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All the three sisters go to Karan and Abeer and tell what happened and both hug three of them and console them finally Abeer comes up with an idea. He goes to Abhi and convinces him to help them. Abhi agrees and as per the part of plan he emotional blackmail dadi and makes her agree to stay with them that night ?. After lot of convincing section the Oberoi’s finally agree to stay back.
Till now Rudra didn’t face Karan even once and he always runs away whenever Karan is anywhere around him.
All the elders are sitting in the living room chit chatting, while Karan and Shivaay are in the garden discussing about business (they have no other work.)
Om & Prinku are on the terrace area walking ? and talking. Rudra and Abeer are in a music ? room which completely belongs to Abeer.

Anika enters the terrace with three cups of espressos’. Karan and Shivaay take their cup and start drinking while Ani is just holding her cup. After a while Karan excuses himself signing all the best to Anika and leaves Shivaay is also about to leave but Anika stops him.
Anika: Pls listen to me once.
Shivaay sarcastically: Why? So that you can lie to me again.
Ani: I am sor……
Shivaay stops her by showing hand.
Shivaay: No need.
He begins to leave.

Soums enters the room and signs Abeer to leave and he obliges.
Abeer excuses himself while Rudra is unaware of Soums presence.
Soums goes to Rudra and keeping her hand on shoulder says
Soums: Rudra I am really sorry for whatever I did but trust me I never meant to hurt you.
Before Soums could continue he begins to leave ignoring her.

Ishu comes there.
Ishu: Prinku Jhanvi aunty is calling you.
Prinku nods and leaves al the while Om didn’t even give a glance at her and from his face anyone can figure out that how disheartened and hurt he was feeling and this made Ishu feel more guilty.
Ishu: Omi pls forgive me I am really very very sorry.
Om: No reply…..
Ishu: I am sorry Om but pls talk to me.
Om begins to go from there.

*****ShivOmRu begin to leave from their respective places leaving the S SISOO’S sad ? but they wont easily back off and something strikes them and a smile appears on their faces.*****
{All the following scenes are taking place simultaneously but at three different corners of the mansion and all the girls are singing ? to convince their respective partners.}

Ani Ishu Soums at their respective places seeing their partners.


Ani sees a small pebble on the ground and holds it and throws at Shivaay and while throwing she sings the following lines.

Ani: palat meri jaan, tere qurbaan o tera dhyaan kidhar hai
palat meri jaan, tere qurbaan o tera dhyaan kidhar hai

Shivaay angrily turns and looks at her by crossing his arms across his cheast.
Ani without paying heed to his anger continues going towards him and holding his hands and rotating him along with her.

Ani: unchi-nichi tedi-medhi pyaar ki dagar hai
(Ani pointing at herself sings)
jaata kidhar hai, rasta idhar hai, oy oy oy oy


Soums coming in front of Rudra and putting her hand forward in order to block his way so that he can’t move.

Soums:palat meri jaan, tere qurbaan o tera dhyaan kidhar hai
palat meri jaan, tere qurbaan o tera dhyaan kidhar hai
(then she rounds around him and continues.)
unchi-nichi tedi-medhi pyaar ki dagar hai
jaata kidhar hai, rasta idhar hai, aaja


Ishu was takes a flower from a vase kept at side and throws it towards Om and sings keeping a her hand on her waist

Ishu: palat meri jaan, tere qurbaan o tera dhyaan kidhar hai
palat meri jaan, tere qurbaan o tera dhyaan kidhar hai

Ishu goes near him and ruffles his hair from back as he didn’t turn even after hearing her
Ishu: unchi-nichi tedi-medhi pyaar ki dagar hai
(she says pointing at the direction from where she came.)
jaata kidhar hai, rasta idhar hai, aaja


Ani sings taunting Shivaay and showing a thainga ? to him

Ani: aaya kya zamaana ladake ladakiyo se darte hai
aaya kya zamaana ladake ladakiyo se darte hai
(Shivaay doesn’t responds and turns the other side and Anika continues standing at the back of him.)
Ani: aankhe bhi churake chhupke gali se guzarte hai
(Anika sings louder than earlier.)
ye mardo ke naam ko badaaam karte hai, e palat
(Shivaay gets extremely angry ? now and begins to go inside the house when Anika holds him and begins to rotate him round and round along with her.)
Ani: palat meri jaan, tere qurbaan o tera dhyaan kidhar hai
unchi-nichi tedi-medhi pyaar ki dagar hai
jaata kidhar hai, rasta idhar hai, oye hoye hoye


Ishu keeping a puppy face blinks her eyelids repeatedly and is looking really cute and she continues singing ? all the while
Ishu: socha tha ye maine mujhse nayan vo ladaayega
socha tha ye maine mujhse nayan vo ladaayega
siti vo baja ke koi prem git gaayega
(Ishu tries whistling but fails )

(Ishu sings while making a house from her hand.)
na jaana tha ghar ka rasta bhul jaayega, e e e
While Om turns as a smile ? appears on his face seeing her antics but he manages to hide it as he is loving ? the way Ishu is convincing him.
Ishu: palat meri jaan, tere qurbaan o tera dhyaan kidhar hai
unchi-nichi tedi-medhi pyaar ki dagar hai
jaata kidhar hai, rasta idhar hai, oye hoye hoye hoye


Soums goes towards Rudra while he keeps stepping back Soums dances, firstly she mocks a salutes at him for the first half of the line and then keeping her hand above Rudra’s hair and imitating as an umbrella and sings

Soums: maahiya ve sipahiya, aaja ve chatan di chhaanv me
maahiya ve sipahiya, aaja ve chatan di chhaanv me
And after doing the above steps she shouts and then signs her foot where she got hurt and Rudra gets worried so rushes towards her but finds nothing has happened to her and then looks angrily at her who is standing holding her ears and making a pout face.

sadake tere bachke kanda chubh na jaaye paanv me
sadake tere bachke kanda chubh na jaaye paanv me


Then they round their hands on the shoulder of their respective partners but their hands are smashed away in split seconds only. While the Sisters continue

Ani Ishu Soums: ban ja mera mehmaan iss anajaan gaanv me,
But the adamant O BRO’S without giving any heed to them try walking ? out but the sisters come in their way and dance ? stopping them to go.

Ani Ishu Soums: palat meri jaan, tere qurbaan o tera dhyaan kidhar hai
unchi-nichi tedi-medhi pyaar ki dagar hai
jaata kidhar hai, rasta idhar hai, aaja

palat meri jaan, tere qurbaan o tera dhyaan kidhar hai
unchi-nichi tedi-medhi pyaar ki dagar hai
jaata kidhar hai, rasta idhar hai , oy oy oy

All the brothers slightly push them while Anika pretends to fall on the ground , Ishu moves aside with utmost disappointment and Soums falls on the bed.
All the S SISOO’S are disappointed ? but think of giving it a last try.

Anika gets up on her own as she understood that Shivaay knew that she didn’t get hurt.
She looks here and there when she sees a bucket filled with one fourth water. She goes and takes the bucket and brings and keeps it in front of Shivaay. Shivaay gives her a “WHAT? LOOK” . She understood that he won’t throw water on her so she herself threw it on her. Seeing this Shivaay was hell shocked and bursts into fits of laughter but after a while he stops seeing Anika standing quietly with sadness clearly visible on her face and her face hung down. Shivaay understands that she is extremely upset for her act and decides to forgive her.
Shivaay holding Anika’s shoulder with one hand and with another one he holds her chin and moves her face upwards and looks at her eyes ? which are showing guilt of hiding such a big fact from him.
Shivaay: I will forgive you this time but you have to promise me that you won’t ever hide anything from me.
Anika feeling a bit relaxed and happy says: Paaka pinky promise.
Shivaay: What?
Anika showing her small finger and signalling him to show his small finger crosses both and says
Ani: Pinky promise.
Shivaay smiles at her childish act. And does as she says. Then both smile at each other.

Ishu is very upset but she begins to do sit ups holding her ears to convince Om.
Ishu: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Om looks at her and gets shocked seeing her do sit ups and moreover she is teary eyed. Om gets touched by her innocence and then holds her hands and stops her and makes her stand properly. Ishu’s tears couldn’t take it anymore so they cross their boundaries and begin to flow all the while she was holding her ears.
Ishu in between her sobs says : Sorry.
She couldn’t speak much as she was very guilty of hurting an innocent and pure soul like Om.
Om understands that she is really very guilty and he had hurt her more by ignoring her.
Om rubs her tears with his thumbs.
Om: Stop crying ? Ishu, I am sorry for being so rude to you.
Ishu doesn’t reply but nods her head in no while she is clearing her tears with the help of her hands and she is looking like a really cute kid is apologising.
Om: Ok I forgive you but from now on you will not hide anything of this sought from me until and unless it’s really very important.
Ishu again nods innocently and hugs Om, Om is a bit surprised but feels satisfied as well so he too reciprocates the hug.
After a while they release the hug.

Soums gets angry ? seeing Rudra ignore her. So she holds Rudra and drags him to a corner and shouting at him says
Soums: You DUFFER SINGH OBEROI can’t you understand one simple thing.(Rudra was about to leave but Soums stops him by holding his hand and shouts not willing to give him any chance to speak.) I am not done with you yet, so listen to me neither do I consider you a joker nor this friendship is a joke for me. May be humari friendship zaabardasti hoyi hai but I have always considered you as my best friend. (Rudra is silenced hearing her.) Friendship isn’t a joke for me I really respect this relation and coming to hiding my surname I never knew that the fact would hurt you or anyone and if I had known that then I would have told you long back. I sorry Rudra I am really sorry but I never meant to hurt you. (her voice breaking down by now.)
She holds her ears and apologises Rudra melts down and makes her remove her hands from her ears says
Rudra: It’s ok, I think I over reacted.
Soums: Finally you understood.
Rudra: Hmmmm
Soums smiles and Rudra shakes his head in disbelief and smiles back.

After this they all go to their respective rooms and discuss what ever happened with their siblings and dose off to ? sleep ?.

Small revelation CUM Big jhaatka for SHIVIKA ?.
Oberoi’s to decide for Prinku’s marriage ?.


GUESS : What is the revelation CUM jhaatka for SHIVIKA ??
Who will marry Prinku?

To now the answers stay tuned for the next part.
And till then signing off
Shivika ?

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