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All enter and everyone is a bit upset.
Prinku is in tears and Jhanvi and Pinky are trying to console her. Shivaay is angry ? even now and he moves towards his room.
Dadi: Billu tujhe lagta hai Ki Jo tuna kiya Vo saahi tha. (Billu do you think what you did was right.)
Shivaay: Ji Dadi, those people hid such a big think from us.
Dadi: No parent has guts to tell their own kids that they have been adopted.
Shivaay: What so ever, it’s good that our Prinku didn’t get married their.
Om being angry: Seriously Shivaay, do you really care for Prinku.
Shivaay: What do you want say Om.
Om: Shivaay it was Prinku’s choice to Marry Karan Bhaiya, no one forced her to do so, at least before breaking this alliance you should have asked her once.
Shivaay: Pls Om whatever I did it was for Prinku’s betterment only.
Rudra: Bhaiya, Karan Bhaiya is really nice.
Tej: I think Shivaay is right if they can hide such a big fact from us then I am sure that they would be hiding alot more from us.
Dadi: Bas kar Tej, think before you speak, all of us know Karan since he was a child and he is the best groom our Prinku can get. Just because he was adopted doesn’t mean that he is not good.
Shivaay tries to reason: But dadi they hid it from us.
Dadi couldn’t control anymore so she shouts.
Dadi: NO THEY DIDN’T HIDE ANYTHING, I KNEW IT LONG BACK. In fact when they adopted Karan I was the first one to know and I only asked them not to tell this to anyone.
Everyone gets shocked.
Tej: What are you saying ma.
Dadi: Han Yes I knew everything and I am elder to all of you so till I am alive only I have a right to make a decision in this house. Tomorrow itself Shivaay will apologize to Karan and Prinku will get married to Karan only and this is my final decision and no arguments. (she adds the last part as Shivaay was about to say something.)
Shivaay: If this is your decision dadi then it’s fine, I have never disobeyed you and I won’t do it now as well but I am not happy with this marriage and it’s against my wish.
Prinku is crying ? more harder now.
Rudra: Bhaiya please keep your ego aside and think about Prinku’s happiness.
Om: Shivaay don’t do this to Prinku.
Shivaay: Please Om stop it. Prinku won’t be happy with that man. We even don’t know about his real family, his surname nothing is known to us.
Saying this Shivaay leaves.
Om goes to Prinku and keeping his hand on her head.
Om: Don’t worry Prinku, Shivaay will agree soon.
Prinku doesn’t stops crying ? but hugs Om. Om tries pacifying her but all goes in vain.
Later all leave to their respective rooms.

Karan is getting ready while he is totally absorbed in his thoughts.
AniIshSoums enter his room but he didn’t notice.
Anika: Bhaiyu where are you going.
Anika’s voice brings him back to the world.
Karan: Oberoi’s estate.
Three of them get angry ? hearing this.
Ishu: Why bhaiyu?
Soums: You should not go there.
Anika: Wasn’t yesterday’s insult enough bhaiyu.
Karan: Anika whatever Shivaay said was right only, perhaps I am not going to meet him. I am just going to talk to Priyanka what ever happened yesterday, she was the one to be a victim of all that without even knowing anything.
Anika: Please don’t go bhaiyu.
Karan: Listen Anika, I just want to clear things between me and Priyanka, I don’t want her to suffer because of me.
Ishu: How come she is suffering because of you bhaiyu, what ever sufferings she has to face the sole reason behind them is her own brother Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Karan: Ishu if someone else is wrong it doesn’t mean that even we will become wrong. So stop it. I know all of you are hurt with what ever Shivaay did, but he is right at his own place, he did everything as he loves his sister alot.
Soums: If he loves his sister alot that doesn’t mean that he has got licence to insult anyone.
Karan: Three of you please stop it and I am going and from there I will straight away go to office.
Saying this he leaves.
Pragya who was standing near the dinning table arranging for the breakfast sees Karan leaving.
Pragya: Karan have your breakfast.
Karan turns to look at her and giving a painful look leaves from there. Pragya feels really bad and tears start to roll down but she tries to compose herself as much as possible and then she calls the rest. None of them was in a mood to eat but just in order to not hurt her further they begin to eat.

Karan enters the house, he sees Dadi and goes to her after plastering a smile on his face and at first look itself dadi understood that he is pretending a smile but she doesn’t want to say that so that he doesn’t gets hurt further.
Karan touches dadi’s feet and she blesses him.
Karan: Aap kaisa Ho dadi.
(How are you dadi.)
Dadi: I am fine. It’s good that you came here or I was about to come to meet you only.
Karan a bit confused ?: Why what happened Dadi?
Dadi: Actually Shivaay wanted to say something to you.
She says this louder seeing Shivaay descend the stairs. One by one the entire Oberoi family was in the hall except for Tej and Shakti.
Shivaay comes towards Karan.
Shivaay: Vo….. actually…. I wanted to….
Karan cuts him: It’s ok Shivaay you need not apologize to me under pressure.
Shivaay looks at him a bit shocked as he was able to know what he wanted to say but he composes himself and looks at other direction with pride of being a winner.
Karan: I respect your decision Shivaay and trust me I won’t marry Priyanka until and unless you are not ready.
Dadi: What are you saying Karan.
Karan bends down on his knees and keeps his hand on dadi’s lap and says.
Karan: Dadi do you know what Priyanka told me on the day when you brought her proposal, she just said one thing to me and that was that all she wants in her life is to see her family happy and I don’t think so that by forcing Shivaay to accept our marriage, her this dream will ever be fulfilled.
Dadi looks on emotionally.
Karan continues: Dadi I just came here to talk with Priyanka once, if you allow can I talk to her.
Shivaay: No, you can’t.
Rudra: Bhaiya at least let him speak once.
Jhanvi: Shivaay you can’t punish him like this, all he is asking is just that he wants to talk with Prinku once.
Om: Pls Shivaay let Bhaiya talk to Prinku.
Shivaay: Fine, but say what ever you want to say in front of all of us.
Karan now stands up.
Karan: Thank you Shivaay.
Shivaay: You just have 5 minutes so pls fasten up.
Karan is badly hurt with such rude words but controlling his emotions he nods yes and goes to Priyanka who is teary eyed by now.

Karan: I know Priyanka whatever that happened yesterday, you weren’t at fault but unknowingly you became a victim. I am sorry that because of me you had to suffer. (Prinku nods in no and Karan continues.) Priyanka you are really a very brave girl, so pls don’t loose heart on such small matter’s, please be strong enough. And I am sure that one day you will find a much better person than me who will always keep you happy. Priyanka please try forgiving me if you can, I really didn’t intend to hurt you or hide such a big matter from you.(with lots of efforts he says) And if possible then forget that I ever came into your life and please move on. (his voice almost cracking by the end.)
Accha chalta hoon
Duaaon mein yaad rakhna
Mere zikr ka zubaan pe swaad rakhna(x2)
Dil ke sandookon mein
Mere acche kaam rakhna
Chitthi taaron mein bhi
Mera tu salaam rakhna
Tears broke all barriers and begin to flow from Prinku’s eyes ?. Karan wasn’t able to see tears in her eyes ? and he forwards his hand to hold her shoulder and console her but then he thinks that he has no right on her so he withdraws his hand before touching her shoulder and says:
All the best for your life ahead Priyanka.
Andhera tera maine le liya
Mera ujla sitaara tere naam kiya

Channa mereya mereya
Channa mereya mereya
Channa mereya mereya Beliya
O piya… (x2)
Saying this he wasn’t able to control himself and begins to move.
Mmm… mehfil mein teri
Hum naa rahe jo
Gham toh nahi hai
Gham toh nahi hai
Qisse humaare nazdeeqiyon ke
Kam toh nahi hai
Kam toh nahi hai
********************************** Priyanka who was silent till now held Karan’s hand from back and finally after gaining a lot of courage said
Prinku: Will you also be able to forget that I was about to become a part of your life and will you be able to move on from this.
Kitni dafaa, subah ko meri
Tere aangan me baithe
Maine shaam kiya

Channa mereya mereya
Channa mereya mereya
Channa mereya mereya Beliya
O piya… (x2)
Karan turns towards Priyanka and both share a painful eye lock and then Karan removes her hand from his hand and without a word leave from their with a heavy heart.
Tere rukh se apna raasta
Mod ke chalaa
Chandan hoon main
Apni khushboo chhod ke chala

Mann ki maaya rakh ke
Tere takiye tale
Bairagi, bairagi ka sooti chaula
Odh ke chalaa

Channa mereya mereya
Channa mereya mereya
Channa mereya mereya Beliya
O piya…
All the Oberoi’s look on being emotional but Mr. Baggad Billa was unaffected by all this.
Karan leaves the Oberoi’s estate and begins to walk ? on the road and by now the tears that were scared to come out were flowing freely now. He seems to be really devastated and helpless as he sees destiny mock at him.
While walking finally he reached office and immersed himself completely in work just in order to divert himself.

On the other side Priyanka runs to her room after Karan leaves and begins to cry hard. Dadi forbades all of them to talk to Priyanka as she wants her to drain out her pain.

Rudra enters and finds Soums upset and sitting on a bench.
He goes to her.
Rudra: Sumo.
Soumya turns and looks at him.
Soums: What are you doing here Rudra?
Wasn’t the insult on that day enough that you are back here to insult me.
Rudra gets really hurt and tears flow down from his eyes ?. But Soumya leaves the place without even giving a look to him. Rudra being upset walks away without talking to anyone and he is really heat broken.

Ishu is passing by, all lost in thoughts and Om notices her and he goes to her and keeps his hand on her shoulder, she turns around and looks directly into his black orbs which reflected guilt. Ishu understood and she let’s him speak
Om: I am sorry Ishi.
Ishu: Why are you being sorry Omi, you weren’t at fault.
Om: Maybe I wasn’t at fault but I didn’t even bother to stop Shivaay when he was insulting Karan Bhaiya.
Ishu: It’s ok Om.
Om: No Ishi it’s not ok. By the way how is Karan Bhaiya.
Ishu looks at him and says

Ishu: Waqt na giraya Una aaisa,
Ki aab uthna mushkil hai.
Hazaroon ayai gum Ki aandhiyan,
Par aab sambhalna mushkil hai.
Jinsa dil lagaya,uno na dil Toda aisa,
Ki aab joodna mushkil hai.

Om could feel the immense pain in her voice and now he stays silent as he got answer to all his unasked questions, moreover he didn’t had words to pacify her. Now he was guilty beyond words could express or a person could feel.
They walked silently, after every few seconds Om steals a glance of Ishu, just in hope to see some difference in her but all goes in vain as she is deeply hurt just because she had never seen her brother in such a vulnerable condition.
After a while they reach a bench and both settle themselves down.
Ishu: Thank you Omi.
Om couldn’t understand her gesture and gives her a highly confused ? look, she turns towards him and passing a small smile says

Ishu: Naasehat Dena wala toh laakh Mila,
Par saahara Dena wala ek bhi nahi.
Bol kar dard bhaadana wala toh kahin dekha,
Par chup reh kar dard mitana wala aap pehala Mila.

Om smiles slightly on her words and now he isn’t feeling guilty as much as he was a while ago. He was really satisfied and contend with Ishu’s words.
The time flew away in silence, who being really mischievous was playing it’s own game of words, which often people failed to express while talking.


Shivaay and Anika’s face off.
Anika too resign.
Lot more.

Will Shivaay be able to stop her or not ????????????????????

Thanks alot for reading guys and THANK YOU FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL COMMENTS.

Stay happy,
Keep smiling ?.
For now signing off
Shivika ?……

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      Thank you ? soooooooooo much Sara. And I will try updating it as soon as possible so that you need not check tu again and again. But I can’t fulfil your wish of uploading it twice a day so sorry for that.????
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      Di faltu Mai emotional ????????? kar deta Ho aap. THANKS TO UNCLE for such a sweet comment and THANKS TO YOU TOO ? di.
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      Well THANK YOU ? DEAR.

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    Jinsa dil lagaya,uno na dil Toda aisa,
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