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Rudra come there while rest all have settled down, on seeing him Karan passes a naughty smile with his eyebrows raised, seeing which Rudra gets scared ? but then composes himself while Karan was laughing ? hard in his mind seeing Rudra scared. Rudra talks to dadi and sits near her with Om next to him followed by Shivaay.
Rudra: Dadi I wanted to ask you something .
Dadi: Yes say.
Rudra: From when do you know each other.
Dadi: Oh I forgot to tell you but Billu ( Shivaay turns to his dadi.)you might remember that when you were small you use to play with our neighbours kids alot with Om and sometimes Rudra use to get disappointed ? because you didn’t give him much time.
Shivaay: Ya dadi aur uska baad yeh duffer aapna moh suja kar baaith jata tha aur darwaaza baand kar laita tha phir issa manana ka liya mujhe iska favourite chocolate cake ? banana padta tha.
(Of course dadi because after that this duffer use to stay silent and lock himself in his room and then in order to convince him I had to make his favourite chocolate cake ?.)
Om: Aur mujhe phir iss duffer ka kaam karna padta tha Jo mom deta tha.
(I had to do this duffer’s work which mom use to give him.)
Shivaay: Aur un dono ko iss ka liya dance ? karna padta tha. While their third sister always use to tease Rudy.
(And both of them had to dance ? for him.)
But Bhaiya was the only one whom everyone use to hear.
Om: And he was the only person who use to save us from all the scolding’s especially this Dumbel Oberoi and because of him only Bhaiya use to get scolding’s from aunty and mom all the time.
All this while Rudra is giving a grin to all.
Shivaay: But what about that dadi.
Dadi: Do you remember name of those girls.
Shivaay: I don’t remember but I use to call her choi-muhi (it’s hindi name for touch-me-not plant.) because she never let any boy come near her.
Dadi: Accept you, right.
Shivaay nods in agreement.
Shivaay remembers his choi-muhi and a smile ? appears on his face as she was the same girl whom he had crush on in his childhood and he had told to Anika about and somewhere seeing Shivaay smiile Anika remembered of that day when they told each other about their first crushes.
Om: And her sister chashmish right I use to call her that only.
Rudra: And their youngest sister was such a foodie jab deekho mera khaana khati rehati thi bhookhad khain Ki. (she always use to eat my food.)
Om teasingly: Vo khaati thi ya tun khila ta tha. (She use to eat or you use to make her eat.)
Rudra: O pls O, but she was really cute.
Elders glare at him while ShivOm give him ‘is ka kuch nahi Ho sakta’ look. While KaranAniIshuSoums giggle at him.
Shivaay changes the topic.
Shivaay: And their mother was really sweet she always use to play with us.
Om: And Mom, choti ma and their mother were best friends, right mom (he said looking at Jhanvi who smiled back at him.)
Dadi: And Tej and their father were childhood best friends.
All smile and nod.
Soums: But dadi come to point, how are we related.
Dadi: Aare wait Soumya. What else do you guys remember about them.
Shivaay: Nothing much but
Dadi: What if I say that you know her very well.
Shivaay: Oh come on dadi how can I know her it has been so long since we met each other.
Ani: Come on dadi stop playing puzzles and tell na who is that girl.
Shivaay: Why are you so much interested?
Ani: Don’t you know Mr. Baggad billa.
Saying this she blinks at him and he understands that she came to know that they all are talking about the same girl whom he had crush on.
While all the Oberoi’s cup their wide open mouths.
Shivaay trying to distract her
Shivaay: Don’t call me that PANIKA.
And now all Singhaniya’s open their mouths wide.
Ani: Mera aacha khaasa naam ka jaloos mat nikalo billu ji.
(Don’t spoil my name Mr. Cat.)
Shivaay glares at her and says
Shivaay: Aur Jo tum mera aacha khaasa naam Ki har waqt shikanjwi baana ti rehati ho uska kya. Hmmm
(And you all the time keep on making lemon juice of my name, what about that.)
Anika: Aare aab aapka naam billu hai toh Mai aapko wahi bulati hoon na.
(But billu is your name and I call you that only.)
Shivaay: Mera naam Shivaay hai aur shaayad itna bhi difficult nahi hai ki tum dhaang Sa na Lai sako.
(My name is Shivaay and I don’t think that its that tough that you can’t even say it .)
All are enjoying their nok-jhok along with their breakfast as if a movie is going on in front of them.
Dadi gets irritated and says
Dadi: Aare chup karo khootiyon.
(Shut up you idiots.)
Both withdraw fighting and turn their faces.
Pragya: In dono ka kuch nahi Ho sakta yeh kabhi nahi baadlanga.
(Nothing can happen of these two, they will never change.)
Rudra: Kya. What do you mean aunty ji.
Pragya smiles.
Abhi: Panika hi billu Ki choi-muhi hai.
(PANIKA is only Mr. Cat’s touch-me-not.)
All the youngsters get shocked hearing this especially Shivaay who spills out the water he was drinking and begins to cough hard. Anika who was eating her food the bite chocked her and she too began to cough hard.
Pragya who was sitting near Shivaay begins to rub his back and Ishu rubs Ani’s back.
Jhanvi: Are you ok Anika.
Ani nods.
OmRu were giving each other a naughty smile and As soon as Shivaay come backs to normal.
Rudra: Bhaiya aap thik toh ho na.
(Bhaiya are you al right.)
Shivaay nods.
Shivaay: Thank you aunty.
Pragya smiles and caring his hair says
Pragya: It’s ok beta.
OmRu are surprised as for the very first time Shivaay had let anyone touch his hair. But Rudra gets back to his work of teasing Shivaay.
Rudra:” Laga 440Volt milna Sa tujhe,
Oh laga 440 Volt milna Sa tujhe”
OmIshuSoums laugh at what Rudra said, while Shivaay glares him to stay silent.
Rudra to Om: O ek baat hai Tab bhi Karan Bhaiya sa mujhe daar lagta tha aur aaj bhi.
Karan who heard them smiles but pretends not to hear him.
Om: Pls Rudy Karan Bhaiya use to love you alot and that is the only reason he use to take all your scoldings on himself.
Rudra makes a cute pouty look.
While ShivOm smile ? at his expression.
That is when Soums and Ishu remember something.
Soums very sweetly: Rudra what did you say about me.
Rudra: Kya sumo.
Soums in a bit harsh tone now: Don’t you remember what you said a while ago.
Rudra then remembers that he called her a bhookhad.
Rudra: I called you a bhookhad.
Then Soums gives him a scary ? look and that’s when he realized what he said and now he begins to defend himself.

Ishu in anger: Omi how can you call me chasmish.
Om realises that he revealed her name to her only and gives an oops expression.
Om: Come on Ishu it was in childhood that I use to call you that and not now.
OmIsh begin to argue.

Rudra gets irritated by Soums: Oh come on Sumo I even praised you, didn’t you hear that and even Bhaiya called Anika didi choi-muhi but she didn’t complain, learn something from her.
It’s then when Ani remembers that name and Shivaay glares Rudra angrily is in he will kill him the very next moment.
And now Shivaay and Anika also begin.
The dinning table was now turned into Panipat. Three fights were on a high.
While elders gave them an impossible look and begin to eat their food while Karan and Priyanka are giving each other ‘yeh kahan phaas Gaya hum in pagalon ka bich mai’ look.
After the end there food Oberoi’s leave towards their house.

Entire Oberoi family ? enters the main hall all were about to leave when dadi asks them to stop as she wants to discuss something.
Dadi: Prinku come here beta.
Prinku goes bear dadi, while the rest settle down. Dadi caring Prinku’s hair asks
Dadi: Prinku do you like Karan.
Prinku is a bit surprised and all others too.
Prinku: Why dadi, what happened.
Dadi: First answer me Prinku.
Prinku nods her head in order to say that she likes him.
Dadi smiles.
Dadi: Prinku will you marry him.
Prinku gets a bit confused ?.
Prinku: Dadi what are you talking about.
Shivaay: Ya Dadi Prinku is so small it’s not her age to get married.
Dadi: You don’t know billu this the right age for her to get married, right Jhanvi.
Jhanvi: Yes mummy ji you are right.
Rudra with a crying ? face: No dadi , firstly aap Bhaiya ka haath pila kar raha ho aur aab Prinku ka. Ek toh mera Bhaiya paaraya dhaan Ho jayanga aur phir Prinku bhi. No no no I won’t let this happen.
(No dadi firstly you were getting Bhaiya married and now Prinku also. No no I won’t let this happen.)
Om hits his head and said
Om: Duffer how come Shivaay will become paaraya dhaan.
Rudra: Because that lady baba has snatched my brother from me.
Shivaay in a warning ⚠ tone: Not again Rudra.
Rudra makes a puppy face.
Tej interrupting their convo. Says
Tej: But ma why so soon.
Dadi: I am not asking her to get married right away and you all are acting as if I am sending her right now. But the truth is that every girl has to leave her parents house one day or other.
Rudra hugs Prinku and says
Rudra: No dadi I won’t let her go.
Om: Yes dadi why do we have to send her off so soon.
Shivaay: Pls dadi let it go, I don’t think so that she should leave us so soon.
All the brothers don’t want to send their lovely and only sister anywhere.
Dadi: Aare if you all will act like this then what will happen when she will actually leave the house and go.
Shivaay: Dadi we will talk about that when time comes.
Dadi: Come on now all of you stop acting like kids an d let Prinku say something.
Prinku you tell me what do you think.
Prinku: What ever you all like.
Dadi: Ok then we will go and talk to Abhigya tomorrow.
All nod in ok as Prinku is ok with that.
All the brothers then hug Priyanka followed by all th elders.

Karan and Prinku’s ? roka.

SPOILER:A big dhaamaka CUM U-Turn to change life of all of them and separation on the way……???

That’s it for now catch you guys later
Bye bye Tata see you all soon
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