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Well I hope you all would have heard about the epic decision of our Honourable
Prime Minister Narendra Modi of abandoning ₹500 & ₹1000 notes, I think this was the need of the hour as black money ? has increased to a great extent but the only upsetting thing is that many people will face problems. So guys what do you think about this decision, fell free to share your views either in my private message box or in the comments section but do tell me about it.

Guys it’s a request please vote for a male lead fo Karan Singhaniya’s character.
1.Arjun Bijlani (Last seen in Nagin)
2.Barun Sobti (Last seen in Iss Pyaar Ko
Kya Naam Doon as Arnav
Singh Raizada)
3.Varun Kapoor (presently acting as
Sanskar Maheshwari in
4. Karan Tacker( Last seen in Ek Hazaroon
Main Meri Bhaina Hai as
Viren Vaderah)
5.Vivian Disena(Last seen in Madhubala
as RK.)
6. Any other lead you would like to put forward.
Pls do vote in the comment box.


As usual pragya opens the door ? of house ? before her husband Abhishek could knock it. As his daily schedule Abhishek use to go for a morning walk ? or I should say was forcefully sent for it by his beloved fuggi his wife Pragya that was what he us to call her most of the times .
And as always his princess’s were sleeping and as it was their day of flight ✈ today so without wasting any time ? he woke them up today and three of them were a bit upset not because their sleep ? was broken but because It was their last day in London and now they won’t be able to meet their parents for one full month as their parents will be coming to India only after a month. The three over energetic and over adventurous sister’s have planned to go to India so that they can enjoy their freedom and spend some lone time enjoying with each other, moreover as they were to permanently settle in India so Soums collage second year was also going to begin the next week and she had to do some paper ? work also.
Ishu had decided to start her work afresh in India so was the case with Anika.

After alot of emotional setion with their near and dear ones the three sisoos took a leave and went to airport.

While seeing off their daughters and giving an entire book of instructions to them as if they were 5years old and going some where for the very first time and lot of crying ? Pragya asked them to take care of themselves and each other.
Abhishek kept consoling them and telling that they are also going to go to India after a month. Three of the sisters hugged and kissed their parents and went to board their flights.

The flight ✈ land in India. Three sisters go to a five star ? hotel ? and retire to their beds.


Shivaay is preparing breakfast for entire O family ?, when OmRu come their and Shivaay greets them,
Shivaay: Good morning ? sweeties
OmRu:Good morning ? Sivaay/ Bhaiya
Om:So Mr. Master chef aaj aap konsa ajooba bana raha Ho.
(So Mr. Master chef which new invention are you doing today)
Shivaay: For a change guys it’s not any invention but I am trying ? something Punjabi today.
Rudra: Acha bhiyaaaaa (he stops seeing what Shivaay is making, and makes faces ? )
Shivaay: Kya Hua Dumbbell Oberoi?
(what happened)
Rudra: Bhaiya aaj mujhe vishwas Ho Gaya hai Ki aap mujhse bilkul bhi pyaar nahi Karta.
Om: Kun (Why are you saying this?)
Om asks it while wrapping his one arm around Rudra.
Rudra: Apko pata hai na agar Mai ya oily food ? khaonga toh mota Ho junga, fir meri saari fan following ka kya hoga.
Shivaay: Oh Mr.dramabaaz yeh khana maina olive oil Mai banaya hai and it’s healthy ( Shivaay says this while pulling Rudra’s cheeks)
Rudra smiles and says
Rudra: Issi baat par ek shair arz Karta hoon.
Siv Om in a shouting tine say: Nooooooooooooo
Rudra: Acha toh suno(after all Rudra is Rudra)
Bhaiya ko hai khyal
Mera six abs ka
Bina protein shake ka Mai raha nahi
Ab is body ka liya itna tooh karna
Banta hai
Siv Om: Shut up Rudra
Rudra: Acha acha mjhe na aur bhi bohat kam hai app logon ka saath time pass karna ka ilava.
( Ok ok I have many more works to do except talking with you)
Shiv Om stare at him by wide opening their eyes.
Om: Oh really, what important work do you have Mr.Dumbbell Oberoi.
Rudra: Mujhe Rumi ko Impree karna hai pata hai Vo kitni hot hai.
Shivaay: Rudra duniya Ki aisi konsi ladki hai Jo tujhe hot nahi lagyi.
(Rudra is there any girl in the entire world whom you don’t find hot.
Rudra: Oh please Bhaiya har ladki RudraSingh Oberoi ko impress nahi kar sakti.
(Oh come on bro every girl ? can’t impress Rudra Singh Oberoi)
And they carry on………………

After brakfast
@living room
Shivaya to Dadi : Dadi aaj Mai thoda late Ho jaunga aaj meri ek dinner ? meeting hai.
( Dadi I’ll be late today as I have a dinner meeting with my clients)
Dadi: Teekh hai billu.
(Ok billu)
Rudra from back : Abhi na jao Bhaiya choda ka baiyaan.
(pls don’t go now)
SSO: Kya? Rudra tun pagal toh nahi Ho Gaya?
(Rudra have u gone mad ? bro)

OSO: Is main hona wali kya bbath hai Shivaya ya normal tha hi kab.
(Shivaay what’s there to be mad in this , when was this duffer normal)

Rudy makes a puppy face on Om’s comment and says
: You long hair creature don’t interfere when I am talking to my Bhaiya.

SSO: Ok fine Rudra Bata kya baat hei
(Ok fine stop it Rudra and tell me what’s wrong ?)

Rudra: Bhaiya tonight I don’t have any date and moreover tomorrow is my diet day so I was thinking ? why not to make something good today.

Om: Rudra you and thinking ? doesn’t suit.
(laughs out accompanied by dadi).
Shivaay: Ok guys u carry on I need to go and attend a meeting. So bye ?

Rudra: Bhaiya aap aisa kaisa jaa sakta Ho, mera kya Ho Ga.

Shivaay: Rudra don’t worry Mai jaldi aajaunga (I will come soon)

Saying this Shivaay leaves.

Omkara: Oiya duffer ab toh college jaiga ya yahi pa time pass Karta rahega.
(You duffer will you go to college or keep doing time pass here only )

Rudra: Obviously O Mai college jaunga Varna saari ladkiyan ghaar aajaayengi mera haal chaal poochne.
(Obviously O I WILL have to go to college otherwise all the girls will come home to know about my health)

Aur tum toh janta hi Ho Ki Rudy the great ‘Lady killer’ (says this by winking ? at Om and dadi) kabhi bhi ladkiyon ko trouble nahi Karta hai.
(More over u know O the great lady killer Rudy never troubles girls.

Saying this he moves to college ? without any books ? or pens.

Omkara: Iska kuch nahi Ho sakta ( nothing can happen of him)
Saying this he hugs dadi and goes back to his work place.

In afternoon around 2:00
Hotel ? room
Inside all our three beauties are seen sleeping and just then Anika wakes up from her sleep ? and stretches’ her arms.
Anika while talking to herself: Oye Beta ji Ki do baj Gaya aur koi hama uthana bhi nahi aaya
then she scans her surroundings and realises that she is in India and not I her house in London.
She sees her sisters cuddling and sleeping and goes to take bath ? and freshen herself up. So without disturbing them she goes to bathroom .
As soon as she comes back she finds her lazy sisters yawning nearly a hundred times and asks them both to go and freshen up.
They both rather then going begin to fight that who should go first.

Ishu: Soums dear look you go and freshen up.
Soumya: Nahi Ishi di aap mujhse bhaada Ho aap phela jao.
(no Ishi di you are elder to me you should go first)
Ishu: Soumya tum jao mujhe head bath blaina hai
( No Soumya you go I have to take head bath also).
Soumya: Koi baat nahi di Mai wait kar loongi.
(no problem di I will wait )
Ishaana gets irritated and says : It’s my Oder you have to go.

Anika gets more irritated hearing their nautanki and shouts: Agar tum dono abhi nahi utha toh Mai tum dono pai paani daal doongi.
(If you both did not get up soon I will through a bucket of water on you both)

Hearing this Ishi and Soums together say: Di hum dono ek hi bathroom Mai nahi jainga. ( Making a cute and innocent pout)
(Di we both can’t go in same bathroom)
Now this was it for Anika she got irked to such an extent that she took the jar full of water placed on the side and threw it on her sisters but to their luck both escaped just by a inch.

After about an hour they had their breakfast cum lunch and began to discuss something.
Soumya: Di hum yahan par kab taak pakta raheingai.
(Di till when will we be hear and get bored)
Mujhe college ja kar paper work bhi karna hai.
Ishu: Huma ghar bhi toh dhoondhna hai ( we have to find a house ? as well)
Aur mujhe mera project ka liya locations bhi dhoondhni hai.
(I have to search good locations for my project as well.
[Guys Ishaana is a professional photographer and she wants to make a documentary on common people and wants to know about their sufferings and enlighten people ] Anika : Ok ok wait . Soumya you go to your college and do the paper work, Ishu you go and look for apt locations for your project and I’ll search for a good house on rent.
Soumya: Par di hum jayenga kaisa.
(But how will we go di)
Anika : Don’t worry ? I have already asked the manager to arrange three cabs.
Soumya : Wow Ani di apka dimag bhi na 400kmprati ghanta Ki speed se chalta hai.
(Wow Ani di ur brain works with speed of 400km per hour)
Anika while pointing her index finger to her brain says: Wo toh hai, toh phir chala.
(Ya you are right Soums , so let’s go)

Three of them leave their room and move towards reception and ask about the cabs so the manager replies
Manager: Ma’am right now we have only two cabs the other one will come I a while.
Anika: Ok no problem ?
She asks Ishu and Soums to leave and herself stays back and asks Soumya and Ishi to inform her as soon as they reach.

After half an hour
Anika is walking ? in the entrance of the hotel to each to her cab ? when she receives a message from Ishu and Soums informing her that they have reached their respective destinations.
She was walking while reading the message .
From the other corner a man ? talking on his cell is seen coming to the same direction, he is wearing a black tuxedo with his shades on his ? eyes.
Both of them hit each other and in the process their cells fall down ?…………………..

@ College
Rudra is with his friends is chilling and eying girls.
Chubby (Rudra’s friend): Yaar kya bore ho raha hai yahan baitha baitha kuch interesting kar ta hai na.
(Dude I am feeling bored sitting here let’s do something interesting)
Rohan ( Rudra’s another friend says): Yaar tu sahi bol raha hai
(Ya dude u are saying correct)
Rudra: To bolo kya karain.
( So say what should we do then)
Chubby: Bro I have a challenge for you but I doubt whether you can do that or not.

This hurts peanut brains I mean Rudy’s king ? sized ego.
Rudy: Aisa koi kaam nahi hai Jo Rudra Singh Oberoi can’t do.
(there is no such work that Rudra Singh Oberoi can’t do)
Chubby: Toh thikh hai so listen(convo muted)
Rudra sees evilly towards the college gate but soon gets shocked seeing…………………

Ishu is seen talking to someone when a boy passes by her and takes running her bag. Our brave Ishu runs behind him and……………………..

Pre recap for episode 3:
Lots of taadi and adventure is reviled.

Guess Ishqbaazians :
Who is the one with whom Anika dashed

Why is Rudy shocked seeing the college gate and what he has to do .

What happens to Ishi and her ? purse???

Guys in yesterday’s episode all were looking amazing na especially Annika and Shivaaya.

Keep thinking ?
Stay tuned
And please put forward your opinion for the role of Karan S. As an honest, sweet, loving and caring character.
Bye ? to all my readers and I will be back soon and please keep commenting.
Thanks for all your love ❤ .
Dil bole Oberoi

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  1. Shaheer shaikh aka Dev of kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi is also perfect for karan singhania role……..
    It’s amazing……. Pls continue ????

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? and I will ? consider your suggestion but finally the one who gets max. Votes will play a Karan S

      For reading

  2. Samm

    loved the episode! 🙂

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thanks alot for commenting Samm and please do tell whom do you want as Karan S.

      1. Samm

        i think Karan V Grover would look cool as Karan. with short hair, of course! 😀 he was playing shaan in bahu hamari rajnikant. what do you think?

  3. Awesome

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? dear and pls tell whom would you prefer as KaranS.
      Keep commenting.

  4. Shivika

    Loved it a lottt…

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? Shivika and pls do tell whom will you prefer as KaranS.

      1. Shivika

        Arjun brijalani

  5. Priyali

    My vote goes to viren vadera aka karan tacker. .

    Epi was great to read.

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ?
      So one for Karan Tacket
      Nice choice dude.
      And lots of thanks and keep reading and commenting

      1. Priyali

        Also have a look at my ff : ishqbaaz ff by Priyali . And comment your views in it .. .Pls Pls comment. Other people reading this as well.

      2. Shivika22kapoor

        I’ll definitely read your ff and comment on it and to all my friends reading my ff pls do support Pryali as well

  6. Anjaly

    awesome episode. pls make arjun Bijlani as karan S.

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thanks alot for reading Anjaly and I think you are a Ragini fan isn’t it.

      1. Anjaly

        yes. i love ragini

      2. Shivika22kapoor

        Ok then I will definitely add her in my ff because I have already thought of guest appearances of swaragini couples
        Hope so u will like it

  7. Akansha

    Its awesome n I totally loved it…. Keep going I m very curious…
    U ll always have our support

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? for your support Akansha it’s the backbone of my ff and pls do tell me whom will you prefer as Karan S.

  8. Razna

    Oohh its very nice shivikaaaaa…..lets continueeeee it…..and iam also prefering arjun as karn…..becoz varun is too young…..and we cant imagine barun as a caring brother, becoz he is an arogant business man wo is really like our sso…….

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you soooo much Razna for your beautiful comment and I will definitely continue wit the ff.
      And about Karan S. I will reveal after two episodes and after counting all the votes

  9. Nansshivika

    Ya arjun brijilani and shaheer sheikh both are apt for the role and the episode is awesome l loved obro and s sis moments its lovely

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thanks alot dear and about Karan S.’s role will be played by the one who receives max. Votes

  10. Priyanka_22

    Amazing shivika
    excited fo bagadbilla panika fight n tadibaazi 😀
    nd ha i guess arjun bijlani or barun sobti is perfect match fo karan

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you Priyanka and I will inform who plays the role after counting all the votes

  11. Ayath

    wow superb epi….

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thanks alot ayath?.
      Thanks for the support dear and please do tell about your choice of Karan S’s character.

      1. Ayath

        sry dear i loved all the actors………i think u will understand my situation

  12. Nice episode

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thanks sso and keep commenting and do tell me about your preference for Karan S’s role

  13. SURBHI

    super duper hit perfection overloaded 🙂

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thankuuuu di ?
      You always make my day.
      Pls do tell about your choice for Karan S’s character
      Luvvvvvvvvvvvvvv uuuuuuu loads di

  14. Arjun bijlani for karan S
    Regarding questions
    1) SSO give dash to ANika
    2) There si bet to Rudy to lift the girl or flirt the guy who first enter gate and obviously it is our Soumya who enters
    3) Om will help ishu finding her purse
    Do tell me if i answered correct

    Awesome one yaar

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thanks for your comments Srini
      Ok so your guess work is strong but it’s 1/3 marks from my side and reason you will get to know soon???.
      Pls keep reading and commenting
      And once again lots of thaksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  15. Nice

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? Nandani and Pls keep commenting and do share your opinion for Karan S’s. Role

  16. Manasvi

    Sorry for the late comment dii..
    Loved this episode..And if you are thinking of making entry of swaragini couples, then plz the couple should be swasan..
    Btw episode was amazing…
    Waiting for the next part..
    And for Karan S., I m voting for vivian dsena.. so that you can make a guest entry of varun kapoor…
    Luv uuuuu lot..
    Take care…

  17. Shivika22kapoor

    Thanks alot for commenting and no worries ? even if you are late because I am ok with that also.
    Thankuuuuuuuu swetieeee for liking it.

    No tensions about the couple ? as it definitely be swasan accompanied by raglak.

    And about Karan S’s role I have taken a note ? of your choice.

    And here goes the next epi

    Luvvvvvvvvvv uuuuu loads sisoooooooo?
    Stay blessed and happy ? always

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