
Anika: Please please bhai stop it.
And the man is revealed to be ABEER MALHOTRA. And the other two girls are revealed to be IshuSoums.
Abeer holding Shivaay collar : Leave, leave this blo*dy rascal. How can I Anika. He has hurt my brother. How can I leave him? ( Now looking at Shivaay and leaving him Abeer says) Do you even know whom were you talking to. No one in this entire world spoke so harshly with Karan ever, no one and you.. you.. hurt him so badly. I have never spared anyone who has even spoken ill about my brother but you, you have hurt him to the core.
And you think your sister can get a better life partner than my bhai, ok I challenge you find a better person, even I will see who will marry her?
AniIshSoums try pacifying Abeer but he is hell angry ?, he releases himself from AniIshSoums clutches and begins to leave.
He turns and says in dangerous tone pointing his finger towards Shivaay.
He leaves followed by AniIshSoums who firstly apologized dadi and then follow Abeer.

Karan enters when he sees Abeer storming in with anger at it’s peak.
Karan calmly: What happened Abeer.
Abeer glares him angrily.
Abeer: How does that matters to you??
AniIshSoums who are following him come and explain Karan everything and then they leave after earning an annoyed glare from Abeer.
Karan and Abeer are left in the garden ? area itself.
Karan confronts: What was that Abeer?
Abeer whose anger was calmed by now after hearing his bravery gatha from AniIshuSoums says
Abeer: Suits him right.
Karan: I don’t get one thing, why all of you think that what he did was wrong.
Abeer: By the way we don’t think, we are sure.
Karan: Pls for god sake, whatever he did was for his sister and from a brothers point of view.
Abeer: Oh really if in Priyanka’s place Anika was there and in your place the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi was there then you would have also behaved like Mr. Oberoi. (he says sarcastically.)
Karan: We are two different people, he didn’t do anything wrong.
Abeer: Ok agreed he didn’t do anything wrong, then what you are doing is also not right.
Karan: What have I done now?
Abeer: What are you doing with Ma and Baba.
Karan trying not to speak about it: Pls Abeer.
Abeer: Why? For you the entire world is right but what about Ma and Baba. What wrong have they done hmm.
Karan: Pls I don’t want to talk about all this right now.
Abeer: Oh really Karan, you have time to take side of Shivaay but you don’t have time for your own parents.
Karan: Say whatever you want to.
Abeer: May I know for what crime are you punishing Ma and Baba.
Karan: I am not punishing anyone.
Abeer: Oh really, you haven’t talked to them since two to three days,you.. you couldn’t stay for a single day without taking to them but now since past two to three days they haven’t heard your voice and from when did you started having dinner in your room and if I am not wrong then you were the only one to drag baba back to house by 7:30 and nowadays you yourself stay in office till 10 or 11. Isn’t it.

Yes what ever Abeer said was right and somewhere or other he was upset with his ma and papa which was normal as he could neither interpret nor accept what had happened with him till now.
Abeer: What is their mistake. The did mistake by adopting you and considering you as their own child. Just ask yourself once was their ever a time when they didn’t love you like their own child. They never let you know the truth because they were afraid to loose you and I think so that their fair has turned to be true.

Karan was boggled by Abeer’s words and they left a deep mark on him.
Saying all this Abeer leaves towards the mansion while Karan goes out with volley of questions playing in his mind.

After a while Abeer leaves for some work.

Aradhya enters and straight away goes to floor no. 14.
The floor is highly guarded with armed men and CCTV footage. The only way to reach the floor is through the lift. And the lift is guarded by two armed guards at the ground floor and two on the 14th floor. The lift is highly secured as it requires iris and finger impressions to open it. And only authorised person can enter.
Aradhya reaches the 14yh floor and enters a cabin.
The cabin is filled with all high level technicians and computer hackers. They are working very sincerely on their computers and as Aradhya enters all get a bit scared and wish her by getting up from their respective seats. Aradhya just signs them to sit back.
Aradhya: Come on show me.
One work switches on the main screen kept in the middle which is transparent and can work with fingers only (I mean it doesn’t need any keyboard or mouse etc.)
The screen shows the outer view of Oberoi’s estate and the view all around it and approximately till 100 kms from there.
Aradhya: Good. Keep a constant look on them and inform me about their every move.
All nod in yes.
She leaves and goes to another cabin which is for her private use.
Aradhya looking at a picture hanging on the wall and touching it says
Aradhya: Don’t worry I won’t leave them, they destroyed my life and now it’s PAYBACK TIME. So what if I couldn’t kill them, now they will see their families destruction, I won’t spare anyone.

Screen shifts to
All are sitting in the living room.
Anika: What should we do so that Bhaiyu gets back to normal.
All give blank look, when Abhigya pop up with an idea and discuss that with three of them. All nod in ok and get back to work.
Around 10 Karan enters in the house with his shirt half tucked in and half out and his blazer is in his hands. When he sees the house completely dark and only a screen playing which is showing his pictures with his family and suddenly another spot light focuses on someone else who begins to sing ?.

AniIshSoums together singing ?and dancing:
Gun Gun Guna re
Gun Gun Guna re
Gun Gun Guna ye gaana re (x5)

Ishu going and taking hold of Karan’s blazer and throwing it on the sofa sings:
Ho Maayusion ke chonge utaar ke phenk de na saare

Anika bringing a candle, accompanied by Soumya who brings a cake on which it’s written”HAPPY BREAK UP” ( remember guys how they use to celebrate the break up.) and Ani sings:
Candle ye shaam ka phoonk raat ka cake kaat pyaare

Ishu acting like a teacher sings ? :
Sikha na tune magar humne sikhaya re

Soums acting as a scientist who has done some really important invention sings ?:
Dumdaar nuskha yaar humne jo aajmaaya re

AniIshSoums dance and sing ? along:
Aasuo’n ko chooran chaba ke humne dakaar maara re

AniIshSoums dance around Karan encircling him, while he smiles helplessly:
Gun Gun Guna re
Gun Gun Guna re
Gun Gun Guna ye gaana re (x2)
Gun.. gun..gun…

Ani keeping a basket on his head sings ? :
Hmm.. sar pe hain tere uljhaanon ke jo tokre

Ishu taking the basket from his head sings ? :
La humko dede halka hoja re tu chhokre

Soums acting as a wild cat ? sings ? :
Jo neende apne naakhun se jo noch le woh
Ani throws that basket away after taking from Ishu:
Dard saare jalte choolhe mein tu jhonk re

Ishu dancing ? around Karan sings ? :
Zindagi ke raashan mein gham kota zyada hai
Black mein kharidenge khushi ka pitara re

AniIshSoums dance ? and sing ? around him:
Gun Gun Guna re
Gun Gun Guna re
Gun Gun Guna ye gaana re (x2 times)
Gun.. gun..gun…

Ani fills air in her mouth making it big and sitting on the floor by crying ? while Ishu coming close to her sings ? :
Tu munh phulaa le sooraj bhi dhalne lage

Ishu smiles and shows the glowing moon outside through her hands while Soums sings ? :
Tu muskura de chand bhi jalne lage

Soums closes her ears with hand ? and Anika sings ? :
Tu Chup rahe toh maano behri lage zindagi

Ishu sings ? while AniSoums open the curtains of the living room:
Tu bol de toh parde kaano ke khulne lage

They act holding an empty bottle and filling it with water:
Ek bandh bottle ke jaisa kya hau betha hai
Khali dil se bhar de ye glass hamara re

AniIshSoums dance ? and sing ? while Karan smiles slightly seeing their foolish antics:
Gun Gun Guna re
Gun Gun Guna re
Gun Gun Guna ye gaana re (x2 times)
Gun.. gun..gun…

Karan begins to move towards the stairs and all get upset but he turns back and sings ?:
Ho bindaas hoke har gham ko khoonti pe taang dunga

He goes near AniIshSoums who smiled seeing him sing ? and encircling his arm around them he continues:
Thoda udhaar itminaan main tum se hi maang lunga

Then he looks at Abhigya who are standing silently and smiling ? at four of them, so he goes near them and folding his hands as if asking for an apology sings:
Sikha hai maine jo tumne sikhaya re

Then they hug Karan and care his back and then Abhi continued the song ?:
Dumdaar nuskha yaar maine bhi aajzmaaya re

And then he cleans Karan’s tears and sings ? :
Aasuon ka chooran chaba ke maine
dakaar maara re

All sing ? and dance ? together happily:
Gun Gun Guna re
Gun Gun Guna re
Gun Gun Guna ye gaana re
Gun Gun Guna ye gaana re
Gun Gun Guna ye gaana re
Gun Gun Guna ye gaana re
Gun Gun Guna ye gaana re
As the song comes to end all smile ? and hug each other in satisfaction.

Shivaay is sleeping on his bed when he starts feeling irritated and begins to scratch his body, but slowly he feels more irritation in his body.
Golmal hai bhai,
Sab golmal hai.
Then he gets up scratching his body and then he goes to bathroom and takes bath.

After coming back he feels better so he again lays down.

Shivaay again feels irritation and gets up and scratches his body and gets up from bed.
BG again plays:
Golmal hai bhai,
Sab golmal hai.
Shivaay to himself all the while scratching his body: Oh god what is this happening, why am I feeling irritated. I’ll go and take bath ? again maybe I get off with this irritation.
He takes bath ? and comes out and sprinkles alot of powder on himself and again retires to bed.

Shivaay again feels irritation in his body and gets up and sees the bed accusingly.
BG again plays:
Golmal hai bhai,
Sab golmal hai.
And then scratching his body he goes to bath ? once again.

AT 3:30am
He comes out of bathroom after bathing.
He decides to sleep on the couch and taking a new pillow and comforter he sleeps on the couch.

Achhu acchu acchu…..
(Ab aadi raat ko koi teen-teen baar do-do ghanta ka liya nahaga toh cold toh hoga hi na.???????????????
Bechara Shivaay Puri raat nahi so paya. ????)
Achhu acchu acchu……
Achhu acchu acchu…….

Mujhe bhi cold Ho jayaga aagar zyada dair tak yahan rahi, chalo Mai chalti hoon, kal milta hai tab tak kai liya Take care.
Bye bye ?
Tata see you soon?


Keep smiling ?
For now
Signing off
Shivika ?…..

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