Hi ? guys I am back with the update firstly THANK YOU ? for your beautiful and amazing comments. Pls don’t skip this.
***I know many of you are shocked about the separation track but don’t worry I won’t separate them for long but it is important to get Shivaay and Anika close and make them fall for each other so please bear with the separation for sometime and I promise you that you won’t get bored by that but if you feel that the track is getting boring than do inform me but seriously I want the story to continue in this way only. Moreover many of you asked me to show romantic scenes between the couples but guys firstly I am hopelessly romantic and secondly I want to emphasise on their journey of falling in love ❤ as someone has said

“The journey of falling in love ❤ is more beautiful than love ❤ itself.”
And there are going to be two couples who are going to get separated and not all the four and one out of them is definitely going to be Shivaay and Anika and other let’s keep it under folds only.
All right guys now I want a suggestion from you all and that is will you all like to watch Omkara’s past revelation in this ff or not. Pls do tell me through your comments or otherwise I will write his past as well so if any suggestions related to it you all are most welcomed for that.

Now the options are
1.)I shouldn’t add Om’s past track.
2.) If I add then it should be similar as the one in the ongoing track as in real IB.
3.)If I add then it should be different from the ongoing track as in real IB.
So you can decide and inform me with in next two or three episodes. After that I will tell what I will do.

{FOR ALL THOSE WHO DO NOT WATCH ISHQBAAZ: Guys I know many of you do not watch Ishqbaaz so for them I am going to tell about Om’s past that is in the current track, well Om and Prinku have a past which focuses on two years back story in which their car accidentally hits someone and this fact isn’t known to any anyone accept Om and Priyanka and now their is an ACP who is reviled to be brother of the person who got hit by Om’s car. And now the ACP is finding proofs against them and he is stalking them to know about the truth of that day. So that’s all.}
Now here goes the next part.

@LEAF 25

Karan, Abeer and AniIshSoums are sitting together on Karan’s bed and everyone is busy telling Abeer about what happened today at the breakfast table as he wasn’t there and Abeer is laughing like hell and then something clicks Abeer.
Abeer in teasing and naughty tone rounds his hands around Karan’s shoulder and says
Abeer: Bhai by the way what’s your equation with that girl.
Ishu: x+y=z.
All laugh.
Abeer: Shut up chudail.
Ishu: Don’t you know any other thing Bandar.

Karan cuts them.
Karan: Which girl?
All the girls look curiously at the duo.
Abeer: Waahi airport waali.
(That airport one.)
Karan understood but pretends like he didn’t get it.
Ishu suspiciously keeping her hand on her chin.
Ishu: Who is this airport waali.
Ani: Prinku.
Abeer: Yupp!
Soums looking at Karan and giving detective looks: Have you met her earlier.
Ani: And you are pretending as if you have met her for the very first time.
Ishu: You didn’t even bother to tell us about that. Hmmmm
Karan knew what was coming next so he himself admits.
Karan: Actually we met each other only once before the puja.
Abeer: And do you like her.
Karan: What sought of question is this Abeer.
Ishu: Trigonometry.
Karan being confused ?: What?
Ishu: Aisa vaisa kya hota hai ek simple Sa question hai jiss Mai aap KBC khelana par laga Ho.
(What kind of question is that ‘ what sought of question is this’ it’s a normal question in which you want to play KBC with us.)
Ani: Okay fine I will rephrase it for you ‘do you like Priyanka or not’.
Karan being a bit nervous: In what sense do you want me to reply.
Abeer being extremely irritated: In nonsense.
Soums: Calm down Big B.
Soums: Bhaiyu we are just asking you in a friendly way how do you find Priyanka to be.
Karan: She is really nice.
Abeer being a bit excited ?: And in lovey dovey way.
Karan smiles slightly.
Abeer AniIshSoums: Ooohhhhhh

Ani: Toh baat yaahan tak pohaanch chuki hai janab. (So the matter has reached till this level.)
Soums: Hmmm not bad Bhaiyu aap toh chupa rustam nikla .
Karan: Guys please.
Abeer teasingly : Maagar janab ko toh daarpok ladkiyan paasand nahi thi na.
(But Mr. didn’t use to like the girls who use to get scared ? easily.)
Karan: Come on Abeer, she got scared ? that day because the situation was like that and any girl in her place would have reacted in same manner.
All of them give each him ‘aacha ji’ look.
Abeer: That’s why you were talking to her that sweetly.
Karan being a bit scared: When?

Abeer: Yesterday night ?, when else did you meet her accept yesterday.(he asks with raised eyebrows.)
Karan trying to cover up: Ya ya yesterday night only.
All give him suspicious look.
Pragya from living room shouts: Are you all willing to come or do you want to stay hungry ? today.
All: Coming mommy.
Pragya: Get your father as well.
Karan: But where is papa.
Pragya: In ? library.
Karan: Okay.
Karan was the first one to escape.
Karan while going out: Baach Gaya.(got saved.)

Dadi who had just entered with all the Oberoi family ?.
Dadi: Toh kya banaya hai tuna aaj.
(So what have you made.)
Pragya who just now sees dadi and all the Oberoi’s takes blessings from dadi and welcomes all of them and asks them to come and sit.
Abhi from stairs: Why are you shouting Fuggi.
Pragya: Where are the rest.
Karan: I will get them ma.
Abhi comes down and gets happy seeing the Oberoi’s and touches dadi’s feet and then hugs her followed by others.
Abhi: Aare kaisa aana Hua ma.
Dadi: Why, can’t I come to meet my son.
Abhi: Come on ma this is your own house you can come anytime.
Dadi smiles at him.
Dadi: Abhi will I have a request beta.
Abhigya look at each other.
Abhi keeping his hand on dadi’s lap.
Abhi: Anything serious dadi.
Dadi smiles at his concern.
Dadi: No beta, it’s just that yesterday when I met Karan I had a wish in my heart.
Pragya: What kind of wish ma.
Dadi: I request you to accept my Prinku as daughter-in-law of your family ?.
Abhigya look at each other a bit confused and then Pragya smiles and nods at Abhi.
Abhi to dadi: If you want this then how can we have any objection, aapka hukum saarakhon par.
Dadi smiles at them. Pragya gets teary eyed and
Pragya: I will call Karan.
She goes upstairs in Karan’s room where all were busy teasing him.
Pragya enters and stares all of them as she had asked them to come downstairs but they all were still gossiping.
All silence themselves on earning a stare from her and begin to get up from bed.
Pragya goes to Karan who was standing by now and she emotionally cups his face and says
Pragya: You have grown up so much .
Karan looks confused ? at her but he gets more worried seeing her in tears.
Karan: What happened ma, why are you crying ?.
At his this statement all leave their respective works and go to Pragya as none can see her cry.
Ani: Ma what happened.

Abeer: We promise we won’t trouble you but please don’t cry na ma. (Abeer calls Pragya as ma and Madhavi as Mom(his own mother.))
Pragya: Stop it all of you and these are tears of happiness.
Ishu: Why are you so happy ? that Ganga and Yamuna are flowing from your eyes ?.
Pragya: Come down you all will get to know.
All oblige and go downstairs.
All pass naughty smile to each other on seeing Prinku there and begin with their teasing.

Karan: Shut up guys.
All silence themselves but are confused ? Ishu asks
Ishu: Mom you got so happy seeing them that you started crying ? I mean seriously we met them yesterday only but then you didn’t even shed a single tear.
Pragya hits her head playfully.
Pragya: Firstly I wasn’t crying ? my eyes ? just became a bit moist and that was not on meeting them.
Soums: Then what happened.
Abhi: Can you all stop your inquiry and sit down.
All begin to sit.
Abhi: Karan you come and sit here.
Karan gets a bit confused ? but obliges.
Abhi: Karan you know Priyanka na.
Karan hesitantly: Yes.
Abhi: Do you like her.
Karan begins to cough while Abeer, AniIshSoums chuckle at his situation.
Abhi: Are you ok.
Karan: Ji papa.
Abhi: You didn’t answer me.
Karan: Papa what do you mean.
Abeer who was highly irritated with Karan’s same stupid question.
Abeer: Are you a first standard student that we need to tell you meaning of every word can’t you understand anything on your own. Dumb man.
Karan glares him but he is unaffected as usual.
Dadi: Karan puttar I will ask you directly will you marry my grand daughter.
All get shocked hearing this but AniIshSoums and Abeer ka maan ma toh ladoo phoot raha hai and they are passing wicked smiles to each other.
Karan is highly shocked so he chooses to be at a safer side.
Karan: What ever ma and papa like.
Abeer: Mummy papa ka laadla baita.
S Sisters giggle at this.
Abhi: Ok but why don’t you both talk after all you two have to spend your life together.
All nod.
Ani whispers so that it’s audible only to Abeer Ishu Soums and Karan.
Ani: Bhaiyu don’t get lost in her that much that you even forget that where you have to take her.
Karan: Let it be it’s useless to argue with you guys.
After a while Karan takes Priyanka to his room.
While the S SISOO’S and Abeer take O BRO’S for a tour to their mansion.
All elders are sitting and talking with each other.

Karan opens the door and Prinku enters and sees his room beautifully decorated with his huge pic on the wall above his bed while one wall is filled with all family ? pictures that includes Abeer too.
The bed is a bit messy as all were sitting their and talking to each other a while ago. Karan asks Priyanka to sit.
Both sit together on the bed.
Karan hesitantly: Well are you okay with this marriage ?.
Prinku: My family likes you so.
He understands what she wants to says.
Karan: I hope so that you are not talking this decision under any pressure.
Prinku: No not at all.
Karan: Do you want to know anything about me.
Prinku nods no.

Karan: Hye Priyanka please feel free to talk with me, I mean I don’t want you to be uncomfortable with me.
Prinku: I am not uncomfortable with you but……
Karan: It’s ok you can say whatever you want to.
Prinku: Actually I am a bit nervous about this relation.
Karan: I can understand, same here.
Both smile looking at each other.
Karan: I have just dated a girl once in my life but after that I never. Priyanka I love ❤ my family alot and all I want is that my family stays happy always and if we get married than you will also be a part of my family so I just wish that I can keep you happy. Well for me I have always loved ShivOmRu as my own brothers and dadi who can’t love ❤ her she is the best, Jhanvi aunty and Pinky aunty have always cared for me since childhood.
Priyanka is touched by his words
Prinku: For me also family is my priority if they are happy then it is enough for me.
Karan: But if you will be happy only then your family will be happy so think about your happiness as well .
Prinku smiles at his concern.
Pragya knocks the door and asks them to come downstairs.
They nod and come down all smile seeing them together.
As soon as they reach three of the sisters dodge their lovely brother with questions.
Karan: Wait three of you.

They all silence themselves.
Dadi, Jhanvi and Pinky take Prinku aside, while Abeer AniIshSoums drag Karan to a room.
Abeer: So what’s your answer bro, at least say it now”Ki mujh ko pyaar Hua, Puri hui duaa”.
Karan nods his head in agreement and just then three of the sisters jump on him and hug him tightly.
Karan releases the hug.
Karan: Guys finally decision will be of Priyanka so stop being excited.
Abeer: Aahan not bad man.
Soums: No one can say no to my brother.
Karan: Ok fine lets go out now.
Abhigya who were standing at the door get really happy with his decision and hug him.
Dadi: So what do you think Karan.
Karan: If Priyanka is okay then I have no problem dadi.
All smile at his reply.
Rudra: Waah Prinku kya jadoo chaliya hai tuna Karan Bhaiya toh ek hi pal Mai tera diwaana ho Gaya.
(WOW Prinku what magic have you done that Karan Bhaiya became mad behind you in a second.)

Om: Rudra.
Rudra: Oh sorry Karan jiju right.
Priyanka blushes and looks down. Shivaay hugs her.
Shivaay: Are you happy Prinku.
Priyanka: Nods in yes.
After aproval from both they decide to do roka day after tomorrow. All are very happy ?.

Revelation of the mysterious women (remember her guys.)
Karan Priyanka’s roka.

Now what’s this Thaaaaaaa….
Keep guessing but till then
Bye bye ? see you soon
Thank you for reading
For now signing off

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