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So today is the last date to vote for Karan Singhaniya’s character so all those who have not voted yet Pl do and the nominations are:

1.Arjun Bijlani (Last seen in Nagin)
2.Barun Sobti (Last seen in Iss Pyaar Ko
Kya Naam Doon as Arnav
Singh Raizada)
3.Varun Kapoor (presently acting as
Sanskar Maheshwari in
4. Karan Tacker( Last seen in Ek Hazaroon
Main Meri Bhaina Hai as
Viren Vaderah)
5.Vivian Disena(Last seen in Madhubala
as RK.)
6.Karan V Grover (Las seen in Bahu Hamari Rajnikant)
7.Shaheer Sheikh (currently acting in Kucch Raang Pyaar Kei)
8. Any other lead you would like to put forward.
Pls do vote in the comment box.

As today there is all couples meet So I want to know how do you find it so please tell me about it.


Slight wind is blowing and a girl’s hair are troubling her by coming on her face.
She is seen moving forward with her cell in her hand ✋ from the other side a man ? in black tuxedo is seen coming while hearing phone ? and setting his hair correctly.


Both hit each other and their cells end up falling this makes the man frown ? In anger and he moves his head from his phone ? to the person because of whom his phone ? dropped.

Man: What the wuck!

Girl: Phel Gaya raita!

The screen zooms on the phone ? than on the girl’s face and she is none other than””Anika”” and then the camera ? zooms on the face of the man whose cell has dropped and he is noone other than
“”Shivaay Singh Oberoi””.
Now Shivaay is seen starring at Anika. He says
Shivaay: Hey are you blind.
Anika got angry ? hearing thi and lashes him back
Anika: Same to you , ditto and no returns
Shivaay: What?
Anika: Bhagwan nai ankhain aapko bhi di hai , koi titch button nahi hai
(God has given eyes ? to you as well or they are buttons.)
Shivaay: Just shut up and pick my phone up.
Anika: Kun agar aap uthainga toh kya aapki height kam Ho jaiyagi.
(Why? If you will pick ur phone urself will ur height get reduced)
Shivaay: “”SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI”” kabhi bhi Kisi Kai saamnay nahi jhukta.
Anika: Tikh hai tikh jyada java mai mat udiya.
(Fine don’t fly much)
So the scenario is like Anika is standing with her back towards the hotel, few inches away is the cell phone ? and at the back of cell phone ? Shivaay is standing.

Anika bends down and pick’s the phone ? up and gives it to Shivaay and he after taking it begins to mave but stops hearing Anika
Anika: Thanks toh bol sakta hai aap.
(At least you can thank me)
Shivaay: Tum jaisi badtameez ladki ko Mai thanks toh kabhi nahi kahonga( I won’t say thanks to you ever) and more over u should apologize to me for throwing my phone ?.
Saying this he begins to move leaving Anika frowning and angry ? but something strikes her mind.

Shivaay trips

Actually Anika had put her feet forward and as Shivaay was more interested in starring her and giving angry looks he did not notice her foot ?. And Anika holds him at the end moment and says

Anika: Ara Sambhal kar Mr.Oberoi kahin aap gir na Jaya akhir aapko jhukna pasaand Jo nahi hai.
Saying this she leaves him and both while looking at each other move in a circle while giving angry ? and attitude filled looks to each other and than move to their respective destinations.
Mean while Shivaay’s driver comes to him to hand over the file that he forgot in the car ? while he is busy starring her who is going from there with full attitude and moves her hair back. As driver interrupts him
Driver: Sir aapki file (your file) he says that while looking at the road as he didn’t want to face Shivaay’s anger.

Shivaay who was boiling in anger threw his phone ? which he was holding rashly on the road and baichaara phone his Ki koi galti nahi thi in dono Ka gusa Mai uska katal Ho jata hai. ( The innocent ? phone ? which was not at fault gets murdered due to their anger???.

Shivaay then moves towards the venue with full anger and frustration and is followed by his driver who is almost shivering in fair as he is aware of SSO’s anger.

As Anika saw from where the driver came gets to know about Shivaay’s car ? she goes near it and as the driver had left it open in haste she does something and then turns and smirks.
After a while she to leaves in cab ? for house ? hunting.

Here a girl ? is seen running behind someone and she I none other than Ishaana .

While on the other side of road a white Audi is seen coming.

Here Ishu catch holds the thief and simultaneously someone get’s out of the car and he is none other than

At the other side of road as soon as Ishu catches the thief she starts beating him with his purse ? .

On seeing this Om comes towards them and many people have surrounded the scene.
[Om doesn’t knows why Ishu is beating him black and blue] Om holds Isha and scolds her
Om: Have you gone mad ? why are you beating this innocent ? fellow.
Ishu: Innocent ? my foot ?.
Before she could complete that thief finding a good opportunity runs away.
Now Isha gets hell angry and begins to lash Omkara.
Ishu: Oh Mr. Lamba baal waala prani tumhara dimaag khraab hai, tumhari vajha se wooh aadmi mera haath se nikaal Gaya.
(Hey you Mr. Long hair creature have you gone mad because of you that man escaped.)

Om: Dimaag mera nahi tumhara kharaab hai .
( Not me but you are insane)

Ishu: Oh really u fool tumha dikh nahi raha tha ka usna kya kiya tha.
( Oh really you fool weren’t you able to see what that man did)
Om : Uska pata nhi par tum Jo kar rahi thi wo Saab Maina dikha ek bachaara par haath utha rahi thi tum.
(I don’t know ? about him but I was clearly able to see what you were doing, you were slapping an innocent ?)
Ishu: Oh really agar wo itna hi innocent ? tha tu baki itna Saab logon na mujhe kun nahi rooka.
(Oh if he was so innocent ? then why others did not stop me)
Om: Koi roka na roka par Mai tumhe rukonga.
(I don’t care whether someone stops you or nt but I will definitely stop you)
Ishu: Kun kya tum kya uska partner Ho.
(Why? Are you his partner in crime ?)

After a long pause and lots of thinking ?
She says.

Ishu: Pakka tum uska saath hoga tabhi uski itni taraf dari kar raha Ho.
(Now I got it ? you are surely his partner)

Om: Hey you mad ? women I am with not any one and if you continue your rubbish talks I will get you arrested.

Ishu: Ek toh gaalti upar sa seena zoori. Khud ko kya samhaj te Ho tum. Prime Minster Ho kya.
(Firstly you did a mistake and now you are blaming me. Who the hell are you a Prime Minister or what)

Om: Doesn’t responds and gives a whatever look to her.
And asks her to leave and not create more drama.

Ishu giving him a deadly glare and while murmuring some word leaves from there as all the people around also ask her to go and do her work.

BG. Music ? plays
Make some noise for the desi boyz
The boyz
The boyz
The boyz…..

Let’s go
Come on

Rudra is seen moving towards the college gate with his shade on and moving his hand through his hair giving full lady killer swag

Kudiyan de dil
Vich rule karenge
Aey hi faile hai
Nazaron vich hawa

Todaange Romeo de
Love da record vi
likhenge ishq da
Baat navaa

Duniyaa boli
Bighde hai
Dil apnaa
Hai shareef bada

Make some noise for the desi boyz

One two three go..

English thumke
Dil ki dum pe
Mare jam jam ke
Desi boyz

Sone hone ban ke
Chatti dole tan ke
Nach jam jam ke
Desi boyz

but suddenly

His face turns into a crying ? one and he make ajeeb ajeeb faces as through the college gate a fat girl enters . Now he recall’s what chubby asked him to do

Chubby: Rudra Jo bhi ladki next is college gate ka andar aaygi usa tujhe date ka liya convince kar na hoga.
( Rudy the next girl ? that comes from the college gate, you have to ask her for a date)
Rudra: Bus (That’s all)
FB ends

Chubby and Rohan are laughing ? at Rudra’s back and making fun of him, but as soon as Rudra turns to see the they encourage him to go ahead.

Actually the girl ? who entered the college is not Soumya but one of Rudy’s classmate who has a big crush on Rudra and keeps on chasing him and irritates him to accept her but Rudra always keeps on insulting her but today the tables have turned but gaining a lot of courage he moves towards her and
Rudra: Hi ? Priya.
Priya shocked and over excitedly: Hello Rudy.
Rudy gets irritated as she called him by his nickname which only his brother and friends can say , but he stays calm to complete his challenge and says
Rudra: Priya kya tum mera saath date par jaugi.
Priya on hearing this gets over excited and kisses ? Rudra on his ceeks.
Now this was it for Rudra as he got highly irritated by her this act blasts at her and begins to insult her
Rudra: You moti how dare you , ek toh ma tumse date ka liya puch raha tha so, that I could complete my dear but you thought that me Rudy the lady killer like you, size dekha hai aapna bilkul truck jaisi lag rahi Ho.

Some one from back: Shut up you idiot hw dare you talk to her so rudely.
(And here enters our Soums and shouts at him with double the volume ? with which he was speaking)
Soums: What the hell do you think of yourself and how dare you insult her. Tum samhaj te kya Ho apna aap KO tum bhagwan ka bheja hoa koi six packs ka avtaar nahi Ho aur nahi itna Mahan Ho Ki Kisi bhi ladki par comment kar sako.
(What do you think of yourself your not that capable to insult a girl ? or comment on her)
Saying this she move towards Priya who was shedding alot of tears by now.
Rudra who got irked by her said
Rudra: Tum bhi toh moti Ho iss liya is moti ka saath de rahi Ho.
(You are also fat na that’s why you are taking her side.)
Soums got hell angry ? hearing this and reprimands him by saying.
Soums: You dumb fellow may be I am fat but I am glad that I am not like you a shallow minded person.
Saying this she throws ink on his face as she was carrying an ink pot with her.

@Sethi Caterings
Anika arrives and search’s for Mr. Sethi.

Mr. Sethi : Ji kahiya app kis se milna chats hain.
(say whom do you want to meet)
Anika: Mujhe Mr. Sethi Sa milna hai.
( I want to meet Mr. Sethi.)
Mr. Sethi : Ji kahiya ma hi Sethi hoon.
(Yes say I am Mr. Sethi)
Anika : WO uncle ji meri aur aapki baat hoi thi phone ? par
Mr. Sethi looks on confused ?

Anika continues: Ara Mai Anika hamari baat hoi thi na phone ? pai.
(I am Anika and I had called you today)
Mr. Sethi recognised her and said: Oh Anika ha wo mujhe yaar aaiya , waisa beta Mai tumha ghar tooh dikha deta hoon par yeh toh batao Ki tum kaam kya karti Ho.
(Oh Anika yes yes I remember now , you called me to show you a house ? come I will show you the house ? but tell me one thing, what work do you do.
Anika: Abhi toh kuch khas nahi magar Mai event management bahot acha sa kar lati hoon.
(Right now I don’t do anything but I want to work as an event manager)

Mr. Sethi: Oh ok putar koi na , vaisa Mai kuch logon ko janta hoon Jo shaadi ke liya ek weeding planar dhoondh raha hai. Mai unha tera naam Bata donga.
( Oh it’s ok dear but I know few people who are in search of a weeding planar , I will talk to them about you)

Anika: Are thank you ? uncle ji.

Mr. Sethi : Koi na puttat.
(No problem ? dear)

Mr. Sethi shows house to Anika and she likes it alot and finalise it ( guys it’s the same house in which she lives in serial).
Anika thanks him and he asks her to shift tomorrow only and he will tell her about her job tomorrow itself.

@Outside the hotel
Shivaay comes out after his dinner ? meeting and moves towards his car ? and leaves to “OBEROI’S ESTATE”.

Ani Ishu Soums : Reach hotel one by one , they order food and go to their room together.

Shivaay was moving towards his room when……………………………………

Pre recap for episode 4:

One O Bro down two to go.

O Bro’s and S Sisoo’s discussion about their day.


Anika enters Oberoi estate and Ani Om Ru bonding.

Guess work:
What did Anika do with Shivaay’s car ??

Why did Shivaay stop?

And Srini di I am waiting for your guess and other’s to pls do guess.
Tell me how you guys found S Sister’s meeting with OBrothers.

Thanks to all my readers for so many beautiful comments.
Luv u ? all
Stay tuned
For now
Signing off

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      Keep commenting and I will surely continue with it dear?

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    My vote for arjun brijlani

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  5. Anjaly

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    Amazing episode dii.. I vote for Vivian Dsena..

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      Luvvvv u loads.

  9. Fama

    Amazing start to the chemistry between the s’sisters and o’bros and thank you for adding English translation to your dialogues.
    I will vote for Karan Tacker

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? for reading my ff and I will ? definitely consider your suggestion.
      Keep reading and commenting like this only fama dear

  10. SURBHI

    okay again one spectacular one and the songs lol i love when Akki sings kehtey hai lady gaga fan humari yahi bazaran which phaili hai hawa loved it totally dear love you and keep writing and the relation you are showing is amazing bond dear then if you ask me then i will either wish saheer shekh and karan v bohra or varun kapoor i liked him more than saheer sheikh and karan v bohra

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      Thanks alot di luv to power of infinity.
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      And my inspiration for song ? is surely you?❤

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