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Shivaay is working on his laptop ? when his PA enters.
PA: Sir, Miss. Malik is here.
Shivaay: Ok send her in.

Miss. Malik enters she is a beautiful young lady in her early twenties, she is wearing a black pencil above knee length skirt, with a mustard coloured shirt properly tucked in and a black crop coat over it, accompanied by pencil heels,with hair tied in a beautiful bun she looks like a professional business woman in this dress.
Her face is shown and she is revealed to be the same mysterious lady who came from Zürich just on the night of the Oberoi’s party and the one who was talking with Svetlana regarding some deal.

Miss. Malik: Hello! Mr. Oberoi.
She forwards her hand towards Shivaay and he accepts it.
Shivaay : May I know why were you so desperate to meet me Miss. Malik.
Miss. Malik: You can call me Aradhya.
Shivaay gives her I don’t care look, so she continues.
Aradhya: Well Mr. Oberoi I wanted to discuss about a deal.
Shivaay in bossy tone: I don’t have much time to waste on you, so directly come to the point, which business deal do you want to talk about.
Aradhya: TRIMURTI deal.

Shivaay gives her a blank look.
Shivaay: Look I don’t have time for your silly jokes.
Aradhya: This might seem silly to you right now but if I say this matter is related to your family then.
Shivaay gets angry but decides to play it cool.
Shivaay: How come any of your stupid deals is related to my family. Moreover I don’t know about any TRIMURTI deal.
Aradhya: If you don’t know, then find it out Mr. Oberoi otherwise this deal may end up harming your family.
Shivaay: What nonsense, just get the hell out of here.
Aradhya: Don’t worry Mr. Oberoi I am going to leave only. But remember one thing
“Jab gaada murda ukhdain Ga na toh nuksaan marna wala ka hoga marna wala ka nahi”.
(If the secrets will be brought out of the grave then the murderers of those secrets will have to pay and not the secrets.)
Shivaay now lost his cool and shouts at the top his voice by banging his hands on the table and getting up from his seat.
Shivaay: Just get the hell out of here Miss. Malik before I have to throw you out.
Aradhya: Just chill Mr. Oberoi, don’t get much hyper your bp will get raised. Well before a final good bye.
Mr. Oberoi I heard that your sister is getting married , well do have background check on the groom anyways congratulations ?.
Aradhya leaves smirking ?.

Shivaay is in deep thoughts while he is getting ready.
Tia enters his room.
Tia: Shivaay baby how are you.
Shivaay who was lost in his thoughts didn’t reply to her.
Tia going near Shivaay and putting her hand on his shoulder.
Tia: Shivaay baby are you alright.
Shivaay comes back to the world. He looks at Tia with his usual frown.
Shivaay: When did you come.
Tia: Right now baby.
Shivaay nods.

Tia: Aren’t you happy seeing me baby.
Shivaay: It’s nothing like that Tia I am bit worried about business.
Tia: Oh relax baby, I will send you Reiki once I reach home.
Shivaay nods.
Tia: Well baby I am glad knowing about Prinku’s marriage.
Shivaay: Ya, she has grown up so much that now she is going to get married as well.
Tia smiles.
Rudra enters
Rudra: Bhaiya you didn’t get ready yet.
Shivaay: I am almost done Rudra.

Rudra sees Tia their: Oh hi ? lady baba why did you come back.
Tia: What?
Rudra: I mean when did you come back.
Tia: Just now.
Rudra: Oh.
Tia: Well guys I will leave and I am sorry I won’t be able to join you guys for the shopping. Baby it’s destiny, universe doesn’t wants that I join you guys for shopping.
Shivaay: It’s ok I can understand Tia.
Tia leaves and Om enters.
Om: Guys are you going to take an entire day to get ready.
Rudra: O Bhaiya isn’t ready yet.
Om: Shivaay is everything ok.

Shivaay covering up: Ya Om everything is fine.
Om understands that he is hiding something.
Om: You know na that you can share anything with us.
Rudra: After all we are one for all and all for one.
Right guys.
ShivOm nod in agreement.
Om blinks at Shivaay and says

Om: Rudra by the way I wanted to ask why do you always run away when ever Karan Bhaiya is near.
Rudra gets scared ? hearing Karan’s name and this is noticed by ShivOm.
Shivaay: What happened Rudra.
Rudra: Nothing Bhaiya.
Om: Come on Rudra say what happened.
Rudra then tells them about the college incident only to send his brother in fits of laughter.
Rudra makes a crying ? face: Bhaiya how can you laugh on me like this.
Om: Did you realise that you were jealous seeing Karan Bhaiya with Soums.
Shivaay: Yup! And what he use to sing for me.
ShivOm dancing and singing ? together: “Fire brigade mangwa da tun aandha dhun hai aarma,
Oh baalma , oh baalma.”
They both again being to laugh.
Rudra: Bhaiya, O go I won’t talk to you both.
Saying he they turns his face to the other side.
ShivOm signal each other something.

La la la la la…….
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Sadiyon ka yeh hai waasta
Hai rooh ka raabta
They take a pen kept on the table and begin to tickle him in his ears and hold him tightly from back so that he can’t get rid of them.
Rudra: Heehee heehee Bhaiya pls stop it.
Shivaay: Someone was upset with us na Om.
Om: Right Shivaay and he wasn’t even talking with us.
Rudra: Pls Bhaiya I am not upset ok now stop tickling me pls.

Na ab kabhi nazdeekiyon Ki fiza ye
Aaye na doori dilon Mein
Karti hai aakhein dua yeh
Koi Khushi Ho koi gum Ho
Kahi jyaada kam Ho..
They both stop and Rudra turns. All the brothers smile ? at each other and they hug each other.


Koi Khushi Ho koi gum Ho
Kahi jyaada kam Ho..
Baatenga Jo Ho aata
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Sadiyon ka yeh hai waasta
Hai rooh ka raabta………..
La la la la la……

Om: Rudra moment nikal, Gaya pahaila emotional tha.
Ab awkward hai.
Shivaay nods his head in agreement.
Rudra: Yeh moment baadi jaldi nikal jata hai.
From door: Ahmm Ahmm guys are you done with your Bromance.
Three of them turn towards the door and ShivOm get happy seeing the person while Rudra gets scared ? and hides behind his brother’s.

The person at the door is none other than Karan.
Rudra: Bhaiya pls save me otherwise he will eat me alive.
Karan chuckles at his statement.

Om: Rudra tun pagal Ho Gaya hai kya aur tu chupna band kar.
(Rudra have you gone mad ? and stop hiding.)
Rudra: Pls O.
Karan comes towards them and Rudra holds on to his brothers even more tightly.
Karan smiles and says: It’s ok Rudra I won’t do anything to you.
Rudra: Pinky promise.
Karan: Anika yaahan bhi shuru Ho gayi.
(Anika even began here.)
Come on you can come out, your brothers are here only, do you think that they will let me do anything to you.
Rudra: First do pinky promise.
Karan: Ok pinky promise, I won’t do anything.
Rudra: And you won’t scold me even.
All look at him in disbelief.
Karan: But why will I scold you.
Rudra: Promise me.
Karan: Ok promise I won’t scold you even.
Rudra then begins to come out from behind his brothers.
Rudra stands holding Shivaay’s hand and says
Rudra: Bhaiya take care of me.
Shivaay: Pls Rudra stop acting like a kid.
Soums: How is that possible bhada Bhaiya he is such a Cry Baby Oberoi.
Now Rudra’s ego gets hurt and he leaves Shivaay’s hand and goes in front of Soums and in his regular swag says
Rudra: Hye you fat lady don’t you dear call me Cry Baby.
Soums: Oh please you are such a Cry baby.
Shivaay to tease Rudra: Ya you are right Soumya Rudra was crying ? right now as well.
Rudra makes a crying ? face and says to Shivaay
Rudra: Pls Bhaiya don’t say anything in front of her.
Anika and Ishu also come there.
Ani: Bhaiyu aapko in saabko nicha bulana ka liya kaha tha aap toh yahin par inka saath basara daal kar baaith Gaya ho.
(Bhaiyu we had asked you to bring them down but instead you are gossiping with them only.)
Karan: Princess Vo actually.

Ishu: Let it be Bhaiyu dadi is calling you down.
Karan: Ok so let’s go.
All begin to leave
Anika: Bhaiyu you go down I have some work with billu ji, we will join you guys with in five minutes.
Karan nods.
Om also leaves to his room and Ishu gets a call so she also excuses himself.
Karan Soums and Rudra being to go downstairs. Rudra being in his own maasti was about to fall when Karan holds him.

Karan with lot’s of concern: Are you okay Rudra?
Even Soums gets a bit worried.
Soums: Can’t you see and walk ? Rudra.
Rudra gives them innocent ? look.
Karan: It’s ok princess ? don’t get angry ?, it was just a mistake.
Soums: Pls Bhaiyu don’t take his side he always does foolish acts like this.
Rudra: Sumo Mai insaan hoon aur insaan galtiyon ka putla hota hai.
(Sumo I am a human and humans are meant to do mistake’s)
Soums: Tum koi putla wutla nahi Ho galtiyon ka tum toh galtiyon ka baadsha Ho.
(You are the king ? of mistakes.)
Karan: Ok relax guys, I think we should get down now.
Karan helps Rudra down the stairs and makes him sit comfortably.
Rudra: Thank you Bhaiya.
Karan smiles at him.
Karan: Do you need anything Rudra.
Rudra: No Bhaiya, you are so sweet but this Sumo is totally opposite to you.
Soums glares him while Karan just smiles.
Dadi sees Rudra and asks
Dadi: What happened to you Rudra?

Rudra: Dadi I slipped from the staircase.
Dadi: What did you get hurt anywhere.
Rudra: Yes dadi, pls take me to ICU.
Soums is shocked seeing his drama.
Karan noticed Dadi being worried.
Karan: Dadi don’t worry he was about to fall but he didn’t fell from the stairs.
Dadi sighs in relief.
Soums: Mr. Dumbel Oberoi, you always keep on crying ?, then why did you waste time in making body.
Rudra: Keep quiet Sumo you don’t know anything.
Soums makes faces and they both begin to fight.

As soon as every one left Ani bombards Shivaay with questions.
Anika: Billu ji how can you say everything in front of the family.
Shivaay totally confused ?.
Shivaay: What did I say.
Anika: On the dinning table that day.
It’s then when Shivaay realises what she wanted to say so he begins to tease her.
Shivaay: Oh so my choi-muhi is angry ? about that. He says pulling her cheeks.
Anika gets angry ? hearing that: Pls billu ji. I think so you forgot what I use to call you in childhood.
Shivaay remembers what she use to call him in childhood.
Shivaay: Look Anika don’t you dear call me anything of that sought.
Anika giving a victorious smile ?: Oh but I will toh call you with that name only. Mr. Champu.
Shivaay: Anika pls don’t say that.

Anika: Why? Champu Champu Champu Champu.
Shivaay: Ok fine choi-muhi choi-muhi choi-muhi.
Anika: What don’t say that billu ji.
Shivaay: Ok so you stop calling me Champu.
Anika laughs and hits him with a pillow, Shivaay returns her the pillow back by hitting it on her head.
She throws another pillow and slowly they get indulged into a cat ? fight.
And after a while the room seems to be more like a pillow room.
Both get tired ? and fall on the sofa itself and burst out laughing ? at each other.

Om was doing some work, when Ishu enters.
Ishu: So Mr. Painter how are you ??
Om: Ishaana, come sit.
Ishu sits.
Ishu: Well when did you started calling me Ishaana.
Om looks at her confused ?.
Ishu: You always use to call me either Ishi or Chasmish.
Om: But you got angry ? with me on that day for calling you Chasmish.
Ishu chuckles: Oh so Mr. Artist ? when did these formalities came between us.
Om: Relations get changed even when we are close to our near and dear ones moreover we were far from each other for so many years then differences are meant to come between us.
Om ends it with a plain face.
Ishu understood the deep meaning and says
Ishu: Laakh chahaya zaamana huma ek duje Sa door karna,
Magar humko na hoga yeh kabh bhi gawara,
Dosti ka beech dewaar bhi aajaya,
Toh usa bhi tood denga hum.
Om smiles at her: So when did you turn out to be so shayarana madam.
Ishu chuckles: Mai shaayar toh nahi,
Magar aai haasi,
Maina dekha jab Sa tujko mujko shayari aagayi.
Om smiles: Oh Ho so my Chasmish has turned to be a singer as well.
Ishu gets happy hearing Chasmish from his mouth.

AniShi and IshOm hear loud sounds from downstairs and come running just to find SoumRu fighting with each other and Karan and dadi being highly irritated by their fights. Prinku also comes there and Karan passes a helpless smile ? to her and she returns an equally helpless smile ? to him.
Anika: Why the hell are you guys fighting.
Soums: Di pls don’t interfere.
Shivaay: Why are you two shouting so much.
Rudra: Bhaiya didn’t you hear what Sumo said to Anika didi, ditto to you too.
All give each other ‘yeh kya Ho raha hai ‘ look.
Ishu: Bhaiyu come here pls.
Karan: Goes to them.
Om: What is this going on Karan Bhaiya.

Karan tells them the entire thing.
Ishu: They are fighting on such a childish matters.
Ani: Look who is saying this, who herself hasn’t grown up yet.
Ishu: Di pls.
Karan: Both of you don’t start.
Ishu: Do something Bhaiyu.
Karan: What shall I do, shall I call ma only she can handle them.
Ani: No Bhaiyu why don’t you do something.
Karan: Ok.
Karan: Soumya.

Soums: Pls Bhaiyu you stay silent for sometime can’t you see we both are fighting.
Karan: Ok fine both of you keep fighting and we won’t go for shopping ?.
All the girls stare him as if they will eat him alive.
Ani: What are you saying Bhaiya.
Karan signs her to be silent and look.
As Karan expected both silenced themselves.
Soums: Bhaiyu pls we should go look we both have stopped fighting as well.
Karan: Only if you both fight anymore.
Both nod like obedient kids.
Karan: Ok fine.
Dadi we will leave now.
Dadi nods in agreement.
All leave by biding Dadi good bye.

All of them had reached the mall an hour and a half ago. Three of the girls have been selecting a dress for their lovely brother from past one hour, they are rejecting one dress after other. While all the boys are standing at a side starring at them helplessly along with Prinku.
Rudra: Why can’t they choose something quickly when will they get free.
Karan looks at his watch: Rudra it has been only one hour they won’t get free till the next three hours at least.
Om: Seriously.
Karan casually: Yes, well this shows that none of you have an experience of shopping ? with girls.
Shivaay: Of course not.
Karan climbing up the counter & sitting on it: Well then this would be a good training for you all.
Shivaay: Do you always come with them for shopping ?.
Karan: If my luck turns out to be good only then I can escape but that’s rear and then instead of me papa has to accompany them.
Shivaay: But what’s the need, I mean you can give them your card and they can shop on their own.
Karan making a sad face: I wish that could happen.
Ishu comes there and Rudra becomes happy.
Rudra: So you guys are done.
Ishu: No Rudra I just came to take Priyanka (she looks at Karan and to tease him emphasises) BHABHI with us.
Karan glares at her while she passes a teasing smile ? and Prinku blushes Rudra notices this.
Rudra: Oh Ho Prinku not bad Han you are already being shy and all hann.
Both Karan and Prinku get a bit embarrassed.
Shivaay: Hye stop it Rudra.

Rudra: Bhaiya.
Shivaay: Don’t make her look like a tomato ?.
All chuckle at his words.
Ishu: So Bhaiyu can I take Bhabhi with me.
Karan: Do whatever you want but please do it fast.
Ishu: Oh Ho Bhaiyu being desperate not bad, haan.
Karan jumps down from the counter and was about to hold Ishu but before that she runs away with Prinku.
Finally after about three hours all of them end their shopping ? with lots of teasing setion and get back to their respective houses.

Karan and Prinku’s roka.

So how was it guys as per your wish I added all the couple scenes as well brothers and sisters moments as well.
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